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Triplet in a sentence

Lady Triplet glared at her.
Joyce stared at Lady Triplet.
Lady Triplet smiled and stood.
Lady Triplet narrowed her eyes.
Lady Triplet arched an eyebrow.
Lady Triplet stays where she is.
The Order owes the Triplet family.

Joyce… Lady Triplet called out.
It’s to do with Triplet International.
Lady Triplet interrupted her mid-sentence.
My contact in the UK says Triplet has her.
Lady Triplet told Richard to take care of me.
I never should have trusted you Triplet!.
He helped Lady Triplet to one of the recliners.
Sheila pulled the covers up around Lady Triplet.
Lady Triplet, he said, sounding surprised.
Lady Triplet waited until Vera was out of earshot.
Just a lot! He shook his fist at Lady Triplet.
Gary and Sam jumped in the chopper with Lady Triplet.
Lady Triplet put her sampler aside and studied his eyes.
Lady Triplet sighed, shook her head and rolled her eyes.
Gary pulled in the circle drive in front of Triplet Hall.
Joyce… are you afraid of me? Lady Triplet asked.
He met Lady Triplet as she was leaving the waiting area.
Lady Triplet glanced at John out of the corner of her eye.
Next to them lie Beau and the still-born triplet brother.
Lady Triplet slowly released him; Richard stepped into the lift.
I understand your wanting the baby to be born a Triplet, but….
Triplet International could market this stuff and make billions.
In that case, you can call me Grandma, Lady Triplet offered.
What about Triplet and his mother? Did you see Lady Triplet?
I thought Lady Triplet preferred her biscuits while they were hot.
Christine looks at the triplets and asks, "Which triplet is Landa?".
VICi, has Lady Triplet finished with her call from Amsterdam?
As far as Lady Triplet is concerned, as I see it, we have two choices.
With the use of her cane and easy chair, Lady Triplet rose to her feet.
Sir Richard and John were taking Lady Triplet for a stroll in the park.
When Sam and Donna got back to the infirmary, Lady Triplet was still out.
Yesterday, I overheard a conversation between Richard and Lady Triplet.
Lady Triplet, what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be resting.

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