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    1. For Afternoonday they trudged on in front of the Troarar hills, some greener humps in the distance across dun plains of thinning ribbonleaves in rough gravel

    2. “Would you like to take a look out at No Man’s Land through the periscope?” I stepped up and looked through the eyepieces on the scope I could make out the German wire and trenches in the distance and the shell holes and humps that covered the distance between us

    3. He humps 60 pounds of rocks in the boonies just for a morning stroll

    4. They were not tall but possessed a great agility in its movements, resembling gargoyles with marked humps, curved hands and bat wings

    5. You throw your hands in the air in ecstasy, the giggles rush out of your mouth with the humps on the earth

    6. Inevitably, the constant lurching and bumping eventually caused May Ling to begin labour and, no mater how carefully Siri drove to avoid the humps and potholes, she suffered miserably during the entire journey

    7. General Barnes has ordered that all American pilots, aircrews and ground crews available in Australia, including those on medical leave, be sent to Brisbane, to help in the assembly of his planes and then to fly them in a succession of humps to the Philippines

    8. but the question is how do you get over those difficult humps that you may come across in

    9. three blue-scaled humps oscillate in and out of the dark

    10. The last of the creature"s humps slithered below the

    1. thought that the dull, humped shape at the side of the road was just a rocky outcrop or

    2. At first the driver thought that the dull, humped shape at the side of the road was just a rocky outcrop or an orphaned section of dry stone wall

    3. Martinez humped you most of the way on his back

    4. Martinez humped you most of the way on his back

    5. across the surface, Will rolled Linton face up then humped him onto his chest to

    6. So he stood, humped and

    7. A slathering hound that humped his leg would exercise, even at that moment, a higher level of mental acuity than would our simpleton brother

    8. Figurehead cameras humped away, burning figures into their reeling

    9. Then it happened, she eventually lost consciousness and humped over dead, her hands falling to her sides

    10. the old crone's humped and gnarled shoulders and patted her affectionately

    1. It's called the Hump,

    2. The hump of Boochie’s stomach was nearly waist-high to Roman as he

    3. Inside the room Helez relaxed a bit, her arms falling at her side as if drawn down by the weight of a camel’s hump

    4. is every splay footed, hump backed, thick lipped, flat nosed, wooly headed, ebon colored Negro

    5. to kill the Terminator audition, and hump the loot

    6. Then I joined in the fray, “Hump Hump Hump Hump Hump Hump hey hoe Hump Hump Hump Hump Hump Hump hey hoe

    7. That was a major hump overcome for the child

    8. As it was reduced to a hump of debris, he spun around to

    9. An old grey farmer with a hump in his back and strong arms spoke

    10. They also have a large, shiny hump like a beetle on their backs

    1. She was famed throughout the elite echelons of London’s highest society for humping and dumping the most eligible young men, and all of it was done in the blaze of paparazzi flashbulbs and on the glossy pages of celebrity gossip magazines

    2. echelons of London’s highest society for humping and dumping the

    3. over, he rushes up and starts humping their leg! It’s

    4. Was he ready to commit to a single woman and spend the rest of his life with her? And to say ‘no’ to humping on the side? Over the years he had been with many girls

    5. Oh yeah, right! She’s always with guys younger even than himself, wops and now even a nigger, but he’s the one who gets called a degenerate for humping a white woman! So there she is screaming her feminist crap and telling him that he has to let both of the broads go while his dick just melts away

    6. humping the other much to the horror of their elderly walkers

    7. That now smells to me like Candelaria set me up for a humping, and that Candelaria then applied for my job after I was fired

    8. frantically humping plants that can never make insect babies and are

    9. The dogs are downstairs humping each another again

    10. “That’s what I just said, punk—you little asteroid humping spaceboy!”

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    hump in English

    speed bump protrusion knob projection prominence protuberance swelling excrescence hunch bend over strain toil work hard

    Synonyme für "hump"

    bulge bump excrescence extrusion gibbosity gibbousness hump jut prominence protrusion protuberance swelling bang be intimate bed bonk do it eff fuck get it on get laid have a go at it have intercourse have it away have it off have sex jazz know lie with love make love make out roll in the hay screw sleep together sleep with hunch hunch forward hunch over speed bump knob projection bend over strain toil work hard