hunch sätze

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Hunch sätze (in englisch)

McLean had to hunch over to.
Just a hunch, that’s all.
I said, "What is your hunch?".
He’d put her here on a hunch.
Claire felt her shoulders hunch.
This was a hunch, and she knew it.
He had a strong hunch Mike might.

I had a hunch you were trying to.
We have a hunch that she has been.
My original hunch about the coast.
I nodded as my hunch was confirmed.
Mitch had a hunch it was the latter.
He had a hunch the missing DVD was.
Still, a hunch was hard to put aside.
The red one, I said on a hunch.
It’s more than a hunch my friend.
I hunch down in my seat and close my.
Intuition is usually known as a hunch.
He was hoping that his hunch was right.
At least he hoped his hunch was correct.
The empty parking lot confirmed his hunch.
Guess it was a good hunch I had, huh?
Then you've a hunch what the music means:.
My hunch is that in her case, the biggest.
So early in the turn, the hunch forewarned.
This is more than a vague hunch, I said.
On a hunch I did not dial the Green Envy number.
I saw his head suddenly hunch down on his neck.
Matt spent the rest of the day following a hunch.
I’ll have to hunch down when I’m over there.
I had a hunch that something was not quite right.
He was pretty much reduced to calling it a hunch.
I had a hunch to look up "hunch," and there it was.
On a hunch, I asked, Is this sadness about the.
Your father was a preacher? I asked on a hunch.
As his last-minute hunch predicted, the safe was empty.
In this case, maybe a hunch is understating things.
Call it a hunch but I would love to get in there and.
On a hunch, I got a piece of paper and covered the image.
I have a hunch that my parents think you’re a terrorist.
Macourek winces slightly, his shoulders hunching.
Aunt Melissa noticed my hunching run into the woods.
What did she say? Amy says, hunching over the wheel.
Let…Me…Go… His teeth bared, hunching over in agony.
Get the habit of hunching, then you will always be on the magic path.
Piers nodded, hunching his shoulders, making himself as small as he could.
He let his head sink suddenly down and forward, hunching his shoulders and.
Her shimmering form hunching over the wheel, Amy says, Elves have guns?
Hunching down in her seat she put her lips very close to the handset and closed her eyes.
Hunching forward, Vinnie shook his head in an attempt to sweep the stars from his addled brain.
I sink into my seat, hunching my shoulders, trying to make myself as inconspicuous as possible.
My kid brother is hunching over like an old man, and his head is hanging low, snaking back and forth.
Thesa stopped dead in his tracks, hunching his shoulders, as though expecting a blow to land across his back.
The two Lava Shapers quickly turned their backs to it while crouching, hunching, and covering their faces with their arms.
Hunching his shoulders against the wind, Frank stuck his hands deep in his pockets and slogged his way through the deepening puddles back towards his cottage, angry tears mixing with the rain.
It’s so good to see you, I said once I had it on, attempting to not seem to be hunching in a remotely upright position because I had to, but rather leaning forward with purpose and intention.
When our critics pointed this out, I practised hunching my shoulders slightly, shuffling just the smallest bit, not difficult as my ankle was still hurting, and tucking in my chin so I appeared to look up at people.
He stood hunched over at.
I hunched Tom, and whispers:.
His back is hunched slightly.
He hunched over, elbows on knees.
Hunched forward on his desk with.
There was Shaggy hunched over the.
No, he mustn't! Will hunched himself.
James saw Neil hunched over a tiny.
One man sat hunched up on the board.
Grimsley is back hunched over the body.
Williamson hunched forward in his coat.
Their shoulders were hunched, and their.
Then he walked away, hunched over, quiet.
His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony.
Vinny was stil hunched over the workbench.
My mother was still hunched over with her.
The man kept walking, his shoulders hunched.
Seconds later she was hunched over vomiting.
His shoulders hunched, and he shook his head.
The defender is in a hunched position on all.
Hunched over one of his broad shoulders was a.
He hunched over and started to cough violently.
His back was slightly hunched, but not too bad.
Cooper crashed onto the bench and was hunched.
She was hunched over the counter, pretending to.
I hunched in my car, scrolling through my options.
The pine and spruce trees hunched over the water.
Grimsley, hunched over comes near the end of the.
Also, her fists were clinched, shoulders hunched.
It ran on two legs, but strangely hunched forward.
Adams was hunched on the front seat, obviously ex-.
She hunched in Thaniel’s coat, scanning the crowd.
Hazel sat hunched under the firs, worrying dismally.
Richard an older slightly hunched guy is still there.
She hunched forward and kissed Carroll’s forehead.
His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony shoulders.
The body that hunched over him was that of the Bird.
All I wanted to do was stop sitting so hunched over.
When she got there, he was hunched over the controls.
Hunched over, trying not to draw attention to himself.
He hunches forward in his seat.
Acting on hunches leads to losses.
Wake up to your leads and hunches.
And his hunches would prove correct.
Depends on what you think of my hunches.
He has cropped brown hair and hunches over.
Profits come with the system, not with hunches.
His hunches, she’d noted, usually panned out.
Dad hunches over one of the computer terminals.
You don’t want to do the hunches in playing golf.
Unfortunately, there was no time to ponder about hunches.
He winces and hunches his shoulders, preparing for a second strike.
Its just a hunch, but more than 90% of the time, my hunches come true.
Never act on your hunches, charts, guru’s suggestions, or media tips.
Phone calls and footprints underwater and blind hunches and dopey faith.
If these hunches appear in the form of urges it usually results in.
He gambled on hunches and used his professional income to support his habit.
He couldn’t afford to cut corners, or act on his usually reliable hunches.
You see, your hunches would be well-informed - I’m indeed with the Legion.
His hunches were rarely wrong and he knew it had to be related to this somehow.
The intuitive person is never undecided; he is given his leads and hunches, and goes.
Aside from that, it is best to bend from the hips rather than the waist to prevent hunches.
Hunches is actually a term, which describes your form whenever you are overreaching the ball.
You must not shoot at noises, movement, colors, hunches and who knows what other elusive things.
It went on and on like that: wild hunches, free association, insecurity, fear, unbearable frustration.
On the other hand, none of their hunches or intuitions should be disregarded completely or routinely.
The scrappiest and most volatile of the brothers, Bobby spent most of 1960 and 1961 looking into these kinds of hunches.
Best of all, tracking the outcome of all your stock picks will prevent you from forgetting that some of your hunches turn out to be stinkers.
Remember, options trading is a risky proposition and if your hunches are wrong or your timing is off it is entirely possible to lose your entire investment.
Folk had picked one or the other to win freakishly—on hunches of all sorts, tips of all manners, pure fancy, or inside information of the hollowest sort.
I now fancied myself an “expert” investor of “Livermorian” stature, and I began to believe that I could employ my “hunches” on top of my investment system.
The objector and the rebel who raises his voice against what he believes to be the injustice of the present and the wrongs of the past is the one who hunches the world along.
She does not know how she came to such understanding, which feel like hunches, so she prefers to call it her intuition, not realizing that intuition is a form of intelligence.
At this stage in their development, their talent will manifest as hunches, each of which will need to be considered individually, as they will be sporadic in their accuracy and completeness.
I’ve spent countless hours with you, chauffeuring you around while we wasted precious time on your hunches and now when we have our first real lead, you’re telling me to take it easy?
In retrospect, I can vividly recollect the various hunches which I treated with ignominy and levity, but which I now realise were kind of inkling intended to reveal to me the identity of Ben Thomas.
A Nissen hut and battledress, that's what Ted would prescribe, although he forgets, as he hunches up his shoulders and completes the last hundred metres of his walk home under broken street lamps, that he was just too young for National Service.
We love to make the simple complex, follow the crowd, get seduced by some hot story stock, let our emotions dictate decisions, buy and sell on tips and hunches, and approach each investment decision on a case-by-case basis with no underlying consistency or strategy.

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