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    1. While I was here this world underwent a revolution in communication, and it seemed to make little difference, it was a fashion fad for a few years, decades I mean, and everything is the same

    2. They fell in behind a barge carrying hundreds of rolls of raw cloth bound on a day-long journey to the fashion shops of the south side

    3. It's just fashion

    4. notion of closing my eyes for an hour during the day still worked after a fashion, but it

    5. For a startling instant, I see again Jack trying to console me in much the same helpless fashion after Dorothy died … the memory stings viciously

    6. ‘Visiting family at the hospital?’ he asked in a friendly fashion

    7. fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of

    8. But in her usual fashion, she manages through it with poise and a warm smile, "Hey there Apollo, I'm glad you're here

    9. A congregation without elders today can follow the teachings of the inspired New Testament, preserved for all generations, and function in an expedient fashion

    10. "Treasured memories will be," Kulai said and extended his hand in the native fashion

    11. Smith was unable to fashion physical angels and demons as companions because Smith had never imagined imagination

    12. Reluctantly, Iain stowed his letter in his trouser pocket and, smiling in a friendly fashion, led the way to the car

    13. The courtroom was emptied in an orderly fashion

    14. of fashion and choice

    15. Maybe life does continue, though completely different and distinct, in a very similar fashion as to what we see now

    16. Dressing in the fashion of glittering magazines,

    17. Sit down on the floor, tailor fashion, with the heel of one foot touching the perineum and the heel of the other underneath the opposite ankle

    18. But I had better get down to some serious ablutions … as I survey my unshaven legs, I thank my stars that fashion here on Errd does not demand that women shave their legs and armpits

    19. No driving ambitions, no slave to whim or fashion, no war making, why he even grew his own clothes then just lay around grooming himself, living in the moment

    20. Grinning despite himself, he comes over and picks it out for me, then stands helplessly by while I, woman fashion, drape his wet clothes by the fire so that they will dry off

    21. It sounded to Terry as though he was counting in doggy fashion and had reached nine hundred and ninety-nine

    22. She had no problem in handling six children; in true dragon fashion, she palmed out the rearing of the children to her brothers and sisters

    23. I began to understand the customary village wisdom of living in a place by choice, in splendid naïveté, unconcerned with fad or fashion, and where schedules bear very little weight

    24. Depending on the state of their dress, their general fashion sense, their hairstyle and the amount of cleavage on show, Tom could calculate their “Naughty” ratio

    25. Rather than picking her petals off one by one in the time honoured fashion of lovers everywhere, Tom elected, being in a romantic mood and disinclined to do harm to such a simple little bloom, to kiss each petal in turn

    26. That his boy, his one link back to his beloved first wife, should treat him in such a cavalier fashion, whatever the promptings of teenage hormones, was too hard to bear

    27. ’ Stated Abi, in what can only be described as true Gemini fashion

    28. know like those protest t-shirts that were all the fashion twenty

    29. But return she did and woke him in a fashion that was extremely erotic

    30. sounded to Terry as though he was counting in doggy fashion and

    31. He had on a soft cable-knit pullover with a huge floppy collar, and snug silk slacks that were the height of fashion in the last news they were transmitted

    32. one by one in the time honoured fashion of lovers everywhere,

    33. He took to criticizing what she wore to class, which was relatively staid by local fashion, things suitable for a duty-hours meeting on Gordon’s Lamp

    34. should treat him in such a cavalier fashion, whatever the

    35. Discipline went out of fashion some time ago but nothing replaced it so we’ve got second or even third generations who have no concept of self-control

    36. Shaun is probably cool under pressure, Jock thinks, because he smokes weed like it is going out of fashion

    37. identified in a familiar fashion

    38. She was still doing a lot of fashion studies, using both her art forms to practice the other

    39. “These paintings were all she did here in Chardovia, while she was studying to be a gas technician so she could support herself at the study of art and fashion, her real goal

    40. Her experience was that of Tdeshi following her interest in fashion in Sinbara, though she did not mention Sinbara by name

    41. They stood outside in a fashion which suggested that the

    42. It’s not the fact that the place is full of kids and blue lights, fashion victims and binge-drinking that causes Alex to think this way

    43. The movie was a detective thriller where the intrepid and busty blond heroine tracks down the missing drawings for next year’s releases for a major fashion house

    44. Gehring whenever she spoke of fashion, her hand poised as if extended for a kiss by a gentleman

    45. ’ He said, smiling at her in his most winning fashion, hoping he looked like a hiker who had hiked one hill too far

    46. Maggie is standing at the pine kitchen table, flicking through the Sunday supplements, grazing the fashion pages in the magazine

    47. A stick thin model is wearing nothing but Lederhosen under a banner headline proclaiming that Austria is this year's chic summer fashion inspiration

    48. You have evidence that Tdeshi was awarded a term in fashion arts

    49. who was leaning on the stone wall in the studiously casual fashion

    50. had stirred up, how much trouble could she be in? She thought of the movie they had seen the previous evening and was reminded of the fact that dozens of councilmen at the Kassikan could cause more trouble for her than the owner of any fashion house

    1. which He fashioned woman

    2. For the Maasai of Kenya humanity was fashioned by the creator from a single tree or leg which split into three pieces

    3. One fashioned and fired in the image of a bunch of succulent purple grapes and the other modelled after a bright shiny-red, seductive clay apple

    4. All of the political parties identified with her recent struggle, praising her for her actions, and she was held up as a paragon of good old fashioned and traditional values by the true blues of the political firmament

    5. He wore an old fashioned, pin-stripe, three-piece suit and a white, collarless shirt

    6. With all of this in play, the world becomes a better place for those good, old fashioned nice folk

    7. Kelvin knew she preferred to model her screens as an old fashioned monitor, but she preferred to keep her screens in the air to making the old plastic case appear when she was out of her office

    8. The phone was old fashioned technology that he could handle

    9. ‘Do you really see it as living in sin, Jo? That’s a very old fashioned idea

    10. she was held up as a paragon of good old fashioned and traditional

    11. Uncle Bertram, her father, was strict and old fashioned; Aunt Clarissa just went along with his views to a large extent

    12. I know some people would say it was a bit old fashioned these days, but it’s still a favourite of mine

    13. She had very old fashioned ideas for the time – after all it was the early eighties!’

    14. Dave can’t quite get a handle on where they are; is he simply shocked by the melodrama? Is it sympathy or empathy or just plain old fashioned recklessness in the face of mortality?

    15. ‘Nonsense!’ Ozzie said in his mock chairman of the board voice – a cross between an old fashioned school master and a jolly copper

    16. Contour formed brass balls for feet were fashioned onto the corners as added protection from idle scuffing and a brass locking latch was fitted to the front center

    17. Chrissie was in a room on her own, the nurse told him, set apart from the main medical ward of the old fashioned country hospital which had somehow survived the reorganisation afflicting the rest of the NHS and, as Jarvis walked along the corridor, he reflected on how lucky they were in their part of the world,

    18. The establishment still ran on old fashioned lines; notably, there was little incidence of the super-bugs which appeared to afflict the majority of hospitals and the locals appreciated it accordingly, fighting tooth and nail to keep the place open every time there was a rumour that it might be closed

    19. Because the brains of the robots were fashioned after real people, and linked to a supercomputer

    20. John cut the cord of a lamp next to the window and fashioned it around the

    21. To escape, Daedalus built wings for himself and Icarus, fashioned with feathers held together with wax

    22. tomb of Saint Front, fashioned in the form of a miniature

    23. The next morning on the hillside, Nerissa fashioned it into a sling

    24. This one did not strike them with apprehension, however, as it had been fashioned into the walls

    25. ” She turned to Dena just coming onto the bridge in her new robes that Isin had fashioned especially for her as Elhehrim liaison of the Huntress

    26. She handed Martin the folded hard copy and said, “At bit old fashioned, but here you go, Mr

    27. “The old fashioned way, by growing everything right here

    28. How about you, ready for some of that good old fashioned country cooking I talked of earlier?”

    29. He had fashioned benches on either side of the table where we could sit in comfort while we ate

    30. The benches he fashioned were the height one needed to sit comfortably while eating

    31. Parents were old fashioned

    32. A pause, then, “You have such old fashioned ideas sometimes

    33. I’m old fashioned enough to believe it should be the man - as long as he’s the most qualified

    34. This article fails to inform readers that the former place an intrinsic value on human life as being fashioned in the image of God and precious to him, while the latter treat the individual as something to be coerced, beaten, discarded, and murdered, with absolutely no value to be attached to human life

    35. My system is old fashioned but it works for me

    36. We draw our kit on the first day which consisted of camouflaged overalls, old fashioned sail webbing (suitably appropriated from the Army just after the Korean War), a sleeping bag and an R1 (SLR) rifle without a strap and two magazines

    37. Its walls where thick and walkways of packed earth had been fashioned along the tops

    38. High up in this root, a large chamber had been fashioned

    39. Humankind is one with the Supreme Being whose inner-presence is a foretaste of His glorious designs that bear witness of Him, (yet) which is not Him, however suggestive of Him, (yet) unites us closer with Him, fashioned as each of us are in His own manner

    40. That he or she should not be held accountable in some manner begs the question: What has become of good old fashioned common sense? A

    41. I was lying with my head thrown back, my nose caught between the metal bars of the old fashioned bed-head, staring up at the wall

    42. He really had to get rid of his old fashioned ideas about women

    43. came on board and fashioned a better patch on the damaged

    44. Amonas was sitting cross-legged without the cover of the small makeshift shelter he had fashioned; most of it was taken over by the sprawled figure of Hilderich who seemed to be thankfully quite at ease sleeping on the almost bare ground, with nothing but his already muddied and stained cloak as a mattress

    45. He fashioned it with

    46. Hilderich indeed looked at what Amonas had fashioned, and though still in a sort of after-sleep haze he managed to point at it and snigger, as opposed to laughing outright which was rather painful

    47. Curiously, Molo noticed for the first time it was a knife with a strangely fashioned two-edged blade: one was serrated and the other seemed to be razor sharp

    48. And it seemed certainly implausible that a tribe of nomads on the brink of savagery could have fashioned a finely crafted blade without expert knowledge, foundries, forges and artisans capable of supreme craftsmanship

    49. If he could find a way to propitiate those larger forces, a sort of warranty might be fashioned for him

    50. an old fashioned adding machine

    1. When he was little, Harry learned quickly the techniques his father employed in fashioning cane rods

    2. Saldon worked quickly and started with the tiller handle, fashioning a new one as the first priority, according to Staron

    3. Here he showed the blacksmith’s workshop where men were hard at work fashioning sword blades and spears

    4. He liked the idea of my participation in the negotiation because I was conversant with broadcast management terminology and was deeply involved in fashioning the pro forma operating budgets for the stations we sought

    5. logic; fashioning the world out of categories;

    6. In fashioning the GPL, Stallman followed the software con-

    7. In fashioning the free software cause not as a mass

    8. fashioning of the first homo sapiens simply the

    9. Two of the women busied themselves with fashioning a cross at the top end of the grave

    10. ‘It’s an irony that we fail to fuse the new technology with the old environs in fashioning our modern way of living,’ he said ruefully

    11. Besides, it is beyond belief that the Musalmans should believe that the All Knowing Allah could have suffered from selective amnesia when he was fashioning the straight path for them

    12. The social compromise devised by Muhammad for the Muslim-Jewish amity and his concessions to the theological demands of the Quraysh cited here could guide the Indian Musalmans in fashioning a Hindu - Muslim compromise

    13. Could it be that science fiction writers who invent warp-drive, subspace, hyperspace and the other alternative ways of getting around our light speed limitations have been fashioning their own versions of the 3D time environment all along?

    14. After fashioning crude repairs to the bed, so he could sleep in it—the floor was proving rather uncomfortable and there were no mattresses in the crew quarters

    15. She would tingle on the least provocation, with joy over a poem, with admiration over the description of a picture, and thrilled and quivered with response to tales of Beauty--of the beauty of the cathedrals in France, miracles of coloured glass held together delicately by stone, blown together, she could only think from the descriptions, in their exquisite fragility by the breath of God rather than built up slowly by men's hands; of the beauty of places, the lagoons round Venice at sunrise, the desert toward evening; of the beauty of love, faithful, splendid, equal love; of all the beauty men made with their hands, little spuddy things running over dead stuff, blocks of stone, bits of glass and canvas, fashioning and fashioning till at last there was the vision, pulled out of a brain and caught forever into the glory of line and colour

    16. The rope should be no thicker than necessary to jerk your weight without snapping because the thicker the rope the more difficulty in fashioning a noose with a good slip to allow it to tighten quickly about your neck and hold

    17. fashioning the words in his mind,

    18. These procedures took place over a period of time as they are discrete steps in the process of fashioning the whole, completed breast

    19. We threw away untold zillions of shards of segments of flint and stone and bone: as we chipped away at a rock or bone or piece of wood… fashioning tools by throwing away what we did not want or need

    20. Not for money, not to open my own shop but to excel in this fascinating art of making a woman beautiful by fashioning the hair on her head

    21. 'As obedient sons, not fashioning yourselves according to your former sinful passions in your ignorance

    22. At present, I take it, we are fashioning the happy State, not piecemeal, or with a view of making a few happy citizens, but as a whole; and by-and-by we will proceed to view the opposite kind of State

    23. Do you remember, I said, how in the course of the previous discussion some one who shall be nameless accused us of making our guardians unhappy--they had nothing and might have possessed all things--to whom we replied that, if an occasion offered, we might perhaps hereafter consider this question, but that, as at present advised, we would make our guardians truly guardians, and that we were fashioning the State with a view to the greatest happiness, not of any particular class, but of the whole?

    24. It falls by no rule at all; sometimes it leaps, sometimes it tumbles; there it skips; here it shoots; in one place 'tis white as snow, and in another 'tis green as grass; hereabouts, it pitches into deep hollows, that rumble and crush the 'arth; and thereaways, it ripples and sings like a brook, fashioning whirlpools and gullies in the old stone, as if 'twas no harder than trodden clay

    1. Ava took him to a club in Yondure where the fashions were straight out of a carnival samba troupe

    2. They stand erect, responsible and confident with hands on hips in ankle length skirts and boots of leather, amused by the fashions of the visitors on the quayside

    3. of the previous year’s fashions and fads

    4. Her fashions seemed to give a nod to Alan's world, but at least those balloons were covered

    5. fashions and sneaking the occasional sidelong glance at

    6. Ours is a generation that nourishes a morbid and irrational fear of growing old…and death, perhaps; thereby occasioning (a) need to retain its youthful appearance(s) at whatever cost; inconsonant with age, at the expense of its (own) dignity, ―eternally young,‖ ―young as one feels,‖ (youthful) fashions and lifestyles, (adolescent) designs, the accomplices of artificial youth, pining for what is no longer 73

    7. Laws, in the absence of binding (principle) origins constitute a transitory, variable system of rules conditioned by current fashions without regard to (the) underlying (moral) assumptions that otherwise provide (customary) perspective to a well-ordered, (continuous) society

    8. "Yer know, there were a time when yer used ter keep up with the latest fashions, Peter boy

    9. It attempts to mask its inevitability by hiding behind youthful façades that make it appear incongruous beside younger styles and fashions

    10. Multi-Culturalism should not be confused with Inter-Culturalism that otherwise suggests a mutual exchanging and/or assimilating of the higher (Arts & Sciences, Music, Literature and Architecture) and lower (Cuisine, Fashions and Sports) cultures whose synthesis finds its ultimate expression within an overlapping culture that oftentimes acquires its own unique standing over time

    11. in such unusual fashions that pulled from every spectrum of our life,

    12. Beneath the body's fashions,

    13. 12 The smith with the tongs both works in the coals, and fashions it with hammers, and works it with the strength of his

    14. goings out were both according to their fashions, and according to their doors

    15. 7 For the potter, tempering soft earth, fashions every vessel with much labour for our service: yes, of the same clay he makes both the

    16. 25 Therefore even then it was altered into all fashions, and was obedient to your grace, that nourishes all things, according to the

    17. 30 He fashions the clay with his arm, and bows down his strength before his feet; he applies himself to lead it over; and he is diligent

    18. up a place for exercise, and for the training up of youth in the fashions of the heathen, and to write them of Jerusalem by the name of

    19. 13 Now such was the height of Greek fashions, and

    20. fashions, and be partakers of their sacrifices: 9 And whoever would not conform themselves to the manners of the Gentiles should be

    21. women’s in different styles, reflecting the changing fashions of time

    22. Short skirt, really meant to suit teenage fashions, but which David

    23. That man fashions

    24. In the past, Johan had sometimes wondered why she didn’t change it to keep up with the latest Gathandrian fashions, in the days when fashion had been deemed important, but Annyeke marched to a different beat

    25. 7 But after the death of Seleucus when Antiochus called Epiphanes took the kingdom Jason the brother of Onias laboured underhand to be high priest 8 Promising to the king by intercession three hundred and threescore talents of silver and of another revenue eighty talents: 9 Beside this he promised to assign an hundred and fifty more if he might have licence to set him up a place for exercise and for the training up of youth in the fashions of the heathen and to write them of Jerusalem by the name of Antiochians

    26. 13 Now such was the height of Greek fashions and increase of heathenish manners through the exceeding profaneness of Jason that ungodly wretch and no high priest; 14 That the priests had no courage to serve any more at the altar but despising the temple and neglecting the sacrifices hastened to be partakers of the unlawful allowance in the place of exercise after the game of Discus called them out; 15 Not setting by the honours of their fathers but liking the glory of the Grecians best of all

    27. 8 Moreover there went out a decree to the neighbour cities of the heathen by the suggestion of Ptoleme against the Jews that they should observe the same fashions and be partakers of their sacrifices: 9 And whoever would not conform themselves to the manners of the Gentiles should be put to death; Then might a man have seen the present misery

    28. The corrosive effect of clothing fashions is a constant problem

    29. Modern fashions, as some call them -- but which I call modern foulness -- are sent by the Antichrist to herald his coming

    30. For as the potter if he make a vessel and it be distorted or broken in his hands fashions it over again; but if he have before this cast it into the furnace of fire can no longer find any help for it: so let us also while we are in this world repent with our whole heart of the evil deeds we have done in the flesh that we may be saved by the Lord while we have yet an opportunity of repentance

    31. We drove to a nearby town to find paint and furnishings because Lee certainly didn’t have a store with the latest fashions

    32. I needed to fit in with the people and wearing the most expensive fashions would look snobby to them

    33. As well as a look at Dandy’s girlfriend’s trend setting fashions for fall

    34. He appeared to be either unaware of, or indifferent to, the conventions and fashions that ruled their lives

    35. Temporary fads and fashions mean little to a Capricorn – except as things to be used for profit or power

    36. console themselves by grabbing the latest fashions in

    37. They peppered him with questions on fashions, washing machines, popcorn, television, the Korean War, the United Nations, skyscrapers, schools and astronauts walking on the moon

    38. When she received pictures of the most recent fashions in the mail, they only proved that she had not been wrong about the models that she designed herself and sewed on Amaranta’s primitive pedal machine

    39. The scene was fondly reminiscent of the opening day of races at Ascot, where the upper crust displayed their newly acquired fashions from the Continent and reasserted their positions of prominence and means

    40. fashions into His vessels

    41. In my view, all ladies either old or young all have the same trend in their fashions

    42. even having to follow fashions

    43. Some fashions are best ignored

    44. Modes, fashions, buzzwords, fads, beliefs, hopes, fears, hates and loves, plans, other information, a vision – all must be neatly incorporated in this resonance table

    45. In spite of changing fashions, scientific discoveries, and political reforms, the inward heart of man in every age is always the same

    46. “East or West human nature is the same,” said Ramu, “though it’s the cultural ethos that fashions our social mores

    47. ‘Of course not, new fashions have to start somewhere; it’s not as though I’m doing anything

    48. In reality, though, fashions are only those things that nicely suit a person

    49. In 1976 he gave a lecture to the Royal Institution titled The 'Changing Fashions in Gardening' and in the next year wrote his memoirs,'My Lifetime of Gardening'

    50. Injecting knowledge fashions growth and leads to questions-flow

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