cross sätze

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Cross sätze (in englisch)

  1. His life on the cross.
  2. John of the Cross C.
  3. If you try to cross.
  4. I just have a cross.
  5. You need not cross it.

  6. Time to cross you off.
  7. He won't be cross long.
  8. Don't be cross with me.
  9. Let that be your cross.
  10. I have a cross like it.
  11. Not men to cross when.
  12. His name is Alex Cross.
  13. The Thief on the Cross.
  14. The Red Cross has them.
  15. He will cross the water.

  18. Son of God, on the cross.
  19. The Cross (Figure 73 B).
  20. He said UNDER the cross.
  21. The cross of Christ has.
  22. The Cross and the Powers.
  23. He gets so cross with me.
  24. Then she was very cross.
  25. It will turn to His Cross.

  26. This He did on the cross.
  27. Jesus Christ on the cross.
  28. The symbol of the cross.
  29. Jesus down from the cross.
  30. But how is one to cross.
  31. Cross that he would come.
  33. Trying to cross this land.
  34. We had to cross Highway 32.
  35. They mount upon the cross.
  36. I saw fear cross his face.
  37. I sat up cross legged on.
  38. We can't escape the cross.
  39. He was very cross at that.
  40. Crown of thorns and cross.
  41. I’m just a bit cross.
  42. What she saw was a cross.
  43. Jesus was God on the cross.
  44. The idea did cross my mind.
  45. He died on the cross for us.
  46. In fact, the cross, often.
  47. At the first cross street.
  48. Each bears his own cross.
  49. Yes, we have to cross it.
  50. I have to cross the street.
  51. We children were cross too.
  52. He continues to cross the.
  53. He told that to Alex Cross.
  54. Stations of the Cross, 262.
  55. This was once a Holy Cross.
  56. To the old rugged cross.
  57. Put him on the cross ties.
  59. That’s an easy fix, Cross.
  60. Cross him and you’re dead.
  61. You will cross soon, love.
  62. She was MY joy at the cross.
  63. Four Elements and the Cross.
  64. He came to die on the cross.
  66. The skunk refused to cross.
  67. You have to cross the swamp.
  68. Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross?
  69. That would be cross selling.
  70. It was on that old cross.
  71. It was a cross between pure.
  72. We just have to cross those.
  73. The gringo wants to cross.
  74. Ken Cross and I would cross.
  75. Cross or his wife was coming.
  76. She softly fingered the cross.
  77. I will not cross that stream.
  78. Cross, as he had once before.
  79. She made a sign of the cross.
  80. Killing would cross the line.
  81. We are soldiers of the cross.
  82. He could cross as at any time.
  83. By the cross of Saint Andrew!.
  84. He knew she was cross with him.
  85. A huge cross was planted there.
  86. I need to understand the cross.
  87. Why mount the cross and die?
  88. And I love that old cross.
  89. Charis, I cannot cross over.
  90. The cross is necessary for a.
  91. A flag with a red cross of St.
  92. How did she cross you?
  93. The cross never seemed so alive.
  94. He fixes his eyes on the cross.
  95. What is she so cross about, St.
  96. Likewise, the 8, cross, and X.
  97. No pain can cross that barrier.
  98. At the cross, at the cross.
  99. The Red Cross lost a caravan.
  100. The wal s looked like a cross.
  1. We was crossing the road.
  2. Soon he’d be crossing the.
  3. The scene showed a crossing.
  4. Q: How is the crossing done?
  5. Saeed said, crossing his arms.
  6. She started crossing the road.
  7. Hamet from closing the crossing.
  8. I’m not crossing, I said.
  9. Marking time, crossing off the.
  10. The crossing was nearly deserted.
  11. The men were crossing themselves.
  12. Boverns Crossing is as solid.
  13. He saw six men crossing his path.
  14. Crossing waves of semi conductors.
  15. A gendarme was crossing the court.
  16. Crossing her arms she began to talk.
  17. Crossing her arms, she stared ahead.
  18. Crossing the beam without the lane.
  19. The victim was crossing the street.
  20. With visions crossing to Doggerland.
  21. Will? I ask, crossing the room.
  22. Miraflores Locks to end the crossing.
  23. The crossing lasted about nine hours.
  24. All began crossing themselves at once.
  25. Fine, she said crossing her arms.
  26. They don’t need to use the crossing.
  27. In the late 1990s, Global Crossing Ltd.
  28. Start crossing off items on your list.
  29. Why? He asked, crossing his arms.
  30. Alter the pattern of leg crossing (eg.
  31. The second crossing is less definable.
  32. This would mean crossing the Road, but.
  33. On the far side of the crossing by the.
  34. You are quite capable of crossing over.
  35. He’s in a caravan, at the crossing.
  36. Katie glared at them, crossing her arms.
  37. Just Indians and crossing the plains.
  38. Indians and crossing the plains!.
  39. Crossing her arms, she glared up at her.
  40. We’re crossing into the atmosphere.
  41. A lot, she said, crossing her arms.
  42. It is, she said, crossing her arms.
  43. Hmm, said Sorren, crossing his arms.
  44. Crossing the bear line and a short.
  45. Crossing cultural boundaries isn’t easy.
  46. He led us to a caravan crossing the valley.
  47. The histogram shows when a crossing occurs.
  48. The names of their crossing tell the tale.
  49. So they rode in the wagon to Ed's Crossing.
  50. The old man seated himself, crossing his.
  51. Crossing through the center of town, they.
  52. The captain stared at me, crossing his arms.
  53. Marcia stood, crossing to a kitchen cupboard.
  54. I’d heard his footsteps crossing the deck.
  55. The recruitment depot is in Ed's Crossing.
  56. Megan turned toward Locke, crossing her legs.
  57. He was crossing from the stables to the hall.
  58. This second crossing is point C (Figure 7-5).
  59. Interesting, he says, crossing his arms.
  60. At the mention of the whitewater crossing, Mr.
  61. Crossing kilo-parsecs for thousands of years.
  62. He loved crossing the Bonneville Salt Flats.
  63. Yeah, says Christina, crossing her arms.
  64. We’re sorry for crossing you over, Mick.
  65. But crossing four hundred years—impossible.
  66. Sebastian stopped, confusion crossing his face.
  67. Crossing the board, as Mihaly might have said.
  68. The crossing should only take about 90 minutes.
  69. A chicken crossing the road: poultry in motion.
  70. Crossing wild grazing lands, the Fife and his.
  71. Even so, the crossing was so full of activity.
  72. Actually, he probably wouldn't be crossing over.
  73. We were crossing the bridge when my phone rang.
  74. Stopping, he turns to face me, crossing his arms.
  75. Now she was crossing the line into true badness.
  76. It was an order, she said, crossing her arms.
  77. Look at her, says Molly, crossing her arms.
  78. Crossing to the other wall, he was not giving up.
  79. Walk sideways by crossing one leg over the other.
  80. Other World when the Siberian crossing was closed.
  81. Crossing the Inland Sea, Tibbets saw a city ahead.
  82. He admits it, Randy said, crossing his arms.
  83. There are wards to keep therians from crossing.
  84. Yes she is, Allen yelled, crossing his arms.
  85. A minute later, I was outside, crossing the street.
  86. He’s not that bad, he thought, crossing his arms.
  87. The signal-line crossing is the usual trading rule.
  88. Hank, you can’t stay here after crossing her.
  89. We’re crossing loyal lands here, my lord Bishop.
  90. Soon we were crossing into the lands of the Ychma.
  91. By American pioneers crossing an entire continent.
  92. So that it could be seen from Mudeford Crossing.
  93. The man on the ground was crossing himself feebly.
  94. Crossing the cloisters she could easily break free.
  95. He watched anxiously as Connor started his crossing.
  96. Yes, this is Ed's Crossing, you dumb county boy.
  97. Crossing the chamber to the window she threw open.
  98. No worries, Garcia said, crossing over to her.
  99. The Director shifted in his seat, crossing his legs.
  100. He was crossing the brook, going up the slope board.
  1. As such, I crossed St.
  2. I crossed over to him.
  3. A song crossed my mind.
  4. But as I crossed the.
  5. We crossed one of the.
  6. I crossed over in 1970.
  7. I had crossed a bridge.
  8. A frown crossed his face.
  9. And he crossed his arms.
  10. It has crossed the line.
  11. He had his arms crossed.
  12. A grin crossed his face.
  13. A worn path crossed here.
  14. As she crossed the room.
  15. Then he crossed his arms.
  16. A shadow crossed her face.
  17. We crossed a piece of it.
  18. She crossed her arms and.
  19. Alaric had crossed his arms.
  20. With a nod he crossed over.
  21. A thought crossed his mind.
  22. Holly crossed to the window.
  23. My shadow crossed her desk.
  24. A huge grin crossed his face.
  25. They crossed the wide church.
  26. Sam had crossed into Mordor.
  27. Her arms were crossed with.
  28. The young lady crossed her.
  29. The baby had crossed the St.
  30. A wry look crossed his face.
  31. He crossed to the body and.
  32. His arms were still crossed.
  33. He crossed his fingers and.
  34. As they crossed the fi elds.
  35. It crossed his mind that he.
  36. They have crossed the River.
  37. Starret crossed to the window.
  38. Salmond had his arms crossed.
  39. That said, he crossed me off.
  40. Two thoughts crossed her mind.
  41. Alex sat with his arms crossed.
  42. It can be crossed to end its 3.
  43. Jackson crossed to his client.
  44. So, I crossed the street, in.
  45. Arms crossed across his chest.
  46. Something else crossed my mind.
  47. The Admiral crossed the plaza.
  48. You have crossed some boundary.
  49. At the end he crossed himself.
  50. They crossed the fjord at night.
  51. Arms crossed like a little boy.
  52. We just crossed the state line.
  53. She crossed her arms, shivering.
  54. Rogan crossed his arms, waiting.
  55. We crossed a small creek, and.
  56. A terrible look crossed my face.
  57. Del crossed his arms and waited.
  58. This was what crossed his mind.
  59. Two we crossed off immediately.
  60. A shadow crossed in front of me.
  61. We crossed the street to Faces.
  62. Fingers crossed that it isn’t.
  63. Mark said, and crossed his arms.
  64. When after having crossed the.
  65. He crossed himself several times.
  66. Certain lines cannot be crossed.
  67. And when they had crossed over.
  68. They crossed the yard, passing.
  69. He crossed his arms and frowned.
  70. He crossed on leg over the other.
  71. A look of panic crossed his face.
  72. A look of shock crossed his face.
  73. Petra stood and crossed the room.
  74. She crossed the room toward him.
  75. A thought then crossed her mind.
  76. They had crossed over from the.
  77. A worried look crossed her face.
  78. He crossed his arms and sat back.
  79. They crossed over three streets.
  80. The moment they crossed Arabian.
  81. A worried look crossed his face.
  82. Paul repeatedly crossed his heart.
  83. She followed it as it crossed a.
  84. Pater Dominic crossed the small.
  85. John crossed to the local pager.
  86. It was crossed by an impressive.
  87. He crossed his arms, still seated.
  88. When she crossed the line after.
  89. Chapter 29: The Ridge is Crossed.
  90. An idea visibly crossed his mind.
  91. Two lines crossed out by Tolstoi.
  92. A look of anger crossed his face.
  93. Another man crossed his line of.
  94. We crossed to Lilyvine and had a.
  95. This bold crab must have crossed.
  96. The Lovers crossed with The Devil.
  97. Jim eased out and crossed the road.
  98. A half sneer crossed Murtha's face.
  99. As he crossed the courtyard once.
  100. As she crossed the park she felt.
  1. A thought crosses my mind.
  2. Guard (crosses and exits L.
  3. This line crosses the palm.
  4. The three crosses were empty.
  5. A big grin crosses his face.
  6. Two guys earned their crosses.
  7. And the wanting crosses bound.
  8. A huge smile crosses his lips.
  9. Crosses name those planted in.
  10. Shadow crosses the street and.
  11. The six-week graph crosses –6.
  12. It has crusader crosses on it, too.
  13. He crosses his arms over his chest.
  14. He sits back and crosses his legs.
  15. The four crosses were there?
  16. The strongest person crosses first.
  17. I could see the crosses were empty.
  18. A brief smile crosses Johan’s lips.
  19. Guntram crosses over to her quickly.
  20. A look of confusion crosses her face.
  21. The sun, as always, crosses overhead.
  22. They had black crosses across their.
  23. They both say that Jesus crosses the.
  24. Three guys were given crosses to carry.
  25. He sits and crosses his arms over his.
  26. When he crosses the slow moving clouds.
  27. We all have our crosses to bear in life.
  28. Trinity, crosses tall buildings in Texas.
  29. Nikki crosses her arms with a mock glare.
  30. She crosses the room to look at the table.
  31. The Crosses of Obedience and Disobedience.
  32. That’s where one crosses the Kolochá.
  33. But, lo and behold, when the arrow crosses.
  34. It has crusader crosses on it, too.
  35. Sir! she booms as she crosses the gym.
  36. Max crosses his arms, intrigued and impressed.
  37. There are five of these crosses in the chart.
  38. A signal line cross occurs when %K crosses %D.
  39. They saw many crooked crosses that stood as a.
  40. One of the boys crosses his arms over his chest.
  41. He leans back in his chair and crosses his arms.
  42. Mom, do we have any crosses? He asked her.
  43. Crosses and 2003, which was the year of the Lamb.
  44. Their web crosses the country to trap flies here.
  45. They gave out Iron Crosses like so many hot rolls.
  46. Then she said, I see a field of white crosses.
  47. Everly sighs and crosses her arms across her chest.
  48. When 2 has reached the bank, 3 ties on and crosses.
  49. She crosses the room and touches one of the panels.
  50. He jumps up and crosses the room in one quick move.
  51. Noah crosses the street and hides behind the Jaguar.
  52. The dust crosses the Atlantic driven by trade winds.
  53. At point A, the 7-day moving average crosses above.
  54. Christ! Let's check the other red lines and crosses.
  55. The assistant director crosses and recrosses his legs.
  56. He casually crosses the room as another, louder KNOCK.
  57. The crosses on these moving averages are also helpful.
  58. Now why he crosses the river, instead of following the.
  59. But this is not only the line that the process crosses.
  60. The wall was high enough to hide tombs and crosses from.
  61. A series of crosses ran alongside the ladder leading up.
  62. The only shadows were those of the crosses and ourselves.
  63. By the number of times price crosses the moving average.
  64. Again he crosses the sea and ends up in Bethsaida, where.
  65. Their trail crosses that stream, and continues on deeper.
  66. Now, all we have to do is find the crosses, he said.
  67. There, according to the gospels, he crosses the river and.
  68. We haven't got room for crosses in our ministry direction.
  69. But it appears that means the crosses are lost to history.
  70. M: What else? Mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.
  71. The actual trading signal is not made until %K crosses %D.
  72. Distinction between the sterility of first crosses and of.
  73. I suppose once she crosses that line she will be stopped.
  74. Eugene crosses his arms over his chest and narrows his eyes.
  75. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego had to face their crosses:.
  76. He crosses his legs, places the Bible on his lap, and waits.
  78. Jesus crosses the Sea of Galilee to the land of the seven.
  79. The shelter flashes red the moment my foot crosses the entry.
  80. Werner climbs into the back of the truck and crosses his arms.
  81. Two crosses formed by the alignments of the planets and the.
  82. Crosses and August 11, 2003, and the start of Hebrew year 5764.
  83. Having kicked open three doors with white crosses on them they.
  84. The boulder comes down directly on top of Willie as he crosses.
  85. She crosses her arms and simply watches for a good five minutes.
  86. I cut and polished the three crosses on Calvary, still standing.
  87. A horrified look crosses her face as she realizes the same thing.
  88. But unless the Nautilus navigates on dry land and crosses over.
  89. If MACD crosses below the zero line, this could be a sell signal.
  90. It is the fixation of undead souls who were fixated upon crosses.
  91. M: Assiduously investigate everything that crosses your field of.
  92. The Necro's shoulders slump and a look of relief crosses his face.
  93. He crosses the street, whistling, and walks in the other direction.
  95. Matryóna (enters and crosses herself a long time before the icón.
  96. He will then set forth and begin tearing down all the crosses in.
  97. The nation of Israel sowed a cross and reaped thousands of crosses.
  98. He crosses the street, unlocking the car with the remote as he goes.
  99. She crosses her arms and puts the earphone back and does not answer.
  100. A sell signal occurs when the ratio crosses from a reading above 6.

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