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    1. There are some key points that you need to pay attention to and implement in your business so that you can ensure the further success of your business

    2. Children of elderly parents can play a key role by checking their parents’ homes for potential hazards

    3. Personal knowledge about the patient can help in key diagnostic findings; but that does not take away the other aspects of the process of consultation

    4. In females a hormone (oxytocin) plays a key factor in reducing the response to stress

    5. communication is the key to grow and develop it

    6. The first key to having a good conversation is becoming a better listener

    7. It was like the ultimate skeleton key, able to open any lock

    8. Henry’s the only one with a key to the props cupboard so it can’t have gone missing after that

    9. Proper nutrition is the KEY to natural pest control

    10. The key to growing organically is healthy soil

    11. But how did he get hold of the gun? Henry keeps all the props locked up … Dan would have had to ask for it, borrowed the key or something

    12. almost immediately heard a key turning in the door lock

    13. David pops the trunk with a key fob

    14. A key turns in the lock of the cell door and a GUARD

    15. A key rattles in the lock and the door opens

    16. The faceplate jerked back and he heard a key slide into the

    17. At first, when the long hours of silence were rudely interrupted by activity out in the corridor, I did not believe in the sounds that came from the world outside of my cell: boots on ladder rungs, a scuff of rubber soles across rough concrete, and finally the sound of a key in a lock

    18. The key to spiritual growth in the individual and the congregation are Christians living

    19. This is how I suddenly got the Key to Awareness – which allows me to experience the interrelation between time and space, to experience death and birth every moment, always expecting the unforeseeable

    20. This morning, as soon as she stepped into my office with some new texts in hand, the screen suddenly went black with a ''system error'', without my pressing a single key! What the heck, has she got a magnet or something? We called for a technician, as usual, but in the meanwhile the fair lady fumed and fretted at me and started shouting about my incompetence

    21. A key in a padlock

    22. "So you tech's have a master key?"

    23. I heard a key in a lock

    24. The key in my lock turned

    25. Using just as much theatrics, Moamar read the long list of charges, the council shouted 'witness' on cue in unison if not quite on key, and then Moamar shouted 'GUILTY' and that was about the extent of it

    26. Menachem and I sat talking for an hour before we heard the key turn in the lock once more

    27. The key turned in the lock as always, and in walked Robbie and The Man, their ever-present leader, their Knight Templar

    28. I waited for the key to turn in the lock

    29. She dabbed tentatively at a key on the plaque and watched as a series of ‘b’s appeared in one of the boxes on the screen in front of her

    30. Angie pressed another key and the screen changed

    31. Here’s the next key

    32.  Releasing resistance is the key to getting back into

    33. relationship with yourself is key to building a deeply loving,

    34. If I read Proverbs correctly, one of the key components of a father is that he corrects his children

    35. This is the key, it becomes more

    36. collapses without this one key thing in place

    37. first reflect some key differences to the Universe

    38. The house felt oddly empty now the young people had gone … how ridiculous is that? Empty … a key word

    39. Hazelnuts are a good source of folate, which plays a key role in keeping homocysteine within normal levels

    40. This is where faith plays a key role in life

    41. it be a cosmopolitan settlement; not just all Americans, The key then, for the individual, is to know when to Russians, or Chinese

    42. Content addressability was the key

    43. high above the lock and key

    44. and a key turns

    45. a key that is held in another hand of skin and bone,

    46. They wait or they turn the key in the lock,

    47. There is a key timing that this happens

    48. “Exercise is the key to creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states

    49. he picked out the key to cells

    50. I read in a book, a book written by a white person; it said not listening was the key to a happy marriage

    1. She keyed in a series of commands into her computer, turning off the beeping, and then headed back to the window

    2. children were all excited and keyed up for operation

    3. and pointed arches, carve edged and keyed

    4. Then he keyed the magic numbers into the magical money machine and watched in absolute wonder as the machine spewed out huge great wads of ten-pound notes

    5. He no sooner got thru his door than he keyed in the address of Ava's lab

    6. Since Ava wasn’t around to catch him, he keyed in some override codes and enabled administration rights to his desk eye

    7. keyed the magic numbers into the magical money machine and

    8. He keyed the radio mike

    9. Considerate of him to check I’m not busy … I quickly keyed in his number on my direct line out of the office

    10. It was in the middle of this and everyone else all keyed up that a runner had arrived I have no idea where he has come from but I can see him repeating something to them

    11. Once the scan was complete, he keyed in the code

    12. Those precious numbers had to be keyed in from his station

    13. After seemingly endless months of chasing from here to there, always at full throttle, she was burned out, completely keyed up and with a fuse so short, everything pissed her off

    14. At the border, which was also crawling with police, she got keyed up all over again, when it was discovered that Caroline’s residency document didn’t have the current tax payment recorded

    15. She stood in the doorway and watched Herminia’s gentle breathing, regretting that she was far too keyed to enjoy the comfort of such placid sleep: if she tried, all she would do was toss and turn

    16. four minutes at a time on the stool, still keyed up by the close

    17. He keyed his own microphone button, now plugged into an auxiliary jack behind the seats

    18. “Next!” He keyed the microphone, and pushed all manual freak buttons

    19. He grabbed his mobile and keyed in Bear’s number in Sydney

    20. To the girl whom to my heart have sneaked To the girl whom inside her eyes I’ve been keyed

    21. grabbed the wheel and keyed in a lower speed as not to run over the

    22. “Knowing that this abduction could lead to war with my people, a war they had no hope of winning, Milishak and Melcom held Yzandra in a magic cell with no physical entrance, deep beneath the deepest dungeons of their palace, reachable only by a keyed Translocation plate in the royal apartments

    23. The chair is mundane, but the platform it is bound to has had a keyed permanent Flight spell cast upon it, which is Levitation combined with Movement

    24. Since it cannot be keyed to you, I suggest that Talia be given control of it

    25. “While you do that, I will cast invisibility and inaudibility on this tine band, keyed to Talia and I

    26. “The Wards of Hilia are keyed to me and Talia

    27. The Wards were keyed to him and Talia, and he could read their condition

    28. Then I can have these Wards Keyed to me, and use them to help defend my land, rather than contain it

    29. The fact that someone else had keyed into it did not give her cause for rejoicing

    30. This is recorded when it is keyed in by the computer but no one really looks at staff movements until payday

    31. At 10:25 she reached the staff door and keyed in the code

    32. He keyed in the number of the incubator just below them and the screen slowly lit up with a low light image

    33. Hamish keyed in the new number and the camera revealed a much younger female foetus

    34. He hit the button for the scrambler line and keyed in a code that he had only been given that day

    35. The monitor went black, and the chief keyed a button that shut down the

    36. keyed it to the preset frequency and called out

    37. Sanjay peered over Paul’s shoulder as he keyed in, Bugged & Buggers

    38. 1 Throughout the evening following this great outburst of healing, the rejoicing and happy throng overran Zebedee's home, and the apostles of Jesus were keyed up to the highest pitch of emotional enthusiasm

    39. Can‘s mind was keyed

    40. One of the women keyed the proper code at her workstation

    41. Josh keyed in a stop loss that would protect his investment

    42. " Josh pulled up the appropriate screen and keyed in an order

    43. She keyed the com

    44. I keyed in full details of operational costs for all CGPB equipment

    45. Isaac looked at the darkness under his wife’s eyes and instantly keyed on her mood

    46. Luther keyed the MMARV’s over ride self destruct code into the control pad

    47. She keyed in her code and the emergency hatch silently slid open

    48. She quickly punched in a series of numbers and keyed the execute command

    49. ” She keyed in the data

    50. Saul sat in the pilot’s seat and keyed the comm

    1. Ava swung around in her stool and spread her screens out, began seriously keying at a couple of them

    2. He had memories of keying things in and making it all up, but he didn't really know that much, they would have to have all worked by luck

    3. ” They heard him flipping switches and keying in commands

    4. After keying in the code nothing happened, no change from red

    5. keying into a user-friendly tool in about ten minutes, not a complete month’s worth of

    6. Keying in options, preferences or settings in screens and tables

    7. set-up and first the consultant, then Megan, and finally Rob, were keying in transactions

    8. from the bag, wiring it to the explosive, keying in the timer for

    9. Trixie whined and he turned back to keying directions into

    10. But, I cannot key it to you unless you are wearing it and strumming it at the same time that I’m keying it, and that could be dangerous

    11. she carried on keying random things on the computer and

    12. lot of my training was centred on, locating and keying the

    13. Keying in the code the wait seemed interminable while the mechanism whirred

    14. Jeffery starts keying her name into his Mac Air, “Got it

    15. same procedure with Rochelle, except in this instance, keying two

    16. Keying in a command sequence, Zelena programmed the ship‘s

    17. He drove out of the basement carpark after keying his card for the gate

    18. is a better choice since it saves keying

    19. We could have gotten around keying the decimal point by allowing movement to the decimal portion of the amount with a tab

    20. I can understand entering the street address, but wouldn’t just keying the zip code relieve me of inputting the city and state? This is so because each zip code is tied to one specific state and city

    21. ’’ Replied Elizabeth before keying again her UHF radio

    22. ’’ Answered Ingrid, keying the radio microphone of her oxygen mask

    23. She stepped across the hall and opened an emergency weapons locker by keying in Garcia’s access code

    24. Grabbing and keying the microphone of the portable UHF radio transceiver hooked to her flight vest, she spoke with a deliberate tone in it

    25. dolphin eventually swam away, leaving Tammas at his desk keying one particular Morse code phrase over and over, SOS, but without transmitting it

    26. He said that as he was sitting at his desk staring at the restaurant menu, he started keying in some nonsense about how tired he was and then, suddenly, Mi Tair started to come to him in pidgin

    27. ” the receptionist was again quite professional, and, keying in Ms

    28. Moments later, after keying through the images, he said,

    29. ” The girl left him and began keying the information into the computer behind the counter

    30. student, maybe keying in on the up-down motion; then later the

    31. keying with the technology every year, but, when the

    32. As I’d feared, keying my car wasn’t enough

    33. This will help you utilize the code while avoiding the aggravation of keying it in yourself and debugging the errors

    1. Fear of God is one of the important keys in walking

    2. Do not clean the ears with pins, keys, pens, etc

    3. Anyone can misplace a wallet or keys, then find it by figuring out where they are most likely to have been left

    4. He escorts me back to Ted’s office and hands over the keys

    5. He raises an eyebrow at me doubtfully but, all the same, picks up his car keys and makes for the door

    6. After some discussion yesterday, it had been agreed that I would use the main front door for the time being, while Stephen organises a spare set of keys for the flat, as we are now calling it

    7. From what we have seen of the way the young man lived, I was rather relieved when Stephen told me that he had fitted bolts to the doors … just in case those keys had gone wandering

    8. I don’t suppose you heard anything in the night, did you?’ he asked, getting his keys out and opening the front door of the house

    9. ‘If you take the keys and open the house up …’

    10. The man drove his van back to The Stables while we took a slight detour via Liz’s landlord in order to hand back the keys

    11. ‘You left your spare keys with me, Liz

    12. One of the most important keys to a powerful faith, that which

    13. Sighing with happiness, I reach into my handbag for my car keys and then walk up the drive to where my car is parked

    14. The gaoler fiddled with his keys and unlocked the door at the end of the passage,

    15. Marat’s noble nose, lit a cheroot while the gaoler fumbled with his keys

    16. Keys rattled on a chain

    17. Slightly breathless, I check I have my keys in my bag and follow him out to the car, getting in the back with Rose

    18. He has no such qualms, it seems, for he gives me a hug before checking that I have my keys and leading me out to where he’s parked his car

    19. He just smiled at us, a sly and crafty smile, the grin of the clinically insane behind rusty Bedlam bars, except that in this case the lunatic carried the keys to the cell upon his belt

    20. Some holes are keys, some are the speaker and mic

    21. The desk and pocket systems differ only in the size of the crystal ball and keys

    22. potion and took his keys when he fell asleep

    23. The gaoler fiddled with his keys and unlocked the door at the end of the passage, pushing it back to reveal a short flight of steps carved out of natural rock

    24. His guard leant against the wall and, having struck a match along Citizen Marat’s noble nose, lit a cheroot while the gaoler fumbled with his keys

    25. “You’re just as stubborn as I am,” she told him, and he just grinned at her and headed for the drivers side, “and I suppose you want to drive too?” she said handing him the keys

    26. She rattled the car keys over his head

    27. He got in the suburban and she handed him the keys

    28. Alderfolk Pottypears went into his offices and collected the keys;

    29. receivers of the keys,

    30. rooms in our heads for which we lose the keys,

    31. that similar keys hang around the necks of others

    32. while others have no keys left

    33. ' And then he began whistling the anonymous soulful tune he'd played earlier - but in keys not yet appreciated by the untrained ear

    34. “The crazy black cannot detonate those bombs without the codes or the keys

    35. In the background two large looking gentlemen in suits checked a clipboard list, closed the front door to one of the houses and put the keys into a black leather briefcase

    36. In the bottom of the envelope was a set of keys to a brand new second hand caravan that was parked on top of the cliffs in exactly the same spot where the fisherman and his wife had lived before they had met their no longer mutual friend

    37. I hand him my keys, understanding immediately where he is coming from

    38. They vacated the premises and gave the keys to the court

    39. one ever came and Omi had access to the keys

    40. Now here I was back between the cart shafts dragging a schedule again, with keys and locks to my routine

    41. “It was an external request, but it’s League, unless Brasil has cracked our private keys

    42. It was a standard Pan Solar League Soul Registry record with all the right keys and holograms and challenge questions

    43. While there are many keys to effective meditation, the essence of the practice is learning to focus your attention as you choose

    44. ‘Gary – can we have the car keys to get your sleeping bag out?’ I called as he carried a box down the stairs

    45. The keys were old and loose

    46. He hesitates as he gets his keys out, ‘Can I twist your arm into repeating the experience perhaps?’

    47. with the bunch of keys in his pocket

    48. He kept the keys inside his sock

    49. 'So we are idiots isn't it? You don't have the keys, but how did the fucking

    50. the keys more than ten times, but he wouldn't listen

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