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    1. "I'm sorry about the chief engineer, but we have several of his senior staff

    2. "What happened to him and the chief engineer?"

    3. By the way, Sophie is married to a structural engineer called Peter

    4. The scruffy engineer - no older than thirty but as dirty and smelly as any old street bum - worked seventeen hours a day and dreamed about work during the rest

    5. ‘What if she’s got serious injuries … don’t they say you shouldn’t move people who’re seriously injured?’ the engineer said after a moment’s silence

    6. ‘Have to risk it then, can’t leave her here …’ The engineer said, surveying the track again

    7. Jerry is our engineer

    8. Sir, I am many things - cleaner, engineer, cook, whatever you want

    9. She looked long and hard at a telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted in her hurrying home in tears, her ears ringing with the sound of wolf whistles

    10. telephone engineer who was working in the street, which resulted

    1. This, too, has not been properly tested (actually the US Government decided that it was safe without testing it and, further, decided that genetically engineered produce does not have to be labeled as such)

    2. It was engineered to require the participation of biology

    3. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and

    4. sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered

    5. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly of empire in the heavens

    6. Mankind used these genetically engineered pioneers to carry out so many of the dangerous tasks of empire building and thanked them with prejudice and anger

    7. Some might have a little smoother flavor and the engineered stuff goes way out beyond air, but any solid organic wash is as good as another

    8. At the gardens he left his horse with the attendant at the gate and entered, marvelling again at the sheer beauty of the place and the ingenious way in which the hanging masterpiece had been engineered

    9. It was all carefully engineered not to attract attention

    10. They would simply use his DNA to grow his new body that was every bit him but young, perhaps with a few engineered improvements

    1. "Come on aboard, it's as safe as any moderately tested engineering prototype

    2. there to greet me was the head of design at Imperial Engineering, then the single

    3. The new class of students are seated directly in front of us, divided into the two main areas of study, agriculture and engineering

    4. She saw that there were some engineering details to consider and had to build some simulations

    5. But the big news was, he was given permission to have Engineering turn the tangler beam on one of the bodies heading toward Sol and found the pulses of state changes were coming from there also

    6. 'So you are not repeating the engineering entrance,' my mother came out of the

    7. The languages of the time did not have words for extrasolar planets, digital simulation, genetic engineering, electronic surveillance and a lot of other terms that were needed to express the reality of current life

    8. One couldn't be a senior officer in a starship's Department of Engineering and not know enough quantum mechanics to know that was impossible

    9. “It’s an engineering marvel my love, my father’s grandfather designed it

    10. Engineering plans for a glider were sent along with instructions on exactly how to operate it to reach the planet

    1. They do this just as other professionals do: engineers, architects,

    2. There were seven hundred fifty six soldiers aboard the Al-Harron, about evenly divided between intelligence and astrophysical engineers with all the specialties reporting thru one or the other

    3. Artificials just like me worked for nearly two hundred years as your soldiers and destroyers, as your builders and pilots, as terra-formers, as engineers and as servants

    4. He has his critics among the engineers

    5. He had a few bright engineers on his staff, including Alan, who was still under sentence and probably couldn't be trusted with sensitive data

    6. "Why? We are in what our preachers preached for many more thousands of years than you know, even before your engineers built it

    7. engines, provided by a roving band of engineers which had,

    8. Trees and hedgerows disappeared under the heavy earth moving equipment as the staunch engineers of Mesapit scourged across the fields and woodlands eventually to arrive at Mr

    9. All the engineers were crowded around Heymon with lots of screens up and lit

    10. Blacksmiths, engineers, farmers, farriers and such

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    applied scientist engineer technologist engine driver locomotive engineer railroad engineer direct mastermind orchestrate organise organize plot design manage supervise