roll sätze

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Roll sätze (in englisch)

  1. I was on a roll.
  2. LD was on a roll.
  3. In and On a Roll.
  4. Omar was on a roll.
  5. Roll it and pat it.

  6. Roll of wire & rope.
  7. I’m on a roll here.
  8. I pulled out the roll.
  9. I felt the floor roll.
  10. Plus, I was on a roll.
  11. She landed with a roll.
  12. Rule Two: Roll With It.
  13. They can roll in a cot.
  14. The car started to roll.
  15. His name was John Roll.

  16. Roll out dough into pan.
  17. Anna handed him a roll.
  18. The train began to roll.
  19. They roll forward at a.
  20. Roll top crust out, and.
  21. Roll over, get up and run.
  22. I was on a bit of a roll.
  23. This is why the roll of.
  24. Roll on your side please.
  25. I used to roll it for a.

  26. You order him to roll over.
  27. She sighs with an eye roll.
  28. So the cameras could roll.
  29. He felt the tension roll.
  30. This earns him an eye roll.
  31. When I roll the Rock aside.
  32. She quickly began to roll.
  33. Cameron would roll the dice.
  34. On it, roll out the dough.
  35. The guard began taking roll.
  36. Roll, roll, roll in-za hay.
  37. One was born to roll there.
  38. Party? I can roll with that.
  39. She reached for another roll.
  40. I shot a whole roll of film.
  41. My eyes seem to roll within.
  42. We just had to roll with it.
  43. Nath, though, was on a roll.
  44. Oh, the roll of the pebbles.
  45. Customers would roll up to.
  46. Spread with jam and roll up.
  47. Motion for roll call vote.
  48. It won’t roll over and die.
  49. Do you want to roll one?’.
  50. At midday, the roll of drums.
  51. So I pulled out the roll.
  52. Method to roll out the dough.
  53. Eugene suppresses an eye roll.
  54. Hey: Team Yuki was on a roll.
  55. Roll the dough only when hard.
  56. Turn out in a roll and serve.
  57. Angela, help me roll her over.
  58. Also known as a Diagonal Roll.
  59. BMD Back month days to roll.
  60. Nate flourished the manor roll.
  61. Christina throws a roll at him.
  62. He was ready to rock and roll.
  63. With a rolling pin, roll out.
  64. Method to roll out the dough:.
  65. Tears continued to roll down.
  66. Dylan could only roll her eyes.
  67. He peeled a grand off the roll.
  68. I saw the snowman’s head roll.
  69. She struggled to roll her 300.
  70. Roll up and top with mozzarella.
  71. FMD Front month days to roll.
  72. Roll Up for the Ghost Train.
  73. Thy mists, that roll and rise!.
  74. It was my turn to roll my eyes.
  75. But life is a roll of the dice.
  76. You seem to roll them into one.
  77. He squirmed and tried to roll.
  78. Let’s roll it outside though.
  79. Now that would be rock and roll.
  80. With every roll of the dice he.
  81. Roll the ball in larger circles.
  82. I roll over as told, try not to.
  83. Me too, roll down your window.
  84. Your action is to roll, get up.
  85. Best just roll with it, okay?
  86. The enemy ship continued to roll.
  87. Roll over and face the mountain.
  88. Oh? Me too… shes on a roll.
  89. I nodded and showed her the roll.
  90. He showed her a roll of hundreds.
  91. Roll and return, and roll again.
  92. Roll to the unaffected side (ie.
  93. Some even roll with the changes.
  94. Bev then took the tiny roll of.
  95. As in their turn the seasons roll.
  96. She did another roll and another.
  97. Tears begin to roll down her eyes.
  98. Roll on a floured board to 1/8.
  99. Roll the balls in powdered sugar.
  100. But then she felt it roll inside.
  1. Rolling over on the spot.
  2. It starts rolling and the.
  3. Drape it over the rolling.
  4. Dark clouds are rolling in.
  5. Frenchy with his rolling J.
  6. Practice rolling on the spot.
  7. Sweat rolling down his face.
  8. A Song of the Rolling Earth.
  9. Nothing alters my rolling on.
  10. Lies me rolling on the floor.
  11. EXAMPLE: Rolling down and out.
  12. Hiss nodded, rolling his eyes.
  13. The video tapes were rolling.
  14. Steve started the ball rolling.
  15. They were just rolling around.
  16. Rolling a pen within the hand.
  17. With a rolling pin, roll out.
  18. I hope we’re rolling on this.
  19. I just got the ball rolling.
  20. I cried, rolling onto my back.
  21. Harry sighed, rolling his eyes.
  22. I also had tears rolling down.
  23. I could see the tears rolling.
  24. His eyes full of rolling tears.
  25. Job applications were rolling in.
  26. In fact, she had tears rolling.
  27. He was in a large rolling chair.
  28. A guy rolling around the corner.
  29. The bus started rolling forward.
  30. Rolling a globe over the desert.
  31. We s'll all be rolling in money.
  32. He fell aside with rolling eyes.
  33. It's rolling over and over again.
  34. Tears were rolling down his eyes.
  35. The rolling hills were so green.
  36. We’ve got the ball rolling here.
  37. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.
  38. Rolling Devonian metal to his left.
  39. An idea was rolling through my head.
  40. He was rolling himself a cigarette.
  42. Rolling, on or near expiration, 61.
  43. He then heard a faint rolling sound.
  44. I decided to start the ball rolling.
  45. Zac groaned, rolling onto his front.
  46. Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.
  47. Rolling slowly down the stairs was.
  48. He couldn’t see me rolling my eyes.
  49. Wynne sighed, again rolling his eyes.
  50. The world hangs in rolling suspense.
  51. But money’s rolling out of town.
  52. I saw tears rolling down their faces.
  53. Long has the globe been rolling round.
  54. Oh, things are rolling well enough.
  55. I had to refrain from rolling my eyes.
  56. He called him to get the ball rolling.
  57. I could see my father rolling his eyes.
  58. Tyson said, rolling his eyes slightly.
  59. Harley snorted, rolling her eyes again.
  60. Tears started rolling down James face.
  61. We need to get things rolling so that.
  62. The car shook with the rolling thunder.
  63. Rolling to the side he lay next to her.
  64. You can’t stop yourself from rolling.
  65. Afu sat on the Doctor’s rolling stool.
  66. Mortals, he said, rolling his eyes.
  67. He sensed Liam was close; rolling over.
  68. And then he could get this thing rolling.
  69. Yeah? Newt asked, rolling his eyes.
  70. Slow coaches rolling o’er the moor.
  71. Rolling thick and heavily down her face.
  72. Chill at least one hour before rolling.
  73. Vinny was rolling around on the ground.
  74. Even the rolling pin lady stopped still.
  75. It begins with a distant rolling thunder.
  76. By the rolling waves of the ocean of time.
  77. For Claire, Derrick thought, eyes rolling.
  78. This rolling man cage also sported lit-.
  79. Sort of a starter to get the ball rolling.
  80. Use plenty of flour on the rolling board.
  81. Rolling away, with a quick motion of her.
  82. Stop rolling around in that stuff!.
  83. They were rolling across a green clearing.
  84. But here he was, on the verge of rolling.
  85. Besides, I'm not exactly rolling in money.
  86. Rolling the foot on a ball while standing.
  87. The Rolling Stones were actually very smart.
  88. What was he going to do? Have her rolling.
  89. Tartarin himself was rolling on the ground.
  90. I blushed while Aidan was rolling his eyes.
  91. The trembling continued, rolling over the.
  92. What time is it? I asked rolling over.
  93. Rolling my eyes, I placed the roses on the.
  94. Gabriel and tears were rolling down her face.
  95. Sam started rolling up the legs of his jeans.
  96. Whatever, Reese says, rolling his eyes.
  97. Hydrogen pointed to a blue teardrop rolling.
  98. Now it is rolling along the street I live on.
  99. The two men struggled for the gun, rolling.
  100. He was standing in front of the rolling cart.
  1. He rolled to face me.
  2. He rolled to his back.
  3. Now he rolled his eyes.
  4. I rolled up his window.
  5. The ball rolled to Ish.
  6. I rolled Sue over again.
  7. I rolled my eyes at him.
  8. His mom rolled her eyes.
  9. A thin rolled slip of.
  10. It rolled onto its side.
  11. I rolled my window down.
  12. Lil’ B rolled his eyes.
  13. I rolled over and puked.
  14. She rolled onto her back.
  15. I sighed and rolled over.
  16. Days and weeks rolled by.
  17. Seth rolled on his back.
  18. Then he rolled his eyes.
  19. Then Sue rolled me over.
  20. I almost rolled my eyes.
  21. We rolled in our chairs.
  22. I rolled my eyes at that.
  23. He rolled his head back.
  24. She rolled her eyes at me.
  25. I rolled in and dropped.
  26. He rolled her beneath him.
  27. My mother rolled her eyes.
  28. He rolled on to his back.
  29. She rolled on top of him.
  30. I rolled over to face him.
  31. I rolled down the window.
  32. I rolled over on my back.
  33. They rolled into the town.
  34. She nodded and rolled over.
  35. Lydia rolled onto her back.
  36. He rolled his eyes at her.
  37. Sue rolled onto her side.
  38. He rolled down the window.
  39. He simply rolled his eyes.
  40. When the sun is rolled up.
  41. Trask rolled off the couch.
  42. He burped and rolled his.
  43. He rolled over in bed and.
  44. Her eyes rolled up at that.
  45. Bob rolled his undead eyes.
  46. A tear rolled down my face.
  47. Sweat rolled down my sides.
  48. Assef rolled on the carpet.
  49. Marcus rolled off the bed.
  50. Rolled over himself, gone.
  1. That is, if it rolls.
  2. He rolls his eyes at me.
  3. Serve on buns or rolls.
  4. The queen rolls her eyes.
  5. He slips and rolls down.
  6. He rolls me over on top.
  7. John rolls out of 2.
  8. We must check the rolls.
  9. Picked up by Rolls Royce.
  10. She rolls her eyes a little.
  11. And rolls through all things.
  12. A tear rolls down her cheek.
  13. She rolls over onto her back.
  14. Rolls are an example of this.
  15. Eve turns and rolls her eyes.
  16. Carol rolls over to face Dave.
  17. My threat rolls right off him.
  18. You can grill rolls than for.
  19. A soft chuckle rolls in my head.
  20. What goes good with rolls?
  21. As the clearest of water rolls.
  22. She rolls her eyes with a laugh.
  23. Matryóna (rolls up her sleeves).
  24. Me too, she rolls her eyes.
  25. Cold Dinner Rolls With No Butter.
  26. Billy rolls his eyes and gives in.
  27. A tin rolls out onto the asphalt.
  28. Every day he rolls around means.
  29. There rolls a wild and greedy sea.
  30. And, of course, how the ball rolls.
  31. The queen sighs and rolls her eyes.
  32. He rolls his eyes and she snickers.
  33. He saw us as his Rolls stormed past.
  34. He rolls his eyes at me, frustrated.
  35. Plated baskets contained fresh rolls.
  36. The bear rolls on with many a grunt:.
  37. Example: Trader John Rolls His Option.
  38. Sam rolls his eyes and shakes his head.
  39. A stone rolls down the hillside, stops.
  40. We’ll deal with this as it rolls out.
  41. He rolls my jeans so they will stay up.
  42. I’ll bet that when the cart rolls.
  43. Daniel rolls the name around for a moment.
  44. Magnus rolls one shoulder in a half shrug.
  45. Sicarius held up the thick rolls of paper.
  46. Where Father Tagus rolls, or on the banks.
  47. Your novel bog rolls will help save lives.
  48. He rolls over so he’s gazing down at me.
  49. Great rolls of fat slopped over his couch.
  50. Tori rolls away and reaches for her pistol.
  51. I flush, and Christian rolls his eyes again.
  52. The dung beetle rolls his ball, which is a.
  53. Monday rolls into darkness and Tuesday dawns.
  54. She then disappeared with the rolls of films.
  55. The SUV buckles them in, rolls the windows.
  56. Likes to have crunch rolls of KFC as dinner!.
  57. Mannequin bones, the clearest of water rolls.
  58. He bends down and rolls her over on her back.
  59. Let’s drive my Rolls to the airport, though.
  60. She rolls her R ’s, draws out her S ’s.
  61. He rolls his eyes and blushes in embarrassment.
  62. Care for some rolls, Moses? She was re-.
  63. The ship rolls in some mud like a carrot stick.
  64. She rolls her eyes and stares into space again.
  65. They ate the rolls in silence for a few minutes.
  66. The global steel industry rolls out more than 1.
  67. The shop was piled high with rolls of materials.
  68. Mira rolls her eyes at him, but my mind is blown.
  69. The queen's shoulders sink as she rolls her eyes.
  70. She rolls down her window and holds out her hand.
  71. You can also eat plenty of poppy seed rolls and.
  72. I can’t see the Duke’s Rolls, said Max.
  73. Cold smoked chicken, bread rolls and fresh fruit.
  74. They gave out Iron Crosses like so many hot rolls.
  75. The message to Fred was to keep the rolls coming.
  76. The Fixer rolls his eyes for he remembers the day.
  77. There were extended rolls of barbed wire out here.
  78. It eventually rolls over and hits my target at 43.
  79. The rolls would simmer in their sauce now for hours.
  80. Roberts sitting at the wheel of a white Rolls Royce.
  81. She pulled hot rolls from the food replicator and.
  82. A middle-aged lady bought a second hand Rolls Royce.
  83. Matthew rolls again and gets seven the crowd cheers.
  84. Zephine and Dahlia had their hair dressed in rolls.
  85. Demetrius rolls the chain of explosives into a ball.
  86. I asked about him, and he uses a Rolls Royce, but.
  87. Come on, we've got to get the rolls from the house.
  88. He crumples them up and rolls them back off the bed.
  89. When the blu'e wave rolls ni'ghtly on de'ep Galile'e.
  90. My arms are cut off, Jaden says as he rolls over.
  91. She writhes, soft snores, and rolls over to face you.
  92. You are worth more than a few cabbage rolls, Dear.
  93. Are you blushing? I laugh as she rolls her eyes.
  94. The remaining hooded figure rolls his eyes behind his.
  95. He holds up his card and the cop’s window rolls down.
  96. There were candles on the table and rolls of parchment.
  97. The YM soon rolls over and drifts down into the close.
  98. She rolls her eyes, Ok, whatever you say, Dillinger.
  99. It rolls off the table and smashes on the tiled floor.
  100. All had spring lon rolls, definitely without the star.

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