date sätze

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Date sätze (in englisch)

  1. It was a show date.
  2. I owed her a date.
  3. It is out of date.
  4. It's like a a date.
  5. It was a date, Po.

  6. I looked at the date.
  7. To date, Paulus et al.
  8. She used to date Tim.
  9. This was a date she.
  10. Ask her out on a date.
  11. He said he had a date.
  12. I mean a date of on-.
  13. I propose that we date.
  14. You say the date, but.
  15. He started to date her.

  16. It was the fourth date.
  17. Then I noticed the date.
  18. Up to date info about.
  19. Fill in a date and sign.
  20. But the date was fixed.
  21. He had a date for the.
  22. I have a date tonight.
  23. Bring me up to date.
  24. Now what about the date.
  25. Her due date was August.

  26. By using this date the.
  27. No, no hot date, boss.
  28. And for our first date.
  29. Stacey next to the date.
  30. He wrote the date, his.
  31. The dance date went well.
  32. It was totally a date.
  33. And NO it is not a date.
  34. The date on the school.
  35. Pay for half of the date.
  36. At a later date, others.
  37. That brings me up to date.
  38. This way your date will.
  39. If the date assigned by.
  40. This is more than a date.
  41. But you have made a date.
  42. All date symbols in The.
  43. To date, there has been.
  44. I have a date with Rosita.
  45. Her due date is July 2130.
  46. Marques date for one year.
  47. You got a court date?
  48. Perhaps a date rape drug.
  49. The date is April 27, 1994.
  50. The date is June 12, 1987.
  51. I went on a date with her.
  52. Look at the expiry date.
  53. These date from the Tang.
  54. Suddenly the date on the.
  55. He did not date women to.
  56. Closing date was October 4.
  57. Or up to date, necessarily.
  58. The date is March 30, 1981.
  59. He passed his sell-by date.
  60. Date of entry 5th May 2008.
  61. On a date, we have a pizza.
  62. I have a date with Liam.
  63. She hadn't given me a date.
  64. To have with Blacky a date.
  65. To date the book has sold.
  66. My knowledge on this date.
  67. Date in Re: Summer of 1947.
  68. So the wedding date arrived.
  69. The date is November 8, 1975.
  70. Date of birth 8th June 1938.
  71. He had a date for the dance.
  72. How to deal with a bad date.
  73. It was his first date with.
  74. We've had one date, I think.
  75. We have a date this Friday.
  76. Oh crap, it’s a blind date.
  78. I met her on a blind date.
  79. Although this date is some-.
  80. What a great lunch date I had.
  81. Next was this blind date crap.
  82. Know what you want on a date.
  83. It’s just a second date.
  84. To date, there are about 60.
  85. On the effective date of the.
  86. With Couples Who Used to Date.
  87. See the time and date on the.
  88. Mercer gave his date of birth.
  89. She may eat before a date or.
  90. I see my lunch date arriving.
  91. He has assigned a birth date.
  92. To this date, we again add 16.
  93. I’ve lost track of the date.
  94. You can date whoever you want.
  95. She checked the date and time.
  96. We will speak at a later date.
  97. The first place we had a date.
  98. The date of the attack was set.
  99. Her date of death had been set.
  100. Carbon fourteen tests date it.
  1. Or even dating at al.
  2. Del Rio was dating Ms.
  3. Dating is in issue ―S.
  4. Not that this was dating.
  5. A very old house dating.
  6. But this is not DATING!.
  7. Dating back to the No.
  8. The Pro�s of Online Dating.
  9. Those dating tips are to be.
  10. What does speed dating cost?
  11. Dating Ideas For the Clueless.
  12. She was dating him casually.
  13. Women, Hear These Dating Tips.
  14. When you're fluffy the dating.
  15. Yes, I started internet dating.
  16. The two had been dating since.
  17. A and I stopped dating, and I.
  18. I thought you were dating Mr.
  19. This was far from normal dating.
  20. An Overview of the Dating Rules.
  21. If you’ve been dating someone.
  22. The Advantages of online dating:.
  23. Think back to the teenage dating.
  24. This is most pronounced in dating.
  25. The Ins and Outs of Online Dating.
  26. I hope that she starts dating soon.
  27. Today, the dating game has new rules.
  28. WHAT? Since when were they dating?!.
  29. The Dis-Advantages of online dating:.
  30. My testimonial about Dating Factory:.
  31. We’re not dating, Therese said.
  32. There was a bonus of dating a vampire.
  33. Online dating is so prevalent nowadays.
  34. Welcome to the world of online dating.
  35. Elizabeth is dating her classmate Marc.
  36. Then there is the dating of the gospels.
  37. Meanwhile he was still dating Christine.
  38. Did he really think we were … dating?
  39. We have only been dating for two months.
  40. Constantly thinking about dating partner.
  41. This is the way the dating vacation works.
  42. I guess you could say they’re dating.
  43. Oh, I tried dating but as soon as a mouth.
  44. Dating someone is not the same as marriage.
  45. DINNER: The perfect choice for Latin dating.
  46. When you are dating, chances are that the.
  47. I stopped dating and continued to masturbate.
  48. Why the hell aren’t you dating him?
  49. Here’s what I did to master online dating:.
  50. However, if you have only been dating for a.
  51. An Overview of the Things to Avoid in Dating.
  52. How should I dress for a speed dating event?
  53. A few ancient ruins of stone dating from the.
  54. He’s dating Trisha Marsh! Jane snorted.
  55. Dating Factory nominated at the IDate awards:.
  56. The Dating Factory system will automatically.
  57. Copycats have no place in online dating sites.
  58. Own Domain Name and Use It with Dating Factory.
  59. She was dating one of his fraternity brothers.
  60. Michael read a book about it: I Kissed Dating.
  61. But there's no harm in dating him, is there?
  62. I seem to remember Gabriel and Rachel dating.
  63. We met through one of those online dating sites.
  64. She said I was dating and I didn’t even know.
  65. Dating, sex, and sexuality scared and confused me.
  66. And i felt like that when i tried a dating site.
  67. But I thought he was dating Jaxa? Lisa said.
  68. Online dating is a continuous, systematic process.
  69. An old irish name dating back thousands of years.
  70. What has this got to do with dating?! EVERYTHING!.
  71. Online dating can be a fun and exciting experience.
  72. Dating Violence is the Rule – Not the Exception.
  73. I was exhausted and I had had it with the dating.
  74. A lot of the fun dating ideas listed below are not.
  75. And of course he loved dating and meeting his women.
  76. Last night I watched a film dating from those years.
  77. But who would help her and her dating dilemma now?
  78. He picked me up, and we started dating after that.
  79. Ever since he had started dating his own shrink, Dr.
  80. When they irst began dating, Rebecca was very sweet.
  81. He was dating me, because his mother ordered him to.
  82. While I was dating you, I was having sex with David.
  83. She knew her parents strict views on boys and dating.
  84. Exclusive interviews with dating experts, authors and.
  85. The same can be said of speed dating, but even more so.
  86. Were you dating Terry or were you dating Jo-Jo?
  87. An Overview of the Online Dating and Its Pros and Cons.
  88. Others used the site for everything, even as a dating.
  89. May have been older as the dating method was not great.
  90. The First Things You Should Do When You're Speed Dating.
  91. He just didn’t have an income that would allow dating.
  92. By her second February, she had joined a dating service.
  93. A: I guess it must have been the girl he was … dating.
  94. Speed Dating is a fairly recent craze to hit the Dating.
  95. Men - What They Think of Dating Both Online and Offline.
  96. Chow Chows are an ancient breed dating to 206 BC Ancient.
  97. I wonder how long they’ve been dating, said Jesse.
  98. However, dating can become boring if one allows it to be.
  99. Um, well, I was dating a guy, but another girl stole him.
  100. This is where the paid dating sites hold a huge advantage.
  1. John is dated 125 A.
  2. Tom dated Rose on an.
  3. This is dated May 13.
  4. A thank you card dated.
  5. They had even dated twin.
  6. No wonder she never dated.
  7. It was dated two years ago.
  8. It was dated three years back.
  9. It was dated February 10, 1995.
  10. MARGE: We dated for over a year.
  11. He also dated it and signed it.
  12. I dated a guy who asked if he.
  13. The title page was dated May 16.
  14. His reply was dated October 11th.
  15. It was dated two nights earlier.
  16. This guy I dated before my ex.
  17. Their clothes dated from the 1880s.
  18. The two of you dated at least once.
  19. It is dated as such, Ava said.
  20. It was carbon dated to about 500 A.
  21. I dated Olivia for almost a year.
  22. Mark has traveled and dated on four.
  23. Monroe, dated January 4th, 1804—.
  24. That sort of moral debate dated him.
  25. Monroe, dated the 9th of June, 1811.
  26. Monroe, dated the 15th of July, 1811.
  27. Not like the guys she normally dated.
  28. I dated them a month ahead in order to.
  29. She had never dated anyone before Mark.
  30. The two following pieces, dated from St.
  31. We dated after that and fell in love.
  32. And for these reasons she seldom dated.
  33. They dated from the time of her divorce.
  34. This chapter may well be the most dated.
  35. It’s dated well over two years ago.
  36. Never dated before, a real backward kid.
  37. Or maybe it means he’s never dated a.
  38. You dated this woman? Gunnar asked.
  39. As for Tyler, she dated him throughout.
  40. And of all the girls I had dated, Marta.
  41. He dated other women, growing closer to.
  42. The most recent file was dated yesterday.
  43. He said it dated back to Tadias’s time.
  44. Anyway, that's who Jane dated that night.
  45. It was signed by Diane alright and dated.
  46. I dated a woman whose husband beat her.
  47. It was dated from La Force, within an hour.
  48. I have traveled to and dated 51 | P a g e.
  49. Most of them dated back about 600,000 years.
  50. The report was dated from mid July of 1941.
  51. She hadn't dated anyone in almost ten years.
  52. We dated while in college, but a couple of.
  53. Today I received a letter dated January 31st.
  54. I’d dated guys on the force once or twice.
  55. His eyes came to an article dated the week.
  56. You haven't dated anyone more than once in.
  57. Jesse has dated half the girls in this town.
  58. In a letter to the Academy dated June 16, M.
  59. I'm eighteen, but I’ve barely dated at all.
  60. Mass, it's been two years since you've dated.
  61. The letter was dated May 1, 1566, and read:.
  62. I dated a couple of girls for a while, both.
  63. All seemed to be personal and all were dated.
  64. Razumihin opened the note which was dated the.
  65. His response dated March 1, 1967 read thusly:.
  66. Ireland are dated to upwards of 6000 years old.
  67. It was a charter dated Christmas ten years ago.
  68. Yet, while we dated he constantly kept.
  69. I thought we told you Kathy dated lots of men.
  70. Dad dated a woman I’ll call Renee, who.
  71. It’s a letter, dated two days before his death.
  72. Imagine if that guy dated the homecoming queen.
  73. I mean I dated a few women, but it never really.
  74. She dated both but later married the younger man.
  75. Carter, that that letter is dated three weeks ago.
  76. In a letter to the Académie, dated October 16, M.
  77. The trapped emotions in Rochelle’s tumor dated.
  78. The paper was dated Friday the 22nd of July 2005.
  79. I click a follow up article dated three days later.
  80. I've been faithful to all of the girls I've dated.
  81. Morgan dated, but she never got into relationships.
  82. Persons with Disabilities had passed Orders dated 05.
  83. We dated for about two years and then we go married.
  84. In his reply dated March 12th the Dalai Lama wrote:.
  85. A more dated event was what historian Ellis called.
  86. Some of the mummies have been dated to four thousand.
  87. It made most gear she remembered look a little dated.
  88. We dated when he studied at the University of Chicago.
  89. You will remember Napoleon's decree is dated in April.
  90. Is Grandma the only woman you dated? Moses asked.
  91. He met and dated young women of all shapes, sizes and.
  92. But the receipt is dated May, pointed out George.
  93. It was in an out building that was an out dated army.
  94. He was doomed! Tom and Pamela dated for a year before.
  95. I dated this blonde nurse, Sherry, for about two years.
  96. His last letter I received yesterday is dated August 31.
  97. Robertson signed and dated the note midnight last night.
  98. You know, he never really dated much when he lived here.
  99. I've dated him a few times over the past couple of years.
  100. The captain dated it as of two days ago when you came.
  1. If you give dates to.
  2. But I checked the dates.
  3. The dates of many biblical.
  4. There were other broken dates.
  5. Having play dates is a must.
  6. EXCEL stores dates as numbers.
  7. We have ripe dates and bread.
  8. Abdul hadn’t taken the dates.
  9. The dates were about the same.
  10. It dates back to the 1700’s.
  11. This index dates back to 1990.
  12. These dates correspond to the.
  13. These dates consist the first.
  14. TONY-LEE: He has a lot of dates.
  15. Used to specify days and dates:.
  16. The dates went back to the 1980s.
  17. So pay attention to these dates.
  18. As the dates of Revelation are.
  19. This is one of my favorite dates.
  20. She hadn’t been on many dates.
  21. First dates are tough situations.
  22. I didn’t really have any dates.
  23. Look at the dates on the files.
  24. A number of dates have been given.
  25. Now, he looked at the dates again.
  26. Combining the dates of all three.
  27. The present complex dates mainly.
  28. Always check your ex-dividend dates.
  29. I waited for the tour dates to be.
  30. I find it hard to recall the dates.
  31. Some of the boys brought their dates.
  32. They did not even have dates on them.
  33. It dates back well into the 1800's!.
  34. List the dates for completion of each.
  35. Dates and times are Check the formulae.
  36. These dates are exactly the same but.
  37. Most dates on the calendar were blank.
  38. These dates exactly correspond to the.
  39. His courage dates back to the Holocaust.
  40. Working with fuzzy dates in CodeIgniter.
  41. There’s plenty of names, but no dates.
  42. Only the dates remained to be disclosed.
  43. It was a list of names, dates, and times.
  44. History books are full of names and dates.
  45. We weren’t sure of birth dates so she.
  46. So their dates were kept casual, low-key.
  47. The entries consist largely of dates and.
  48. The earliest inscription dates from 732 A.
  49. Someone else can take care of other dates.
  50. Thus it seems the dates are limited to 6.
  51. A quick scan of the dates and she finds it.
  52. Memorizing dates could be a boring exercise.
  53. From the dates it seems that my daughter was.
  54. Especially the dates, if you can get them.
  55. Another need for information comes from dates.
  56. Few dates in history are as important as 1687.
  57. The first bookprinted in Cuba dates from 1720.
  58. Oh, yes, I would love to, tell me the dates.
  59. He got to know about the dates only now….
  60. I don’t remember the exact dates, I swear.
  61. There! Sam growled, pointing to the dates.
  62. Chapter 6 Deeper into Dates and Times with SAS.
  63. They recalled the best dates they’d ever had.
  64. So I’d still like to have the dates, if I may.
  65. He was probably between dates so he accepted a.
  66. I don't remember the dates, but it happened in.
  67. One legend dates the discovery of tea to 2737 B.
  68. And the soaring palm trees, with clustered dates.
  69. Note that these dates pick up 16-17 years after.
  70. The government building dates to the 11th century.
  71. It dates from the 7th century and houses statues.
  72. Recency refers to the dates a horse raced recently.
  73. Here is the data set we have with character dates:.
  74. I knew there was some significance to the dates.
  75. Black powder dates back more than a thousand years.
  76. The dates in the diary were only vaguely clustered.
  77. Do you have the specific dates he was here?
  78. She got stood up on dates with men she really liked.
  79. For information on places and dates of his speaking.
  80. Then you have things like nuts and dates said Joe.
  81. We adopt the similar procedure for the dates of or-.
  82. Are you amazed at my vivid recall with exact dates?
  83. I’ve had a few dates I didn’t tell you about.
  84. We need to know dates and times, how the trial goes.
  85. Columbus’s dates conform to the same cyclic pattern.
  86. The dates will match up with the dates in the ledger.
  87. Now that I knew the tour dates, I could finalize my.
  88. It dates back way back to the early 1980s, even the.
  89. The dates had led nowhere but the nickname had stuck.
  90. Observe the correct planting dates on vegetables, etc.
  91. Robert had the seven dates he needed in front of him.
  92. To dream that you are eating dates signify distress.
  93. He only dates model type chicks with big tits and ass.
  94. We now know that the Reef, in its present form, dates.
  95. Attracting dates using false pretences can only lead.
  96. Thinking you’d ask, I’ve emailed the dates to you.
  97. We determine the three nearest option expiration dates.
  98. Say Chandler meets her, dates her, breaks her heart.
  99. Either way, these are certainly dates I look forward to.
  100. Dates, celebrations, and recurring events were vital to.

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