baffle sätze

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Baffle sätze (in englisch)

  1. Why he chose me to do it always did baffle me, though.
  2. If he chooses to lie hidden, he may baffle us for years.
  3. Even if he were to baffle the authorities, his attitude could make Ashleigh suspicious.
  4. The radio, the aeroplane, the microphone and other marvels of science are bound to baffle human intelligence.
  5. Do not worry Gwydre, Arthur is here to baffle us, and if he can baffle us, just think of what he does to our enemies.

  6. She had on denim shorts and an old T-shirt that said IF YOU CAN’T DAZZLE THEM WITH BRILLIANCE, BAFFLE THEM WITH BULLSHIT.
  7. What continued to baffle him was the reason why those higher-ups would want to go to the trouble to arrange a faked death of a girl who, as far as Colling knew, was somewhere back home in the States.
  8. Mercer takes several more swigs of beer, trying to use his bottle-arm’s elbow as a baffle, but the boy, a dab hand at seduction, finds his way through, and even as Mercer’s heart clenches, his lower body brings him close enough for wrists to rest on shoulders, for a finger to loosely trace the nap at the back of his head.
  1. What he saw was baffling.
  2. The most baffling part though is the note.
  3. Her feelings for Nathalie were also baffling.
  4. He tried again with the same baffling results.
  5. That mystic baffling wonder alone completes all.
  6. Some of the tunnels are more baffling than others.
  7. Though he wanted to free himself from that baffling.
  8. Want to cope with this pernicious, baffling condition?
  9. Equally baffling to me was her sudden second appearance.
  10. It is baffling, and he can’t quite say why, until he can.
  11. It was an incredibly baffling and disconcerting moment for me.
  12. It was baffling, but no matter what he did to me, I tirelessly.
  13. He was dealing with a multiple down there, a baffling and grisly one.
  14. This, spoken in a cool, tranquil tone, was mortifying and baffling enough.
  15. There was no barrier between his eyes and hers now, no baffling remoteness.
  16. The role of forensic psychics in fighting baffling crimes appears to be growing.
  17. Seeing the note produced a sudden confounding of his already baffling ruminations.
  18. It may not fit into physics, but she is so much like Tdeshi in so many baffling ways.
  19. It has never entered his head that the Compania had a man capable of baffling his game.
  20. Then she raised them to his with a certain laughing mockery which was delicious but baffling.
  21. There is a question that is centuries old, stil as baffling today as it was when it was first.
  22. It was baffling that the president had turned over the secret record of his presidency to machines.
  23. He turned and saw her looking up at him with that eternally curious and baffling mystery that was Nicolette.
  24. He remembers she called him her son which was baffling at first, but then the pieces started fitting together.
  25. A new light seemed breaking through the obscure and baffling fog which had surrounded him for the last two days.
  26. This is because many job seekers get annoyed with the jam-packed, full of activity, and baffling series of events.
  27. This reaction is quite baffling, because the performance of commodities in recent years has exceeded that of stocks.
  28. It's like he's messing with my head in way that's infuriating, baffling, scary even, but it's totally turning me on.
  29. Although, why a woman in her mid-thirties would be driving around stealing old chest freezers off back porches was baffling.
  30. There is no moisture, no dew, no rain that could have impacted her surroundings, so for it to look like this is completely baffling.
  31. He’d taken a leaf out of his grandfather’s book, and had started a rash of robberies in Shadow Crest, which were baffling police.
  32. This would explain the circumstance, so baffling for the prosecution, that only eight hundred roubles were to be found in Mitya's hands.
  33. Unlike Noland County’s, the Hopper County Courthouse was a baffling modern structure that had undoubtedly once looked thrilling on paper.
  34. I replied in clear French that I wasn't familiar with his language; but he didn't seem to understand me, and the situation grew rather baffling.
  35. They were the only link that could complete the baffling chain that would result in the trapping of the killer before he carried out his threats.
  36. It was another baffling mystery that had been the subject of much discussion and argument by the League’s scientists and even religious scholars.
  37. Like the pop songs she used to strain to hear to drink in all the allegedly important content, the experience is just as disappointing and baffling.
  38. A broker who by definition works for a company that is not required by law to do what’s in your best interest (more on this baffling concept in Myth 4).
  39. Why was stuff like that still lodged in his memory, but not where he’d seen animals before, or with whom? His memory loss was baffling in its complexity.
  40. One year, to the day, had passed, since the death of Third, which still remained as baffling and unexplained a mystery as it was when Moose and Razzle investigated the case.
  41. The very fact that there was homeless people is baffling, when you consider the vast amount of unused hotel rooms, and rich people owning multiple properties, cottages, etc.
  42. For what Carmine Cicciaro had learned by then, and I suppose I had, too, concerned not only the baffling multiplicity of all things, but also their no less baffling integration.
  43. Nevertheless, it is baffling, though perhaps understandable, to hear voices to insinuate that the national government stimulated the beastly attack of March 11 by allying itself with the United States in the war of Iraq.
  44. The messengers announced that Broog, the legendary disguise-artist best remembered for his baffling yet insanely entertaining publicity stunts, was found lifeless in his summer cabin on Grelk, the planet made of tar pits.
  45. The sun had come out with a vengeance, completely baffling everyone judging by the number of discarded raincoats and furled umbrellas that were in evidence, and the few clouds that were in the sky were shredded remnants only.
  46. This illusion is not only baffling to laymen and scientists but has even baffled mystics and advanced meditators who have confronted it throughout the ages — to the extent that some have said that ordinary consciousness generates illusions.
  47. A group of loudmouthed white-haired old ladies, each trying to talk over the next, a few of them texting, the kind of elderly people who have a baffling amount of energy, so much youthful vigor you had to wonder if they were trying to rub it in.
  48. For we should have the same baffling question: which part, which aspect are you? What, objectively, differentiates it from the others? No, but inconceivable as it seems to ordinary reason, you – and all other conscious beings as such – are all in all.
  49. Children should, of course, be aware of the love of their fathers and mothers for each other as well as for themselves, but love-making in its final forms is baffling and disturbing to their emotional natures, and observation of it often leads to sex misconduct.
  50. I heard that the other me moved the next semester (possibly because of those baffling herpes/undercover cop rumors she may have kept hearing about herself) and I never saw her, which was sad because it would have been interesting to see if the other me looked as nondescript as I do.
  51. The boats, and trains, and cows and horses were quite meaningless to him, but not quite so baffling as the odd little figures which appeared beneath and between the colored pictures—some strange kind of bug he thought they might be, for many of them had legs though nowhere could he find one with eyes and a mouth.
  52. There were very few resident landlords in the neighborhood and also very few domestic or literate serfs, and in the lives of the peasantry of those parts the mysterious undercurrents in the life of the Russian people, the causes and meaning of which are so baffling to contemporaries, were more clearly and strongly noticeable than among others.
  53. It is so detrimental, idiotic and ill-conceived that it is simply baffling to think that it has survived for so long without anybody stepping forth to question it, 'it' being the advice, the advice in this case being the advice to 'count your blessings', a phrase which simply means to check your privilege and look at how lucky you are, even though the advice does nothing to stop your current trouble.
  54. This definitely raised interesting possibilities as to how the murderer had managed to enter this room without being seen by the surveillance and leave the scene of their crime with the only door into the suite bolted shut from the inside, thus completely confusing the authorities in their investigation into this baffling affair; quite ingenious, he had to admit, especially since it had definitely mystified and misled him up until now.
  1. Police are baffled by this.
  2. She had been baffled and.
  3. He shook his head, baffled.
  4. The two agents were baffled.
  5. It still baffled me, though.
  6. I’m baffled at all this.
  7. Jai looked at Ceder, baffled.
  8. I was baffled and frustrated.
  9. And I am completely baffled.
  10. She looked baffled and scared.
  11. He was baffled by this question.
  12. The local doctors were baffled.
  13. Totally baffled by my question.
  14. But who? she asked, baffled.
  15. They looked baffled at one another.
  16. Baffled, I pondered this behaviour.
  17. I was utterly startled and baffled.
  18. They were baffled by her reasoning.
  19. The RCMP officers went away baffled.
  20. Stone was baffled, then he got it.
  21. She politely greeted the baffled man.
  22. She was baffled, she searched her mind.
  23. At first she was baffled by the drawing.
  24. What’s the cause? I ask, baffled.
  25. Hate you? I was completely baffled.
  26. The fact that she was alive baffled her.
  27. I was baffled by Sean's unusual behavior.
  28. Crinigan was baffled as Brendon continued.
  29. Visibly baffled, the harpooner said nothing.
  30. No kidding, he said seemingly baffled.
  31. He had not gone far when he halted, baffled.
  32. Grinly was baffled at what had just occurred.
  33. There was a baffled muffling from the phone.
  34. Time for what? She asked truly baffled.
  35. The effects of tide and current baffled them.
  36. What he saw, however, baffled him thoroughly.
  37. OK Said Will looking completely baffled.
  38. I’m completely baffled by what has happened.
  39. It baffled her, and she had no idea what to do.
  40. Sound sat up in bed, a baffled look on his face.
  41. Whatever happened, Sotillo was already baffled.
  42. It was its intricate working that baffled them.
  43. There wasn't a star to be seen! She was baffled.
  44. He’s a terrific doctor, but he’s baffled, too.
  45. I remember always being baffled by other children.
  46. He tried to sound casually baffled when he said:.
  47. The police were baffled, but convinced they were.
  48. Why he had not thought of this earlier baffled him.
  49. Hazel’s horoscope had her breathless and baffled.
  50. The baffled husband looked at his wife for approval.
  51. Rad appeared baffled and curious as he answered her.
  52. In many cases, the clerk will be completely baffled.
  53. What’s all this about? Preeti looked baffled.
  54. The Nord continued, halfway baffled and a touch wary.
  55. To think Sally was so close all this time baffled him.
  56. Xaltotun regarded it, and then shook his head, baffled.
  57. That went better than I expected she said, baffled.
  58. He vanishes in the blink of an eye, leaving me baffled.
  59. Martinez was baffled by the crowd out in front bearing.
  60. Some are baffled, but that one is not--that one knows me.
  61. The man seemed baffled as he explained what had happened.
  62. It was a child’s tear-scream, wet, enraged and baffled.
  63. His soul was tortured by baffled love and rejected mercy.
  64. He looked so cute in his little red shorts, the baffled.
  65. He tried to steal in, but was baffled by your wakefulness.
  66. Robbie looked so baffled that Abigail squealed with laughter.
  67. Winter had come across the land with a speed that baffled all.
  68. Must I indeed learn to chant the cold dirges of the baffled?
  69. But how could this be an extreme case? That's what baffled me.
  70. Henry looked at her, his expression now baffled and suspicious.
  71. She spun around towards Ilmal with a baffled look on her face.
  72. I looked at her baffled Why would you think that? I asked.
  73. Harry shook his head, completely baffled at what he was hearing.
  74. Again she was baffled, not expecting another shift in the con-.
  75. Houston glanced at his father, a baffled expression on his face.
  76. Gnoll and Reoren were baffled by the illusion, but only briefly.
  77. He is baffled, bang'd, bruis'd, he holds out while his strength.
  78. I suppose that is why I am so baffled by the smiling and waving.
  79. I looked at them with a baffled expression and after a moment’s.
  80. I confess that such discussions with the Canadian always baffled me.
  81. He shook his head, still baffled that I was going through with this.
  82. Rex stared up at Dane as if he was crazy and he also looked baffled.
  83. Once more, scientists are baffled; a situation that will see no end.
  84. Because baffled other nonbelievers who served far better researched.
  85. Kahn was baffled, but he was cleverer than Murtha and did not show it.
  86. No wonder these profound thinks are baffled to astonishment as they.
  87. Another shout from his sensors officer then baffled him for a second.
  88. Jacqueline looked at his gray eyes with an expression that baffled him.
  89. Detective? said her husband, who looked baffled and then worried.
  90. Some people are thoroughly baffled by notions of success and happiness.
  91. He sat there, on the ground, completely baffled by what just occurred.
  92. From the baffled look upon Holmes's face I could see clearly that he did.
  93. In his gaze was a certain baffled look of misery and fierce appreciation.
  94. From the baffled look upon Holmes's face, I could see clearly that he did.
  95. Peter was actually left quite baffled and distraught by her telephone call.
  96. Dona’Cora thought she had seen it all, but she was baffled by the chaos.
  97. When everyone around us is baffled, or panicked, or terrified, you and I.
  98. What? asked Summers, now looking as much baffled as she was annoyed.
  99. What it was and how it could have gotten there had the doctor and I baffled.
  100. Rich Hinton totally baffled one of the best college lineups you've ever seen.
  1. It baffles me that.
  2. Baffles are used to help reduce the bubbles in the water.
  3. Professor (makes another attempt, which the FAT LADY baffles).
  4. The Great Wall baffles the mind and stuns the bewildered sightseer.
  5. Maybe the user pulls the baffles in to enable rotation of the inner dome.
  6. The skimmer section has baffles to reduce bubbles flowing into the return.
  7. A debt has been accumulated that almost baffles the power of figures to estimate.
  8. What really baffles me is that I had received movies in the mail in a lot thinner.
  9. Sumps will typically be divided into sections, using baffles to separate each section.
  10. Jennifer Adams? What's her story? How Tara can understand me with toothpaste in my mouth baffles me.
  11. The heat the house mode is where movable wedge edged baffles make a good seal after rotating into position.
  12. The magnificence of the mountain region baffles all attempts at word-painting, as it baffles the art of the painter.
  13. This is possibly because they appear to work by magic, which baffles ordinary people, and are quite probably the work of the Devil.
  14. What baffles me, Angel, is the fact that majority of the audience seated in that evil circle were made up of white men and women.
  15. A start was then made for the Palace, and the weird appearance of that barbaric state procession by torchlight, baffles description.
  16. What baffles me is that he is about the age of my father, and come to think of it, his daughter who happens to be a student in our school, is much older than me.
  17. Another habit of his that baffles me is his abstinence from most common local food delicacies; and a regular fasting habit that runs into days most of the time, which purpose I don’t know of.
  18. The conceptual rigid insulation dome with push out baffles in position 2 might utilize spring tension to keep the baffles sealed with the air ducts to minimize loss of heat when heating the house.
  19. Ancient Mesoamerican magicians created maize from the native grass teosinte thousands of years ago in a manner which thoroughly baffles modern botanists, since the genetic manipulation techniques required for this transmutation have only existed for the last twenty years.
  20. Rightly or wrongly, the Hindus have come to believe that the Musalmans are out to multiply themselves with a long-term demographic goal that demonically suits the short-term vote bank politics of the self, or family serving parties! What baffles them is that if checking the country’s population growth is in the national interest, then why do the Congress-led band shies away from encouraging the Musalmans to exercise restraint on the family front? Moreover, the obduracy of the Indian Musalamns in adhering to their personal laws, abandoned even in the Muslim countries, in the Indian secular setting is increasingly earning them the Hindu ill-will in good measure.

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