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    1. I had the misfortune to work at a company that was not recognised as being “world class

    2. “… I’l have a book of first class stamps and a smile please

    3. You need not belong to any caste, class or region to be able to pray

    4. What good movies has he watched lately? What is his favorite class at school? Did his team win the game last weekend? What friends does he hang out with the most? Do not criticize his friends, habits, or favorites

    5. Rose, though… Rose is the idol of the class

    6. Over the last couple of years, one class of investors has been hit the hardest – the retired individual

    7. That was the main thought that kept racing through Johnny’s mind while he sat in class

    8. Where and how much should you invest in each asset class that is equity, debt, property and cash?

    9. He brought his attention back to the class

    10. Sniders and the entire class were looking at him

    11. Remember to emote properly and send the right message to your class, whether it’s that they are doing a good job or that they need to shape up immediately

    12. There is really no proper way of teaching and how you LEER at your students is up to you, but I guarantee that opening up communications with students will make your class a better place, free of profanity and with everyone wearing their trousers on their bottoms

    13. It is particularly so for the lower middle class and poor people

    14. It is a common practice in the well to do business class to have all the children and their families living together at least until the parents are alive

    15. Mary is the most beautiful girl in the class

    16. An electric bell rings signaling the beginning of class

    17. The class falls silent, waiting

    18. Plunk: He lands on the ground two stories below as John and all the class rush to the window to see what has happened

    19. MacKenzie was a lawyer, a friend of the Barcs, and he defended them, fighting class

    20. Molly didn’t seem to think that he was desperate for kids … that’s it, isn’t it? You feel you are some sort of second class woman because you can’t give the man a child

    21. “I wouldn't rule out that possibility,” agreed Peter -one of the few in our class the guru thinks high of

    22. Later, at Janus, we all had a pleasant surprise: Alexander finally agreed to our attempting a technique for astral projection in class, which consists of the following steps:

    23. Mary happens to be the most obedient of Alexander's stooges but, paradoxically, she is still in our “low” class

    24. In addition, he allows nobody to say anything in class any more, as he doesn't tolerate even the slightest indication of a personal opinion

    25. This evening we had a celebration in class

    26. During the first month, there was a crowd on the dance floor: about 45 persons had initially joined the class of beginners

    27. Indeed, no one dared second my sister and there was a lot of hubbub in the class, until Alice left the circle and walked away in indignation

    28. In general, they were satisfied with us, but they made some remarks regarding the atmosphere of frivolity in the class and the teacher was obliged to reprimand certain persons

    29. I often prefer to disappear from class during the ten-minute break

    30. I flirt him openly during the aerobics session, just like all women in class do; especially the married ones surround him ostentatiously during the lesson, preventing any single woman from approach him! Themis smiles and dallies with all women, giving them hope for something more

    31. Needless to say, his class is always filled to capacity

    32. New hopes: Themis, the aerobics instructor, has invited the whole class to a restaurant tomorrow night! Needless to say, I will join the party and I already wonder what I could do to catch his attention

    33. Conclusion: From now on Themis is not only uninterested in me but he also ignores me completely! A week later I will repeat the magic ritual -in vain; I could as well say the situation is getting worse and worse: Now Themis is courting all women in our class except me, especially when I am present! He is flirting everyone but me! He even arranges outings or day trips with them in such an ostentatious manner that I -as well as the whole gym- can hear everything; needless to say, I am never given the chance to be a member of that enviable party

    34. Pretty soon all the married women in our aerobics class will be his regular clients and one of them -a swarthy forty-year-old widow with two children will go steady with him

    35. At first Alexander looked surprised to see me in his class after three years of absence -as if he hadn't known I would come tonight

    36. Naturally, I refused to explain in class what and how

    37. “I only hope I am not the one who caused this,” he said, and then he tried to make me feel better by revealing to the class that “Yvonne is an unselfish person indeed: she was willing to translate ''Self-knowledge and Metaphysics'' from Greek into English free of charge, she did her best and finished it within a month!”

    38. The C star was a class of object called a brown dwarf, still not well understood in spite of the observatory at Proxima since 2138

    39. The new class of students are seated directly in front of us, divided into the two main areas of study, agriculture and engineering

    40. It is supposed to be a second class hotel -we paid that much too- but it is hardly fifth class

    41. The plants had leaves like North American pond lillies with a ruffle of lavender flowers along the edge, but they were a species of lon, a class of plants that is a local staple crop

    42. "So society wouldn't collapse in a class war between the haves and the have-nots

    43. MacKenzie was a lawyer, a friend of the Barcs, and he defended them, fighting class actions and helping them to formulate their ideas

    44. rang for resuming the last class of the day

    45. day before you announced that your class

    46. Talrins and Nyobbas are in the same class

    47. " But you've neither had him in a class nor do you know his GPA

    48. She sat below a window at a weather-beaten table with her head slumped onto her folded arms like a schoolgirl made to stay in class when all her friends had gone

    49. By arranging the suits, shirts, blouses and skirts by label, size and colour she managed to shift most of the better items to middle class bargain hunters and a good deal of the less fashionable items to the local student population

    50. It seems Pantelis fancied her like mad and would flirt with her quite openly, and then someone in their class said she was lesbian and there was quite a bit of bullying until he stepped in and got everyone to calm down

    1. It is difficult to conceive that a capital should be employed in any way which may not be classed under some one or other of those four

    2. It is, upon this account, frequently uncertain under what article a particular sort of goods ought to be classed, and, consequently what duty they ought to pay

    3. The stage act that everyone paid money to see was banned in Queensland, being classed as lurid

    4. 6:2–6, where it denoted certain heavenly creatures of human form but having each six wings…Their station was above the throne of the Most High…The Seraphim are in the later Jewish theology and in Christian Angeology classed as the highest of the orders of angels” (Amer

    5. In this assembly, citizens were classed on the basis of their ability to arm themselves for war, and a citizen who could afford full body armor received more representation than one who could be only a lightly armed soldier

    6. “DON'T give me it's not you it's me CRAP! We're perfect together, we're both rich, high classed, gorgeous, our families love each other

    7. “Stop with the lies Jess! I know you know that, that's not true! It was your little game with Alex and I promise if you ever try and hurt her again, I'll be the one to ruin you and don't think for one minute that's I'm bluffing or underestimate the power I have over the so called higher classed people

    8. Stephen looked as if she didn't want to be put with Mary, and classed as a girl

    9. him, but then he was back to being classed as a monster

    10. which could be classed as ‘Heroin chic’

    11. and two pubs; if it had three pubs it was classed as a small town

    12. more than five pounds short of being classed as obese

    13. ‘So what’s so special about Tennant that he’s classed as a missing person just over forty eight hours after his wife last sees him?’ asked John Strait

    14. Although the news was the best news that could be told at this time, Annie was in a somewhat quiet mood as she had been told that William was now being classed as missing in action and that they were to fear the worst

    15. My hopes and dreams of spending the rest of my life with the man the I love, was now to be classed as over, when really their lives had only just begun

    16. information about these ‘Lay-lines’ be classed as non-

    17. If this scenario only happens once a year then it can’t really be classed as a drawback,

    18. And so an historical precedent had occurred, a person could from now onwards be classed as a Tolteca if it was deemed they had a service to perform in the Toltec cause

    19. It wasn’t classed as a full international by Wales,’ Watkin recounts on his subsequent return to the club, ‘who fielded a Wales XV, not the 1st XV,’ he continues

    20. The cruiser was not classed as sea going, just inshore waters, but the weather forecast was fine, with good visibility and no cloud

    21. essential dysfunction should be classed as mere hypocrisy instead

    22. dinosaurs, we’re a bit out classed and out numbered

    23. John Bunyan was a bad man who could be classed as a morally evil

    24. rollups and consolidations which would be classed more as a PE deal than a VC

    25. classed as paralysed, which explains his slowness

    26. women or children were all classed as a kil

    27. The promised crepe paper streamers and construction paper hearts dripped from the ceiling, but the dance committee had classed the place up a bit this year with the addition of little tea light candles and mason jars of flowers on each of the covered tables

    28. ” And it suddenly went quiet and the W4 went blank and Yme was being asked, quite intolerantly, by the wizard in the machine to leave its temple so another might have the chance to purchase the personally classed indexed algorithm wisdom necessary to acquire their just reward – their personal dream

    29. But then, I also have thoughts that can be classed

    30. If there was, the hotels would be classed as brothels and the licensing fees would be far higher

    31. Then he spent time going through the Standard and over the summary of the news in the thirteen Chinese newspapers he classed as real newspapers

    32. Me, ‘And He was classed among criminals; for that

    33. No inclusions, the stone is classed as ‘flawless’

    34. characters of her rank,the play might well be classed as a

    35. in connection with their work is this: "Should music be classed

    36. classed as part of this universe

    37. 2:8 may be classed, hardly a doubt, as of Aryan rather then of Semitic origin

    38. while he classed himself as being of the old school…those who operated through the

    39. possessed of that energy of character which gives dignity to any station; and with that clear, firm spirit that will enable you to choose a situation for yourself, or submit to be classed in the lowest, if it be the only one in which you can be the mistress of your own actions

    40. Some had perished in what had been classed as ‘Operation Accidents’, but what deeply worried him was that a large number had been assassinated

    41. - might be classed as criminal lunatics who injured others as well as themselves

    42. d'Armilly; she had frequently observed the contemptuous expression with which her daughter Now, Madame Danglars feared Eugenie's sagacity and the influence of Mademoiselle looked upon Debray,—an expression which seemed to imply that she understood all her mother's amorous and pecuniary relationships with the intimate secretary; moreover, she saw that Eugenie detested Debray,—not only because he was a source of dissension and scandal under the paternal roof, but because she had at once classed him in that catalogue of bipeds whom Plato endeavors to withdraw from the appellation of men, and whom Diogenes designated as animals upon two legs without feathers

    43. Such scenes had once appeared not otherwise than happy, but now, as viewed through the dismal medium of her subsequent life, they classed themselves among her ugliest remembrances

    44. But this event, creditable to Nostromo, was to lead immediately to another, which could not be classed either as "history" or as "a mistake" in Captain Mitchell's phraseology

    45. Lydgate felt sure that if ever he married, his wife would have that feminine radiance, that distinctive womanhood which must be classed with flowers and music, that sort of beauty which by its very nature was virtuous, being moulded only for pure and delicate joys

    46. Archers in this Paralympic event are classed as standing (ST), as opposed to the W1 and W2 classes who compete in a seated position

    47. My original trade could not be classed as a total failure because the stop loss order did its job of protecting me from a potential loss

    48. When he sat with his elbows on the dusty writing table in the deathlike stillness of the study, calm and significant memories of the last few days rose one after another in his imagination, particularly of the battle of Borodino and of that vague sense of his own insignificance and insincerity compared with the truth, simplicity, and strength of the class of men he mentally classed as they

    49. Too many eggs seemed to be going into one basket, and her investments, laudable though they might be, could hardly be classed as trustee stocks

    50. Javert had demanded assistance at the Prefecture, but he had not mentioned the name of the individual whom he hoped to seize; that was his secret, and he had kept it for three reasons: in the first place, because the slightest indiscretion might put Jean Valjean on the alert; next, because, to lay hands on an ex-convict who had made his escape and was reputed dead, on a criminal whom justice had formerly classed forever as among malefactors of the most dangerous sort, was a magnificent success which the old members of the Parisian police would assuredly not leave to a new-comer like Javert, and he was afraid of being deprived of his convict; and lastly, because

    1. ‘She knew nothing about these classes of yours … what do you say to that?’

    2. She doesn’t go to classes as much as she used to

    3. Classes will usually have their good points as well as their bad

    4. Yoga relevant to elders and meditation classes

    5. Verify the credentials of the teacher before signing up for classes

    6. He took some pictures with his camera phone, then crossed the road and entered the narrow little premises that was the bane of Darklow's new debtor classes

    7. It's written for cherons, I built a whole hierarchy from the base up, I didn't use any of the standard derived classes of cherubs, not even pets

    8. You have to listen to classes with your ears, read textbooks with your eyes

    9. “After all,” she said to herself as she unpacked the boxes and made neat piles of the cards and the packets of paper leaves, “I always enjoyed art classes at school and it can’t be that hard to make a few hundred of them”

    10. It occurred to her there and then that if they couldn’t get to the crawling thing behind her, they would probably take just as much delight in wreaking havoc upon the body of one of the genteel classes

    11. Every journalist and commentator in the world of newspapers, television and radio, together with every member of the chattering classes and everyone who was anyone in the established elite, were all talking about the soon to be published paper

    12. before any other classes in the project

    13. Classes like IHttpModule,

    14. new operation without changing the classes of the elements on which it operates

    15. emphasis on studies was low with more teachers bunking classes than students

    16. 'Ok, I'll move some classes

    17. to keep them locked in classes all day

    18. algebra, trigonometry and calculus - the passion held back in all those classes

    19. always enjoyed art classes at school and it can’t be that hard to

    20. wreaking havoc upon the body of one of the genteel classes

    21. Then there was a period of some years when I was into evening classes which took up most of my spare time

    22. He also mentioned his surprise at learning there were two classes of women on the planet

    23. classes and everyone who was anyone in the established elite, were

    24. classes waited for the snows to fall and cover their heads

    25. ‘Bunty twisted the arms of the local health services to provide ante-natal classes on site

    26. One of the evening classes I did all those years ago, was on cooking and covered all sorts of things from the very basic to the more ambitious

    27. The classes and other instructional sessions were undoubtedly

    28. Another series of classes with a regular place in the timetable

    29. Another new acquaintance in the classes was a petite and bubbly

    30. had been told in classes that the ticking was caused by the portal

    31. “You could take a few classes in it, but from what I know, pretty firm

    32. Buttworst’s classes and he

    33. This went on in all of his classes, even the higher calculus class that Roman

    34. introduce into the curriculum at the Grange was classes on dragons

    35. It takes nearly three quarters of an hour to finish the job what with phone calls and messages that have to be delivered to teachers, but, in the end, there’s a nice heap of neatly labelled newsletters ready to go out to the classes tomorrow

    36. Almost all the governors have turned up and are sitting with ‘their’ classes – looks like all the nagging by the head has have paid off

    37. The children have been learning some special songs with an Easter theme and the Yr 4 and Yr 5 classes have put together a dramatic presentation of the Easter story from the point of view of a child in Jerusalem at the time

    38. all the finesse of a rich kid who’d just graduated from etiquette classes

    39. By the break between terms just before Thanksgiving, homes all through the village sported construction paper pilgrims and turkeys, red and green paper chains and all the other crafts projects which spring from the elementary classes of schools everywhere, like apples on apple trees

    40. Heather’s classes, then all the athletic teams

    41. Miss Bunker had a plaque made for the rear wall of the schoolhouse which read in relief letters across the top: Graduating Classes of Tahoe City School

    42. Brass plates inscribed with the names of each year's classes were to be mounted, in succession, after commencement exercises were completed

    43. The new Headmaster made good his open-door offer to Harry, and prior to the first day of classes they sat and outlined a course of studies which would yield the results from his academic career that would set him well prepared for his future path

    44. Kit traveled back with her, he’d finished classes nearly a month early, and since there wasn't anything holding him in Salt Lake, he chose to assist her there

    45. It's not really a school, the teacher gives classes in her house

    46. Crystal contacted the satellite company and signed the place up for internet and classes taught via the internet, everything from electronics to cooking classes

    47. I am taking two classes – the history of the State of Nevada (it's a required course but very interesting and enjoyable) and algebra (I find it hard, but it's a required course and the teacher is very good so I'll struggle through it, the best I can

    48. I spent a couple of hours registering for classes this summer and fall

    49. I remembered about your invitation sometimes, but I don't think you would like the idea because you still have classes at the time and maybe you're busy

    50. "They are all taking classes via satellite, with a computer hook up

    1. She had been quite overlooked by her cousins; and as her own opinion of her claims on Sir Thomas’s affection was much too humble to give her any idea of classing herself with his children, she was glad to remain behind and gain a little breathing-time

    2. Sir Thomas, indeed, was, by this time, not very far from classing Mrs

    3. She had been quite overlooked by her cousins; and as her own opinion of her claims on Sir Thomas's affection was much too humble to give her any idea of classing herself with his children, she was glad to remain behind and gain a little breathing-time

    4. I have chosen this example because the explanation which most naturalists would advance is not here applicable, namely, that specific characters are more variable than generic, because they are taken from parts of less physiological importance than those commonly used for classing genera

    5. Whatever part is found to be most constant, is used in classing varieties: thus the great agriculturist Marshall says the horns are very useful for this purpose with cattle, because they are less variable than the shape or colour of the body, etc

    6. In classing varieties, I apprehend that if we had a real pedigree, a genealogical classification would be universally preferred; and it has been attempted in some cases

    7. As descent has universally been used in classing together the individuals of the same species, though the males and females and larvae are sometimes extremely different; and as it has been used in classing varieties which have undergone a certain, and sometimes a considerable amount of modification, may not this same element of descent have been unconsciously used in grouping species under genera, and genera under higher groups, all under the so-called natural system? I believe it has been unconsciously used; and thus only can I understand the several rules and guides which have been followed by our best systematists

    8. Geographical distribution may sometimes be brought usefully into play in classing large genera, because all the species of the same genus, inhabiting any distinct and isolated region, are in all probability descended from the same parents

    9. We use the element of descent in classing the individuals of both sexes and of all ages under one species, although they may have but few characters in common; we use descent in classing acknowledged varieties, however different they may be from their parents; and I believe that this element of descent is the hidden bond of connexion which naturalists have sought under the term of the Natural System

    10. Arming and Classing the Militia

    11. The House resumed the consideration of the bill supplementary to the act for arming the militia, and for classing the same

    12. Fitch moved to strike out all that part of the bill which provides for the classing the militia of the United States

    13. He said he was disposed to have the militia in the South improved, but he prayed gentlemen not to adopt a measure calculated to injure one part of the militia, more than it would benefit the other; he hoped the provisions for classing the militia would be stricken out of the bill

    14. on arming and classing of the militia, 708

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