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Engineer en una oración (en ingles)

  1. An engineer at the 3M.
  2. I am his support engineer.
  3. He wanted to be an engineer.
  4. The engineer had hit the No.
  5. Tesla – every engineer does.

  6. He was the chief engineer of.
  7. To be a consciousness engineer.
  8. A senior engineer called Cuan.
  9. I wonder why the engineer fell.
  10. I am not the son of the engineer.
  11. My dad was an electrical engineer.
  12. Any relation to the engineer?
  13. The intrepid engineer Keith Gild.
  14. Avi took the flight engineer seat.
  15. CEO of TSF, an IT Company, engineer.

  16. Wendy filled in as flight engineer.
  17. The engineer was summoned once again.
  18. For instance, the engineer has its.
  19. A woman engineer, it seemed she was.
  20. I am a basically a software engineer.
  21. One a medic and the other an engineer.
  22. I am now a senior consulting engineer.
  23. For 'tis the sport to have the engineer.
  24. My favorite engineer joke is this one:.
  25. I'm an engineer type, not a marketer or.

  26. Had the engineer seen Harv’s lantern?
  27. The engineer stared gloomily at the floor.
  28. For a moment the engineer stood irresolute.
  29. I’ll untie the engineer after I do that.
  30. Yes! This train’s engineer will receive.
  31. I had to kill the pilot and an engineer.
  32. Nigel signaled the recording engineer to stop.
  33. Our glorious engineer didn’t think to test.
  34. Tell me, broke in the engineer, is Dr.
  35. Tina looked at the engineer with visible worry.
  36. Our artillery and engineer train will be next.
  37. The smile of the engineer widened at her words.
  38. He was a bloody bean counter, not an engineer.
  39. Im a retired chemical engineer, damn it!.
  40. Dad was a telephone engineer before he retired.
  41. I worked for the government as a forest engineer.
  42. Did you see that? Conrad, the engineer asked.
  43. What no engineer could have built against was what.
  44. The engineer looked with annoyance at the small man.
  45. And the engineer who invented fire retardant walls.
  46. That's Senior Environmental Engineer to you, boy.
  47. Kitty, I was an electrical engineer for forty years.
  48. Melissas father was an engineer and had invented.
  49. The Chief Engineer did mention that the craft had.
  50. An engineer who'd worked with Baba on his orphanage.
  51. As arranged, a junior engineer met him at the hatch.
  52. One is an aerospace engineer and the other a dentist.
  53. It pays to be able to be a competent mental engineer.
  54. She arranged for him to train as a computer engineer.
  55. Owen and the engineer, sergeant Goldbloom, who was a.
  56. Frankly I left most of the work to my senior engineer.
  57. Carter is anything of the engineer I believe her to be.
  58. It was enough to drive a man to become a civil engineer.
  59. It was time for me to put on my mechanical engineer hat.
  60. He was certainly a good engineer, and always helpful.
  61. Jeremiah Hayling, aged twenty-six, a hydraulic engineer.
  62. It took only minutes for the engineer to arrive, in the.
  63. I did that for your sake, Gould,' said the chief engineer.
  64. Stepping in front of a train isn’t fair to the engineer.
  65. Owen had been in conference with the army’s engineer for.
  66. The gnome engineer spun the arms of his battlemech rapidly.
  67. Mrs Frith said, My hubby's District Engineer on the railway.
  68. As philosophers, we engineer elaborate theories about what.
  69. The engineer saw it, shut the regulator, and reversed steam.
  70. The welder, duly authorized by the engineer shall carry out.
  71. Now, I highly recommend you find yourself a good engineer.
  72. Engineer Fulton, whom Waddell claimed was the builder of the.
  73. Come with us, they said, leading the Engineer out of the.
  74. May a structural engineer with a minor in climatology, and Dr.
  75. Engineer Ghazali, tied to a chair, his mouth covered with tape.
  76. Manfred has been used by someone to engineer the sundering.
  77. The city traffic engineer was the key man in the zoning process.
  78. I want it to take a long time for their engineer to untie them.
  79. An engineer on the other hand, is employed to build or design.
  80. High school and Academy buddy, Reuben Abrams was Chief Engineer.
  81. George, and they were seated in plush chairs behind the engineer.
  82. Paul was a mechanical engineer and had a successful career there.
  83. Louis to Kansas City, where she’d landed a job as an engineer.
  84. There was an Edwin Needham who was a computer engineer with a Ph.
  85. You can also love an engineer without being an engineer yourself.
  86. I am a Govicide Agent not a OWG Engineer, Govicide Agent Locke.
  87. Wendy took the co-pilot and Rose sat in the flight engineer seat.
  88. The engineer nodded while Behrens turned to look back at the ship.
  89. Jiminy, you apparently dont know what a sanitation engineer is.
  90. Today, he is an engineer by day and an author and artist by night.
  91. And now it was festival time, and again the engineer was insistent.
  92. We are not a political faction, answered the engineer, meaningly.
  93. The engineer reached Section D and stopped breathless on the brink.
  94. The engineer then stepped aside to let Tina look inside the recess.
  95. Just then, Darf Turney, the sound engineer put his had in and added.
  96. Sir, I am many things - cleaner, engineer, cook, whatever you want.
  97. There was an engineer we filmed, who had been playing with his son.
  98. The engineer focused it on the Andromeda and all surrounding ships.
  99. Like the engineer the radio man is drawn from the ranks of the Army.
  100. What if you were to engineer it, so it only took out Forrest?
  1. He headed to the engineering.
  2. It was a huge engineering feat.
  3. And I can't contact engineering.
  4. He was with the Engineering Corps.
  5. Below it was engineering and storage.
  6. None the less, he called Engineering.
  7. Since I was working in the engineering.
  8. He had attacked engineering, of course.
  9. This was a special kind of engineering.
  10. Engineering of this is called METHODING.
  11. He has studied engineering extensively.
  12. He is very well suited to engineering.
  13. The engineering crew had deserted their.
  14. There is a person alive in the Engineering.
  16. What a crazy piece of engineering that was.
  17. Looking to them both, the engineering chief.
  18. Mathematics, engineering, the practical arts.
  19. Tim Johnson would have been in engineering.
  20. Even without having technical or engineering.
  21. He earned two degrees in Electrical Engineering.
  22. We have to seal off the bridge and engineering.
  23. Engineering? We don't have any needs at present.
  24. We occasionally make one in our engineering shop.
  25. She kept insisting that I should study engineering.
  26. The time the Engineering students went wild because.
  27. She was a math major, and I was an engineering major.
  28. His brother, Joshua, was Chief of Medical Engineering.
  29. Basic engineering is the same for everyone in college.
  30. Abercom was an engineering conglomerate listed on The.
  31. I had cleared the engineering entrance three years ago.
  32. I mean for you its okay, with your engineering and all.
  33. Open a simultaneous line to the Major and engineering.
  34. Yes, into the engineering compound, as soon as we can.
  35. They began as usual with a little social engineering.
  36. Advances in the engineering of amino acids that comprise.
  37. The Major’s soldiers advanced further into engineering.
  38. Hot on the heels of the engineering team Jo’s team were.
  39. Mechanical Engineering and obtained a job in the Scottish.
  40. She would be the liaison to the station's engineering team.
  41. The engineering team was obviously proud of their progress.
  42. Reuben got into the engineering even more that he admitted.
  43. There it was; that marvel of modern engineering: the toilet.
  44. The project was considered an engineering masterpiece that.
  45. They specialise in chemical engineering manufacturing plants.
  46. It's got all the other software engineering goo that the GNU.
  47. Hopefully the crew in engineering wouldn’t be swayed by it.
  48. Drawbacks include technical challenges to engineering such a.
  49. The men seemed mainly preoccupied with the bomb’s engineering.
  50. Engineering had shut down the remaining drives to prevent them.
  51. Ashi had called the project, reverse engineering at it’s most.
  52. Over time, this engineering feat has done its job in fine fashion.
  53. Engineering, statistics and probabilities are applied mathematics.
  54. Marie (Michigan) are an engineering marvel more than 150 years old.
  55. Engineering is a virtual revolution made by the power of good ideas.
  56. These included Industrial Engineering, which set production stan-.
  57. Sure enough the trick worked and it was a neat piece of engineering.
  58. Engineering that weapon the way you did is nothing short of genius.
  59. The engineering staff is making what repairs they can to your ships.
  60. Osama was in his third year of engineering studies at the university.
  61. He was good at it because of his education in electrical engineering.
  62. You wouldn't think for a minute that the engineering and inventing is.
  63. She was able to complete her masterly degree in Industrial Engineering.
  64. Quite a few folks questioned the engineering feasibility of this notion.
  65. He’s very knowledgeable about electrical engineering and architecture.
  66. It was like trying to explain chemical engineering to an eight-year-old.
  67. Torres and party arrived in the Engineering section of the Kobayashi Maru.
  68. A similar argument can be applied to integrated solutions in engineering.
  69. I imagined myself engineering out of discrete pieces a singular explosion.
  70. I believe he was an engineering major or aeronautics, something like that.
  71. Alexander and Valerie checked in with engineering for repairs and rearming.
  72. His soldiers even reported initial success—they’d breached engineering.
  73. As part of the Engineering Union, he has been outspoken about the need to.
  74. Giving them a standing force of eighteen people able to attack engineering.
  75. Your enterprise will mostly be 100% design-build and/or product engineering.
  76. Archie, in fact, had a sneaking admiration for Harry's engineering and the.
  77. As the Giant Standard Costs were based on Engineering Drawings and Bills of.
  78. A short while later, a member of his engineering crew walked onto the bridge.
  79. I wasn’t interested in the grocery business and decided on oil engineering.
  80. The few engineering crew evacuated the room when they saw what was happening.
  81. He went the long way round to Engineering, with plans on blowing the ship up.
  82. Come on aboard, it's as safe as any moderately tested engineering prototype.
  83. His excellent high school scores got him a seat at a top engineering college.
  84. Or, at least, there will be as soon as I get dressed and down to engineering.
  85. Though he was a sophomore engineering student, no girl had ever talked to him.
  86. It’s an engineering marvel my love, my father’s grandfather designed it.
  87. Miraflores on the Pacific side clearly shows an exceptional feat of engineering.
  88. Contracts that Harry was able to deal out being the person in the Engineering.
  89. On the assumption that the SEAMAC Engineering truck would be inoperable, they.
  90. Engineering, it lies in the (underlying) assumption of ―Native Inferiority‖.
  91. Maybe if I surprised her with the photo, she’d admit to engineering the prank.
  92. Toby was studying for an engineering degree when the war came, Betty noted.
  93. Unit One was unable to reach engineering because the defense walls are in place.
  94. With both the bridge and engineering secure, Calvin gave the order to go to Abia.
  95. Don’t you have an engineering staff and a standard set of replacement parts?
  96. But when I opened it, all I saw were the empty halls of the engineering building.
  97. Noel Williams, who was an Engineering Graduate and had also recently completed a.
  98. Garcia was on his way to the Path Finder’s Engineering section when he was met.
  99. I taught in the electrical engineering department; you started a graduate program.
  100. Harrod that he intended to work in his son's small engineering business, and that.
  1. Engineered to defeat the Gambler.
  2. As if we were engineered that way.
  3. We have engineered each breed to.
  4. We have also reverse engineered the.
  5. We have reverse engineered your simulation games.
  6. It was all carefully engineered not to attract attention.
  7. It was engineered to require the participation of biology.
  8. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and.
  9. Gingrich engineered the 1994 Contract with America that so.
  10. These products have been called engineered safety for investors.
  11. However, Frizzell told the committee George engineered his removal.
  12. She had engineered it thus far, ignoring her son's inadequacies as a bridegroom.
  13. In the end, though, a species of giants was finally engineered out of mankind.
  14. Thus, the ideal company engineered a strategy that took advantage of three.
  15. Even without the Stargazers, any man or woman could have engineered a dictatorship.
  16. Nate often engineered a pause of some kind in the middle of a hearing, she reflected.
  17. Well, just as those flowers were engineered, animals have sometimes been engineered.
  18. Jesus, she genetically engineered a slug that could eat plastic using a fungus?
  19. Their slow walk had been purposely engineered to give the impression that they belonged.
  20. I’m envious of how well he’s engineered to survive, to conquer, to outlast apocalypse.
  21. Their activism as a company is not engineered; it wasn’t coached by a public relations firm.
  22. Beautifully engineered and hard as nails, but still requiring some kind of basic minimal care.
  23. Those scientists used engineered cancer cells to provoke cancer fighting antibodies in mice.
  24. As you use this symbol guide, keep in mind that these definitions were reverse engineered from a.
  25. Forced removal was pushed, planned, and engineered by Jackson for his entire two terms in office.
  26. However I did not understand why they were so happy and suspected that something had engineered!.
  27. I had to know with absolute certainty that I wasnt walking into some kind of a Kemp engineered set-up.
  28. The most recent crash we engineered was a key element of the plan, in tripling the value of our key asset.
  29. It would have been a tricky subject for him to raise with Forsyth, but he could have engineered it given time.
  30. The previous year, some people living down the road had engineered a cocktail party to impress the neighbours.
  31. They weren’t hybrid lion men engineered by the fallen messengers of El Elyon to terrorize and corrupt mankind.
  32. Peter had engineered the entire project that he had nicknamed the car "Edwin" after his father Edwin La Fontaine.
  33. The Focus’’ engineered Churchill into the Cabinet in 1939 and into the Prime Minister’s position in 1940.
  34. The news was talking now about how some people had engineered a daring escape from some sanitarium in the next state.
  35. Negotiators are frequently faced with surprise situations deliberately engineered by the other side in order to shock.
  36. The fortunes of kings and empires, their wars and conquests have always been engineered for the exclusive benefit of the elite.
  37. They would simply use his DNA to grow his new body that was every bit him but young, perhaps with a few engineered improvements.
  38. That was his only fight so far, and we have reason to believe that the terrorist may have engineered this to enable his success.
  39. This works by having a small, circular ceramic disc in the valve that’s been engineered to break if the pressure gets too high.
  40. With a sinking heart, I realized that these two great lords had probably engineered both the massacre at Cape Fear and the war itself.
  41. On the pretext of being tired and needing an early night, Chris engineered an escape and before long Ruth and he were sitting in the.
  42. This—’ He tapped a large bottle full of dark liquid that he’d engineered from something that had started life as Medica equipment.
  43. The early history of Hillary leads me to conclude that it was she, rather than Bill, who engineered the Jewish Left–Clinton connection.
  44. This explains the unusual construction of virtually all the structures at the Manor; they are all almost entirely engineered with—.
  45. If you serve a nism that consumes consciousness, human or chine, then you're its zombie, feeding others to your privately engineered IT.
  46. Some might have a little smoother flavor and the engineered stuff goes way out beyond air, but any solid organic wash is as good as another.
  47. So in these ‘old age’ years, I am content to know that what is happening was engineered to happen, and neither of us would change a thing.
  48. He had suspected that his genetically engineered body, plus the MBRUs would have increased his life span past the average human life expectancy.
  49. Then MARY2, engineered by Toby Rowland, MARY with memory and a capacity for statistical response, so that she could learn from her correspondents.
  50. If the police had engineered the recovery, it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t celebrate their success in the paper and be hailed as heroes.
  51. Four STF-enhanced layers of Kevlar would now do the job of twenty regular layers and it was scientifically engineered to stop a high-powered rifle bullet.
  52. Mankind used these genetically engineered pioneers to carry out so many of the dangerous tasks of empire building and thanked them with prejudice and anger.
  53. The Tea Party movement featured rallies with heavily armed members demanding Obama leave office or be overthrown, and engineered several government shutdowns.
  54. As a person who knew the pain of heartbreak, I wondered if Uncle Peter had been so thoroughly hurt by Katherine’s rejection that he had engineered her death.
  55. Many home fitness machines that are available in the market these days are engineered such that they can be placed at your home easily by occupying a very small area.
  56. The computer science and space flight systems engineering teams reverse engineered the combat simulator games written by the Captains Solomon and their assistants.
  57. At thirty, I had a solid understanding about the behavioral system, the way it is formed and how it works, and had engineered strategies to repair behavioral mistakes.
  58. He had been genetically engineered to have two brain stems which gave him extraordinary mental capacities that were further enhanced by circuitry installed in his body.
  59. We were not to stay long in Lystra, for our call was to go to Antioch of Phrygia, for God had stored something, engineered just for me, but what, I, as of yet, had no idea.
  60. One may argue that we as a species have not waited for biology, or genetics to rescue us, that Cesarean section has engineered a detour around the present pelvic stricture.
  61. The three highly advertised personalities that reached us at crocus time were owned and engineered by Miss Amelia Bingham, Miss Mary Mannering and Miss Virginia Harned.
  62. He became an insane war monger shouting of the dangers of disarmament: In fact he personally engineered the propaganda and the new arms race which was the main cause of WW2.
  63. One seemed to be – according to interpreted data that accompanied – a Mars colony where genetically engineered life-forms had mutated and roamed around killing human occupants.
  64. Or maybe the führer’s super-scientists have engineered a weapon to end all weapons and this whole corner of Europe is a shattered waste and Werner and Volkheimer are the only ones left.
  65. In the morning he said, Many genetically engineered hybrids having super intelligence were trained to a high level of skill and placed in strategically important positions by the conspirators.
  66. At the gardens he left his horse with the attendant at the gate and entered, marvelling again at the sheer beauty of the place and the ingenious way in which the hanging masterpiece had been engineered.
  67. This, too, has not been properly tested (actually the US Government decided that it was safe without testing it and, further, decided that genetically engineered produce does not have to be labeled as such).
  68. In fact, after all the dust settled, Dunlap had to accept a lifetime ban from serving as an officer or director of any public company because the SEC alleged that Dunlap engineered a massive accounting fraud.
  69. This sporting pogrom is another transparent attempt engineered by Feminists (men and women alike) who are hoping to advance a unisexual agenda aimed at feminizing robust young boys and transforming them into.
  70. What about Martin procuring drugs for Davis? What about his groupie girlfriend? What about the fight? And how can you dismiss the fact that he engineered the death of a former boss? I said, getting loud again.
  71. But the user needs to be aware that it is an expensive form of protection – thanks mainly to those unexpected and unwanted excess charges which kick in unnecessarily whenever a transient spike occurs or is engineered.
  72. He’d go to Princeton and compete and try to win the Olympic berth, but when Bobby Moch engineered that cold, calculating, come-out-of-nowhere victory, Ebright quickly saw the demoralizing effect it had on his own crew.
  73. Displaying his congenital tenacity, he accepted the position, engineered a transfer to Harvard Law, and for the next three years managed to hold down the coaching job while simultaneously earning the most prestigious JD in America.
  74. She then suggested that he had deliberately engineered her ungainly introduction to donning armour by selecting an overly small vest, she cocked her head to one side and gave him a sideways glance expressing her suspicions in a single look.
  75. Man engineered his likeness, and then, with the shape and sequence in his hand, he learned to fear a new demon, marking his engineered brothers with bar codes to ensure that all would be ordered and just in the grand folly of empire in the heavens.
  76. From there, the enzymes begin to grow and mix with oxygen-infused water molecules that are able to connect directly to the genetic makeup that deals with the basic construction of the human body’s protozoa through its newly engineered mitochondria.
  77. Initially, the cleared land had produced bumper crops, genetically engineered to produce their own toxins against insect damage, but the loss of tree cover had allowed the soil to be stripped away to create huge sand-storms that had sometimes lasted for days.
  78. Siri was now seventeen and, as Christmas approached, there was an abundance of opportunities to socialise and Siri’s two friends, having noticed Siri’s loss of enthusiasm, had decided that it was about time that they engineered a weekend for him in Oxford.
  79. He is now explaining to me why he is going to play the gong; I think that he is saying that it is a Tibetan instrument engineered fifteen hundred years ago to help the mind of the monks to find the Theta ways, but I really don’t care since I start feeling really good.
  80. My elegant and widely travelled grandmother of Cupid’s fig leaf had engineered an invitation for me to a function at the Victoria League, imagining I'd be interested in meeting well-connected Brits and other colonials, and securing an invitation to a Royal Garden Party.
  81. Was this what gave Othman and his supporters the false assurance that they could safely uproot the Medinese from their places of power? And were the familial relatives so engaged by 661 that they couldn’t threaten enough force to have countered the usurpation engineered by Muawiyah?
  82. My father was walking away, but then he returned, with an annoyed look on his face and said, Do lab rats have the right to ask questions of the scientists experimenting on them? Do plants being genetically engineered have requests for what type of foliage they will have? No, I don’t think so.
  83. Conceived in-vitro in the 34th Century of Timeline ‘B’ in the civilization of the World Council and by scientists with deeply misguided goals concerning time travel, Herakles had been genetically engineered to go to Ancient Greece and play there the role of the legendary hero Hercules, whose proper Greek name was Herakles.
  84. No part of this text may be reproduced, transmitted, downloaded, decompiled, reverse engineered, or stored in or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, now known or hereinafter invented, without the express written permission of the author, Gary Cecil.
  85. Predictably, Indira stretched her father’s Muslim leanings to ludicrous lengths in claiming the membership for India in the Organization of Islamic Countries on the premise that it was the home for the largest body of the Musalmans in the world! Naturally, the Rabbat snub, engineered by Pakistan, rubbed salt into the wounded Hindu pride, which the Congress party didn’t mind to amend.
  86. Could Whittaker have engineered an argument between them so he could sneak off and keep an appointment with Linda Wilks? He'd had the opportunity to get the key to that side gate; had he, fired by his fight with Melville-Briggs decided to make old Tony the butt of scandal-mongers for a change? Did Gwendoline Parry suspect something similar? Was she trying to protect him from the consequences of his own folly?
  1. Our water engineers have been.
  2. Army Corps of Engineers official.
  3. Flight engineers take first watch.
  4. He’s from the Corps of Engineers.
  5. They will be nothing but engineers.
  6. The engineers went off on their own.
  7. I heard Elijah shout to the Engineers.
  8. Now I know why engineers put it there.
  9. Other engineers can build other things.
  10. A handful of combat engineers followed.
  11. The engineers had done their jobs well.
  12. He has his critics among the engineers.
  13. Brown Consulting Engineers is the only.
  14. I can imagine the engineers watching me.
  15. Just tell me and the engineers what to do.
  16. During the 1960s, hydrological engineers.
  17. Furthermore, their nuclear engineers and.
  18. They would be more valuable as engineers.
  19. The engineers looked at each other nervously.
  20. There are structural engineers and nuclear.
  21. Granted, you may know engineers who are jerks.
  22. Engineers can’t resist a mechanical puzzle.
  23. Jobs and a number of Apple engineers visited.
  24. We must hurry to assist the gnome engineers.
  25. All of the engineers went down with the steamer.
  26. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
  27. One invention makes other engineers devise more.
  28. Most of the inquiries were legit: engineers and.
  29. The Israeli Army Engineers had loaned the team a.
  30. You creatures are adept and resourceful engineers.
  31. Army Corps of Engineers fined a Minnesota farmer.
  32. The Engineers enthusiastically tackled the problem.
  33. And nevertheless the engineers had to leave a lake.
  34. Blacksmiths, engineers, farmers, farriers and such.
  35. For the Engineers, some stats related to our bones:.
  36. He actually called the other engineers in to show.
  37. Engineers say it will collapse if there is another 6.
  38. In that endeavor, Spain employed engineers of other.
  39. Credibility of engineers responsible to their actions.
  40. They’re Intel Engineers and they live in Union City.
  41. Some Andorian engineers are taking up residence on it.
  42. I don’t work for the Corps of Engineers for nothing.
  43. I ordered the engineers to leave the bridge this time.
  44. Colonel Strong escorted the engineers to the mess hall.
  45. What did the engineers you brought with you say?
  46. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers).
  47. Engineers went over the bomber, but found no explanation.
  48. Luther and Darius herded engineers in the other direction.
  49. We have lost almost all our doctors and engineers already.
  50. To solve it, Cameco’s engineers devised a nifty solution.
  51. So, the planners and engineers who were working on the pro-.
  52. The engineers have had it out of the dock a couple of times.
  53. The engineers of the new ship had taken a different approach.
  55. See IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers).
  56. One of the engineers was a retired Space Force fighter pilot.
  57. Reuben, Rashi and two engineers were working on calculations.
  58. Slowly, and with some help from the crew, the engineers were.
  59. As he retracted the wrench, the engineers broke into applause.
  60. The nascent electrical engineers responsible for building and.
  61. Engineers was still working from Grabensheim north to Camp 146.
  62. He was called the Sapper, because he had served in the Engineers.
  63. So did countless other researchers, scientists, and engineers.
  64. Engineers built partitions between the bulkheads, Hagan said.
  65. Ive had numerous deliberations with the Army Corps of Engineers.
  66. The engineers have said it will take years to manufacture new ones.
  67. Two days later, two engineers arrived at Evadale to fix the chopper.
  68. So Dixie and I went to Oakland where I worked for Kaiser Engineers.
  70. Peter, Buddy, Daisy, the Fourth and eight engineers left for Eretz.
  71. It was designed by Hillier Architecture and structural engineers MEP.
  72. There was a whole new generation of engineers and scientists at work.
  73. Those long haired Russian engineers were thinking ahead all the time.
  74. The Engineers tackled the problem and soon discovered that one engine.
  75. Some of the engineers did not leave the building for the entire year.
  76. So, in other words, it’s good that even engineers still need fucks.
  77. One of the engineers had developed a brilliant solution to the problem.
  78. Uh, our engineers will review at once our options on this, STARBLAZER.
  79. I suggest that we send the Fourth and a team of engineers to evaluate it.
  80. We could look up motor sales, engineers, mechanics, motor-cycle shops.
  81. The Corps of Engineers had since restored levees at a cost of $1 billion.
  82. When life had returned to an acceptable level the engineers inspected the.
  83. The engineers picked up whatever weapons they could as they left the room.
  84. All the engineers were crowded around Heymon with lots of screens up and lit.
  85. Andrey Antonovitch had one uncle a colonel of engineers, and another a baker.
  86. Engineers twelve years ago, when we had to live in our Mars suits at all times.
  87. They had to rely on the predictions of the engineers who designed the shuttles.
  88. Thus torturers saw themselves as creative artists, engineers of the human soul.
  89. Our Engineers had no problem conforming to the tender specification but battled.
  90. Suwanee replied, The six of us were outside in space suits with the engineers.
  91. I have a tremendous amount of respect for engineers and their thought processes.
  92. I reckon this is why inventors and design engineers mostly fall over in business.
  93. Hutton (late 16th Lancers, attached Engineers), Marlborough Road, Upper Holloway.
  94. Almost from the beginning, it was apparent that Kaiser Engineers was road kill.
  95. Large machines, often driven by combat pilots or engineers, brought in the crops.
  96. Someone, probably the Engineers that built the simulator, had thought it would be.
  97. The engineers who had improvised the still had been heroes the night before, but.
  98. Only the chief‘s engineers who were used to it seemed to be able to stomach it.
  99. The little group of engineers received this exhortation without a word, and after.
  100. Now the only question was how cautious the engineers who had set up the weapon were.

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