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Assort in einem Satz (in englisch)

Remember we on earth holds the earth at the centre and therefore the inner planets assort to our position.

Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

The SS and other assorted human garbage.
Opt for assorted non-material reinforcers.
There was a tray with assorted condiments near by.
Assorted meats and sausage on a bed of sauerkraut.
Appears on: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970).
Nancy looked at the assorted gifts piled throughout the.
Guests were served their choice food and assorted drinks.
It is impossible that light from such an array of assorted.
Justine averted her eyes from quart jars of assorted eyeballs.
Even with the drone of traffic noise and assorted sirens and other.
House coffee, a box of assorted chocolates, and a couple of jars of.
You have been given a ring of 40 assorted keys and told one will work.
From the tents along the road came the assorted snores of the campers.
The harbour was alive with ferries and assorted other floating traffic.
The people were of both sexes, assorted ages and of mixed race appearance.
It’s true, Killian said, bringing in his own pile of assorted crockery.
They landed near a patch of assorted greenery, and surprisingly, a human being.
There were also other assorted useful items, including barrels for storing water.
The linearity of the assorted costs of capital in the Miller/Modigliani propositions.
With a stockpile of sugar, caffeine, and assorted junk food he began his journey at 8 a.
In addition to getting rich, this militant faction was stealthily stockpiling assorted.
I shared the huge cargo space with two brand new Humvees, assorted pallets, and, a few.
From another room I heard a burble of assorted laughter as some group convulsed in open.
Leon delved in his pockets and produced a handful of small shiny stones of assorted colours.
Samantha Hawes reappeared with a pot of coffee, deli sandwiches and assorted salads on a tray.
The dockyard staff were slightly dumbstruck by the incongruity of this small group of assorted.
On the walls around him were assorted weapons, but he tried not to be obvious in his inspection.
He paused in his story as servants returned with more tea and plates of cakes and assorted meats.
Well, cockroaches and assorted vermin, time to feel the boot heel! Flynn called out in glee.
Evan sat glumly on the couch, books and a lamp and assorted knickknacks on the cushion beside him.
There was just room for them all and the odour of assorted perfumes and excitement was overpowering.
The warriors strode beyond the marketplace and assorted homes, built on stilts above the soggy earth.
I climbed a mountainous range of assorted, useless and flimsy plastic things labelled 'made in china'.
This and this and this, said Mink, instructing the others with their assorted spoons and wrenches.
Satisfied that ‘six tons of assorted weapons’ had been duly collected – they would order the lids.
Where’s your car? I stopped at the edge of the woods and looked over the assorted cars in front of me.
Our hands darted in and out of the assorted nuts, dates, and fruits like kingfishers hovering above a stream.
One side had a varied selection of barbells and benches, various loose weights and assorted strength devices.

Wir haben leider kein Beispiel Sätze für dieses Wort.

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