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Mass in a sentence

If mass did.
The mass of.
A great mass.
7 Mars mass 0.
The mass mind.
7) Mars mass 0.
of the mass of.

The mass that.
mass of the sun.
• Mars mass 0.
Gross has mass.
8 Mercury mass 0.
Use the mass of.
Mass, I love him.
Mass of the Frog.
Real sorry Mass.
Of the mass mind.
8) Mercury mass 0.
you hear that mass.
mass as 60 minutes.
mass plays no part.
Love you too Mass.
The average mass.
• Uranus mass 14.
Class A: The Mass.
the mass of sheep.
Even in the darkness, they saw the vultures massing above.
Dozens of plant-dinos were massing where I’d stepped off the bank.
moment it withdrew them, and brought up new forces, massing them about.
They are actually massing on the northern side of the hills facing you.
might? Caldon has said they are massing without a care for what is to come.
It simply skipped into his brain, and stood next to the massing water which nearly.
The Universe is not only massing Energy together, it is creating conscious connections.
The border of Poretani was just ahead and my scouts had reported a massing of troops there.
Thankfully, I noted that the crowds were massing on the opposite platform, leading to the city centre.
The Yankees were massing for an attack on the Western and Atlantic Railroad, the line which connected Atlanta with.
Human overpopulation had reached such a critical mass of density that humans began massing together and killing each other.
He sat and took the goblet Herne proffered, The Dark is massing, he spoke without emotion but there was a tremor in his voice.
The priority for this patrol is to find out what the Turks are up to Brigade need to know if they are massing for a serious attack.
He reported that even though this was the best place for the Re Che to stop us, they were instead massing behind a river some distance to the east.
There are also reports of North Korean troops massing at the demilitarised zone with South Korea, while it has fired missiles at Japan, which failed to explode.
As Dorro and Forgo’s vessel ventured forth from the harbor in the morning darkness, folks were already massing along wharfs and celebrating their good fortune.
� His desk at the Daily Telegraph looked decidedly a lot safer now as he glanced furtively at the German soldiers massing for an assault less than 200 yards away.
The enemy, being many times stronger, was always able, by massing his forces at points of his own choice, to break through fronts that were far too widely extended.
Gates are typically the weakest points in a fortification; get enough ramming, bombardment, and a heavy enough massing of troops and any gate can fall; except maybe these gates.
Stalin is also not excused in this regard for despite being warned by both American and British intelligence, he simply dismissed all reports of German troops massing on the eastern border.
While there are no indicators that the Germans are massing troops for such a push South, I have to agree with the British that it would be a potentially catastrophic move for us if successful.
I would gather all of my people together on Pelatia, as I did not think that the Orlandian’s would suspect a massing of Sallaconese people on a moon that we had never claimed as one of our own.
Our first air strike from our local fighter-bomber detachment has cooled down a bit the enemy’s ardor but Muang Phin is now reporting by radio that the enemy is apparently massing for another attack.
Instead of forming themselves into small independent intelligent communities: they began massing themselves together in huge numbers like the herds of the animals whose brains they had eaten for millions of year.
Not necessarily a flow of actual lines (although these often exist); they may be only imaginary lines linking up or massing certain parts, and bringing them into conformity with the rhythmic conception of the whole.
Pushing out the very existence of the whole world massing for war… while he and his royal entourage lolled about in their privileged positions which they had enjoyed for 100’s of years without stop as their god-given right.
It was a genetic reaction of a species which had become so numerous: it was blindly, instinctively trying to correct its excess numbers by inventing something called war: massing as many humans together and having them all kill each other.
massed ranks to make his escape.
There the people massed thickly.
Pictures or prints can be massed on a wall.
Below you will be the massed ranks of our membership.
The majority was massed together just behind home plate.
a crowd massed outside the burial site, there were sobs,.
stood back and massed on the Dun, waiting for the order to.
You can check the undersides of the leaves for massed eggs.
5 feet of DNA: massed into a tiny snarled ball of linear bonds.
The conformity of massed herds breeds stupidity and cowardice.
Troop commanders quickly organised the massed ranks of the undead.
their massed voices and the air was filled with the thud and boom.
made ready for the king; he has made it deep and wide: it is massed.
The Spanish crew was massed against the bulwarks to repel the attack.
The massed cannon shredded their attack and they fell back in confusion.
Meanwhile all our cannon should be massed along the north shore of the river.
They simply massed about four hundred yards from the one wall and stood there.
The men massed upon the drays allowed themselves to be jolted along in silence.
He turned on the massed army of the undead and began to put them out of their misery.
In such a world no more troops would be massed on the border between North and South.
Following the announcement of the decision Swordsmen and Evangelical Christians massed.
Under the cover of a torrential downpour the following afternoon, the massed force of the.
other way! The great voice seemed to end in a shout that reverberated across the massed.
He can feel them massed out there now, agitating to take New York back to an imaginary 1954.
A dense herd of fleeing crossbowmen came head to head with massed horsemen itching to charge.
Mounted police launched cavalry charges into the massed strikers, swinging at them with batons.
fore—and ran for a huge black knotted tree whose massed leaves made a fabric against the rain.
The door at the top is half-open, the bottles massed on the uppermost step burning with the imminence of morning.
Of the masses.
masses on the floor.
crying of the masses.
A craze of the masses.
opiate of the masses.
4 solar masses, violent.
) have their masses and.
in the masses direction.
Saka: They are the masses.
Trees, the masses of, 196.
Don't involve the masses.
to bury, bury (in masses).
Trajectory for the masses?.
masses of assembled dragons.
A staple to feed the masses.
The ignorant masses should.
crowd and the masses cheered.
on the masses of mortal earth.
If the collective masses of.
The masses were misled into.
Hears three Masses every day.
of the compelled masses dry;.
Blinding the masses to reality.
masses with white clouds above.
I was witness to the masses,.
out as the two masses collided.
masses m1 and m2, respectively.
They both have equal masses,.
and disappears into the masses.
Mass produced: for the masses.
issues, and mobilize the masses.