appoint sätze

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Appoint sätze (in englisch)

  1. Each shire would appoint a Board of.
  2. If not you, then who can I appoint?
  3. We appoint high priests as keepers of.
  4. Appoint me your wages, and I will give it.
  5. Otherwise, we will appoint another Overseer.

  6. Although as Chair you could always appoint.
  7. The subsidiary Board would appoint a CEO, and.
  8. Caris would have preferred him to appoint Thomas.
  9. They commit the crime, appoint the committee to.
  10. We shall issue our order to appoint the seventy men.
  11. Only God can appoint a man to be a spiritual leader.
  12. And at last they cease to appoint them as constables.
  13. As this forum grows, I'll appoint reader-moderators.
  14. That is the last time I appoint a minister again!’.
  15. So at that time God did not appoint him as an authority.

  16. Guichard to come back – will be in a position to appoint.
  17. The word "appoint" as found in (Acts 6:3) means to designate.
  18. The bank has moved to appoint Jack as Chairman in your absence.
  19. Herod was forced by political circumstances to appoint high priest.
  20. Jethro counseled Moses to appoint elders to help him with the day-to-.
  21. To help make the process easier on everyone, appoint a project manager.
  22. Appoint a committee to study the horse and assess how dead it actually is.
  23. Now then—since thoughts are pictures, does it not behoove you to appoint.
  24. They ought to appoint an archdeacon of the same sort, said Skovorodnikoff.
  25. When you appoint the new bishop of Kingsbridge, please tell him our story.

  26. Bishops were desperate to appoint more priests, monks and nuns, not sack them.
  27. Karta can appoint any of the adult coparceners to operate the bank account as.
  28. And they appoint the angels, who are servants to the Most Gracious, as females.
  29. As this forum grows, I'll appoint reader-moderators for the various discussions.
  30. For a start, in theory they appoint both the board of directors and the auditors.
  31. If anyone is, let me meet him - we'll appoint him the next senior leader, be great.
  32. Recall also that he was bound and determined to appoint a woman as Attorney General.
  33. We did not appoint you as a guardian over them, and you are not a manager over them.
  34. Each Party shall have the right to appoint a representative to participate in these.
  35. This move would virtually empty the court and he could appoint some democrat justices.
  36. Appoint the destroying angel to put up his sword into the sheath, and to stay his hand.
  37. And then all the old judges died anyway, so he could appoint some democrats after all.
  38. Courts can appoint an administrator who also continues to trade and holds off creditors.
  39. Not only do presidents also appoint justices to the courts and hold veto power over the.
  40. In order to do that, they needed their state Governors to appoint replacements immediately.
  41. Then Colon wanted to know if the Khakhan wished to appoint an ambassador to return with him.
  42. It was departing from the general system of the nation to appoint a court for a special case.
  43. If there are sufficient funds at the local level, they will appoint staff to run the organisation.
  44. It will be wise therefore, to appoint someone of wisdom to oversee a project spanning seven years.
  45. He was able to take command and appoint younger more active officers to get something positive done.
  46. President Obama is not the first president to appoint unelected officials to high level positions of.
  47. I do not intend to appoint nine conservative Republicans to the Court, as some of you may have feared.
  48. He hoped the House would disagree to the amendments of the Senate and appoint a committee of conference.
  49. Favors to appoint a jurist as a judge with conditions to return favors, is unequal justice under the law.
  50. This would prove that you have a right to appoint your own President, Senate and House of Representatives.
  51. My first act, pursuant to Section 2 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, will be to appoint a new Vice President.
  52. Actually, I told her that if she did not run everything by him, I would appoint him regent instead of her.
  53. He could not believe his wife was going to appoint Matt Suba as Vice President without even discussing it with him.
  54. A civilian? I guess it makes sense to appoint a negotiator to talk to us, but I’m not in the mood for negotiating.
  55. The word "ordained" in (Acts 14:23) means to appoint without a vote whereas in (II Corinthians 8:19) it (chosen) means.
  56. They appoint a receiver with the sole task of keeping the business going just long enough to recover the banks’ money.
  57. And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  58. The District constituting the seat of Government of the United States shall appoint in such manner as Congress may direct:.
  59. Roosevelt to appoint six New Deal justices to nullify the votes on the Court of six sitting judges who were 70 years or older.
  60. That our poor old Mitchell was only too glad to appoint somebody trained to the work, who saved him trouble, is not surprising.
  61. Further, the Supreme Court has exercised its judicial discretion to appoint a judge to oversee this important and much-noted trial.
  62. Jonathan, saying, I confirm you in the high priesthood, and appoint you ruler over the four governments, and to be one of the king's.
  63. Recently, in discussing with a fellow preacher his desire to encourage the congregation where he was preaching to appoint elders I told.
  64. It was not illegal for the Mississippi Supreme Court to appoint my father to preside over a trial in which I was assisting the prosecution.
  65. The House resumed the consideration of the bill authorizing the President of the United States to appoint additional Brigadier Generals, &c.
  66. If you should all accept our proposal, I will appoint Vydor as grandmaster of the Council, in keeping with the ranks you have already established.
  67. When it comes to successions, it is vital to appoint someone who at least shares the vision, who has the passion and drive to see the business succeed.
  68. Vyyn had however decided not to search for or appoint a representative there at this time, in order to save a few hours in her crammed World tour program.
  69. There are limits empowering how many he shall appoint—he may appoint twelve Brigadiers and four Major Generals—will not that be as many as he wanted?
  70. Appoint salvation to us for walls and bulwarks, and in order to that let the gates be opened, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in.
  71. Anderson then moved to appoint a committee of conference, to confer on the subject with such committee as should be appointed by the House of Representatives.
  72. Another way of putting it will be: They appoint for themselves teachers who can soothe their ears with what they like to hear, regardless of what the bible says.
  73. Yes; when his failure is imminent, the court of commerce, to which he is amenable (please follow me attentively), has the power, by a decree, to appoint a receiver.
  74. It is understood that the Board of Commissioners will appoint a committee to carry out these views as far as possible, by securing necessary legislation by Congress.
  75. God specifically tells us in His Word that there will be a time when people will heap (appoint) for themselves, teachers (preacher’s) because they have itchy ears.
  76. Organization should appoint an Information Security officer who is from management and who will be responsible for ISMS establishment, implementation and maintenance.
  77. The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year, and such Meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by Law appoint a different Day.
  78. The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meeting shall begin at noon on the 3d day of January, unless they shall by law appoint a different day.
  79. In cases where a person dies intestate (without a will), the state court may appoint an estate executor, generally an attorney or agency that specializes in such matters.
  80. As you may know, Judge McBryde has closed the above-referenced action inasmuch as he declined to appoint counsel and no attorney has yet entered an appearance in your behalf.
  81. Having the right to appoint and dismiss the prioress of the new institution, she would be able to run the place according to the new thinking that had grown out of the plague.
  82. They may appoint or not, as they think proper; and if they should neglect or refuse to do it, your boasted complete Government would die a natural death, by its own imbecility.
  83. Of course it was her efforts to revive and modernize the group which had annoyed them, and then her decision to appoint David Goldman to the board, the son of Rabbi Viktor Goldman.
  84. The day was completed and crowned in a peculiarly satisfactory way: Becky teased her mother to appoint the next day for the long-promised and long-delayed picnic, and she consented.
  85. I was somehow expecting that I would be escorted directly to the president, who would appoint me diplomat to some cool little country like French Zaire (I’m assuming that’s a place).
  86. Curiosity got the better of me, so I used my authority to appoint myself one of the civic building inspectors who checked the work for any violations of our construction regulations.
  87. As it becomes necessary, you may create new positions in the government and diplomatic services of Hilia, and appoint personnel to those positions, and draw upon the treasury as needed.
  88. To accomplish all this you will eventually need to raise an army of wizards, and appoint them to control sections of your realm, with wizards in training under them as their replacements.
  89. The constitution authorizes the President to appoint persons to fill all offices established by law, but says not a word about appointing officers to collect the tax you levy specifically.
  90. There is no necessity or propriety in appointing more Generals, in my opinion, at present, for our regulars—for the President is directed to appoint eight Brigadiers and two Major Generals.
  91. The hospital has now finally been able to appoint a permanent O&G and thus my return visits to work in Sitka will only be when the permanent doctor is either on vacation or away for other reasons.
  92. But He did appoint that if man appointed himself a sinner despite all the persuasion, all the warning, overtures, promises of life, and untold wealth of blessings, that the sinner should die.
  93. By the law of the 6th of July last, the President was empowered to appoint and commission the officers of the volunteers who had or should offer their services, and to form them into battalions, squadrons, &c.
  94. And David said unto Michal, It was before the LORD, which chose me before thy father, and before all his house, to appoint me ruler over the people of the LORD, over Israel: therefore will I play before the LORD.
  95. Again; the hand of the filthy stinking evil undead is clearly shown here; how easily they can and do poison sane, rational men to make the worst possible choice of whom to appoint as their war leader during the war.
  96. It is normal for Kawa Tzul Taka to appear in the dreams of leaders of religious brotherhoods to tell them whom to appoint to which offices in the brotherhood (appointments should not be made in the absence of such dreams).
  97. The House proceeded to consider the resolution from the Senate to appoint a joint committee to wait on the President, and acquaint him of the proposed recess of Congress; and the same was concurred in by the House; and Messrs.
  98. As you have accepted this man, who humbly comes before you as one of you and not one better than you, I ask that you will not only appoint him as leader of our people in this present struggle, but also in the peace to follow!.
  99. I levy a tax and create a bank through whose instrumentality I mean to collect it; from the same authority by which I appoint a collector, I have a right to create a bank through whose instrumentality I mean to receive and transmit it.
  100. I intend to appoint precisely five conservatives and four liberals, and I would ask Congress to immediately confirm all nine choices together as a panel at its earliest opportunity, so that the Court can continue with its important work.
  1. Until we wrest the appointing.
  2. The Appointing of the Twelve Apostles.
  3. The person appointing an executor in his will is known as testator.
  4. In the matter of appointing or ordaining those men who are found qualified.
  5. Roger also made the mistake of appointing himself site and construction manager.
  6. In My hurt I have cast them to the side, appointing others to run in their stead.
  7. This is an important clause because it prevents any state governor from appointing U.
  8. Much prayer should be lifted up to God in preparing to serve and in the appointing of.
  9. So I was thinking of appointing you to head of one of the companies as your own project Ben.
  10. They universally, therefore, discharged themselves of it, by appointing a deputy, bailiff or judge.
  11. Malakai looked uneasy as he spoke and Deorci was beginning to regret his decisions on appointing the lad.
  12. Sawyer called for the consideration of the motion submitted by him for appointing a separate Committee of Manufactures.
  13. We use it for special ceremonies; Telkit said; group prayers and meditation and the appointing of new leaders; wyassies.
  14. Lieutenant Rymson: The legal qualifications of all appointed members of the defense are correctly stated in the appointing orders.
  15. The trial counsel continued, The legal qualifications of all members of the prosecution are correctly stated in the appointing orders.
  16. The prince was rather alarmed at all this, and was obliged to end by appointing the same hour of the following day for the interview desired.
  17. They are mostly dedicated to criminal work only which is a problem which we overcome by appointing private detectives via lawyers in foreign countries.
  18. Under the present system we have no voice in appointing our masters and overseers and foremen - we have no choice as to what master we shall work under.
  19. The business of appointing judges is not done in the public interest; it is done in the appointer’s interest, and so judges should be chosen by the people.
  20. A letter from the efficient, unimaginative Archdeacon Lloyd had explained that Henri was busy appointing clergy to replace those who had died of the plague.
  21. The following persons named in the appointing orders are present…, The ceremony, though just beginning, seemed as impersonal as the aluminum walls, but that was as it should be.
  22. The constitution authorizes the President to appoint persons to fill all offices established by law, but says not a word about appointing officers to collect the tax you levy specifically.
  23. There is no necessity or propriety in appointing more Generals, in my opinion, at present, for our regulars—for the President is directed to appoint eight Brigadiers and two Major Generals.
  24. They facilitated the acquisition of those exercises, by appointing a certain place for learning and practising them, and by granting to certain masters the privilege of teaching in that place.
  25. All the methods of appointing authorities that have been tried, divine right, and election, and heredity, and balloting, and assemblies and parliaments and senate—have all proved ineffectual.
  26. He had been so hopeful of success that he had already prepared it! The application included an order for appointing the seventy men listed individually by name to the position of security guards.
  27. The trial counsel continued: Will counsel representing the accused state whether the legal qualifications of the appointed members of the defense are other than as stated in the appointing orders.
  28. In addition, those who control funds are in a position to deliver excess returns to other controllers, by, for example, appointing outside directors and choosing attorneys and accountants for funds.
  29. Finally they agreed upon appointing five groups to go out among the people and seek to entangle him in his teaching or otherwise to discredit him in the sight of those who listened to his instruction.
  30. He made a sort of verbal will here in my hearing, appointing old Viola his executor; and, by Jove! do you know, he—he's not grown rich by his fidelity to you good people of the railway and the harbour.
  31. And therefore we must consider whether in appointing our guardians we would look to their greatest happiness individually, or whether this principle of happiness does not rather reside in the State as a whole.
  32. Stalin had wormed his way into power in Russia in the 1920s by the simple method of appointing most of the membership of the Russian Communist Party and then keeping them loyal to him (Chapter 4 has all the details).
  33. The language of the law which has been referred to is to this effect: in case of war being declared by any foreign power, or the country actually invaded, then the President shall have the power of appointing these officers.
  34. The shares show a steep and pretty continuous slide, and the statements from the company mix profit warnings with promises of restructuring, refinancing, searching for alliances, appointing new executives and new policies on the way.
  35. No, Bush's guilt is largely a matter of pure incompetence as an administrator, not very different from the many failings he had in appointing people to administer Iraq, and indeed in prosecuting and planning the quagmire of the Iraq War.
  36. Instead of appointing custom-house officers in the large commercial cities and towns, where a banking establishment could be supported, Congress might there have erected banks, as the most certain, punctual, and cheap mode of collection.
  37. The political chief of Sulaco had yielded at the last moment to the urgent entreaties of the priest, had signed a provisional nomination appointing Hernandez a general, and calling upon him officially in this new capacity to preserve order in the town.
  38. What may be the most perplexing of his sins is the fact that those sins, consisting of insider trading and many other violations of the requirements of stock trading at the time, were rewarded by FDR by appointing Big Bad Joe to head the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  39. No member of the prosecution named in the appointing orders has acted as investigating officer, law officer, court member, or as a member of the defense in this case, or as counsel for the accused at the pretrial investigation or other proceedings involved in the same general matter.
  40. Due to the terrorist attack in September, Woodson felt that responding to that threat was going to be Number One on his agenda, so appointing the Director of Homeland Security, the Director of the FBI, the National Security Advisor, and the Director of the CIA were going to be his first picks as the new President.
  41. In a country where the law favoured the teachers of no one religion more than those of another, it would not be necessary that any of them should have any particular or immediate dependency upon the sovereign or executive power ; or that he should have anything to do either in appointing or in dismissing them from their offices.
  42. While the power of declaring war is vested in Congress; while levies and supplies are within its control; while a check on the appointing powers is vested in the Senate, and a periodical termination of the President's office exists; the Executive arm, though sufficiently untrammelled for necessary and useful command, is effectually paralyzed as to the exercise of power to affect or change the free features of the Government; unless indeed the representation should become utterly corrupt, an event no one can believe possible.
  43. To the Executive Committee shall belong the collecting and disbursing of funds; the appointing, counselling, sustaining and dismissing (for just and sufficient reasons) missionaries and agents; the selection of missionary fields; and, in general, the transaction of all such business as usually appertains to the executive committees of missionary and other benevolent societies; the Committee to exercise no ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the missionaries; and its doings to be subject always to the revision of the annual meeting, which shall, by a reference mutually chosen, always entertain the complaints of any aggrieved agent or missionary; and the decision of such reference shall be final.
  1. He was appointed as a.
  2. LORD at its appointed time.
  3. It is appointed unto men.
  4. That was our appointed task.
  5. He appointed us in the winter.
  6. So engaging in the appointed.
  7. Ainura had been appointed to.
  8. The office was nicely appointed.
  9. And appointed the Anointed ones.
  10. I appointed them to help you in.
  11. In 1992 he had been appointed as.
  12. They arrived at the appointed spot.
  13. I’ve recently been appointed as.
  14. Before he was appointed, we ran a.
  15. I have not sent them or appointed.
  16. Macon, were appointed the committee.
  17. Perhaps the appointed hour had come.
  18. Until the Day of the Time Appointed.
  19. Earle, were appointed the committee.
  20. Their appointed time is the morning.
  21. He was appointed directly by the king.
  22. Until the Day of the time appointed.
  23. The appointed hour arrives, arrives!.
  24. The next year, he appointed another.
  25. Richard had appointed to succeed Mme.
  26. To punish him further, he appointed.
  27. Receivers were appointed in June 1931.
  28. At that appointed time the peninsula.
  29. To every nation is an appointed time.
  30. I became the self appointed prosecutor.
  31. For every nation is an appointed time.
  32. After the appointed death that comes.
  33. The Day of Sorting has been appointed.
  34. Not here the appointed End, not here!.
  35. ING TO THEM (before the appointed time).
  36. Judas Iscariot was appointed treasurer.
  37. Gaillard, the Senate have appointed Mr.
  38. Doctor Appointed Chief of Neurosurgery.
  39. No one had been appointed her guardian.
  40. Man was appointed mortal death/sorrow.
  41. Sandy Allan had appointed Joe Kieser to.
  42. Kutúzov is removed and he is appointed.
  43. But dark is the path appointed for thee:.
  44. Now you can't hurry God's appointed time.
  45. He does not die until it is appointed.
  46. I've appointed him as one of our generals.
  47. I have been appointed to help you Benaiah.
  48. Where a legal guardian is appointed by a.
  49. At the appointed hour she flew to the hut.
  50. She appointed Rob, her operations manager.
  51. The means by which this appointed task is.
  52. At the appointed day at five o'clock in the.
  53. You are the Bearer appointed by the Council.
  54. Such men therefore are appointed unto death.
  55. Jackson was then appointed to substitute Mr.
  56. How did Spalding come to get appointed?
  57. Although well appointed and functional, it.
  58. The United States Navy appointed a Captain.
  59. After his inauguration, Harrison appointed.
  60. And those appointed to be left shall be left.
  61. He refused the cross, he was appointed Mayor.
  62. Annan also appointed the investigative panel.
  63. He hurried quickly to an appointed space in.
  64. My troops will be ready at the appointed time.
  65. In 1986 he had been appointed as Chairman of.
  66. He alone will reveal it at its appointed time.
  67. Oh, yeah, I heard Nick was appointed to a.
  68. You are the appointed crux of the Saviours.
  69. After graduating, he was appointed as a young.
  70. Congress was in recess and appointed him anyway.
  71. They worship him and also adopt the appointed.
  72. If they don’t call at the appointed time….
  73. MY coming is appointed and no man can stop ME.
  74. Those appointed to be gathered shall be gathered.
  75. They didn’t connect at the appointed bus stop.
  76. And each gift is according to the task appointed.
  77. He appointed guardian angels to watch over them.
  78. Who hath appointed you Neptune’s Scourge?
  79. The appointed winners in a long-stretch'd game;.
  80. I agree it is appointed unto man but once to die.
  81. Considering all of this, the appointed attorney.
  82. Stacey walked in; she was my newly appointed PA.
  83. The President of the church had appointed Max as.
  84. Not only for Pam to show up for their appointed.
  85. He will sell it if he is appointed juge de paix.
  86. I strayed from the path that was appointed to me.
  87. I gave the statement: Now is the appointed time.
  88. Its place in this world as a vessel appointed to.
  89. Rodriguez, the housekeeper, appointed herself as.
  90. And as many as had been appointed to eternal life.
  91. Some men have been appointed to the eldership who.
  92. At the appointed time the four ships headed to the.
  93. Maybe he isn't just court appointed, but divinely.
  94. Anderson and Gaillard were appointed the committee.
  95. This action is an appointed course and it is that.
  96. You are the great appointed leader of the Saviours.
  97. He was the divinely appointed as Moses’ successor.
  98. He has appointed booze as a guru, and follows its.
  99. There is an appointed time, when God breaks us out.
  100. And it is He who has appointed yes me to be the one.
  1. Government of India appoints the directors for a four-year term.
  2. For this police service he commonly appoints Indian constables.
  3. We must submit to the leaders that Christ appoints in the Church.
  4. TPiE nominal y appoints the members of the Cabinet (‘Kashag’ in.
  5. This is a conditional death that man appoints for himself, and does it knowingly.
  6. Furthermore, the queen of Holland still appoints the governor of the island every six years.
  7. Paul presents this as if he is both the prosecutor, and the defence, and appoints us, with the.
  8. Following my many surgeries, Carmen selects a bed corner and appoints herself nurse-cat sentinel.
  9. The secretary of state, who has long sought to expand his power, appoints himself temporary president.
  10. As second in command that makes him the temporary Galaef until the computer appoints a new one in two months.
  11. The Coast Guard appoints admeasures for merchant ships which constitutes the official data from which fees and the cost of licenses are calculated.
  12. In spiritual activism we know no man after the flesh but as new creations in Christ who appoints us to the status of being His ambassadors to all nations.
  13. This is why the mechanism might be easier to get implemented in a parliamentary system, like England’s in which the majority party appoints the Prime Minister.
  14. All these potential conquests may be avoided if Bryan appoints an able cabinet with even a single member, or a general or admiral, that pushes him to make the Philippines an American protectorate.
  15. The heathen and the people, the kings and the rulers, why the repetition? It is my belief that we’re not dealing with kings and rulers in the sense that the king appoints others under him that also rule.
  16. The probate court, depending on the state, determines that the will is your last statement confirming the disposition of your estate and officially appoints the person or business that you have already chosen to administer the will (your executor).

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