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Trio in a sentence

1. No sign of the trio.
2. The trio became a quartet.
3. The trio swallowed the pills.
4. Bruce told the trio God had.
5. The trio is away in South America.
6. When the trio reached the center.
7. It was a trio whose emotions were.

8. And we were an unconventional trio.
9. Dakros, select a trio of goblins.
10. He was the senior member of our trio.
11. Acting instinctively, the trio raced.
12. The third person in the trio was Lottie.
13. Eventually the trio tired of conversation.
14. A moment later the trio appeared and 151.
15. Kathy? The third of the trio piped up.
16. The trio ran through the forest as if the.
17. The trio in the family picture on the wall.
18. Banks opened the door and ushered in the trio.
19. The ringing of the telephone startled the trio.
20. The trio of bandits stood trapped, then bolted.
21. He guessed that he was the leader of this trio.
22. The drunk Americans noted the trio with interest.
23. Then he turned his poker-faced gaze on the trio.
24. The odd trio of heroes stood together at the Rift.
25. Prime service was just concluding, and the trio.
26. Exultant, they banged a trio of shouts down the wind.
27. The trio never thought of that before Xavier said it.
28. The trio then continued walking as if nothing happened.
29. Of the trio of doors that bordered the left side of the.
30. Kate led the trio inside, opening her purse as she walked.
31. Taking the hint, the trio left the shop by the front door.
32. An hour and a half later the trio ended up at Matt’s cave.
33. Look at this Jessie it says here she has a trio of them.
34. The trio of magic-users bowed their heads in concentration.
35. The San Francisco trio would have been delighted and proud.
36. With his gaze focused on Brice, he walked closer to the trio.
37. Everyone had fallen in love with the trio especially little.
38. Silence fell between the trio as they all considered the tale.
39. Thankfully, the requirements for this trio of cuts are more.
40. Wherever the trio performed, they’d recommend Amma’s name.
41. The smog of dust and grime had all but dissipated as the trio.
42. After walking for much of the morning, the trio concluded that.
43. A stupendous trio all issuing forth against the idea of caste;.
44. In 1996, a trio of possible abuses by short sellers was reported.
45. A trio of sleek long-legged hounds swirl around him as he enters.
46. People scurry out of the way as the trio head into a local hotel.
47. Aware of the triangle relationship since high school, the trio in.
48. As the railing parted on the floor above, the trio burst from the.
49. The trio continued their conversation about the arts from earlier.
50. We exchanged greetings and then Harvey reported that the trio had.
51. The bridge watch came to attention when the trio entered the bridge.
52. When the trio neared the small point of light the air became fresher.
53. The trio stepped out into the dourtyard and Kirk looked at his watch.
54. The trio began an original piece they called You Could Have Been.
55. Be as it may, the company jokers which usually included the trio of.
56. The bearded halfling shook hands cheerfully with the trio of visitors.
57. If it were not for a trio of young heroes here death would have the.
58. Once on Piccadilly, the trio started to look seriously for a good pub.
59. Bavaria, unable to be patient with the toiling, sweaty trio behind her.
60. A trio of spacers shouted and backed away, hands held up in submission.
61. A trio of sisters does a thriving business in blankets, especially quilts.
62. A jazz trio calling themselves the Phourx began playing an improvisation.
63. The trio went to a forward compartment after that for about five minutes.
64. In the time since the trio left, the ship had been cleaned and resupplied.
65. There was no one around and the front gate was open so the trio walked in.
66. Within a few weeks, the singer had sold his microphone and we were a trio.
67. The trio was hypnotic and had the whole crowd mesmerised with the absolute.
68. Am I to understand that you two are now a bonded trio with Hilsith?!.
69. A trio of Dornish knights stood watching, making mock of him in quiet voices.
70. He made no apologies to the trio but landed and began to speak to the Prince.
71. I had another trio of managers who weren’t much better than the previous two.
72. Once the trio were on their way, Brokin cautiously followed at a safe distance.
73. The mercenaries were prepared and vanquished the trio of Lykanthros with ease.
74. The boathouse was locked up and the trio headed off to a local cafe-bar for a.
75. The trio finally stopped in front of Margaret, who had eyes only for the boys.
76. A torrent of horror, grief and sorrow tore at his throat like a trio of demons.
77. Brigadier Menzies, who had approached the trio, then jumped in the conversation.
78. Their Shields then fail, and Sir Silaran transports that trio elsewhere as well.
79. Without exception every one cast their eyes to the ground as the trio bustled by.
80. I pivoted smoothly, and smacked a second one of the trio on the side of his temple.
81. The boy in the trio grinned at those words, adding enthusiastically his own comments.
82. At the end, it’s just the three of them, the primary trio, the true Post-Humanists.
83. In a short while the trio were within conversational distance of Harry, and it was Mr.
84. The crate began to move, with a trio of the lads pulling and tugging and gently cursing.
85. The trio then walked over the broken gate and turned left towards the guards� quarters.
86. Each man in the lethal trio looked the other two over to insure nothing was out of place.
87. They wheeled out a trio of catapults and armed them with packages of spiked steel balls.
88. He and the Songbirds Trio moved higher up the hillock close to where Rebecca was standing.
89. The trio stood inside the lobby for a moment and took in the bigger-than-life posters of.
90. The trio of Russians then left the Captain and went towards the aft bridge superstructure.
91. Lady Equemev here is casting this unidentified red sphere around this trio of assassins.
92. The trio marched down the hall triumphantly, like victorious wrestlers after a title match.
93. Theresa responded for the trio, He is a Christian monk and his name is Brother Francis.
94. A trio of outer islands bear low stone forts; a green lantern glows on the tip of a jetty.
95. The trio shivered against the cold of the morning as they staggered into the entrance hall.
96. The trio retraced their steps, accompanied by a now fully compliant though still thoroughly.
97. The trio left the terrace restaurant and walked to the tree, stopping a couple paces from it.
98. They both knew that this was the ship the trio had been heading toward and were now on board.
99. As her trio left the infirmary, an icon shaped like a human being attached itself to her image.
100. The trio repressed its nervousness as Malenkov knocked lightly on the door of Stalin’s office.

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