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Unfold в предложении (на )

  1. To what I shall unfold.
  2. And then the wings unfold.
  3. Watching it unfold before us.
  4. Our story continues to unfold.
  5. A new life would unfold for.

  6. Will with time unfold itself.
  7. Unfold and ease into pie plate.
  8. And then things began to unfold.
  9. I let each day unfold and lead me.
  10. Before passions unfold in the night.
  11. As he gazed, a story began to unfold.
  12. Here on the ground grey leaves unfold.
  13. That is how we unfold into each other.
  14. The Goddess Great her thoughts unfold.
  15. Now, unfold it and tell me what it is.

  16. That destiny awaits to unfold in our union.
  17. I unfold the document and look through it.
  18. The same way, with an effort, unfold them.
  19. Events continue to unfold as I write this.
  20. Revelation will start to unfold as we do so.
  21. It all depends on how his life would unfold.
  22. I stayed with the image, watching it unfold.
  23. I was to watch something spectacular unfold.
  24. Praying for this to unfold according to the.
  25. How can you see it unfold? What can you see.

  26. That is to say, Benavente wishedto unfold a.
  27. In deathless numbers did their thoughts unfold.
  28. So I’ll have to wait for the story to unfold.
  29. A lot of troubling mysteries had to unfold now.
  30. Jack Power could a tale unfold: father a G man.
  31. You watch super clusters of super cluster unfold.
  32. The devil welcomes them, for the mess to unfold.
  33. Situations just unfold under their own momentum.
  34. In the city in the west, grey wisps of fog unfold.
  35. He was calm and non-violent, letting life unfold.
  36. There was nothing to do but watch the scene unfold.
  37. I stand there petrified, watching the scene unfold.
  38. Life will unfold according to the will of the divine.
  39. Earnouts are frequently renegotiated as events unfold.
  40. Let the mysteries of my heart and soul unfold to you.
  41. Without intention, the way things unfold in your life.
  42. This event also did not unfold as you have it written.
  43. As I watched Toria’s memory unfold, I thought of the.
  44. The Inspector listened to the now familiar story unfold.
  45. It was about this time that other events began to unfold.
  46. It was a touching scene that I’d watch unfold for hours.
  47. Please! he seethed as he watched the carnage unfold.
  48. I unfold the test paper and I could see perfect check marks.
  49. It is now up to you to determine how these changes unfold.
  50. John stood there, watching this mess unfold infront of him.
  51. Gunther Czarnoff saw the entire scene unfold before his eyes.
  52. We’ll keep you informed of our progress as the facts unfold.
  53. Everything that is to unfold has done so already in your head.
  54. The choice to do nothing and let events unfold as they will.
  55. The librarian stood behind his desk, unsure of what may unfold.
  56. My phone bleeped again, and I got to see the incident unfold:.
  57. Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold;.
  58. She starts to unfold the outfit and holds it high up in the air.
  59. Here heed himself, unfold himself, (not others' formulas heed,).
  60. Wendy giggled then ran off leaving Beth alone to unfold the note.
  61. I rubbed my arms from the chill of witnessing his greatness unfold.
  62. Let’s unfold the paper to reveal … me! More clapping and.
  63. At last she managed somehow to unfold the note, and began to read:.
  64. You may “see “a picture of how an event will unfold in the future.
  65. Tony stood fast, watching the action unfold through the field glasses.
  66. I rush towards the intruder and unfold the blackjack at the same time.
  67. I typically stand aside and wait for one of my other setups to unfold.
  68. It is possible to unfold this potential, those talents and abilities.
  69. Curious then, and eager to unfold so alarming a mystery, playing, as it.
  70. There are two main creative cycles our lives can unfold within.
  71. They were watching the news about the explosion unfold on the television.
  72. I cannot guess how the present case before the courts will unfold and.
  73. He was sitting there, propped against a pillar, watching everything unfold.
  74. The main problem is that the absolutely obvious is taking so long to unfold.
  75. Sensivity allows magic to unfold saying yes under the voice of heart.
  76. As I watched the murder of my father unfold, a memory imprinted on my brain.
  77. From his front row seat against the wall Harry watched the events unfold in.
  78. You have beauty that is ready to unfold in your heart, make time to enjoy it.
  79. The last thing she wanted to do was sit here and wait for her fate to unfold.
  80. For me that is a signal that a bear market is about to unfold, says Navin.
  81. We will continue reporting on events from Needless, New Mexico as they unfold.
  82. Sometimes being positioned means waiting weeks for the move to finally unfold.
  83. The scene below seemed to unfold as if it were a vast diorama in a lighted case.
  84. The first thing, slower to unfold, began with the stroke of a churchbell on shore.
  85. When their life is al owed to unfold unrestricted, they wil love you.
  86. Watching it all unfold as they carved out their place in Fremont during a century.
  87. Without thought, the ego cannot exist, and so your true identity will unfold itself.
  88. At the very moment of the Rapture, God’s plans for the tribulation begin to unfold.
  89. Across the country, Ronald Reagan watches Nixon’s resignation unfold on television.
  90. We must have a class of inspired men to unfold and reveal its true sense to mankind.
  91. It takes the precise mix of elements to cause the rainbow to unfold before your eyes.
  92. Jake began to unfold the paper, but just then was interrupted by the sound of someone.
  93. The old lady's fingers trembled so that for a long time she could not unfold this paper.
  94. Eva looked away, unable to watch the heart-rending scene that was to unfold before her.
  95. He knew why they were training but he had no idea where the Final Chapter would unfold.
  96. I press my lips tightly together and let him even unfold my napkin and put it on my lap.
  97. I am not putting the thoughts into his head, but helping him unfold those already there.
  98. Saul’s eventual ministry to the Gentiles would unfold as a symphony of brilliance that.
  99. Yes, I’ve seen the law in action and I’ve seen events unfold that leave me incredulous.
  100. They both lifted him on to a stretcher that seemed to unfold from a ten-centimetre square.
  1. Spring was slow in unfolding.
  2. Johnson said unfolding his arms.
  3. A historic moment was unfolding.
  4. The universe is unfolding as it.
  5. I couldn't believe what was unfolding.
  6. He had been deceived in the unfolding of.
  7. It felt as if she were slowly unfolding a.
  8. The continuous unfolding and enfolding of.
  9. I could see it all unfolding before my eyes.
  10. It is the slow unfolding of a dimmer switch.
  11. Life is a gradual unfolding, not a crippling.
  12. Further down the stairs a drama was unfolding.
  13. Life is not unfolding the way I had planned.
  14. Love is what is unfolding life and making life.
  15. Michel sat quietly, watching the scene unfolding.
  16. This was not how he envisioned his life unfolding.
  17. Unfolding the bill, he waved it in the air as he.
  18. Carefully unfolding it, he spread it on the floor.
  19. Wanting so much to remember this, unfolding here.
  20. Things are unfolding as I expect them to, most of.
  21. This is how it works, she said, unfolding it.
  22. All eyes were glued to the drama unfolding before.
  23. Shocked at the unfolding drama, the Entity within.
  24. We can say yes to life as it is unfolding before us.
  25. Manfred snored on, oblivious to the unfolding drama.
  26. Instead I saw a horror movie unfolding before my eyes.
  27. Mankind will see great events unfolding as they speak.
  28. It is necessary, as we will see, to the unfolding of.
  29. That’s all, he said, unfolding his shopping bag.
  30. Unfolding the newspaper, she scanned quickly the titles.
  31. Hillary could not look at the horrifying scene unfolding.
  32. Education is that which means the unfolding of individual.
  33. To Marx and Engels, Hegle’s triad was unfolding before.
  34. Reality is a creative unfolding, and no part of it exists.
  35. It was up to him to coach her through the unfolding terrain.
  36. Thompson said, unfolding the piece of paper inside his hand.
  37. Ahead of him and to his left a chilling sight was unfolding.
  38. Gloria could tell there was an emergency unfolding, it was a.
  39. The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls (A new Free Newsletter):.
  40. I allowed myself to accept my part in all that was unfolding.
  41. Kill the humans, Iggy shrieked, unfolding his giant wings.
  42. He soon forgot about it when he saw the events unfolding below.
  43. The path is a karmic unfolding, built on the principle of karma.
  44. These new intentions start to change the whole karmic unfolding.
  45. He stopped abruptly to observe the scene unfolding ahead of him.
  46. In Brasilia Carmen Dias smiled as she watched the unfolding story.
  47. The headwaiter was unfolding a screen around the farthermost table.
  48. LP found Brownie and Red, and filled them in on the unfolding saga.
  49. Will, demonstrating as power in the unfolding of the Plan of the Logos.
  50. They gathered on the levels above and watched what was unfolding below.
  51. Almost as if she was enjoying the train of events which were unfolding.
  52. I watched the scene unfolding in the main room with gruesome fascination.
  53. To begin the journey, consider the unfolding events at Medical Multimedia.
  54. Their music stood in stark counterpoint to the events which were unfolding.
  55. Still dazed by the swiftness of the unfolding drama, duty tempting him to.
  56. These events are unfolding as promised and as modeled, thousands of years ago.
  57. Meanwhile in the capital city of Assyria, Ninneveh, another drama is unfolding.
  58. The rainbow unfolding before your eyes is testimony to the concept of balance.
  59. He was not insensitive to the human facet of his job and to what was unfolding.
  60. After whispering her report of the unfolding events, Grace stopped and listened.
  61. It must be your fuckin' diseased fate pal, because it's sure unfolding that way.
  62. Faye Anne had moved to their side fascinated by the events unfolding before her.
  63. As I’m writing this book, the MF Global mess has been unfolding before my eyes.
  64. It seemed to him that he felt those wings which we all have within us, unfolding.
  65. The actual unfolding and awakening of your consciousness is not something you do.
  66. Instead, we can simply be curious about how these stages are unfolding in our life.
  67. He walked to Olin and unfolding the paper he pointed to an item on the first page.
  68. That’s what I meant by saying Pinga has to begin to lean with his unfolding fate.
  69. At the time the car was dispatched they were unaware of the events unfolding at CN.
  70. The wider we open ourselves to beauty, the wider it opens the world to its unfolding.
  71. He was also very aggravated by the unfolding situation in the North, as everyone knew.
  72. The other children stood in silence, eyes cast down, listening to the unfolding drama.
  73. Evening was unfolding over the head of Jean Valjean all the sweetness of the infinite.
  74. The young boy stepped forward towards the unfolding drama, one nervous step at a time.
  75. Everyone was totally transfixed by the events unfolding high over the Stanwell Valley.
  76. Uses his pince-nez and pocket-handkerchief too much, unfolding the latter very slowly.
  77. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
  78. She could clearly see stages in her life like it was a movie unfolding before her eyes.
  79. Even you, my friends, do not fully perceive what I am unfolding to your confused minds.
  80. Unfolding so quickly they could not believe their eyes, was it an illusion, a trick of.
  81. Madame Button would find her wherever she was and the terror of this unfolding made its.
  82. I shake Tori again, desperate to have someone that I can trust in whatever is unfolding.
  83. He made his way up to the promenade deck, where he found a riot of athleticism unfolding.
  84. Unfolding her paycheck, she thought of the pile of bills collecting on the counter at home.
  85. I answered him as best I could by telling him the prophecy which was unfolding as We spoke.
  86. There is an innate wisdom unfolding this life, and it always gets you where you need to go.
  87. In front of his eyes a series of events was unfolding in which he wasn’t involved (yet).
  88. Evolution is simply the unfolding of potentialities involved in things which already exist.
  89. Whether he takes it or not depends on how much he can begin to lean with his unfolding fate.
  90. Frustrated, Stacey ended the call and turned his attention to the unfolding events of the day.
  91. Politics naturally led to discussions about the economic disaster unfolding around the world.
  92. Bush but largely unfolding during the Clinton White House—was their shared reference point.
  93. Bad options fell away as they were discarded in favor of the better offspring still unfolding.
  94. For all the sadness of closure, there is a new and joyful unfolding in the process of becoming.
  95. This book is our thank you note for the table of love the Beautiful Unfolding has invited us to.
  96. The saying that ‘War can be hell’ could easily be applied to the scene unfolding before me.
  97. This is the way that change is unfolding on this planet – person by person, choice by choice.
  98. Unfolding her arms from across her chest, where they reminded her of the warmth Jim had offered.
  99. Homer Hailey: Angels who through the ages had watched the unfolding and revealing of God’s.
  100. The eyes of the young Sojourners were wide with the weight of the tragedy unfolding around them.
  2. Hal unfolded it and read:.
  3. Big Ben his voice unfolded.
  4. At last he unfolded his arms.
  5. They unfolded the paper and.
  6. I unfolded it cautiously and.
  7. He forward and unfolded his arms.
  8. He unfolded a damp newspaper and.
  9. Then she turned and unfolded her.
  10. He unfolded it and smoothed it flat.
  11. After the drama that had unfolded.
  12. He had unfolded the piece of paper.
  13. He unfolded it, read it and laughed.
  14. He unfolded the rag and put a wooden.
  15. She unfolded the note and read it aloud.
  16. Her charming bonnet is hardly unfolded.
  17. Things have unfolded in such fast pace.
  18. He grabbed it as it fell and unfolded it.
  19. Back then, things unfolded so predictably.
  20. As South Africa’s history unfolded Natal.
  21. Joey unfolded his arms from behind his head.
  22. He reverently unfolded the letter and read.
  23. The journey unfolded with a dreamlike quality.
  24. Oakley, and he unfolded one of the blankets.
  25. When the story unfolded, I found out she had.
  26. I unfolded the piece of paper and read silently.
  27. She snatched the paper from him and unfolded it.
  28. He unfolded his arms and strode across the room.
  29. He unfolded his Dryzabone waterproof riding coat.
  30. Then Sue unfolded the paper and we both read it.
  31. Cindy unfolded the paper the girl had given her.
  32. I buy a paper and it will still be unfolded and.
  33. Maggie ignored her daughter and unfolded the paper.
  34. A card? Charly tore it open and unfolded one sheet.
  35. I stared at the breathtaking sunset as it unfolded.
  36. Before I unfolded it my stomach twisted into a knot.
  37. Joe watched with fascination as the drama unfolded.
  38. Catherine and Breckenridge and unfolded the documents.
  39. A door raised in the middle and steps unfolded below.
  40. The man unfolded the paper and glanced at it; but his.
  41. With precise movements he picked it up and unfolded it.
  42. John Roddenburg unfolded the pages and started reading.
  43. I unfolded the newspaper and held it out for her to see.
  44. He warily unfolded the parchment and took a deep breath.
  45. Carefully she unfolded the fragile brown paper and read.
  46. She pushed the unfolded clothes to the end of the sofa.
  47. Through meditation the powers of the soul are unfolded.
  48. Alice unfolded her motivation and emotion syllabus again.
  49. For Chrissie, the week unfolded quietly and uneventfully.
  50. He removed a stick, unfolded the paper but not the foil.
  51. She unfolded it and spread it on the grass near the bench.
  52. Mounted upon the roof of the lorry an apparatus unfolded.
  53. Thenardier rapidly unfolded the paper and held it close to.
  54. I unfolded myself from the ground and moved over to the gun.
  55. Unfolded out of the sympathy of the woman is all sympathy;.
  56. Gary unfolded the document under the table and looked at it.
  57. He unfolded his arms and passed over some rolled up papers.
  58. He picked up the note, slowly unfolded it and read the words.
  59. Allan looked over at Toolshed and unfolded his arms, putting.
  60. Even more carefully and slowly he unfolded the piece of paper.
  61. A roll of unfolded notes done up in a wrapper fell out of it.
  62. He took the paper, unfolded it, and read these words written.
  63. I carefully unfolded and laid the note before her, which she.
  64. He unfolded the letter, and his face tightened as he read it.
  65. Holding the newspaper unfolded, open the paper to a news page.
  66. Behind him a dark shadow shakes himself and unfolded his wings.
  67. Lady Jane unfolded her hands and motioned towards the verandah.
  68. As the truth unfolded, he was genuinely shocked and more than.
  69. As the posts unfolded on these pages I have learned new lessons.
  70. Unfolded only out of the inimitable poems of woman can come the.
  71. She unfolded the blanket over Roric and then ducked under it too.
  72. He had the cell phone unfolded and was barking orders in Spanish.
  73. He must have, because I could feel him next to me as it unfolded.
  74. He unfolded a paper napkin and pressed out the creases as he did.
  75. Unfolded out of the folds of the woman's brain come al the folds.
  76. Unfolded out of the strong and arrogant woman I love, only thence.
  77. He unfolded it several times and showed me a short, typed message.
  78. Unfolded out of the folds of the woman man comes unfolded, and is.
  79. Barron unfolded the paper and read the headline on the front page:.
  80. I unfolded the drawing of Marilyn Varick and showed it to Chandler.
  81. The weather had been benevolent while the day had unfolded smoothly.
  82. Jed’s expression was one of bewilderment as he unfolded the paper.
  83. He removed a folded piece of paper from his jacket pocket, unfolded.
  84. The police team watched in horror as this unfolded before their eyes.
  85. My spectral friend unfolded his legs and also rose up from the floor.
  86. And like Maria, Colin knew how the rest of Cassie’s story unfolded.
  87. I unfolded myself from the ground and moved over to the gun.
  88. The host unfolded it eagerly, like a person who is expecting a reply.
  89. As the story unfolded, Sheila slowly sat up and turned up the volume.
  90. The Oogie was watching them all, smiling to itself as events unfolded.
  91. He unfolded the cursed thing and walked to where the taxi was waiting.
  92. Pyotr Stepanovitch at once took up the question and unfolded his plan.
  93. On the jetty nearest her, fishing nets lay unfolded; young fishermen.
  94. Her outlooks unfolded her awful story; and she was devoid of any hope.
  95. Carefully he picked it off, unfolded it and read what was written on it.
  96. I whispered as I unfolded them, but… well, didn’t really have a.
  97. Maya took a flyer out of her pocket and unfolded it so we could read it.
  98. As his story was unfolded of his meeting with Frodo and his servant and.
  99. They all smiled when the winter morning’s beauty unfolded before them.
  100. As the events unfolded before her, Carla knew at once what she had to do.
  1. Do you see the love that unfolds?
  2. That's how your entire life unfolds.
  3. Love disappears as the drama unfolds.
  4. It will lead, as it unfolds, to a new.
  5. Holding on when all of reality unfolds.
  6. Week by week a victim’s story unfolds.
  7. Let’s follow Crowley as his day unfolds.
  8. Or some political drama unfolds somewhere.
  9. TK slowly unfolds the top portion of the case.
  10. Joseph listened intently as the dream unfolds.
  11. God unfolds His plan for this stage in my life.
  12. This is often the sequence of events that unfolds.
  13. She tears it open, removes a single sheet and unfolds it.
  14. We’ll keep you up to date as this breaking story unfolds.
  15. Be with us, dear student, as this exciting story unfolds!.
  16. But the order in which the volatility unfolds is different.
  17. She unfolds the screen, flicks it to life, and hands it over.
  18. According to the karma of past actions, one's destiny unfolds.
  19. Whatever mercy God unfolds for the people, none can withhold it.
  20. Wil you remain true to Him as life unfolds differently than what you.
  21. Volkheimer unfolds a blanket and wraps it around Werner’s shoulders.
  22. They relinquish to you a pot of gold The power of their love unfolds.
  23. Handing me the re-rolled testament, he takes the paper and unfolds it.
  24. When by His side, He spake these words, Observe, the prophecy unfolds.
  25. Divinity is open to my eyes, and unfolds to my gaze a new meaning, a new.
  26. Anup is trembling with terror, so I hug him while the macabre show unfolds.
  27. The consultant unfolds his arms and thrusts them into his lab coat pockets.
  28. Hallway unfolds at unhealthy angle and seethes with black sluicing streams.
  29. He unfolds the piece of paper, hands it to John, continues to inspect the watch.
  30. But a theoretical pricing model is indifferent as to how the volatility unfolds.
  31. It is He who brings down the rain after they have despaired, and unfolds His mercy.
  32. Won’t that make it all so unfair to him? It is better he unfolds himself by and by.
  33. Consequently, ANGOLMOIS unfolds into multiple words and symbols that must viewed in the.
  34. And do I need to explain to you what unfolds when people obtain power? Read your history.
  35. But everything unfolds moment by moment, and everything is the result of previous http://www.
  36. He unfolds it and starts moving back and forth, trying to imitate the movement of a pronghorn.
  37. It unfolds as a bunch of little segments that won’t open beyond 180 degrees, so it remains flat.
  38. As the story unfolds, the boy places a handful of each colour of sand into the bowl of dark water.
  39. Not at all, you’re more experienced and I think that will be important as this mission unfolds.
  40. Obviously this is hard to present in a book, and is best seen live in action as the market unfolds.
  41. But the nature of existence is that it unfolds moment by moment, and clearly you have free choice to.
  42. Once the event unfolds we can experience it as it was programmed to be or we can alter the experience.
  43. The winning investor should understand how a normal business cycle unfolds and over what period of time.
  44. Pete has his own secrets to tell, and when they come together, another story unfolds while the sparks fly.
  45. The way an observer interacts with the ensemble determines which aspect unfolds and which remains hidden.
  46. We will have more on that story as it unfolds and hopefully get a comment from a government health official.
  47. Intellectual strivings may reveal the facts of life, but the gospel of the kingdom unfolds the truths of being.
  48. He unfolds it with a knot in his stomach and reads the headline: MANHATTAN SOCIALITE’S DROWNING RULED SUICIDE.
  49. As the plan unfolds he recognised the fact that at the same time this thrice-damnable human could be destroyed as well.
  50. Birth is accompanied by severe pain, and the infant unfolds as a small adult and begins to grow to maturity immediately.
  51. Once clear, VPA then takes over and we are back to a candle by candle analysis of the price action as the trend unfolds.
  52. It seems easy enough when you think about it, one foot in front of the other as gorgeous scenery unfolds in front of you.
  53. What we have to do is to look for the clues using VPA, and then wait for the pivots to appear as the price action unfolds.
  54. Zachary's destiny unfolds when he comes face to face with the next generation of zombies and an innocent bystander is bitten.
  55. To the worldly man Karma is a stern Nemesis, to the spiritual man Karma unfolds itself in harmony with his highest aspirations.
  56. How so? It has to do with choice: by exercising thy free will, by choosing acts aligned with Love as Life unfolds in front of thee.
  57. Light pours in from all angles, and the city unfolds around us, glass buildings and the arc of train tracks, and we are high above it.
  58. The face unfolds the striking resemblance to Osama Bin Laddin who is supposed to be descended from Fatima’s line, the daughter of Muhammad.
  59. All this will be revealed as the price action in this area unfolds into our traditional congestion area, with our ceilings and floors in place.
  60. Is accuracy driven by thought? The deeper the thought the more certain are the feelings of accuracy, then the more likely the future unfolds as we predict.
  61. Or I could adapt and learn to ride the changes like they do, with eagerness to see what the new day has in store and unquenchable lust for life, however it unfolds.
  62. Even so, traders who focus on these trades must be prepared to be wrong many times and perhaps to make multiple adjustments to positions as the market structure unfolds.
  63. On a play like this, I like to buy slightly in-the-money put options on SPY and DIA at least six weeks out, and then I can just sit on those options while the squeeze unfolds.
  64. If we are going to do analysis that mirrors what a trader experiences as the chart unfolds in real time, we must consider the new information provided by every bar on the chart.
  65. The record of revelation to man commences with man's creation, and as it unfolds it brings out in vivid colors his relations with some man-destroying agency above him in the air.
  66. What should we say of a man who, wishing to show his friendly feelings to his neighbor, should invite him to consider a certain scheme, holding a loaded pistol while he unfolds it before him?
  67. Harry Cozen is in command and this is his greatest gambit, but alien propaganda threatens to reveal the war's greatest secret on the very day the broadest and bloodiest battle of the conflict unfolds.
  68. It should say something about my mental state at this point, when motherfucking Wash—who carefully unfolds his burritos because he thinks the tortilla is a wrapper—tells me he has a plan and I listen.
  69. If you liken this to an acorn that puts down roots, then grows a trunk and branches, then eventually fills out with leaves, you would come pretty close to understanding how evolution unfolds in a person's mind.
  70. But in creative visualization, the real you is smack dab in the middle of the action, taking primary enjoyment from being in the scene that unfolds around you, rather than standing back and watching at a distance.
  71. Once the new (TO BE) business unit process step has been identified, the third step of ORGANIZATION is then to identify the various management role needs, although some become apparent as the alignment of work unfolds.
  72. In Juneau’s protected and tranquil waters, it is easy to examine the whole landscape, imbue oneself of its splendor and greatly humble oneself before the seductive enchantment that unfolds before one’s bewildered eyes.
  73. Stay with us, dear reader, as this exciting story unfolds! Indeed, our courageous officer dedicated his life to getting rid of criminals and cleansing the state of al-Sham[91] of them and their evil actions and inhumane deeds.
  74. How did it come to pass that their lips met? How comes it to pass that the birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that May expands, that the dawn grows white behind the black trees on the shivering crest of the hills?
  75. I went further, down to the very end, to the place where my beautiful, untiring monthly-rose bush unfolds pink flower after pink flower against the fence that separates us from our neighbour’s kingdom, and stopped again and listened.
  76. Kaitlyn winds up in the middle of this standoff, because she has the misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up being held hostage in an elevator by the armed villain…and thus she and Nick meet and their romance unfolds from there.
  77. What if the worst scenario unfolds? Suppose that poor option selections are continuously made and there are three or four years of losses, coupled with a declining rate of interest earned from the Treasury bills (not to mention the commission charges for trading the securities).
  78. But, despite my sorrow, in my imagination and my thoughts, I will be thinking that the hand that wrote me those verses is Leonardo’s, and that the lady for which he wrote it is me; because in this imaginary world that unfolds inside my head, as I am the only person who writes the scripts, I've decided that Leonardo and I will be the only protagonists of this imaginary novel.
  79. I have told you it is like the leaven in the dough, like the grain of mustard seed; and now I declare that it is like the seed of the living being, which, from generation to generation, while it remains the same living seed, unfailingly unfolds itself in new manifestations and grows acceptably in channels of new adaptation to the peculiar needs and conditions of each successive generation.
  80. Men, attached by habit to the existing order, shrink from attempting to change it, hence they agree to consider this doctrine as a mass of revelations and laws that may be accepted without making any change in one's life: whereas the doctrine of Christ is not a doctrine of rules for man to obey, but unfolds a new life-conception, meant as a guide for men who are now entering upon a new period, one entirely different from the past.
  81. The rain-dappled evergreen trees and holly bushes sparkled like cut diamonds in the glinting sun as we rode to the Lorraine Region of France, but my chest tightened as I received a vision from Kermes Twa; the water-droplets were tears she shed for me, but the question was why? Did they portend a future of torment and pain or happiness and joy? Her constant answer was, Life always unfolds its mysteries in ways that the human mind can never conceive of.
  82. On the contrary the thought of it, as the vastness of the universe is further disclosed, weighs more and more heavily upon the laboring mind;—yet, while there open through this gateway infinite prospects of glory, one beyond the other—crowding on the vision of the enraptured spirits who contemplate them in earth and heaven,—the evidence brightens as the future unfolds; and though the fact of the Incarnation 'passeth knowledge,’ the soul is compelled to recognize in the loftiest conceptions of man's destiny through redemption the nearest approaches to the truth of God.

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