define sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Define sätze (in englisch)

  1. Define it by what it is.
  2. Now that you have define.
  3. Select and define the deed.
  4. Here people have to define.
  5. First, we need to define risk.

  6. Though they did not define or.
  7. First, define the trend for OBV.
  8. We define ourselves in this way.
  9. How I handle this will define me.
  10. Value can be tough to define.
  11. We would define this as the Church.
  12. Shrewd management is hard to define.
  13. Lexicons sometimes define a Greek.
  14. I define power as clarity of purpose.
  15. Take the time to define them clearly.

  16. First, we need to define some terms:.
  17. For technical reasons, they define a.
  18. Define your style and then develop it.
  19. There are many ways to define faith.
  20. Let me define again a put down for you.
  21. DEFINE: tell what a term briefly means.
  22. Step 1 – Define the actions you want.
  23. The two main factions that define the.
  24. Define your idea of aid and subjugation.
  25. Here is how we define the straddle play.

  26. What is the present, Grady? Define it.
  27. Just think a moment and try to define it.
  28. To begin with, we should define our terms.
  29. Define what it is you want to apply –.
  30. Now let me just define that word ridicule.
  31. Using Trend Lines to Define Rate of Trend.
  32. We can define everything by space and time.
  33. But if I must define them, I would say bad.
  34. With that view, let me learnedly define it.
  35. He could not define its shape, but he did.
  36. It puts ratio to order and define coherency.
  37. We come to the point where we need to define.
  38. The work had been easier to define because Mr.
  39. Next, we define the states of our state machine.
  40. It bothered her that she couldn’t define the.
  41. There is no mechanism to define what a wrong is.
  42. I cannot define it or describe this peculiarity.
  43. Remember that I define wealth as a holistic and.
  44. I just hope you don't let it define who you are.
  45. And we imagine that we know what we can define!.
  46. To begin with, it is important to define our terms.
  47. Critical Path Analysis helped define the starting.
  48. He goes on to define inefficient traders, saying:.
  49. In the Irish language there are 2 words to define.
  50. States vary in how they define criminal harassment.
  51. Define your audience, what its needs are, and how.
  52. Next we define the records on the next number file.
  53. There were only two shapes she could vaguely define.
  54. First thin the eyebrow, then slowly define the arch.
  55. How do you define the quality of a piece of art?
  56. If you go the research route, you need to define 72.
  57. In that we define ourselves by our ideas, mightn’t.
  58. Your unknown self is looking for a why to define it.
  59. Difficult to define where the last trees stopped, the.
  60. There was a bond between us I find difficult to define.
  61. He teaches her w define her self-worth as a reflection.
  62. Define a new relationship with your ex for your children.
  63. Citizenship is supposed to define who, and what you are.
  64. Many states define domestic violence as a distinct crime.
  65. I define prosperity as being the abundance of all things.
  66. Teach me to rest in You, without struggling to define You.
  67. Perhaps you can add other things to help define a friend.
  68. Third, Define Jobs and Align Them to the Core Processes:.
  69. They define current trends in both direction and duration.
  70. In order to determine and define what actually happens in.
  71. It turns out that life is, rightfully, difficult to define.
  72. What humans would define as teasing is normal behavior in.
  73. Define what it would mean to you to accomplish those goals.
  74. He was surprised that he could define the pitches so well.
  75. The purpose of the lectures was to define a German citizen.
  76. Let’s define Karma again and expand on this concept.
  77. It would be helpful to define the meaning of the above words.
  78. Define what you will do, and what you will not do regularly.
  79. To discover and define those laws is the problem of history.
  80. Something like jasmin and another flower he could not define.
  81. You will be remembered for the things that define your life.
  82. We define 'object-oriented programming as an approach that.
  83. The main point of the book, is to use and define a Biblical.
  84. Our relationships define our significance within a membership.
  85. Optionz Traderz: ‘Consistent’ depends on how you define it.
  86. It is also possible for a market to define a new, steeper trend.
  87. This is a big one and one of the hardest to define, since one.
  88. I couldn’t define what it was about it that made me think so.
  89. They will define each model, preferably with a good facilitator.
  90. The audience for whom a site is created will define the purpose.
  91. I define strength as the ability or means to achieve your purpose.
  92. The final criterion to define how long your session should be is.
  93. First, we should try to define what a refugium is and how it can.
  94. Do you know its meaning? Just think a moment and try to define it.
  95. Wright offers three related terms while attempting to define the.
  96. It would define his future if all of the pieces dropped into place.
  97. I don't think it is a good idea for me to try and define myself in.
  98. The purpose of this stage is to define the Critical Path Component.
  99. She seemed to perceive something strange but could not define what.
  100. Working days were used as measurement units to define time duration.
  1. This is the defining moment.
  2. Defining a new field of action.
  3. Faith is a topic worth defining.
  4. Defining the parts of an option.
  5. Here are two ways of defining it :.
  6. This was a defining moment in his life.
  7. God who have had their defining moments.
  8. We continue with defining the transitions.
  9. In the meantime, concentrate on defining.
  10. Defining the Problem You Solve for Others.
  11. Start by defining the voice of your brand.
  12. It lets us know that we are defining a file.
  13. Defining and overriding sections is optional.
  14. The first challenge is defining exactly what.
  15. The CONVENTION; a novel about defining moments.
  16. This is like defining a funeral as an accident.
  17. Fortunately by defining the account balance as.
  18. However, there are no pivots defining the floor.
  19. Defining the path and the steps to reach the goal.
  20. Christine knew this was a defining point of her life.
  21. They are also the core and defining concept of the.
  22. We find new ways of defining ourselves as different.
  23. The change begins with defining the desired situation.
  24. Are there clear defining moments when you will know.
  25. It is about what stays as the defining benchmark of all.
  26. In defining the thoughts and actions of a modern Christian.
  27. Patience may not be one of the defining traits for gunners.
  28. Only to dazzle me with those defining lashes and hazel eyes.
  29. The Start Up Phase is about sculpting and defining not just.
  30. These are the defining dynamics of how and why we use tools.
  31. It was his fault for not clearly defining their roles as a.
  32. Seven years ago, a defining moment in United States history.
  33. Consider the following factors when defining what a good deal.
  34. After all this treatment is one of your defining achievements.
  35. The Top Five Console Defining Exclusives for the Playstation 3.
  36. Defining the Strategy is inherently a leadership responsibility.
  37. The scene started without defining the context as a dream, so.
  38. There he formulated a religious creed defining all his actions.
  39. Please don't skimp on this defining and costing and timing process.
  40. These are the defining points for the start of any congestion phase.
  41. In addition to all above said ancient treatises were defining a lot.
  42. I will be aware of the defining moments in my life and act upon them.
  43. That is why we first emphasize defining and aligning work execution.
  44. Although the typical role of a CKO is in strategically defining a KM.
  45. The question hung in the air, suspended in a moment of defining purpose.
  46. This defining event would have tragic consequences for hundreds of men.
  47. To awaken is to know yourself as awareness without defining attributes.
  48. Right now, I want to just look at first of all defining your inner world.
  49. You will now begin with defining the structure of a subconscious picture.
  50. These defining aspects typically characterize a nation by keeping it Whole.
  51. Much has been written on the topics of defining masculinity and femininity.
  52. It is the defining feature that shows me the value of everything I see….
  53. The one defining event for those who dislike him was the Iran hostage crisis.
  54. The suspected problem is in defining the filtering area used on the indicator.
  55. You have seen how you can reuse code in your program by defining functions once.
  56. Once again: defining the envier and showing how envy hits the one who is envied.
  57. The California Gold Rush was a defining moment in the history of the United States.
  58. He turned to regard Knowlan, a dim light defining the feeble life within his eyes.
  59. When defining the limits on the number of repeaters allowed on the network, the 802.
  60. Rules that end up determining the identity of a group defining its characteristics.
  61. As with the Advance Block, defining the deterioration of the trend can be difficult.
  62. The defining characteristic of the bearish big belt is the jump in the market price.
  63. She kissed his neck again and prepared to whisper one last defining word into his ear.
  64. For seventy years that great defining crucible hath been allowed to reign righteously.
  65. So the defining question is whether or not Jesus Christ really is ‘God’ incarnate.
  66. Each option for a trade will have a purpose, so we will start by defining those purposes.
  67. Defining your own interval where days start at the desired time would solve this problem.
  68. God he thought, how unexpected and grand had been his life since that incredible defining.
  69. Great nations and civilizations have been defining and re-fining themselves for centuries.
  70. The concept of immaculately clean linear lines defining boundaries abstractively is insane.
  71. Some of the risk will always remain subjective, although we try to eliminate it by defining.
  72. Royston Holl was calmly recalling the two defining moments of his life as he lay swaying in.
  73. Figure 13 shows the screen where after defining your sections you can add as many variations.
  74. Why, this is anarchism, Rogozhinsky said, quietly defining his brother-in-law’s words.
  75. So defining enlightenment in many ways now makes sense, depending on what is being pointed to.
  76. If we want any further confirmation, let us listen to the Apostle James defining it's meaning.
  77. Once again, here we have a pivotal and defining group of seven that were vital to grasping the.
  78. Truman's administration only called for continued progress, never defining what that was.
  79. The head symbolizes mindset and anything placed atop the head was meant to symbolize a defining.
  80. Pillars are therefore defining principles and ideals that support and strengthen a philosophical.
  81. My first kiss with James was so defining that nothing my parents did could wipe it from my memory.
  82. This is somewhat vague since there is difficulty in defining exactly what a zone of insolvency is.
  83. The defining principle of their theory is that you cannot use past prices to predict future prices.
  84. These you could have gotten by simply defining the fields needed and not worrying about the others.
  85. It’s tricky defining exactly what constitutes an ATM option in VIX as noted earlier in the chapter.
  86. Thereby, it illustrates that grasping the simple defining conceptual component(s) of a larger system.
  87. TOMIC’s trading infrastructure begins by defining how much money you will need to start the business.
  88. One of the most basic distinctions investors make in defining their field of play concerns company size.
  89. Now that the number of websites has passed the 100 million mark, the defining point for websites is the.
  90. The line of shrubs, defining the end of the lawn, grew waist-high, with a two-foot gap between each bush.
  91. If love is an attitude, an intention, a willed way of being, then The Road can only be a defining 655.
  92. The Congress needs to pass a law defining the authority of the President in issuing executive orders and.
  93. By defining What is The Matter? – The M, they create the myth of the Ultimate Solution – the US.
  94. Every election campaign has a defining moment, an event which changes the course of the contest permanently.
  95. Plato established the basic Western tradition on this topic by defining the soul as the spiritual part of.
  96. The narrow strand gleamed far ahead in a long curve, defining the outline of this wild side of the harbour.
  97. Peter had a team working on clearly defining the company structure and its interlocking business interests.
  98. The only difference between defining a class member function completely within its class or to include only.
  99. He would show the girls the magic of his martial art, and at the same time put a defining kick on his victim.
  100. Election 2014 was India’s first general election where television became the defining arena of the contest.
  1. That is why I defined.
  2. A Man Defined By Action.
  3. The cost will be defined.
  4. We have defined the term.
  5. My duty is clearly defined.
  6. We have defined our problem.
  7. If fruit has been defined.
  8. Your words have defined it.
  9. An age is simply a defined.
  10. The afterlife is defined as.
  11. A moment defined in history.
  12. Have a well defined plan by.
  13. They are defined as follows:-.
  14. Objective is defined as what.
  15. A love that can’t be defined.
  16. They all are defined in string.
  17. The function is defined as σ.
  18. The threshold value is defined.
  19. Mankind is defined as one species.
  20. After a while, travel defined us.
  21. Drinking Water as defined by the U.
  22. Surely this cube could be defined.
  23. Step One, you defined the actual.
  24. Note that F[x] is now defined as.
  25. I like a clearly defined situation.
  26. Why Love is so hard to be defined?
  27. You are defined by your associates.
  28. It defined forgiveness and healing.
  30. Market is defined as the OPMI market.
  31. Expectations must be clearly defined.
  32. You are defined by your associations.
  33. Typically, work is defined as doing.
  34. Love ne’er can be defined by worth.
  35. That column value can be defined and.
  36. A mind defined with anger has no idea.
  37. The proposed LVP Regulations defined.
  38. Marriage is defined in terms of a man.
  39. But it is not defined by his sexuality.
  40. Rather than a defined technology, Web 2.
  41. This path was defined following a CPM.
  42. Negative interference is defined as any.
  43. Dictionary, 186 mind is defined as: 1.
  44. Maslow defined these levels as follows:.
  46. Stable is defined as being over 30 years.
  47. Faith is defined by the faith of Abraham.
  48. You are defined by everything around you.
  49. Mothering is shaped and defined not just.
  50. Over the first four chapters you defined.
  51. Sufficient income is defined as having an.
  52. The physical layer options defined in 802.
  53. SG 1 Use the Defined Process for the Work.
  54. ED is defined by the symptoms listed above.
  55. Keep in mind that touching isn't defined.
  56. The package target is defined as follows:.
  57. Therefore beauty is defined by taste alone.
  58. The prepare target is defined as follows:.
  59. I know not that it has been defined before.
  60. Positive change is defined by change that.
  61. Each element is defined to be of the type.
  62. Functions are defined using the def keyword.
  63. The duty cycle is defined as the percent-.
  64. The temple of god is defined as the.
  65. The compile target is defined in this way:.
  66. The Covenant (Testament) is defined by the.
  67. This place where I am is defined by a dream.
  68. They’re defined in the Apocalypse Symbol.
  69. And by his mouth is he defined before others.
  70. That match defined my life in the Air Force.
  71. The nightmare had become defined by reality.
  72. Where are the routing rules defined in an asp.
  73. Although, of course, it is yet to be defined.
  74. The inline functions are defined as follows:.
  75. They could have had no defined and commonly.
  76. The final completed ratio is defined as the.
  77. In this case the client defined the overall.
  78. And their short-term life was defined by you.
  79. His sense of entitlement and weakly defined.
  80. Defined for functions over the natural numbers.
  81. You are defined by your unspoken associations.
  82. Locale is defined by the LOCALE= system option.
  83. In layman's terms this is commonly defined as.
  84. It suffers from the shoulds previously defined.
  85. And all the stuff has its meaning to be defined.
  86. Gueulemer was a Hercules of no defined position.
  87. This is defined by time which is called gravity.
  88. Constraints may also be defined as inequality:.
  89. The muscles in her legs straining, well defined.
  90. His arms and legs are well defined but not bulky.
  91. Suddenly nothing can be defined ‘absolutely’.
  92. Week 1 is defined as the first full week in 2016.
  93. Outѕ аrе defined аѕ a саrd іn the dесk.
  94. We are defined by how we act in our use of others.
  95. Lust or apparent love can be defined in a simple.
  96. The poorly defined edges were constantly changing.
  97. Even the muscles in his forearm are taut, defined.
  98. The result was a string of sharply defined reefs.
  99. Fasting is usually defined as abstaining from food.
  100. The idea was then defined to pursue a concept that.
  1. This is what defines life.
  2. But how one defines one’s.
  3. What is it that defines or de-.
  4. Each feeds and defines the other.
  5. The fear that defines our species.
  6. The structure defines the dynamic.
  7. Whatever you are next to: defines you.
  8. For who you choose defines what you do.
  9. Step Three defines where you are on the.
  10. The dynamic defines civilized existence.
  11. Gravity is the motion that defines the.
  12. The instant that somebody defines where.
  13. Revelation 1: 3 defines this guarantee:.
  14. This defines what it is to be a teacher:.
  15. Q: You said the body defines the outer self.
  16. This migration file defines the queries to.
  17. Truth is the word that defines Blake's quest.
  18. What one defines as excess fat comes to be.
  19. Line 3 defines the display for missing values.
  20. This is the urge that defines us, the urge to.
  21. One thing which defines all of us across the.
  22. Poetry defines a culture, John conjectured.
  23. Language is the cornerstone that defines a Culture.
  24. Here is the word Kolasin as the author defines it.
  25. Google defines relevancy by CTR (Click Through Rate).
  26. Defines important terms and explains CM thinking tools.
  27. Further, the same section defines aggravated rape as a.
  28. Likewise, it is one's focus of attention that defines.
  29. Let's look at how the AAFCO defines these ingredients:.
  30. This increase in entropy defines the direction of time.
  31. Anti religion defines someone who is opposed to religion.
  32. This law defines that like energy is attracted to like.
  33. And finally, a zero autocorrelation defines a random walk.
  34. As its name defines, it is used to clear the output screen.
  35. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines worry as a state of.
  36. If masculinist culture defines male sexuality in terms of.
  37. I don’t think we know what defines true faith in the eyes.
  38. The oxford dictionary defines the word bury as follows:.
  39. The Constitution clearly defines the responsibilities of each.
  40. The emotional division, then, defines an individual’s over-.
  41. Yahushua told a story in the Book of Luke that clearly defines.
  42. It defines an array called student that consists of 100 elements.
  43. This social picture covers many topics, for example it defines:.
  44. Each ultimately defines a society‘s probable place in History.
  45. In above example defines has the same meaning as the definiendum.
  46. The word "consequence" defines itself quite well as language goes.
  47. The POP3 standard defines two possible authentication mechanisms.
  48. Imagine a quadrant, if you will, where the vertical axis defines.
  49. It defines what it means to be human, and not only an early human.
  50. Sophia-Analysis is also based on a theory which defines humanity as.
  51. Christopher Davis of the Davis Funds defines it with this formula:.
  52. Section 5 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 defines a bill of.
  53. Meaning ―to have and to hold,‖ which defines the quantity of the.
  54. It’s really how you deal with failure that defines you as a person.
  55. Ayn Rand defines it as „…the frozen form of a living intelligence.
  56. Perhaps it is the ability to ask that question that defines sentience.
  57. Science defines a well-designed study as one that is free of all bias.
  58. Their position defines, which zone of the spine is worked out (at the.
  59. One last argument for this is as follows: why is it that Homer defines.
  60. Statistics defines accurate results as results that are free of all bias.
  61. Panaghia in the Church defines the relationship of al monastics to her Son.
  62. What does VAP reveal? First, it defines these regions for us on the chart.
  63. Note that each sub-class defines only those features that are unique to it.
  64. The self defines itself in terms of relationships within a group or groups.
  65. The SNP mutation M95 that defines Subclade O2a is currently thought to have.
  66. It is the full, magnificent range of our witnessing that defines our humanity.
  67. Being aware of what defines strong or weak confirmation helps improve timing.
  68. American Psychiatric Association 1994) defines substance withdrawal using the.
  69. This pattern is especially important because it often defines a complex pullback.
  70. This example defines a format that will display text along with the date and time.
  71. It is this reason that defines and separates us from others in the animal kingdom.
  72. This scripture defines that there were indeed two gospels operating concurrently:.
  73. The relationship between short-term interest rates and long-term rates defines the.
  74. You can use the built-in dir function to list the identifiers that a module defines.
  75. Our response defines our relationship with God and determines our place in eternity.
  76. He defines His own death by comparing it to the death of a grain of wheat (John xii.
  77. Oversimplified ambiguity lodged firmly in the mind defines that thirst for peculiar.
  78. Section 4 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 defines a promissory note as ‘an.
  79. Esther Hicks defines true success as the amount of joy you feel as you live your life.
  80. The shift index defines the number of shift points to move the start of the interval.
  81. Pullbacks may also fail on a test of the pivot that defines the previous trend extreme.
  82. A different set of social structure defines my relationship with her, Garcia said.
  83. It defines the amount of a returns series which can be explained by an index or factor.
  84. Until whatever you buy defines who you are, and what you are, and in what class you are.
  85. By creating pyramidal cults of authority: the structure itself defines the value system.
  86. So God positions him in a place of spiritual authority, and He defines what that area is.
  87. They are found guilty of the offence; the law defines the penalty alike for each, say $10.
  88. IT’S TAKEN A WHILE, BUT I HAVE GOTTEN TO A POINT WHERE being a SEAL no longer defines me.
  89. Who you choose, not what you choose, is the answer, For who you choose defines what you do.
  90. Your brand strategy defines what you stand for and how you’ll communicate with the market.
  91. You're so different than the average Joe who defines shallow, that I see at work every day.
  92. Each standard defines the pinout (or order of connection) for the eight-pin connector plugs.
  93. He now defines his conviction of doom with the thought he has sinned against the Holy Spirit.
  94. What truly defines femininity? It’s not the clothes you wear, or even the shape of your body.
  95. The OSI document defines five theoretical classes of transport layer protocol, as shown here:.
  96. The government defines regulations as significant if they have an impact on the economy.
  97. The Lexicon defines the word “Apooleia” in English to mean “Conumption,” “Destruction.
  98. At least one of the spread betting providers that I use defines a stop order to sell simply as:.
  99. However, the flexibility of what is termed parametric statistics, defines the relationship.
  100. But it’s the truth, and it’s the odd paradox that defines Chris Kyle and his so-called legend.

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