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Trio in a sentence

No sign of the trio.
The trio became a quartet.
The trio swallowed the pills.
Bruce told the trio God had.
When the trio reached the center.
The trio is away in South America.
And we were an unconventional trio.

Dakros, select a trio of goblins.
It was a trio whose emotions were.
He was the senior member of our trio.
Acting instinctively, the trio raced.
The third person in the trio was Lottie.
Eventually the trio tired of conversation.
A moment later the trio appeared and 151.
Kathy? The third of the trio piped up.
The trio ran through the forest as if the.
The trio in the family picture on the wall.
Banks opened the door and ushered in the trio.
The ringing of the telephone startled the trio.
The trio of bandits stood trapped, then bolted.
He guessed that he was the leader of this trio.
The drunk Americans noted the trio with interest.
Then he turned his poker-faced gaze on the trio.
Prime service was just concluding, and the trio.
The odd trio of heroes stood together at the Rift.
Exultant, they banged a trio of shouts down the wind.
The trio never thought of that before Xavier said it.
The trio then continued walking as if nothing happened.
Taking the hint, the trio left the shop by the front door.
Of the trio of doors that bordered the left side of the.
Kate led the trio inside, opening her purse as she walked.
The trio of magic-users bowed their heads in concentration.
Look at this Jessie it says here she has a trio of them.
The San Francisco trio would have been delighted and proud.
An hour and a half later the trio ended up at Matt’s cave.
Everyone had fallen in love with the trio especially little.
With his gaze focused on Brice, he walked closer to the trio.
Thankfully, the requirements for this trio of cuts are more.
Silence fell between the trio as they all considered the tale.
Wherever the trio performed, they’d recommend Amma’s name.

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