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Trey in a sentence

Hang up the phone Trey.
Trey, of course, knew him.
Trey smiled, shook his head.
You can’t do that Trey.
Trey was entering Dena’s house.
And he rol ed four sixes and a trey.
What’s wrong Trey, it’s going.

Trey! Diondra yelled down the hall.
Try one, Trey said, motioning at it.
Trey was a poser, so far as Ben could tell.
I’m looking for Trey Teepano, I said.
Hey Trey, so what’s BFE then? I called.
He said he owed Trey Teepano money and—.
Wynne was standing in the entry holding a trey.
Trey Teepano had an alibi, he finally said.
Problem, Trey? Runner here, he’s good for it.
He plucked the bread from the trey and tore off a.
They’d liked Ben’s patter, but Trey was spookier.
Hold off, D, Trey said, and leaned against his axe.
Real and he is a different person than what you know Trey.
Come on, Ben, Trey said, crunching down on the snow.
What’s Trey Teepano got to do with it? I repeated.
Which one, Diondra? Trey said, as they came to a stop.
Trey Teepano, the name that kept coming up but went nowhere.
Trey took her hand, opened it, folded the Bowie inside of it.
What’d you buy, Dio? Trey asked, rummaging in the bags.
I hate those fucking dogs, Trey groaned, pulled to a stop.
And then it suddenly dawned on me why Trey had left so suddenly.
Trey, his long slick black hair and chiseled face, was unreadable.
Let’s do it, Trey said, and started to get out of the truck.
Heyyyy, said Trey, his hands shooting up, his eyes going slate.
Wynne slipped silently into Cinder’s cell with another trey of food.
It was then that the door-flap made its wavy warble and Trey walked in.
You sure this is the guy that got you pregnant, Diondra? Trey said.
Give it, Trey said, stuck two in his pocket and unwrapped the third.
Wynne took a hunk of bread and a glass of water from the trey and stepped.
Then Ben gets this too, Trey said, and handed him a 10-gauge shotgun.
I got up to look out of the window to see if it was Trey that had raced off.
I’m saying Trey, he needed money, he was a bookie who needed to be paid.
Then Trey let go, cuffed his jean jacket, and went around to the back of the truck.

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