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    1. Just as I had done with my own family, I tended to keep people at arms length, invariably watching human relationships unfold as if I were standing beyond a pane of glass, but here I was almost drifting into fantasy about one of my jailers

    2. "So," Carlton said, beginning to unfold a large map

    3. As he gazed, a story began to unfold

    4. She listened to the story unfold with a growing sense of unease and disappointment, a sense that rapidly turned to despair and utter devastation when the pictures cut to the image of an ecstatic twelve year old from Grimsby who would be attending a gala bash in London the following weekend where the boy and his band would finally be unveiled

    5. I unfold the document and look through it

    6. There are two main creative cycles our lives can unfold within

    7. When their life is al owed to unfold unrestricted, they wil love you

    8. beautiful world of lush green forests and high mountains unfold beneath them as they flew

    9. unfold with a growing sense of unease and disappointment, a sense

    10. There is a stool in the alcove from where Shaun can watch the night unfold without being deafened by the soundtrack of people screwing up their lives

    11. Uniformed police officers are drinking stale coffee from a vending machine as they too watch the latest episode of real life casualty unfold

    12. The Inspector listened to the now familiar story unfold

    13. If only he could move, he might be able to watch events unfold, might be able to see what is happening, might be able to assess the damage

    14. He’d gone back to the start and filled in with such detail she could see, the valley unfold before her eyes

    15. watched the vista unfold

    16. unfold, there’s no way you could know about the condemned man’s future actions

    17. producers unfold their products

    18. had suddenly slowed - like she was watching it all unfold underwater

    19. She could unfold the sling to veil her face, but the chiton was moth-eaten, stained, and ill-fitting

    20. When you are able to meet opportunity with time the heart will open your way and the path shall unfold

    21. The small note almost seemed to unfold itself as she picked it up, the inked script beginning to appear

    22. Nevertheless these laws are discernable, as they unfold to us the consequences of our collective thoughts, words and deeds

    23. future will unfold as the past has happened, or even as

    24. Without intention, the way things unfold in your life

    25. your intention is applied, the way things unfold in the

    26. that your life will unfold accidentally

    27. things will unfold as they historically have done

    28. They both lifted him on to a stretcher that seemed to unfold from a ten-centimetre square

    29. “The choice to do nothing and let events unfold as they will

    30. Wendy giggled then ran off leaving Beth alone to unfold the note

    31. So saying he leaped from the car and began to unfold the top, pushing it quickly back into place

    32. the need to control how things unfold and resolve to do

    33. What should this attitude be? Should I be impatient with the troubles that I see in the world, or should I patiently let everything unfold in its own time? Can I improve myself or the world with prayer, or is every apparent good compensated for by a lessening of good somewhere else? How can I know what is best?

    34. her eyes and sat quietly listening to the tail unfold

    35. unfold our muslin to the lines

    36. the vendors and witnessed God’s plan unfold

    37. Our story continues to unfold

    38. Here on the ground grey leaves unfold

    39. It would’ve been better if Nick had killed her as a child than let the story unfold like this

    40. Again, no wonder that in the Buddha's teachings the law of karma is called "the light of the world" because it illuminates how our lives unfold and why many things are the way they are![147]

    41. It was obvious to us that he was gifted with the power to be a Magus, so we began to watch everything unfold

    42. “Captain, no matter what happens, I do not see how this can unfold without us being side by side in battle, and sooner rather than later

    43. story that I am about to unfold

    44. to unfold and turned with anger to see his trust betrayed by the

    45. spectacle unfold as a sweaty man with a huge flabby neck

    46. Her sports car was hugging the twists and turns of the country lane, she was in anticipation of the day’s events that were yet to unfold

    47. Jack watched the show unfold as the engineers were connecting the large television monitors to various electrical components

    48. I let each day unfold and lead me

    49. These competitions can unfold in countless ways, from gaining a higher education to owning technological goods

    50. “I cannot guess how the present case before the courts will unfold and

    1. His wings unfolded like before, but he was still just gliding toward the water

    2. Through meditation the powers of the soul are unfolded

    3. His tastes were leading Bahkmar toward a belief in an idle son of wealth as time unfolded

    4. I unfolded it slowly, measuring each crease between my fingers, aching for the comfort of words and yet totally afraid of what I might read

    5. My spectral friend unfolded his legs and also rose up from the floor

    6. Menachem unfolded the paper and started to read in a low and soft whisper

    7. Howard opened the envelope and unfolded a letter with three photo copies of 5" x 7" photographs

    8. For Chrissie, the week unfolded quietly and uneventfully

    9. It took a while for the Sergeant to get the map unfolded and laid out on the table

    10. with growing alarm as his story unfolded

    11. He unfolded it

    12. Carefully she unfolded the fragile brown paper and read

    13. If you read the story as it unfolded you will find that the gentiles took Paul from the Jews and bound him

    14. bewildered at the speed with which events had unfolded

    15. said, then continued to interpret as events unfolded

    16. Imorbis had laid out many possibilities, some unfolded in their favor, others less so

    17. The stunned young Nord just continued to stand by watching as his shaken commander unfolded the parchment and began to read the note

    18. Now unfolded, the newspaper showed her picture on the front page, large enough to cover more than half of the page, while Triggen's hand purposely covered any text below it, denying her from seeing whatever is written about her, including her real name, which she guessed should have also been there

    19. Shrill bells and chimes distantly jingled and clanged as he pains-takingly unfolded one of the sealed notes

    20. The paper crinkled as he unfolded it again and began to re-read the script

    21. He warily unfolded the parchment and took a deep breath

    22. Mounted upon the roof of the lorry an apparatus unfolded

    23. ’ He unfolded the paper as he spoke, and added ‘It

    24. 6 The four Gospels were eye-witness accounts of the life of Jesus and the events that unfolded around him up to his crucifixion, resurrection from death and ascension into heaven

    25. Looking back in history, we can verify that as history unfolded, the information hidden in the text at the time of writing was indeed correct when predicting future events, both in the surface text as well as in hidden codes

    26. If we compare the same information in Isaiah 53 to other scriptures, prophecies and to the events as they unfolded during Jesus’ crucifixion from a Christian point of view (also taking into account the information provided in the New Testament and the fact that Jesus himself declared that the Jews would be blinded to not recognise who He was) it fits the scenario described in here even better

    27. events that unfolded around them?

    28. This story unfolded at a Moscow disco, a vast building built for the Moscow Olympics several years before

    29. unfolded, listening to procedures that were largely a mystery to him, uncertain of the good and the

    30. The steel leech of the auxiliary pump and drug infuser unfolded from the wall close to his

    31. I would start at the tail and work my way down, pulling loose the feathers and throwing them down onto the unfolded newspapers that Grandpa had set on the garage floor

    32. Instead, I investigated a few of the prickly pods that had fallen from the chestnuts trees, smashing them the rest of the way open with my stick (I had learned that this was the best way to avoid getting poked) and, carefully, I removed a few big chestnuts, unfolded my knife, skinned the shell off, and crunched on them as I headed towards the raspberry patch

    33. ' He unfolded the paper as he spoke, and added 'It isn't a letter, after all: it's a set of verses

    34. Laying it carefully on the table, he unfolded the protective fur and stood gazing at the moonstone

    35. He reached for the inside of his jacket then, brought out his feathery hat, unfolded it and put it on his head all curled up, looking shoddy and wrecked, as if he had been carrying it in his pocket this whole time

    36. The police team watched in horror as this unfolded before their eyes

    37. New identities and traveling incognito didn’t seem to offer the appealing sense of intrigue and excitement it had for her when first it was mentioned rather, as the conversation unfolded, the prospect became ever more complicated, prone to discovery and horrifying

    38. “No one could have foreseen the speed with which events have unfolded,” said the technician

    39. Michael Henderson, Sylvia’s son? He carried the folder to his desk and fell into rapt fascination, as a story unfolded such as he would never have suspected

    40. Sentence by sentence, the scene of theft, treachery, murder and bedlam on the fateful night in Limon harbor unfolded

    41. He reached out with both hands, grabbed the parcel, untied a small piece of string, and unfolded it to reveal a goat skin

    42. He unfolded the Esso map and they gathered around as he traced a possible route from where he thought they were to the river

    43. The Russian took the note and unfolded it, holding it up to the window of the car and studying it carefully

    44. He reverently unfolded the letter and read

    45. He unfolded his Dryzabone waterproof riding coat

    46. With this foresight, he needed to keep a level head as events unfolded as foretold

    47. Drought forced Abraham, and again during the life of his grandson Jacob, to sojourn into Egypt where the story of Joseph unfolded

    48. [Laws?] In about the year AD 400, Augustine described a view of Creation in which ‘seeds of potentiality’ were established by God, which then unfolded through time in an incomprehensibly complicated set of processes

    49. They all smiled when the winter morning’s beauty unfolded before them

    50. The “news” wasn’t something that unfolded spontaneously as much as it was a product of selection, revised and revived, in an attempt to create an intended effect with reader-voters

    1. As they watched these events unfolding on the planet's terminator, a remote probe in low orbit got thru on a laser-beam and brought them closer, close enough that its scope could detect the dots that were people on the ground, even without enhancements

    2. For Ava to be this distracted when these events on the ground were unfolding, events her sister was involved in, meant there was some dire emergency to the system

    3. Without unfolding the message, I stuffed it into my trouser pocket, and then, frantically, I rubbed the mirror down with my towel, smearing a thin layer of wax everywhere

    4. It plunged in at full stride, it's tentacles unfolding from the running position in time to slap the water as it plunged beneath the lon

    5. I cleared some level ground on the dry side of the tree and made camp, unfolding the blanket ready for my sleep

    6. As I start unfolding the sheet using a pen in one hand and the letter opener in the other, it becomes obvious that this is another like yesterday

    7. They gathered on the levels above and watched what was unfolding below

    8. unfolding of their life

    9. and its experiences from unfolding in the perfect way and perfect

    10. Johnson said unfolding his arms

    11. game unfolding before his eyes, there was a sense of uneasiness to his stance, and

    12. Unfolding her arms from across her chest, where they reminded her of the warmth Jim had offered

    13. He watched, numb, his mind no longer acknowledging his senses, blind to his environment and the events unfolding around him

    14. unfolding process that was created billions of years ago

    15. responsible cause of the entire unfolding universe; but

    16. Unfolding the note, Dawn recognised Carolyn’s spidery scrawl and sat on the edge of the bed to read it

    17. Mr Waverly shook his head at his next door neighbour’s antics, then went back to tending his roses, unaware of the events unfolding across the Solent

    18. Reality is a creative unfolding, and no part of it exists

    19. creative unfolding of an image

    20. When you create by listening to the unfolding within,

    21. The same principle (equally) applies to an individual who is witnessing an ―historical‖ event (like the Civil Rights Movement, for example) unfolding before his or her very eyes

    22. Costa Rica, a defenseless nation without armed forces, had, at that time, been the apprehensive witness to Nicaragua’s civil war unfolding across its northern border

    23. The unwelcome reminder continued unfolding like a bad scene from a movie he had previously seen: he hated to watch it, wishing it would end, but it just rolled on

    24. He stopped abruptly to observe the scene unfolding ahead of him

    25. It needed to be charged, but should have enough power for a quick chat to Bear about the situation unfolding on the Queensland border

    26. Meanwhile, LP watched the events unfolding on his TV screen, wondering what was being said between the Queensland police commissioner and the leader of the Bad Meadows bikie gang

    27. LP found Brownie and Red, and filled them in on the unfolding saga

    28. After folding and unfolding it several times, he tucked it into his coat pocket, picked up his battered briefcase, and pulling on a battered fedora, headed off to the school

    29. It was up to him to coach her through the unfolding terrain

    30. He hated the Patriarch with all his heart, but he hated himself even more for failing to do everything in his power to avert this damnable catastrophe unfolding before his eyes

    31. As far as he could tell, she hadn’t been as impressed by the sheer scale of the newly found cosmos unfolding before them, unlike himself who spent hours gazing at the projection screen of what amounded to the ship’s bridge

    32. anything and my wife Elisabeth tells me that she is part of a bigger story that is unfolding as we speak

    33. have considered my life’s story unfolding this way!” The steps of

    34. plays an important role during the unfolding process; however, there

    35. during the unfolding processes of how He will meet our provisional

    36. understand why things were unfolding the way they were, but we were

    37. This is the way that change is unfolding on this planet – person by person, choice by choice

    38. We see how our lives are unfolding – and we take a stronger interest in what we’re doing, and our motivations behind the actions

    39. The dying moments play a critical role in the unfolding of karma and rebirth, and it is encouraging that today there is an increased awareness and sensitivity concerning the circumstances and surroundings of people's deaths

    40. The path is a karmic unfolding, built on the principle of karma

    41. These new intentions start to change the whole karmic unfolding

    42. The other children stood in silence, eyes cast down, listening to the unfolding drama

    43. “That’s all,” he said, unfolding his shopping bag

    44. unfolding in his memory as he spoke

    45. Gloria could tell there was an emergency unfolding, it was a

    46. Unfolding only a part of it to stop it becoming a sail and flying off, he could make out a name printed in the corner

    47. She watched the unfolding drama below, with a detached fascination, bred of knowing that she was safe on a roof, twenty stories above the danger in the street

    48. To her left she could see the chase unfolding, five police cars and one insanely driven Porsche, rocketing towards the square

    49. She could clearly see stages in her life like it was a movie unfolding before her eyes

    50. Can this process reflect reality? Is it not a necessary simplification of reality, a poor substitute for what is really unfolding in the body? My fine sir, you and I know the answer: once a drug hits the general public and the community starts experiencing numerous undocumented side effects, then you get a clearer picture of reality than the 'reality' presented in the drug's preclinical–clinical research trials

    1. He unfolds the piece of paper, hands it to John, continues to inspect the watch

    2. Harry Cozen is in command and this is his greatest gambit, but alien propaganda threatens to reveal the war's greatest secret on the very day the broadest and bloodiest battle of the conflict unfolds

    3. Handing me the re-rolled testament, he takes the paper and unfolds it

    4. As the story unfolds, the boy places a handful of each colour of sand into the bowl of dark water

    5. The consultant unfolds his arms and thrusts them into his lab coat pockets

    6. We’ll keep you up to date as this breaking story unfolds

    7. She tears it open, removes a single sheet and unfolds it

    8. Wil you remain true to Him as life unfolds differently than what you

    9. Light pours in from all angles, and the city unfolds around us, glass buildings and the arc of train tracks, and we are high above it

    10. Once the event unfolds we can experience it as it was programmed to be or we can alter the experience

    11. That's how your entire life unfolds

    12. Holding on when all of reality unfolds

    13. And do I need to explain to you what unfolds when people obtain power? Read your history

    14. In Juneau’s protected and tranquil waters, it is easy to examine the whole landscape, imbue oneself of its splendor and greatly humble oneself before the seductive enchantment that unfolds before one’s bewildered eyes

    15. Anup is trembling with terror, so I hug him while the macabre show unfolds

    16. unfolds and becomes clearer

    17. millions of other human beings) unfolds in the tragic way we are familiar with

    18. The way an observer interacts with the ensemble determines which aspect unfolds and which remains hidden

    19. If you liken this to an acorn that puts down roots, then grows a trunk and branches, then eventually fills out with leaves, you would come pretty close to understanding how evolution unfolds in a person's mind

    20. As the plan unfolds he recognised the fact that at the same time this thrice-damnable human could be destroyed as well

    21. Joseph listened intently as the dream unfolds

    22. But, despite my sorrow, in my imagination and my thoughts, I will be thinking that the hand that wrote me those verses is Leonardo’s, and that the lady for which he wrote it is me; because in this imaginary world that unfolds inside my head, as I am the only person who writes the scripts, I've decided that Leonardo and I will be the only protagonists of this imaginary novel

    23. Once the new (TO BE) business unit process step has been identified, the third step of ORGANIZATION is then to identify the various management role needs, although some become apparent as the alignment of work unfolds

    24. When by His side, He spake these words, “Observe, the prophecy unfolds

    25. “How so? It has to do with choice: by exercising thy free will, by choosing acts aligned with Love as Life unfolds in front of thee

    26. “We will have more on that story as it unfolds and hopefully get a comment from a government health official

    27. consciousness gradually unfolds, he awakens to all this magnificence, he

    28. Divinity is open to my eyes, and unfolds to my gaze a new meaning, a new

    29. Intellectual strivings may reveal the facts of life, but the gospel of the kingdom unfolds the truths of being

    30. unfolds when a local doctor is snatched away

    31. 6 And now we may relate an interesting and instructive fact: Although this narrative unfolds as an apparently natural and normal event in human affairs, it has some very interesting side lights

    32. I have told you it is like the leaven in the dough, like the grain of mustard seed; and now I declare that it is like the seed of the living being, which, from generation to generation, while it remains the same living seed, unfailingly unfolds itself in new manifestations and grows acceptably in channels of new adaptation to the peculiar needs and conditions of each successive generation

    33. “Not at all, you’re more experienced and I think that will be important as this mission unfolds

    34. It seems easy enough when you think about it, one foot in front of the other as gorgeous scenery unfolds in front of you

    35. They relinquish to you a pot of gold The power of their love unfolds

    36. Do you see the love that unfolds?

    37. It will lead, as it unfolds, to a new

    38. you may fear having a serious road accident so you select a car that offers superior crash protection, you drive very cautiously, and you avoid driving on dangerous roads, you do not drive when tired etc but if it unfolds that you still have a serious accident maybe entirely due to the fault of someone else then this is an example of having to accept Life as it is

    39. But everything unfolds moment by moment, and everything is the result of previous http://www

    40. But the nature of existence is that it unfolds moment by moment, and clearly you have free choice to

    41. TK slowly unfolds the top portion of the case

    42. Is accuracy driven by thought? The deeper the thought the more certain are the feelings of accuracy, then the more likely the future unfolds as we predict

    43. But in creative visualization, the real you is smack dab in the middle of the action, taking primary enjoyment from being in the scene that unfolds around you, rather than standing back and watching at a distance

    44. without any change, in constant memories arranged, time takes its toll – and all unfolds,

    45. Won’t that make it all so unfair to him? It is better he unfolds himself by and by

    46. God unfolds His plan for this stage in my life

    47. The face unfolds the striking resemblance to Osama Bin Laddin who is supposed to be descended from Fatima’s line, the daughter of Muhammad

    48. Be with us, dear student, as this exciting story unfolds!

    49. Stay with us, dear reader, as this exciting story unfolds! Indeed, our courageous officer dedicated his life to getting rid of criminals and cleansing the state of al-Sham[91] of them and their evil actions and inhumane deeds

    50. Kaitlyn winds up in the middle of this standoff, because she has the misfortune to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up being held hostage in an elevator by the armed villain…and thus she and Nick meet and their romance unfolds from there

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