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    1. Remember we on earth holds the earth at the centre and therefore the inner planets assort to our position

    2. more likely than ever to alienate Joe from me if he believed it, I had a further restraining dread that he would not believe it, but would assort it with the fabulous dogs and veal-cutlets as a monstrous invention

    1. containing a bowl of assorted nuts and crackers

    2. breakfast of assorted fruits

    3. in high June and we, the assorted,

    4. to members so they can connect with assorted potential dating partners from every corner of the

    5. rations, a small but effective arsenal and assorted medical

    6. glimpsed some of the pages, which seemed to contain assorted notes,

    7. Belle had spent the morning assembling trays of assorted flowers from beside the meandering overflow that emptied the pond when heavy rains filled it past its rim

    8. Beauty stopped and held out her hand, seven ducits, string, carrot, two clean and freshly pressed handkerchiefs and assorted pinky dust particles followed Nimblefax out into the hallway

    9. Tanem’s Orphanage in Heathcote, twelve buttons, some assorted sweets and fifty seven ducits were collected, and all trooped out into the night air tired but elated

    10. A delicate and delicious meal of assorted mini morsels in crisp pastry and sweet nutbreads of various kinds was brought in, with a large pitcher of a sparkling yellow to wash it down with

    11. Where’s your car?” I stopped at the edge of the woods and looked over the assorted cars in front of me

    12. Using differential calculus, a slide-rule and a box of one hundred assorted elastic bands, he set about calculating the Pong Ratio of seven known elemental odours

    13. Hanging naked limbs of oaks, pines and assorted vegetation, all blended into a protective cocoon that curled around the layered structure

    14. leftover vegetables, along with assorted beverages was the fare for the evening

    15. Evil has its own inestimable manner of penetrating the hearts and minds of individuals who, although not evil themselves, unwittingly serve as conduits for a variety of sordid practices and assorted mischief

    16. As Frank lent over the counter, the receptionist looked up with a weary glance, her desk was heaped high with folders and assorted papers, and Frank wondered for a moment how far down the pile his notes were

    17. The cans went among the assorted essentials in her toiletries bag and weren’t thought of again until evening, finally at home on the deck at La Hacienda, relaxing and Sal telephoned

    18. Ashore, was another structure housing ice machines, assorted machinery, and a room called the refrigerated rack room

    19. Other phone calls went out to offices of a judge, police officials, politicians and assorted businessmen to arrange the hand delivery of envelopes

    20. Instead of bidding his time, he just literally sprouted wings, grew horns and a set of sharp fangs, a barbed tail, as well as an array of the assorted nasty features usually associated with demons, beelzebubs, balrogs and the armies of hell as portrayed in popular religious fiction

    21. Colling asked Zinsmann where one might obtain black market sausage, and the next day, he informed Colling that lunch would be prepared by some women he knew, and would consist of Weissewurst, dumplings and sauerkraut, accompanied by beer and white wine, topped off with assorted Viennese pastries, if Sergeant Cooley could provide a kilo of sugar – all for only thirty cartons of cigarettes

    22. Ludwig sloppily made his way out of the doors in the back of the Rover over the assorted bags and crates, while Ethan opened the window behind him and drew himself out in a fluid motion

    23. You have been given a ring of 40 assorted keys and told one will work

    24. I left Connor’s whimpering body in the sand, assorted with the broken glass, dead insects and other creepy crawlies and stood over him, looking down as I figured out my next move

    25. "The SS and other assorted human garbage

    26. Furthermore, the state trooper took an obviously staged photo of Mike’s sneaker and assorted rusted beer cans which had been along the road for years in front of a post

    27. "Got a few things for you guys," he said as he rolled open a greasy khaki blanket spilling assorted SKS rifles and AK-47 assault rifles on the floor

    28. life sized Nepbal s, programmes, shirts and other assorted

    29. There, among the professional Ladies of the Night and the amorous dilettantes, right in front of the sixteen-member jazz band, behind the overpriced drinks, pumped up with the wonderful, strange noises of what later turned out to have been Glen Miller tunes, rub shoulders with the soldiers and sailors, the flyboys and submariners among the assorted flotsam and jetsam of the war machinery we celebrated our survival - as, I believe, did everybody else

    30. Everybody else in my family had done this, so what was odd about it? Tramp steamers carried assorted cargo and often had a couple of cabins for the world-weary traveller who knew better than to crowd into a passenger liner

    31. There were dishes to wash and stack, provisions to fetch, red wine to water down, cheese to grate and a hundred assorted menial tasks to do

    32. There was just room for them all and the odour of assorted perfumes and excitement was overpowering

    33. The warriors strode beyond the marketplace and assorted homes, built on stilts above the soggy earth

    34. The swim was refreshing and by the time they’d jogged back, made themselves breakfast from assorted fruit, cereal, bread, eggs and tea, they were dry

    35. The large, dim space contained glittering reflections of four mirror-balls, a small dance floor, Hard Rock music blasting from a dozen speakers, assorted tables and chairs, and a bar

    36. Over time, with the assorted pursuits of the Prabhu clan, as they came to be known in time, Misty Nest became a beehive of activity

    37. Pockets everywhere, which the pair liked because it made it handy to carry knives, flints and the other assorted paraphernalia that got lost in saddlebags or bedrolls

    38. It looked like she would be be celebrating here, with the crayfish and frogs and other assorted victimized beasts

    39. One side had a varied selection of barbells and benches, various loose weights and assorted strength devices

    40. remaining scullery maids stirred assorted pots without remarking

    41. supposed sexual appetites of assorted Burton Beauties

    42. The shore, about 50 yards from the shack‘s front door, was littered with fish heads, glistening globs of fish scales, turtle shells, various and sundry alligator parts haphazardly distributed around assorted pole racks and crude tables sheltering a variety of ice chests of unknown parentage

    43. faiths and assorted geographical locations

    44. scullery maids stirred assorted pots without remarking His Royal Highness’s

    45. As the departmental representative on the education committee I met with a group of university profs and assorted intellectuals and asked them to stop turning out children with liberal arts degrees

    46. The people were of both sexes, assorted ages and of mixed race appearance

    47. Strewn among these ruins was what appeared at first sight to be random wreckage but, after further examination, Siri recognised the assorted shapes of abandoned sea-going craft of all sizes

    48. while they lead the teams of Marines and assorted personnel that procured what the ship needed

    49. It was a Chinese military transport plane which he shared with a company of Chinese troops, their assorted equipment and light vehicles

    50. clean boxes of assorted sizes, in good condition

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