lucid sätze

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Lucid sätze (in englisch)

  1. That was a Lucid Dream.
  2. I would need a lucid mind.
  3. She seemed lucid, but the.
  4. Of a profound lucid slumber.
  5. Kennedy is lucid and focused.

  6. How lucid, how sure of himself.
  7. She started having lucid dreams.
  8. Learn the trick of lucid dreaming.
  9. Create as lucid a letter as you can.
  10. In his sleep, he chose to lucid dream.
  11. But it was lucid; and I did it on my.
  12. My mind began to work, creating lucid images.
  13. Can use various methods to cause lucid dreams.
  14. His last lucid memory was the mountain descent.
  15. Holy fuck, he was pretty lucid all of a sudden.

  16. We are reminded of this when we have a lucid.
  17. It took all of his effort just to remain lucid.
  18. She was lucid nearly until the end and pain free.
  19. As other lucid families witnessed their daughters.
  20. Lucid dreaming is better than being on a holodeck.
  21. Obviously, she was lucid enough to remember that.
  22. When Hunter was awake… lucid was hardly applicable.
  23. The numbers had dwindled as passion overruled lucid.
  24. Talk to your prospect in a lucid and friendly manner.
  25. His writing is lucid, far-reaching, and entertaining.

  26. Often, while doing that, I enter a lucid dream where I.
  27. I had a lucid dream in which I travelled to a place of.
  28. Every time you succeed in becoming lucid within a dream.
  29. Would you like to give lucid dreaming a try, Brad? He.
  30. Sure, was the only lucid word he managed to get out.
  31. She came over, looked at him with those lucid, patient eyes.
  32. The following can be used to create a (more or less) lucid.
  33. There are various gadgets you can use to become lucid easily.
  34. Both were uncommonly real and lucid, and exceedingly cohesive.
  35. Lucid had a falling out over Stallman's unwillingness to fold.
  36. The patients were found to have grown more lucid, and to have.
  37. During one of his more lucid moments, he said his last goodbyes.
  38. I thought that the best thing to do was guide you into a lucid.
  39. But what about her driving me towards my father in the lucid.
  40. In a lucid dream, one may summon the emotion required for crossing.
  41. The sentences were blunt and lucid, yet the argument was intricate.
  42. Then in a lucid moment, Nerissa remembered what had really happened.
  43. I’ll tip the balance, overdose of lucid memoirs seclusion of the.
  44. It wasn’t just a nightmare, Professor, it was a lucid nightmare.
  45. Beth was surprised with herself: she was afraid, but lucid and alert.
  46. Mom’s lucid enough to refuse going to an assisted-living facility.
  47. Technology in tandem with being able to remain lucid while dreaming.
  48. For a nearly lucid moment, David Hudson remembered a marble collection.
  49. Use of DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol) in the induction of lucid dreams.
  50. In his more lucid moments, he had reviewed his life as if it were over.
  51. This technique describes how to use autosuggestion to have lucid dreams.
  52. This mind is called ‘clear light’ because its nature is very lucid.
  53. A well-travelled route to Lucid Dreaming is a technique which the book.
  54. The best way to breach another region is during sleep, in a lucid dream.
  55. It should be a lucid andconcise description, not a detailed description.
  56. The visualization became most lucid the moment Hillenbrand swung the axe.
  57. Tammas stayed the night at McCoy’s house and had normal dreams, not lucid.
  58. Lucid dreaming occurs when a person is conscious that he is having a dream.
  59. A pause then, suspended in this black, lucid space, this sanctuary from pain.
  60. You told me to read Chapter 21, didn't you? You told me to read about Lucid.
  61. The speech should be vivid yet lucid, so that it doesn’t bore the audience.
  62. In lucid moments, many schizophrenics will tell you the voices they hear are.
  63. As Garcia inspected the Bridge in his lucid dream, he sat down in his command.
  64. Perhaps the most lucid explanation of the value effect can be found in Robert A.
  65. Lucid dreaming is associated with the air element, and you're already doing it.
  66. This could increase motivation but not necessarily cause lucid dreams in itself.
  67. Her icy-blue gaze was bright with pain, but Tristan thought she was still lucid.
  68. What he was seeing and hearing was impossible, and yet he felt absolutely lucid.
  69. This lucid presentation of the possibilities both frightened and enlightened Vera.
  70. On her death bed, Dixie had warned me about our two sons while she was very lucid.
  71. The signal is then recognized as showing that you're dreaming, and you become lucid.
  72. He turned back to Alex, who was looking a little more lucid now that she was talking.
  73. He's so lucid, so interesting and so damned cute, you just can't resist his arguments.
  74. Had she been more lucid, I might have told her that it was much too late for us to stop.
  75. You should enter a dream at about this point and you will probably become lucid quickly.
  76. In a lucid interval, Huck feebly led up to the subject of taverns, and finally asked—.
  77. Lucid dreams theory researchers have demonstrated a conscious awareness of the people are.
  78. Passing the last suite before the turn, the source of the commotion became apparently lucid.
  79. This technique has been detailed in Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge.
  80. Their very existence is dependent upon them remaining lucid; there is no room for drunkenness.
  81. She was never lucid, and I cringed knowing this is what I would be going through in a few hours.
  82. For a lucid discussion of this oft-confused subject, read about evolutionary theism in Dr.
  83. I felt both momentarily robbed of strength and then back in control; lucid, then very woozy again.
  84. In my more lucid moments, this amused me, the fact that an old man could bully a forty-foot Dragon.
  85. What impressed Roger was the vastness of uninhabited land in a clear and lucid setting of panoramic.
  86. Who's game is it, mine or god's? she eagerly grabbed the C-Cap and a lucid trigger was tripped.
  87. The phantom disease he envisioned suddenly represented a lucid reality of what could potentially be.
  88. I sat right next to her, and when she was having what they call a lucid interval, I questioned her.
  89. LILD stands for “Lucid Induction of Lucid Dreams”, or sometimes, “Lucidly Induced Lucid Dream”.
  90. I had one of those lucid dreams where you seem to be awake even though you know you are still dreaming.
  91. VILD stands for “Visual Induction of Lucid Dreams”, or sometimes, “Visually Induced Lucid Dream”.
  92. Then Eileen took over and she didn’t sound very happy about what she could remember, in lucid detail:.
  93. The crazy ones usually end up spilling everything, especially once they get lucid, because guilt sets in.
  94. MILD stands for “Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams", or sometimes, “Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream".
  95. Usually in a dream, and I have had lucid dreams before, it is impossible to read any kind of printed word.
  96. He tried to pretend he was hallucinating but the voice was so lucid and beautiful it could not be ignored.
  97. It didn’t try to run and seemed more lucid than most of the zombie vampires Gary had contact with before.
  98. She stroked the Jade Bear and asked, What are you doing for me? What's with all this lucid dreaming?
  99. He could see that Louie had a nasty cut on his finger, near his USC ring, but was otherwise unhurt and lucid.
  100. He was dreaming, otherwise he wouldn’t look so blurry, but his spirit seemed unusually lucid for a dreamer.

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