limpid sätze

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Limpid sätze (in englisch)

  1. The morning was of a lovely limpid gold colour.
  2. Now they were just limpid milky pools of emptiness.
  3. The traveller does not often look into such a limpid well.
  4. His childish face, with the limpid black eyes, was red and moist.
  5. They swam again, this time in limpid water the colour of weak tea.
  6. We stooped over that square of darkness as though over a limpid well.
  7. He leaned forward and kissed the limpid skin of her neck gently, afraid that.
  8. As he kissed his way back up her body, he watched the limpid pools of her hooded.
  9. The evening was delightfully calm, and the light air from the limpid water fresh and soothing.
  10. He was troubled; that brain, so limpid in its blindness, had lost its transparency; that crystal was clouded.
  11. Its colours, chiefly, very deep purple and violet; but still highly translucent; one specimen was entirely limpid.
  12. Does she not swim with the grace of a fish? the man says as they watch the woman dive for mollusks in the limpid sea.
  13. He eyed her for a long minute, then his limpid brown eyes went to Letty, laughing as Hank tossed her into the air and caught her.
  14. One morning, out of the blue, she hooked a hand behind Jacques’s head, drew him into the orbit of those limpid green eyes and whispered ‘I totally get you’.
  15. He leaned forward and kissed the limpid skin of her neck gently, afraid that he would break her into a thousand pieces if he exerted any force upon her frail form.
  16. Her only feature not disturbing or even shocking were the eyes, which shimmered as limpid pools of green, like the first sprouting of grass in an early spring meadow.
  17. Sad, sad the ignorance of the East and West where the people know not what love and laughter, what limpid eyes and charming mouths, are suggested by the turkey-tail fan of Dixie.
  18. We achieved our togetherness on our Sunday midday meal in a classy restaurant, in sumptuous holidays around the world and the sun-soaked beaches and limpid seas during our summers on the island.
  19. The third room led to a back garden with a climbable tree and a view of distant mountains, covered with pine, and in between them when the atmosphere was limpid one could see a bluish, shimmering sea.
  20. Tom stirred up the other pirates and they all clattered away with a shout, and in a minute or two were stripped and chasing after and tumbling over each other in the shallow limpid water of the white sandbar.
  21. To the north stretched the limpid, and, as it appeared from that dizzy height, the narrow sheet of the "holy lake," indented with numberless bays, embellished by fantastic headlands, and dotted with countless islands.
  22. For a fortnight now he had sketched and sketched and splashed about with colour just as an excuse for staying on, in the desire to make love to Ingeborg, to refresh himself for a space at this unexpectedly limpid little spring.
  23. What is more remarkable than all, it forms for the whole distance it has yet been explored, a walled and vaulted passage, for a stream of cool and limpid water, which, where it leaves the cave, is six feet deep and sixty feet wide.
  24. History and philosophy have eternal duties, which are, at the same time, simple duties; to combat Caiphas the High-priest, Draco the Lawgiver, Trimalcion the Legislator, Tiberius the Emperor; this is clear, direct, and limpid, and offers no obscurity.
  25. Consequently, their gentle features, their sensitive expressions equal to those of the loveliest women, their soft, limpid eyes, their charming poses, led the ancients to glorify them by metamorphosing the males into sea gods and the females into mermaids.
  26. Farewell to the panorama that filled our hearts and souls with ineffable emotions; the moon that was waiting to see us off, still there in the broad daylight, the limpid atmosphere and bright blue sky and walked to take the path of the three thousand steps.
  27. Moreover, as that of Heidelburgh was always replenished with the most excellent of the wines of the Rhenish valleys, so the tun of the whale contains by far the most precious of all his oily vintages; namely, the highly-prized spermaceti, in its absolutely pure, limpid, and odoriferous state.
  28. It flowed noiselessly, swift, and cold to the eye; long, thin grasses huddled together in it as the current drove them, and spread themselves upon the limpid water like streaming hair; sometimes at the tip of the reeds or on the leaf of a water-lily an insect with fine legs crawled or rested.
  29. The land had been cleared of wood for a reasonable distance around the work, but every other part of the scene lay in the green livery of nature, except where the limpid water mellowed the view, or the bold rocks thrust their black and naked heads above the undulating outline of the mountain ranges.
  30. A clear limpid spring which they discovered in a cool grove relieved Don Quixote and Sancho of the dust and fatigue due to the unpolite behaviour of the bulls, and by the side of this, having turned Dapple and Rocinante loose without headstall or bridle, the forlorn pair, master and man, seated themselves.
  31. I will buy some ewes and everything else requisite for the pastoral calling; and, I under the name of the shepherd Quixotize and thou as the shepherd Panzino, we will roam the woods and groves and meadows singing songs here, lamenting in elegies there, drinking of the crystal waters of the springs or limpid brooks or flowing rivers.
  32. Up to this point, everything above him had been, to his gaze, merely a smooth, limpid and simple surface; there was nothing incomprehensible, nothing obscure; nothing that was not defined, regularly disposed, linked, precise, circumscribed, exact, limited, closed, fully provided for; authority was a plane surface; there was no fall in it, no dizziness in its presence.
  33. Afterwards, I allowed an ant to visit them, and it immediately seemed, by its eager way of running about to be well aware what a rich flock it had discovered; it then began to play with its antennae on the abdomen first of one aphis and then of another; and each, as soon as it felt the antennae, immediately lifted up its abdomen and excreted a limpid drop of sweet juice, which was eagerly devoured by the ant.
  34. Her face even now after the soul-rending time she had been having, in spite of the shadows beneath the eyes, the droop at the corners of the mouth, in spite, too, it must be said of the flagrantly cottage fashion in which Annalise had done her hair, seemed to the Prince so extremely beautiful, so absolutely the face of his dearest, best desires, so limpid, apart from all grace of colouring and happy circumstance of feature, with the light of a sweet and noble nature, so manifestly the outward expression of an indwelling lovely soul, that his eyes, after one glance round the room, fixed themselves upon it and never were able to leave it again.
  35. The limpid spread of air cerulean,.
  36. The limpid liquid within the young man,.

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