settle sätze

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Settle sätze (in englisch)

  1. I began to settle down.
  2. I wanted to settle the.
  3. At this time I'd settle.
  4. Then it seemed to settle.
  5. Have to settle him somehow.

  6. This seemed to settle Simon.
  7. I’d settle even for that.
  8. I've got to settle with him.
  9. Helios is going to settle.
  10. It does not settle the West.
  11. Monsieur is going to settle.
  12. I'll settle the bill then.
  13. Last minute things to settle.
  14. We settle for those job and.
  15. I had to settle for his words.

  16. They’ll settle out of court.
  17. She lets the thought settle in.
  18. Stirring, I felt myself settle.
  19. Now let's settle this business.
  20. He would have to settle down a.
  21. God is quick to settle accounts.
  22. I need to settle her down first.
  23. It should settle you down a bit.
  24. Where did the Ice Queen settle?
  25. He seemed to settle in an instant.

  26. They told him to settle down in.
  27. Esau intended to settle the score.
  28. Need an equation to settle this?
  29. Once for all this question settle.
  30. Hopefully things will settle down.
  31. I would just settle for legible.
  32. No cops and we'll settle up there.
  33. Settle down girl, she told herself.
  34. I couldn’t settle down with her.
  35. And He is quick to settle accounts.
  36. Not settle in them and live in them.
  38. We can settle this simply enough.
  39. Give me a call once you settle in.
  40. He managed to settle Sharon and his.
  41. She will settle in the center of the.
  42. That seemed to settle Caris’ s mind.
  43. Don’t settle for interest checking.
  44. I let my mind settle on that licorice.
  45. Many Christians never settle anywhere.
  46. But I have a score to settle with one.
  47. He has suggested we settle the matter.
  48. They al started to settle down a little.
  49. There are some preliminaries to settle.
  50. Come and settle an argument, please.
  51. He'll settle the White Queen all right.
  52. I won't settle for that after all this.
  53. Next week? They could settle things then.
  54. The sun was starting to settle and was.
  55. We shall settle it now once and for all.
  56. Relieved, she tried to settle into work.
  57. I had something else to settle, you know.
  58. They can settle in your lungs and…’.
  59. So, you settle things with Parker?
  60. We would soon settle this important point.
  61. He could hardly wait to settle the score.
  62. It’s a good spot to settle down I think.
  63. You need to settle this with Rafe, not me.
  64. And something seemed to settle inside her.
  65. She took a swill of wine to settle things.
  66. Don't settle for less than the full Monty!.
  67. Poor peasants had to settle for straw huts.
  68. I mean to settle here altogether next year.
  69. I will settle for coherence and continuity.
  70. Jesus Christ, I wisht we could settle down.
  71. Do you think you'll settle down here now?
  72. Nurse did not come that night to settle Mrs.
  73. I still had to find a wife and settle down.
  74. Thy heart might settle in this vale of ease.
  75. I want to settle down in my chimney-corner.
  76. Settle that idiot's account at once, please.
  77. Perhaps it would settle her enough to sleep.
  78. Settle the roots in mud, the flowers in sun.
  79. After that, things had seemed to settle down.
  80. Why should we stand by and settle for less?
  81. I hear thumps on the roof as they settle in.
  82. Thy heart might settle in this scene of ease.
  83. They would not settle until Darek was firm.
  84. Well, I say when I finally settle down.
  85. There's an easy way to settle this Victoria.
  86. I had yet to settle on the books I would take.
  87. Rex absolutely refused to settle any capital.
  88. Vincent tried his best to settle himself down.
  89. Seems they can't settle matters between them.
  90. You stop and settle into yourself as you are.
  91. You and I, young man, will never settle that.
  92. I gave the wound a few minutes to settle down.
  93. Don't settle for less than the perfect penis!.
  94. Thomas and Cindy told the attorney to settle.
  95. Let your mind settle into watching the breath.
  96. But the chief thing was having to settle this.
  97. His fathers generation had had to settle for.
  98. And as I recall it, we have a score to settle.
  99. God does not want to settle for anything less.
  100. There's two things we'd have to settle though.
  1. Settling into his chair, Dr.
  2. She found herself settling in.
  3. Have some fun before settling.
  4. They are settling just for survival.
  5. Settling next to her under the sheets.
  6. It was settling down to a normal life.
  7. Sighing when settling down, even the.
  8. The man turned, settling down at his desk.
  9. Settling back in her seat, she pulled the.
  10. The deep cold of winter was now settling.
  11. He counts out the rings, settling on five.
  12. That will be the best way of settling them.
  13. Matthew was settling into school quite well.
  14. A bee settling on a flower has stung a child.
  15. Ranger Oakmoss was settling in for the night.
  16. His unease settling José returned the smile.
  17. As we were settling into our room later that.
  18. They were my allies in settling the rebellion.
  19. The benefit of settling a claim with the ad-.
  20. It gave the appearance of a thin fog settling.
  21. Liam paused for a moment in his settling in to.
  22. His mind took a couple of jumps before settling.
  23. Carrie could sense the dark clouds settling over.
  24. After settling himself in the elegant hotel that.
  25. Settling into their ride, but it did not last long.
  26. Ten minutes later, they were settling on the planet.
  27. Settling back on the pillows she let her mind wander.
  28. Good conflict resolution is not only about settling.
  29. Evening was now settling quickly, and the fires of a.
  30. The shadows were deepening, darkness was settling in.
  31. Mmmm … says Loki settling back into his seat.
  32. It had been a brief fall and winter was settling in.
  33. As they approached, Captain Munoz was settling back.
  34. He asked Joe and all of them how they were settling in.
  35. We had a representative form for settling disagreements.
  36. This method of settling differences has become obsolete.
  37. Flies were hovering and settling on his wounds hungrily.
  38. Is this what you really want- or are you settling for.
  39. Agnes stopped all noise, settling beneath Gordon unmoving.
  40. After boarding the boat and settling into their cabin, a.
  41. Settling down in the bushes we commenced to wait quietly.
  42. They moved on, settling into the rhythm of the land again.
  43. The helicopter was settling down to land outside Princeton.
  44. He gazed around the room before settling his eyes on Knox.
  45. No, it is for the first expenses of your settling in Paris.
  46. The cheers of the crowd were barely settling down when the.
  47. Once she spotted Henry over by the stairs settling up with.
  48. Acron rested his wings by settling on the edge of the stump.
  49. I could hear him settling in his seat and flipping papers.
  50. Marfa Petrovna had not the slightest intention of settling.
  51. I've only been here three months, still kind of settling in.
  52. After settling in, Joseph walked to the bar where his cousin.
  53. Finally, after settling the crowd back down, he started again.
  54. That seems to be the basin where the Yingolians are settling.
  55. A pause then, a settling, a moment of quiet, babbling birdsong.
  56. I was settling down when Raag, Mandy and he entered the class.
  57. His eyes wandered around the office before settling on Edward.
  58. The cloud blew through his fingers before settling in his lap.
  59. Harold and his mom came in the kitchen door as I was settling.
  60. Grimes arrived in Vegas and had spent a few months settling in.
  61. His hands were raised and he seemed to be settling his necktie.
  62. That new food, as tasty as it had been, wasn’t settling well.
  63. It wasn’t long after settling into one of the semi-permanent.
  64. His hands were raised, and he seemed to be settling his necktie.
  65. Settling into the dry warmth of his pigeon coop, the mute began.
  66. In a nutshell, the idea was that just as Tom was settling down.
  67. This led them to ultimately settling down around these wetlands.
  68. Miss Bunker was settling nicely into the village's social fabric.
  69. The realization that was settling on all the boys settled on Joe.
  70. As he walked, O’Neil could smell fresh peat settling in the air.
  71. A mist is settling over the gardens outside the palace in Asgard.
  72. Settling in Texas got me closer to my parents on a permanent basis.
  73. People interrupted their settling in process to attend the meeting.
  74. Just then, in the last light of a moon settling on the horizon, I.
  75. Matthew and Sarah’s cousins asked them how they were settling in.
  76. After the settling down of the dot-com bubble, sanity checks have.
  77. He then lived in India for a year before finally settling in the U.
  78. Who ran away as I came out? she asked, settling in her saddle.
  79. He closes his eyes to absorb this soothing song settling his heart.
  80. The individual who is merely settling for a comfort zone will have.
  81. You‘re settling for things as they are at that very moment in life.
  82. Unquestionably, bright and pristine, clean energy was settling here.
  83. I do believe he was much too generous in settling on the number four.
  84. The pilots were settling in and beginning their pre-flight checklist.
  85. Shoulder Thomas fidgeted at the outskirts, eventually settling into.
  86. It burns down to his stomach, settling there like a lump of hot coal.
  87. Our society frowns upon settling differences by reasoning things out.
  88. Settling into a booth in the hotel's cafeteria, Teri eyed up the menu.
  89. When Rostov approached her she was standing settling up for the game.
  90. She still felt like he was settling when he could have someone better.
  91. When Rostóv approached her she was standing settling up for the game.
  92. Why would the Ice Queen feel comfortable settling in the heart of the.
  93. In the chaos of settling down my eyes scanned the male huddle for Adi.
  94. Laino's men helped the rest of the army with settling in the tent camp.
  95. Ethan put down his knapsack and welcomed the shade, settling on a crate.
  96. His dark hair sparkled, the raindrops settling like jewels on his head.
  97. The conversation flagged, and the soldiers began settling down to sleep.
  98. On a bitterly cold night, with a thick fog settling, the Middlesex Regt.
  99. The boy seemed to come out of his shock, his gaze settling on Conal’s.
  100. The Queen had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small.
  1. He settled down a bit.
  2. We settled, for a few.
  3. His gaze settled on a.
  4. They settled in, and Mr.
  5. And it must be settled.
  6. So we settled in Tokmok.
  7. I settled on wearing it.
  8. He settled in his chair.
  9. He settled down to wait.
  10. He was now settled in a.
  11. And so they were settled.
  12. We settled into a routine.
  13. Of course that settled it.
  14. He settled himself to wait.
  15. She has settled upon her.
  16. Mum had settled down a bit.
  17. Some settled and some went.
  18. And this has thus settled.
  19. Just to say I was settled.
  20. It was settled last year.
  21. I have settled the matter.
  22. He had settled in well at.
  23. Her eyes settled on Hilsith.
  24. She settled back now saying.
  25. I feel at peace and settled.
  26. Tepid apathy settled over me.
  27. They have settled down and.
  28. So they settled for a canter.
  29. Morel settled down to nurse.
  30. As they settled into their.
  31. Carrie settled back with a.
  32. So this question is settled.
  33. That is when we settled in.
  34. Bruce settled well in Angola.
  35. Finally, she settled on one.
  36. He settled back in the chair.
  37. He had settled it all on Mrs.
  38. He settled down to the drive.
  39. We're settled in, most of us.
  40. He settled back in his chair.
  41. Then he settled down to wait.
  43. But the matter was not settled.
  44. Stephi nodded and settled back.
  45. An ache settled deep in my leg.
  46. She settled back on her heels.
  47. We settled on a meeting place.
  48. Midge settled in at the table.
  49. But let’s get settled first.
  50. Oh OK, then that is settled.
  51. Finally, I settled for this:.
  52. A calm settled over his heart.
  53. Canaan and settled there again.
  54. That settled the matter for me.
  55. I wish I had settled with Mrs.
  56. I hope it will all be settled.
  57. By rank as settled by the State.
  58. It is settled, reverend Mother.
  59. Groza and I settled in to wait.
  60. He had just settled down to a.
  61. We settled into a wooden bench.
  62. The screen blinked and settled.
  63. The case was settled, and part.
  64. The judge settled himself down.
  65. She settled against her pillows.
  66. It wasn’t settled on or made.
  67. A silence settled over the table.
  68. My eyes settled on Michael Curry.
  69. Finally, his gaze settled on me.
  70. The matter was settled in a trice.
  71. Even Ethereead has settled down.
  72. I settled into my new place and.
  73. We were finally a settled family.
  74. That will, of course, be settled.
  75. Only when the crowd had settled.
  76. Artemus stood as Fiona settled in.
  77. The stock price settled around $2.
  78. A moon moth settled on a lamppost.
  79. I had just settled Abbey into bed.
  80. The enormous vessel settled slowly.
  81. Yes; but nothing was settled then.
  82. When the dust settled, there was.
  83. We settled on a fare and paid him.
  84. As it is settled that we are to.
  85. The thin lips settled into a sneer.
  86. Not everything can be settled.
  87. The raven settled his wings again.
  88. We settled into our gazebo chairs.
  89. Tom settled for the comfort of a.
  90. I’m too old and settled for her.
  91. Her hand settled over top of mine.
  92. Three pairs of eyes settled on him.
  93. Then gloom settled heavily upon him.
  94. Louis settled into routine as well.
  95. Are we yet settled in the Supreme.
  96. They settled back into their chairs.
  97. I settled for something in between.
  98. It’s settled then, Nog said.
  99. He settled back in his chair again.
  100. Steve settled in, and ripped a beer.
  1. But it settles one thing.
  2. And the night as it settles.
  3. Okay, that settles it then.
  4. Her attention settles on Alan.
  5. He settles back down into his.
  6. That settles it, said Ariella.
  7. A blanket of calm settles over me.
  8. That settles that, Sam said.
  9. One word settles heaven and earth;.
  10. That settles over humankind a pall.
  11. The trin settles in, and by 10:40 a.
  12. Boney shrugged: Well, that settles it.
  13. Oh dear, well that settles it then.
  14. The body settles in the second place.
  15. The class settles in and quiets as Mr.
  16. An awkward silence settles on the table.
  17. Well that settles it smiled Micah.
  18. Well, that settles it, Sam replied.
  19. The cold seeps into his skin, settles in.
  20. When she settles a hand on my back, I jerk.
  21. John settles in as Dave gets things underway.
  22. Ok then, said Indio, that settles it.
  23. We’ll take turns until the dust settles.
  24. My head feels clearer, my stomach settles down.
  25. She settles down at a desk and my phone rings.
  26. The compartment settles and the door swishes open.
  27. This maneuver instantly settles Becky’s crying.
  28. A chill goes through her and settles in her spine.
  29. Then that settles the matter, the judge said.
  30. I guess that settles it, she thinks to herself.
  31. That settles it: I'll HAVE to go back to the palace.
  32. It leaves his hand and settles in a pan on the stove.
  33. That settles it you must go love and see the lads.
  34. But ‘Total Rest’ occurs when the mind settles down.
  35. Concern settles into Alan’s face, making him look older.
  36. I’m not claiming that this completely settles the issue.
  37. It billows over the bed, then gently settles on top of me.
  38. Once she’s firmly seated, she settles her own breathing.
  39. Cass settles his legs on top the stack of cargo below deck.
  40. And Al’lah is Omniscient of that which settles in chests.
  41. Or instead of courting a gorgeous girl, one settles to be.
  42. Having dismissed her, he settles in front of the television.
  43. Oh no? Maybe we should wait until all of this settles down.
  44. I load the car; Sam settles in her place on the passenger seat.
  45. He then settles into the driver’s seat and starts the engine.
  46. When life settles into the more mundane, the setting is often.
  47. Unable to find where he keeps the glasses, she settles for a rag.
  48. It settles the issue and destroys uncertainty that leads to chaos.
  49. When the dust settles and the true-bloods realise just how alone.
  50. Something cold and round settles against her temple and she stills.
  51. That settles it! and she resolutely shook out her hair again.
  52. The spirit is the feeling identity of man which settles in the chest.
  53. The moment she steps under the wide roof, cold settles in around her.
  54. As the dust settles and the air clears, we see bits and pieces of the.
  55. It settles nothing! she was pointing her rolling pin at Micah now.
  56. Well, that settles it: if you have only to do with the present, marry Mr.
  57. It is despite their faith that Jesus calms the storms and settles the sea.
  58. The actual liquidation of a business settles this debate once and for all.
  59. He harrumphs, but settles down again, without ever having stood completely.
  60. If exercise of an option settles into cash, no underlying position results.
  61. Taking a sip of coffee she sighs contentedly and settles back in the chair.
  62. But finally the theory settles down and a consensus emerges: a leader is born.
  63. The cogent argument of Dobney settles that feature of the controversy forever.
  64. Berndt settles Adamant into the stall beside her and begins unloading our bags.
  65. Her stomach convulses, seems to flip, then settles back into place with a growl.
  66. A nice lady in a white suit comes forward and settles down at the end of her bed.
  67. And when the joy settles down there is just peace and a knowing that all is fine.
  68. Um – it was – you were…yes, I had a good time, is what he settles for.
  69. Everyone stares stunned while the Professor settles his chair and seats back in it.
  70. Gaining confidence he drags on the cigarette again and settles back onto the bench.
  71. The farmer who settles upon them, by raising cattle, becomes rich with little labour.
  72. FILTERING: Allow water to stand in its container so that sediment settles at the bottom.
  73. He settles on a pair of dirt brown corduroys, and a blue and green plaid flannel shirt.
  74. As he struggled to get his hoof back in the fake foot, I thought, Well, that settles it.
  75. He settles for a full tactical withdrawal and goes back to thoughts of Maggie and Jock.
  76. He looks chirpy enough when he comes back into the room and settles into his chair again.
  77. John puts a bag in the overhead, settles into a window seat, puts his laptop on his knees.
  78. Observe your breath at this stage and the mind settles down and everything becomes clear.
  79. Little Killer squirms around a bit and she settles him down and tucks him under her shawl.
  80. When the heat settles down to normal, the laying of eggs will continue at its normal pace.
  81. A servant sets a chair down behind him, and he settles into it; a carrion-bird on its perch.
  82. I know I ought to quit, and I’ve tried, but it’s the only thing that settles my nerves.
  83. As she tries to claw her way forward, weight settles on her back and pins her to the ground.
  84. The wolf settles down, lies on the stone floor with its great head resting on its front paws.
  85. He settles into a crouch, ready to go, but I'm frozen, standing tall in my corner of the mat.
  86. It’s an older model, worn with use, and Ciere settles into the passenger seat with a groan.
  87. Old men on settles before inns under spreading oak branches called greetings to the wayfarer.
  88. He settles down his goffered ruffs and moistens his lips with a passage of his amorous tongue.
  89. Age settles like a soft snow, cold and lifeless, though calming, peaceful… and fun to play in.
  90. Tank Region : Once this annularis angelfish settles in they should be on the move all over the.
  91. Alex sits on the bed, but before he settles he takes out the hand gun and puts it on the duvet.
  92. His pale fingers deftly pull it open and he settles a stack of papers between their cereal bowls.
  93. He easily hoists her up onto Max's back, where she settles herself while he climbs up behind her.
  94. The background music settles as everyone focuses their attention towards the front, toward Eugene.
  95. Ryodan shoots Fade a look he rebounds with a snarl, but he settles into moving like the rest of us.
  96. I want to see where the action settles or closes, because that is where the rubber meets the road.
  97. D’ven smiles at the tea sitting on the table waiting for him, and settles into a chair opposite me.
  98. A couple small nudges of turbulence are the sky’s greeting as Estrella settles into cruising altitude.
  99. The fruit is edible raw and settles an upset-stomach; young leaves, flowers and stems are edible boiled.
  100. He comes closer, puts the cooler bag by the side table and settles down beside me, his eyes on my laptop.

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