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Expose in a sentence

And it's folly to expose.
Expose his pain or concern.
Alive was an explosive expose of.
Careful not to expose the gun she.
When we expose ourselves too much.
Expose the one that would keep the.
Why? To prove many things and expose.

She needed him to expose the back of.
We did this to expose the deceptions.
It certainly was a comprehensive expose.
The man grinned to expose his runty teeth.
And will expose the vagabond's vile fraud.
What? Trying to expose me already?
It’s children who expose so vividly the.
They needed him to expose her real identity.
Why would Meg expose their identity to Jen?
Her skirt was pulled up to expose her upper.
Then he would expose The Organization anyway.
The expose tiptoed around the word ‘lied’.
Hayley smiled to expose her little white fangs.
You would expose the self-love of another with.
So it stands to reason that the more you expose.
I don’t expose a picture anyway, she said.
Wasn’t the whole idea to expose the truth?
A huge mouth opened to expose two rows of small.
It is useless to protest, I know all and expose it.
Oh where! Where! Where shall I expose? I will not.
And yet they expose me more than all my other poems.
I’ve decided to launch a campaign to expose abusers.
If you expose this plant to heat, it'll grow rapidly.
To figure out (= expose the true position of the 2's).
That was sort of a risk to expose themselves I thought.
But these orders expose you to gaps that don’t close.
And they also expose themselves to the aggressiveness.
Yeah and he threatened to expose her in the newspaper.
A gang of men was digging a ditch to expose the conduit.
The neurosurgeon suggested redoing the shunt to expose.
Do not expose your neighbor to the danger of having his.
One task of comedy is to expose lies without naming names.
Expose it by lifting the nose or pulling back on the hair.
Exposing what is mortal and unsure.
Barron wouldn’t think of exposing.
She sat up next to him, exposing her.
Exposing her nakedness to all around her.
It could lift at any second, exposing them.
Avoid exposing the image to ultraviolet light.
White signifies the exposing of true cowardice.
The book pages were all picked up exposing the.
One slipper had a hole in front, exposing a toe.
The woman cackled, exposing a mouth without teeth.
Ruby turned her head, exposing a satisfied smile.
Once by not exposing Etienne when he should have.
The t-shirt slides up my back, exposing my behind.
The witch stood over him and smiled, exposing her.
A few buttons had been unbuttoned exposing some of.
Instead, I hissed violently, exposing my fangs to him.
She raised her lovely chin, exposing her ivory throat.
It was starting to suck exposing himself to a haughty.
By exposing fraud and lies, and by spreading the truth.
In return, they’re exposing their customer list to you.
The mech toppled over, exposing the nycarmans behinds it.
Until the studies have been done you could be exposing.
His sleeves were rolled up, exposing his thick forearms.
Is it because we believe that exposing anything that has.
Exposing the Greek Lesbian hate and fear of powerful men.
It fell to the floor, exposing delicate curves, soft skin.
He then raised and turned the arm, exposing the patient’s.
The arms rode up several inches too far, exposing his wrists.
But she had little interest in exposing Perkin ’s duplicity.
This will shred the outer surface exposing the fibrous centre.
And without exposing both of us, now that I think about it.
She lay down and rolled over, exposing her belly to the dryer.
The spotlight was turned on the floor now, exposing a platform.
The warning light was on to indicate she was exposing the film.
Con rolled over, exposing an erection as hard as his masseur‘s.
The clerk unlocked the lid of the box and opened it exposing the.
As soon as I got there I ran into the group exposing my presence.
The Karmapa was here actual y exposing the truth about the Dalai.
Elmer pulled the trussed rear leg up exposing the spotted scrotum.
Dan’s mouth dropped open, exposing his four long squirrel-teeth.
It has to be exposed.
I was raw and exposed.
What it is exposed to.
The heart lay exposed so.
If you have been exposed.
These two were exposed to.
The servant will be exposed.
Mark of the Beast | Exposed!.
She had always been exposed.
In rhesus monkeys exposed to.
Now the truth has been exposed.
They’d be less exposed there.
But that leaves Prince exposed.
He was so honest and exposed.
Too many lies are being exposed.
She felt exposed and vulnerable.
I would have exposed her to an.
And I, of all people, exposed him.
I haven’t been exposed to any.
On exposed skin they cause burns.
Now this secret has been exposed.
Rub this on your exposed skin.
He exposed his sick soul honestly.
Exposed girders framed a skylight.
Exposed body parts were blackened.
Part of Forbes's back was exposed.
Exposed to and knowing each other.
He looked down at his exposed hand.
The obvious hoax would be exposed.
The brain was exposed in one place.
They were exposed to the nightmare.
Then he exposed his arm to the jury.
Yet the messiah here will be exposed.
Many helped exposed corruption that.
As the face was exposed I could see.
Elena: this leaves our flanks exposed.
You've never been so exposed as when.
The one eye that was exposed, blinked.
Constable has sufficiently exposed it.
I had the underside of my ship exposed.
This exposes the sophistry of that position.
He who maltreats an animal, exposes it to.
They cannot handle anything that exposes truth.
The human subconscious exposes itself indecently.
This chapter thoroughly exposes the foundational.
Nudity is also a sin because it exposes the penis.
Trading without stops exposes you to unlimited losses.
This exposes the fact that love is stronger than hate.
And it is because it exposes you to the stupidity of.
Pulling my head back, he exposes my throat to his lips.
Having women in the business meeting exposes them to the.
When he does so, he exposes this manuscript, which he then.
He sips and stares as she exposes the last of her ugly past.
The truth about reincarnation exposes yet another strong lie.
The next thing about generosity: Generosity usually exposes Greed.
His blue shirt exposes his ample neck and breast and loosens over.
It also exposes the errors and/or clarifies the allusions of the.
This exposes just how intangible the concept of ownership actually is.
This chapter not only exposes the lies by proving the truth about the.
Teachableness David exposes his humility in verses 4 and 5, and shows that.
This exposes one aspect of how insane the immaculate concept of civilization is.
The Path of Splitness exposes one basic truth about civilization, and that is;.
Judas was greedy, and he wanted more money; and so generosity often exposes greed.
Finally, the sea recedes and exposes the seabed which gradually turns into desert.
While stress exposes our true character, it also helps develop our true character.
Now Paul exposes his hidden self, he is a sinner, just as we are! I am reminded that.
This book exposes them for what they actually are for the first time in human history.
The first-hand written accounts reveals and exposes what actually happened at Jamestown.
The book explains and analyzes heuristics and exposes common traps decision makers face.
Their sole idea of the evil of sin is gathered from the danger to which it exposes them.
NAFTA exposes the possibility that Canada could be legally bound to make water available.
In addition to this, Paul exposes many doctrines to the same treatment, as we can see from.
The next area of evidence exposes additional errors that further reinforce what I have just.
He is controlled by the illusion of 'country' and exposes himself to serious danger in times of.
Apparently Teller had gone too far with his exposes and the murderer now planned his death also.
He exposes the pride, and the carnal way of thinking they had, about positions and titles and so on.
Also, the unsealing of The Apocalypse exposes the long-term lies about the true meaning of the term.
One sly farce some undead filth pretend to play is: they must give a sign that exposes what they are.
When the light of the kingdom of God shines it exposes the lies of the enemy and sets the captives free.
The robed figure shifts his head and exposes his face: the man is I—but older and bearded and sickly.

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