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    1. Moreover, until recently, feelings of sexuality and sexual need among those over 60 years of age might be cause for guilt feelings, based on the culturally constructed assumption that people were supposed to "mature out of" sexual interest and become sexual neuters as they entered into their so-called "golden years

    2. constructed of corrugated iron and plywood

    3. The temple is constructed of rough timber and lumber with no ornamentation, the sliding doors are made of rice paper

    4. I constructed a hypothetical link between dispossession and extreme motive

    5. To the east they have constructed a big tank, which receives water from the spring and serves mostly as a swimming pool

    6. constructed thoughts they have very little power

    7. even when we have constructed so much of our identity of

    8. “Independence commemorative monument, constructed in 1973 upon the spot where Uhuru (freedom/independence) from colonial rule was declared

    9. that we scratch into constructed stardust…

    10. True he would have to solve the problem of what to do while the mechanism was being constructed, but there is no need to solve that problem til he completed the design of the mechanism

    1. Knowing that I was sitting in a hole in the ground seemed to me to be an alien construct, something half remembered from another world, another time, another me

    2. construct realities based on what they are fed and what they

    3. remember, the Heart-Wall is an imaginary construct

    4. What will you construct upon it? As

    5. construct, Tom was forced to the conclusion that the dragon hunters

    6. It is a mathematical construct which can be verified with simple skills and it is ancient beyond fathoming

    7. blocks were of a different material to that used to construct the arch

    8. Like language, it is metaphorical, but unlike language it is a mathematical construct

    9. “What you see before you, if you pretend the numbers we used to construct it aren't there, is the one fragment left to us, which was in the depths of time, condensed into the symbol of all things existing

    10. Inspired, Harry began sketches of the more remarkable foundations and buildings, trying for himself to devise the methods he might employ if he were to construct the imposing structures

    1. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house

    2. Every time it came round to my turn to shake and roll, with every attempt that I made to scale the ladders of hope by constructing impossible plans for my salvation, with every throw of the dice, I just slipped down another snake

    3. He was capable of constructing it, but passing the suffering on to Jaseem was all out of proportion to the casual callousness that Jaseem had committed

    4. “Those in authority set about constructing barriers between the

    5. By a more extensive navigation, the Chinese would naturally learn the art of using and constructing, themselves, all the different machines made use of in other countries, as well as the other improvements of art and industry which are practised in all the different parts of the world

    6. For this phenomenon to have been included in the text by accident, we would have to multiply our already impossible odds of constructing the numerical structure of the text by another 3,000,000 to obtain the odds of this being a result of chance

    7. Considering all these facts, it is mind boggling to even try and fathom how one would go about constructing an object such as this, containing the qualities that have been mentioned, from a human point of view

    8. We already know that the same person, who was responsible for constructing the Old Testament, also constructed the New Testament

    9. Suggestions were to be mooted of constructing Mars-like biospheres to create a natural but completely isolated arcology

    10. constructing the self-refuting sentence: Foucault; Derrida; Dmann; Rorty; and, giving credit where credit is currently due, Stanley Fish

    1. This evidence of death, of random nature in the raw, undermined these brittle constructs of hope

    2. It could be Alan was just getting a little more sophisticated in his constructs, she still couldn’t be sure this wasn’t his doing and had to be observant of things like that

    3. 80 000 constructs, 800 000 battle Orcs, 10 000 trolls and 400 000 goblins

    4. The magikal-biological constructs that the Fair Folk bred would also be seen as their true selves; however, they were, on appearance, similar to human children

    5. But he was convinced that, due to the humans ease at being glamoured, they might find that there would be no need to create any new constructs

    6. The Orcs, trolls, goblins and constructs had been selectively bred for many, many generations so as to be refined into the perfect tools for their particular job

    7. Perhaps it had never existed at all, and in the constructs of this nightmare it had only been a symbol of hope

    8. In other words, from the raw material of sense impressions, your mind constructs your world

    9. If we now string the meaning of these words together, it constructs the following sentence:

    10. She wanted to know if Akstyr knew anything about soul constructs, such as how to kill them

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    fashion create forge model shape envision mould manufacture fabricate make erect weave rear devise

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    concept conception construct reconstruct retrace fabricate manufacture build make fashion create forge model shape envision mould erect weave rear devise