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Unfold in a sentence

Unfold the Way.
unfold as it had.
Waiting to unfold.
But how they unfold,.
unfold in front of her.
Unfold with an effort.
To what I shall unfold.

the truth would unfold,.
watched the vista unfold.
began to unfold his plan.
the bizarre scene unfold.
And then the wings unfold.
foretold unfold before you.
to unfold as soon released.
story to unfold on the news.
He watched it all unfold,.
He began to unfold, once,.
to how my life was to unfold.
mechanism by which we unfold.
Will with time unfold itself.
Watching it unfold before us.
Our story continues to unfold.
A new life would unfold for.
were about to unfold before us.
the verbal machinations unfold.
unfold our muslin to the lines.
Unfold and ease into pie plate.
producers unfold their products.
story that I am about to unfold.
at Proxima unfold for themselves.
She's unfolding it.
They were unfolding.
Unfolding as if in.
unfolding as it should.
unfolding of its powers.
䷑ Unfolding the Future.
unfolding of their life.
craziness of the unfolding.
unfolding on the world stage.
Spring was slow in unfolding.
the unfolding chain of events.
creative unfolding of an image.
Johnson said unfolding his arms.
A historic moment was unfolding.
The universe is unfolding as it.
unfolding just as it said it would.
left a chilling sight was unfolding.
unfolding in his memory as he spoke.
I couldn't believe what was unfolding.
story was unfolding a little at a time.
were unfolding before me as they happened.
order and unfolding of the explicate order.
unfolding in their lives back in Vancouver.
He had been deceived in the unfolding of.
smiling and unfolding the shirt he had sewn.
The continuous unfolding and enfolding of.
It felt as if she were slowly unfolding a.
I could see it all unfolding before my eyes.
that might – or might not – be unfolding.
It is the slow unfolding of a dimmer switch.
I unfolded it.
He unfolded it.
She unfolded it.
I unfolded the paper.
He unfolded the card.
She unfolded her.
events that had unfolded.
Thomas unfolded the note.
She unfolded the hundred.
card in an unfolded wallet.
She unfolded the wrappings.
History unfolded before me.
that Consuela had unfolded.
Hal unfolded it and read:.
Big Ben his voice unfolded.
explicate, or unfolded order.
At last he unfolded his arms.
They unfolded the paper and.
As the presentation unfolded.
I unfolded it cautiously and.
and unfolded the piece of paper.
another of her schemes unfolded.
He forward and unfolded his arms.
She unfolded the paper and read,.
He unfolded a damp newspaper and.
Then she turned and unfolded her.
moment, and then unfolded his arms.
unfolds and becomes clearer.
Do you see the love that unfolds?.
that as this breaking story unfolds.
and as this bizarre event unfolds,.
That's how your entire life unfolds.
Love disappears as the drama unfolds.
Week by week a victim’s story unfolds.
It will lead, as it unfolds, to a new.
Holding on when all of reality unfolds.
Let’s follow Crowley as his day unfolds.
Or some political drama unfolds somewhere.
Joseph listened intently as the dream unfolds.
unfolds when a local doctor is snatched away.
TK slowly unfolds the top portion of the case.
God unfolds His plan for this stage in my life.
coping with local change as the future unfolds.
This is often the sequence of events that unfolds.
She tears it open, removes a single sheet and unfolds it.
’ The demonstration of our Lord's meaning still unfolds.
Be with us, dear student, as this exciting story unfolds!.
We’ll keep you up to date as this breaking story unfolds.
But the order in which the volatility unfolds is different.
She unfolds the screen, flicks it to life, and hands it over.
wisdom, which then unfolds into the whole complex expanse of.
According to the karma of past actions, one's destiny unfolds.
’ Wear the rings through the years, as your love story unfolds.
Whatever mercy God unfolds for the people, none can withhold it.
’ We’ll be bringing you further news on this story as it unfolds.
They relinquish to you a pot of gold The power of their love unfolds.

Synonyms for unfold

blossom unfold open spread extend stretch