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Engineer in a sentence

An engineer at the 3M.
I am his support engineer.
The engineer had hit the No.
He wanted to be an engineer.
Tesla – every engineer does.
To be a consciousness engineer.
He was the chief engineer of.

A senior engineer called Cuan.
I wonder why the engineer fell.
My dad was an electrical engineer.
I am not the son of the engineer.
Avi took the flight engineer seat.
Any relation to the engineer?
The intrepid engineer Keith Gild.
CEO of TSF, an IT Company, engineer.
Wendy filled in as flight engineer.
For instance, the engineer has its.
The engineer was summoned once again.
A woman engineer, it seemed she was.
I am a basically a software engineer.
I am now a senior consulting engineer.
One a medic and the other an engineer.
For 'tis the sport to have the engineer.
My favorite engineer joke is this one:.
I'm an engineer type, not a marketer or.
Had the engineer seen Harv’s lantern?
I’ll untie the engineer after I do that.
For a moment the engineer stood irresolute.
The engineer stared gloomily at the floor.
I had to kill the pilot and an engineer.
Yes! This train’s engineer will receive.
Our glorious engineer didn’t think to test.
Nigel signaled the recording engineer to stop.
Tell me, broke in the engineer, is Dr.
Our artillery and engineer train will be next.
Im a retired chemical engineer, damn it!.
Tina looked at the engineer with visible worry.
He was a bloody bean counter, not an engineer.
The smile of the engineer widened at her words.
Dad was a telephone engineer before he retired.
He headed to the engineering.
It was a huge engineering feat.
And I can't contact engineering.
He was with the Engineering Corps.
None the less, he called Engineering.
Below it was engineering and storage.
Engineering of this is called METHODING.
Since I was working in the engineering.
This was a special kind of engineering.
He has studied engineering extensively.
He had attacked engineering, of course.
He is very well suited to engineering.
The engineering crew had deserted their.
There is a person alive in the Engineering.
What a crazy piece of engineering that was.
Looking to them both, the engineering chief.
Mathematics, engineering, the practical arts.
Even without having technical or engineering.
Tim Johnson would have been in engineering.
We have to seal off the bridge and engineering.
He earned two degrees in Electrical Engineering.
We occasionally make one in our engineering shop.
Engineering? We don't have any needs at present.
She kept insisting that I should study engineering.
The time the Engineering students went wild because.
She was a math major, and I was an engineering major.
His brother, Joshua, was Chief of Medical Engineering.
I had cleared the engineering entrance three years ago.
Basic engineering is the same for everyone in college.
I mean for you its okay, with your engineering and all.
Abercom was an engineering conglomerate listed on The.
Open a simultaneous line to the Major and engineering.
They began as usual with a little social engineering.
Yes, into the engineering compound, as soon as we can.
Advances in the engineering of amino acids that comprise.
The Major’s soldiers advanced further into engineering.
Mechanical Engineering and obtained a job in the Scottish.
Hot on the heels of the engineering team Jo’s team were.
Reuben got into the engineering even more that he admitted.
Engineered to defeat the Gambler.
As if we were engineered that way.
We have engineered each breed to.
We have also reverse engineered the.
We have reverse engineered your simulation games.
It was all carefully engineered not to attract attention.
It was engineered to require the participation of biology.
Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and.
Gingrich engineered the 1994 Contract with America that so.
However, Frizzell told the committee George engineered his removal.
These products have been called engineered safety for investors.
In the end, though, a species of giants was finally engineered out of mankind.
She had engineered it thus far, ignoring her son's inadequacies as a bridegroom.
Thus, the ideal company engineered a strategy that took advantage of three.
Even without the Stargazers, any man or woman could have engineered a dictatorship.
Well, just as those flowers were engineered, animals have sometimes been engineered.
Nate often engineered a pause of some kind in the middle of a hearing, she reflected.
Jesus, she genetically engineered a slug that could eat plastic using a fungus?
Their slow walk had been purposely engineered to give the impression that they belonged.
I’m envious of how well he’s engineered to survive, to conquer, to outlast apocalypse.
Their activism as a company is not engineered; it wasn’t coached by a public relations firm.
Beautifully engineered and hard as nails, but still requiring some kind of basic minimal care.
Those scientists used engineered cancer cells to provoke cancer fighting antibodies in mice.
Forced removal was pushed, planned, and engineered by Jackson for his entire two terms in office.
As you use this symbol guide, keep in mind that these definitions were reverse engineered from a.
However I did not understand why they were so happy and suspected that something had engineered!.
I had to know with absolute certainty that I wasnt walking into some kind of a Kemp engineered set-up.
The most recent crash we engineered was a key element of the plan, in tripling the value of our key asset.
The previous year, some people living down the road had engineered a cocktail party to impress the neighbours.
It would have been a tricky subject for him to raise with Forsyth, but he could have engineered it given time.
They weren’t hybrid lion men engineered by the fallen messengers of El Elyon to terrorize and corrupt mankind.
Peter had engineered the entire project that he had nicknamed the car "Edwin" after his father Edwin La Fontaine.
The Focus’’ engineered Churchill into the Cabinet in 1939 and into the Prime Minister’s position in 1940.
The news was talking now about how some people had engineered a daring escape from some sanitarium in the next state.
Negotiators are frequently faced with surprise situations deliberately engineered by the other side in order to shock.
The fortunes of kings and empires, their wars and conquests have always been engineered for the exclusive benefit of the elite.
They would simply use his DNA to grow his new body that was every bit him but young, perhaps with a few engineered improvements.
That was his only fight so far, and we have reason to believe that the terrorist may have engineered this to enable his success.
This works by having a small, circular ceramic disc in the valve that’s been engineered to break if the pressure gets too high.
With a sinking heart, I realized that these two great lords had probably engineered both the massacre at Cape Fear and the war itself.
Our water engineers have been.
Army Corps of Engineers official.
Flight engineers take first watch.
He’s from the Corps of Engineers.
They will be nothing but engineers.
The engineers went off on their own.
I heard Elijah shout to the Engineers.
Now I know why engineers put it there.
The engineers had done their jobs well.
Brown Consulting Engineers is the only.
Other engineers can build other things.
A handful of combat engineers followed.
He has his critics among the engineers.
I can imagine the engineers watching me.
Furthermore, their nuclear engineers and.
Just tell me and the engineers what to do.
During the 1960s, hydrological engineers.
They would be more valuable as engineers.
The engineers looked at each other nervously.
There are structural engineers and nuclear.
Granted, you may know engineers who are jerks.
Engineers can’t resist a mechanical puzzle.
Jobs and a number of Apple engineers visited.
We must hurry to assist the gnome engineers.
One invention makes other engineers devise more.
All of the engineers went down with the steamer.
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
The Israeli Army Engineers had loaned the team a.
Most of the inquiries were legit: engineers and.
You creatures are adept and resourceful engineers.
The Engineers enthusiastically tackled the problem.
Army Corps of Engineers fined a Minnesota farmer.
Blacksmiths, engineers, farmers, farriers and such.
And nevertheless the engineers had to leave a lake.
He actually called the other engineers in to show.
Engineers say it will collapse if there is another 6.
For the Engineers, some stats related to our bones:.
In that endeavor, Spain employed engineers of other.
Credibility of engineers responsible to their actions.
Some Andorian engineers are taking up residence on it.

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