nil sätze

Wählen Sie eine Sprache aus, und geben Sie dann ein Wort unten um Beispielsätzen für dieses Wort.

Nil sätze (in englisch)

  1. One nil in extra time.
  2. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.
  3. Germany would have been nil.
  4. We worry because trust in ourselves is nil.
  5. His activities would be nil, null and void.

  6. AT the higher end, they come with almost nil.
  7. I think your options are nil at this point.
  8. Therefore, the risk of selling the option is nil.
  9. Boredom has mind doing unconventional conduct, met by nil.
  10. The light of God is nil and the face as ugly as the devil.
  11. The odds are so great that they are for all scientific purposes, nil.
  12. The odds of being hit with a malpractice suit are almost next to nil.
  13. We found our car, crossed the Kasr El Nil Bridge and headed for the club.
  14. And the odds were twenty to nil there was really no secret about it at all.
  15. The conversation was nil in their quick pace to where the object had landed.

  16. Nil Pavlitch, I say, what was the name of that gentleman who shot himself?
  17. Nil satis nisi optimum, interrupted my father’s voice, booming inside my head.
  18. Their social life was nil as everything they had was being poured into the project.
  19. Hence there are no assets available for the common stock, and its book value is nil.
  20. Well I can't help it, the Howards are beating us four too nil in the Grandchildren.
  21. He reduces the chance to nil that surfing eyes will breeze over that important reference.
  22. She had little or no money on arriving and the prospect of getting a job in Tralee was nil.
  23. But the economics that were finally obvious to me were also obvious to others, and interest was nil.
  24. Final score - three : nil Our informant had wandered over and resumed his self-appointed commentary duties.
  25. We crossed Kasr El Nil Bridge and took a right for a few hundred meters along the Nile and then a left into Garden City.

  26. Her prospects of marriage were close to nil in a vanishing Italian community where the young men were the first to depart.
  27. The felt recoil was nearly nil, allowing firing in zero gravity conditions without the shooter ending spinning wildly after each shot.
  28. With them gone, his hopes of destroying the industrial capacity of this society and thus paralyze the Time Patrol were down to nearly nil.
  29. The streetlights and those of the Kasr El Nil Bridge gave it a festive air and oscillated on the dark mass of water in an unending movement.
  30. Evaporation, which is nil in the High Arctic regions and very active in equatorial zones, brings about a constant interchange of tropical and polar waters.
  31. Why did I buy this stock? Arcontech has a reasonable sales profile, it is in the financial exchange technology business and is basically valued at nil, £2m on £1.
  32. The latter, faithful to the principle of Horace, nil admirari, had contented himself with showing his knowledge by declaring in what lake the best lampreys were caught.
  33. A nil result so far, but his team had done well with graphic evidence of a despicable crime that told its own story and gradually a few pieces of the puzzle dropped into place.
  34. One balmy spring Saturday afternoon, with his team leading by five goals to nil, Terry's manager decided to give him a well earned rest twenty minutes before the end of the match.
  35. And then, after swallowing, he went on, Have you wondered, Doctor, why the death rate on Mars in the six months since you established bases there has been nil? I can't be everywhere.
  36. I’d tried to roll the window down as the car had steamed up and we could barely see where we were going but it was jammed and wiping the condensation from the inside had nil effect.
  37. In the beginning the mind may run 50 times, two years of practice will reduce the number to 20; another three years of continued and persistent practice will reduce the number to nil.
  38. Despite the very advanced technology, Saddlebrook would have to be accelerated from his current speed, which was nil, to velocities in excess of ultra-lightspeed, travel a distance of 6.
  39. Sadly, with each passing year after the end of the war, it became more and more difficult to find men willing to fight in the Order and within two generations the numbers had dwindled to near nil.
  40. Two years ago, on Easter Eve, His Excellency Nil Alexeyovitch, whose subordinate I was then, wished to hear what I had to say, and sent a message by Peter Zakkaritch to ask me to go to his private room.
  41. However, the chances that a girl raised among pirates could speak seven languages, play the piano like a virtuoso and sing the way she just did were about nil, her talents denoting instead the education of a true aristocrat.
  42. Unless you’re born and bred there your chances of survival are virtually nil, and even the indigenous can die of disease or be killed at any time by any number of eventualities,’ and Siri laughed again at Jim’s misunderstanding.
  43. The response of Christians in western Europe to this loss, real and imagined (few in western Europe could afford the time and money necessary for the pilgrimage, so the real impact on the average person was nil), was deep and emotional.
  44. Even when the Witches completed their flanking maneuver and fell from behind on the unsuspecting Japanese fighters, their radio chatter was kept nearly to nil, with only Ingrid Dows giving terse orders after each attack pass to direct the next attack.
  45. Alas! always the same, and nothing new; nothing more unpublished by the creator in creation! Nil sub sole novum, says Solomon; amor omnibus idem, says Virgil; and Carabine mounts with Carabin into the bark at Saint-Cloud, as Aspasia embarked with Pericles upon the fleet at Samos.
  46. He would indeed have been obliged to admit that in the eastern—much the larger— part of Russia rent was as yet nil, that for nine-tenths of the eighty millions of the Russian peasants wages took the form simply of food provided for themselves, and that capital does not so far exist except in the form of the most primitive tools.
  47. But, in that we know that wealth does not guarantee happiness in all aspects of bodymind, fewer still in heart, and nil in spirit, we must inquire as to that missing piece, is it personal or social and what is the cause of its absence? Happiness is an accompaniment to communion – it is empty when the communion is with the toys, the objects, the machines that we accumulate as mementos of where we 445.
  48. Although it is true that the smaller appreciation potential of senior securities is made up for, at least in part, by the fact that they are easier to finance, this finance factor may be academic for the prudent outside investor who abhors borrowing on margin to invest in the securities of companies about which his knowledge is limited, over which his control is nil, and where his costs of borrowing might exceed his return on his portfolio.

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