crystalline sätze

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Crystalline sätze (in englisch)

  1. His ideas became more crystalline.
  2. The sharp, crystalline emotion of anger.
  3. These crystalline objects and entities are.
  4. She laughed her lighthearted crystalline laugh.
  5. When the bean had encountered a crystalline lake.

  6. Virchow, on the structure of the crystalline lens.
  7. Furthermore, snow is white, crystalline water and.
  8. He could see crystalline grains still in the bottom of it.
  9. Its exterior was of a finely polished crystalline coating.
  10. Turney felt as if he were emerging from a crystalline state.
  11. His crystalline coat moved as the evening breeze greeted it.
  12. As a Word Used to Change Crystalline Structure of Water, 108.
  13. Because it’s crystalline, it symbolizes something spiritual.
  14. It swam with its mouth agape, showing its dark crystalline teeth.
  15. The higher causal body in its crystalline state has the appearance of.

  16. The crystalline (mental) and liquid (emotional) states of the various.
  17. Michael did as asked and a deep green, crystalline orb on the end of a.
  18. When interacting with magma bodies (particularly in the crystalline state).
  19. Once more the elder giant raised the massive crystalline hammer to the sky.
  20. Gemstones and crystalline minerals are natural, hence coming from the Creator.
  21. The top and two sides reflected a crystalline blue, which probably meant ice.
  22. A crystalline mass of this was found a few years ago, weighing probably 15 cwt.
  23. Then there were two other cubes coming from a distance over a crystalline plateau.
  24. In the crystalline state it also has positional order 16 The liquid-crystal elec-.
  25. But all that is mentioned above was at the great, but crystalline distance, as it is at Home.

  26. Healing Crystals – These minerals turned crystalline are said to boast certain healing powers.
  27. The same crystalline Caribbean water, iridescent and turquoise, throws its surf upon the beach.
  28. Corvus gave the crystal another heavy blow and a few cracks appeared on the crystalline exterior.
  29. I have been able to suspend these mini-black holes in a crystalline maze that resembles a Peruzzi.
  30. Dazedly he glanced at the crystalline water around him and noticed that there was a red tinge to it.
  31. Its gaping jaws, with row after row of dirty crystalline teeth, each nearly as long as his own forearm.
  32. First are the various symbolic descriptions of the Creator that are crystalline in nature as well as the.
  33. I didn’t care what they thought; I wouldn’t relax, until I saw the crystalline blue of his eyes again.
  34. Shaped much as the other two, it is distinctive in that there is a bluish crystalline vein running through it.
  35. However, he possessed a raw elemental energy that he somehow enhanced by channeling it into his crystalline hammer.
  36. It was found out that the most effective microsilica admixtures are byproducts of crystalline silica and ferrosilicium.
  37. There were crystalline things that flew, most had two large fixed wings and at least four small ones that propelled them.
  38. In a blue tiled toilet washroom (crystalline covered from wail to wall) Jimmy gazed at his reflection in a half size mirror.
  39. Light and Sound are sub-units of crystalline morphogenetic substance, which serve as the blueprints for all manifested creation.
  40. It phosphoresces beautifully; it is white, and confusedly crystalline in its structure, and much harder than the common limestone.
  41. The ocean stretched out in all directions in glossy smoothness, regarding the sky and reflecting its image in crystalline perfection.
  42. I glanced at Keturah in anger and was arrested by the sight of the trail of a crystalline teardrop making its way down her smooth cheek.
  43. The dullness of the rock's surface glistened at once, its translucence became transparent, then crystalline, and became warmer in her hand.
  44. With a jarring crash that rattled his bones, he hit one of those long crystalline teeth, loosing it from the mouth of the attacking monster.
  45. Looking over the wall one could see down to the next level, where one of the three generators rotated around a complex crystalline structure.
  46. Her hands, extended into long crystalline claws, like stilettos hanging down from her hand, they raised and pointed towards the distant group.
  47. The nervous, cowled creatures whimpered as they pushed and dragged a swaying frame with a dark, crystalline shard mounted in iron at the center.
  48. He naturally recalls the crystalline medicinal water that sprung from its fountain and relieved the sight of those who used it only for that purpose.
  49. Nephrolithiasis, known as kidney stones, is a common disease characterized by the formation of crystalline aggregates anywhere along the urinary tract.
  50. Masaru Emoto it was revealed that water subjected to prayers using these two words , would result in the formation of beautiful crystalline structures.
  51. As I turned my head, I was surprised to see that Arion's laser had struck the crystalline sphere above the altar, actually destroying the mystical seal inside.
  52. Her fingers caressed the smooth stone, one fingernail running along the crystalline white line, tracing its course down one side of the stone and back up the other.
  53. It was fresh outside after the rain; the sky a clear eggshell blue now that the dark clouds had been blown away, the air crystalline both in clarity and breathability.
  54. Let’s set up the cameras, one over there, one over there, and one at our spot, and he reluctantly led them back away from the mysterious pool of crystalline water.
  55. Zechariah, the hewing of wisdom’s seven pillars in Proverbs, the stone cut out without hand in the Book of Daniel, and the gem and crystalline symbolism of The Apocalypse.
  56. The crystalline sparkle of clear glacial water falling hundreds of feet to crash down into the majestic forested slopes at the bases of the mountains was a sight to behold.
  57. A green-blue serene lake similar to an ocean in rest was dominating the geography, and in its crystalline waters there were little tiny creatures swimming with big emulation.
  58. Nature cooperated by covering the land with one of those beautiful glistening snowfalls that come from windless skies, frosting field and house and tree with faultless crystalline mantles.
  59. He went on to add that some of the ancient magic could still be found in its raw state, recognisable- to the initiated - by the eightfold shape it made in the crystalline structure of space-time.
  60. Emerald–A precious green jewel or crystalline stone used here to symbolize the Spirit of Life from God and the wisdom and truth inherent in understanding that the Creator and the Seven Spirits of.
  61. The question is whether that reflective quality is purely a product of the chemical constituents of the glass, or whether it’s crystalline structure or fine scale surface texture also plays a part.
  62. In principle, this is carried out approximately in the same way as refocusing of the crystalline lens of your eyes after reading a book to make a thorough examination of something at a long distance.
  63. The small, secure weight of tools along his belt, the smell of intermittent rain, and the crystalline brilliance of the clouds at dusk: these are the only times when Volkheimer feels marginally whole.
  64. The bartender sighed a wall of bubbles and swam up to the highest shelf, about thirty feet above, where he fetched a crystalline bottle glowing so brightly blue-white that she almost needed sunglasses.
  65. Their bodies are crystalline, made of what appears to be hundreds of thousands upon thousands of tiny pearls, and their legs glimmer like daggers slicing through a dark night to an old king’s throat.
  66. The crystalline lens in the higher cuttle-fish consists of two parts, placed one behind the other like two lenses, both having a very different structure and disposition to what occurs in the vertebrata.
  67. The hornblende is more crystalline, and the rock becomes decidedly primitive, as you approach a mountain of argillite and mica slate, into which it passes, and no greenstone has been observed north of this.
  68. When I was a girl the night sky was a great map of constellations, a cornucopia spilling the crystalline dust of the Milky Way across its ebony expanse, layers of stars that I would deftly unfold in my mind.
  69. The crucial question is how the other half of the harm is done, the harm that is done intentionally, with motivation well beyond crystalline causes and virtuous feelings; the harm done by the true revolutionary.
  70. The particles or grains of which the rock is built up are of various forms and sizes, from a thoroughly rounded grain, almost like small shot, to a broken and jagged structure, and to others possessing crystalline faces.
  71. Though in life it remains perfectly fluid, yet, upon exposure to the air, after death, it soon begins to concrete; sending forth beautiful crystalline shoots, as when the first thin delicate ice is just forming in water.
  72. He knew it so well north from the Palestinian tip of the Red Sea, to Sodom and Gomorrah and into the crystalline emulsion of the Dead Sea whence the valley met the blessed Jordan running down from the heights above Galilee.
  73. A microscopic examination of the granules of the rock itself will show that many of them have had crystalline quartz deposited upon their surfaces, and in some cases rounded grains have in this way become almost perfect crystals.
  74. The expansion is attributed, with sufficient evidence, to a crystalline arrangement arising from a kind of polarity in the particles of water exerted when they are near congealing, by which they attract one another in certain points, and not in others.
  75. The powders were neatly enough made up, but not with the nicety of the dispensing chemist; so that it was plain they were of Jekyll's private manufacture: and when I opened one of the wrappers I found what seemed to me a simple crystalline salt of a white colour.
  76. It also indicates the many times that a germ of crystalline inspiration seems to have been virtually smothered in Man’s attempt toward a simplification thought necessary to introduce it into his lesser capacity, a kind of dumbing down, rather than a rising up.
  77. Compare it to the stone with seven eyes “engraved” in the Book of Zechariah, the hewing of wisdom’s seven pillars in Proverbs 9:1, the stone “cut out without hand” that grows into a great mountain in the Book of Daniel, and the gem and crystalline symbolism of The Apocalypse.
  78. The water of our river is black or a very dark brown to one looking directly down on it, and, like that of most ponds, imparts to the body of one bathing in it a yellowish tinge; but this water is of such crystalline purity that the body of the bather appears of an alabaster whiteness, still more unnatural, which, as the limbs are magnified and distorted withal, produces a monstrous effect, making fit studies for a Michael Angelo.
  79. She was glowing from her morning toilet as only healthful youth can glow: there was gem-like brightness on her coiled hair and in her hazel eyes; there was warm red life in her lips; her throat had a breathing whiteness above the differing white of the fur which itself seemed to wind about her neck and cling down her blue-gray pelisse with a tenderness gathered from her own, a sentient commingled innocence which kept its loveliness against the crystalline purity of the outdoor snow.
  80. If in fact the unique surface texture and crystalline structure are not key to the reflective quality of the stone, the blue draconian astronomer commented in a throbbing, somewhat sardonic growl, then the altered piece should not only equal the reflectivity of the unaltered piece, but significantly surpass it, for not only is the sphericity of its shape now perfect, which will allow the many pieces to focus together on a single point, it’s surface texture is now perfectly smooth, which should vastly reduce scattering of the reflection.
  81. A gemstone is both valuable and crystalline,.
  82. Spiritual, Sun, Thing, Water, Heaven, Crystalline, Color, Philosophers’ Stone, Stone, Symbol,.

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