zip sätze

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Zip sätze (in englisch)

  1. From zip to nearly 1%.
  2. You can find zip codes.
  3. Just zip! and it was over.
  4. Zip went the Lego blocks.
  5. Can I zip up your dress?

  6. Or, you could zip the fork.
  7. That’s the zip code file.
  8. Lydia pulled at the zip ties.
  9. He’d let me in and zip his lip.
  10. We walk the streets to the zip line.
  11. They should have used zip code + 4!.
  12. Okay, now hold still as I zip it up.
  13. About Wasp? For a long time, zip.
  14. The zip ties were ripping into her skin.
  15. David continued to struggle with the zip.

  16. Zip ties were such an ingenious invention.
  17. The least you could do is zip it back up.
  18. I’m sure it has been, in that ZIP code.
  19. It had plenty of zip before, said Doc.
  20. ZIP code? he suddenly asked the two agents.
  21. Cami’s thoughts seemed to zip between Mrs.
  22. I pressed answer, still wrestling with the zip.
  23. My hands were sore from sun burn, and Zip Strip.
  24. That isn’t the zip code here, but the last name.
  25. He pulled the zip down and helped David strip off.

  26. Always much the same; I spot her, zip, she's gone.
  27. Libby held herself rigid while he slid the zip up.
  28. Good thing I had a zip put on this new machine.
  29. In confusion, Plastic jerked at his zip and then.
  30. Reynolds nodded and used zip ties to bind the Pullers.
  31. This includes street address, city, state and zip code.
  32. The name of the zip archive is the current date and time.
  33. Susan always left a sliced bagel in a zip loc bag on the.
  34. Harriet bought Zip Strip to take the paint off the dresser.
  35. What was he doing? Questions began to zip through her mind.
  36. Sarah waited for the preacher to zip up the tent before she.
  37. She heard the bullet zip only a few centimeters from her head.
  38. The noise of the zip was covered by the swearing of the guard.
  39. Jack was desperately hard in his hand; the zip on his trousers.
  40. A few minutes later, I called them back in to zip the dress up.
  41. If so, they would zip over a copy of the will and start the war.
  42. All the selected files should upload inside the zip file together.
  43. His eyes were blindfolded, and his hands were tied with a zip tie.
  44. What? Zeke, who secured my straps on the zip line, a traitor?
  45. I’ll zip through the rooms again as I leave and pray a blessing.
  46. The pistol fired again and Warren felt the bullet zip past his head.
  47. He had no clue what even the first two digits were for the zip code.
  49. I held my lips closed as a child did when told to zip it by his mother.
  50. The zip command that we are using has some options and parameters passed.
  51. The officer brandished a pair of zip cuffs; a horror to all cats, indeed.
  52. Right… zip! But nevertheless, her books fly off the shelves while the.
  53. We use the zip command (in Unix/Linux) to put the files in a zip archive.
  54. He was pushed in, blindfolded, gagged, and his hands bound with a zip tie.
  55. The -q option is used to indicate that the zip command should work quietly.
  56. He recognized the zip and jazz disks which lined the shelves, row upon row.
  57. A shattered zip tie hung by its in-tact companion on his bloody right wrist.
  58. We’re using a new file that has three fields, the city, state and zip code.
  59. It will instantly zip your files into the folder and place it on your desktop.
  60. She was just fastening the zip on her case when there was a knock at the door.
  61. One refinement I prefer is the use of the tar command instead of the zip command.
  62. Bobby came to the front holding a plastic bag in one hand, and a zip tie in the.
  63. Enter your city, state, zip code, or area code into the search tool at http://aav.
  64. Only this time, he fastened a black zip tie around her neck and took her to his.
  65. At this point our array is completely sorted from smallest zip code to the largest.
  66. I spread my thumb and index finger barely a half inch apart to indicate basically zip.
  67. The children were all lined up against one wall tied to a rope with plastic zip ties.
  68. The man forced Edrimer to sit in a chair with his zip tied hands resting on his knees.
  69. Here, let me help you zip the bag, he said with a voice overflowing with warmth.
  70. No need to waste the energy to zip it closed—she would be inside her car in a moment.
  71. The -r option specifies that the zip command should work recursively for directories i.
  72. And when no one noticed you, they couldn’t lay you off, or size you down, or zip you up.
  73. Next we marinated them in soy sauce and vodka overnight and froze them in zip lock baggies.
  74. Like ethereal fingers pulling a zip closed, the smoke formed tendrils that snaked into the.
  75. The only sound was the "Zip, zip" of the grasshoppers, the only scent that of the warm thyme.
  76. Felix fastened the zip on the holdall of spare breathing masks and slung it over his shoulder.
  77. While she was cooking it up into stones, he’d slip out, pop the bitch, then zip right back.
  78. However, here I just wanted to let you know how easy it is to create a zip file for your books.
  79. After we create our $data we then create the date, which we'll use in the filename for our ZIP.
  80. This can be easily achieved by attaching a user-supplied comment to the name of the zip archive.
  81. There probably will be two records with the same zip code, but in our case, that won’t matter.
  82. To my right, the zip line snaps, the wire cord whipping back and shattering the windows below me.
  83. Based on the zip codes of where subsidy checks are mailed we can tell where the farmers are located.
  84. I stand on the roof of the Hancock building, near the zip line where the Dauntless flirt with death.
  85. For now suppose we had a file that was in account number order, but needed to be sorted by zip code.
  86. He left a message for Walter, Naught, zero, bupkis, zip, goose egg… as in wild goose egg chase.
  87. This is a New York site that indicates where Superfund sites can be found, based on an entered zip code.
  88. Shay nuzzled her neck and reached once more for the zip of her dress, slowly moving it all the way down.
  89. However, if a comment was supplied, then this is attached to the name of the zip archive just before the.
  90. He struggled to zip up his pants, almost hurting himself in the process and then finally turned to face her.
  91. She could see the gun in the man’s hands and decided to zip up Vasquez’s trousers then sat back in shock.
  92. His hands were tied behind his back with a clear plastic zip tie and his ankles were bound together with rope.
  93. Just before Pat completes the update Chris accesses the same record and the zip code still has the value 14225.
  94. She changes the middle initial from L to P and Pat does his update, resulting in the new zip code in the record.
  95. Cars zip in and out between each other while suicidal motorcycle drivers go zipping in and out between the cars.
  96. The name of the zip archive that we are going to create is the current date and time which we fetch using the time.
  97. So instead, Janelle poked at the keys on her new phone, putting Leslie’s street and zip code into its address book.
  98. You will note that the accuracy of the data on the zip code file is very important and someone is responsible for it.
  99. If he could use the car he could zip through the traffic, if that was not possible he could lose himself in the crowd.
  100. The trouble is because of this, oil can zip all over the place in price and not really affect an oil company like Shell.
  1. Zipping his window down the.
  2. He looked up from zipping his shorts.
  3. Tassie saw ships zipping in the wind.
  4. Bye, she said, zipping up her jacket.
  5. In the act of zipping up his jeans, Rafael paused.
  6. Sully stood between two buildings, zipping his fly.
  7. He ran through the kitchen as he was zipping up his coat.
  8. Zipping down to Monterey, docking at the marina there.
  9. Zipping her jacket up Suzy shuts and locks her front door.
  10. No! They were hopping aboard the Caddy as I was zipping up.
  11. Dominic made a zipping motion across his lips, with his fingers.
  12. What are you doing? she casually asked, zipping up her bag.
  13. One cars, on the other hand, zipping about on city streets need to.
  14. Amelia pulled her jacket closer, zipping all the way up to her chin.
  15. After zipping it, she followed Chevalier out of the mansion she'd grown.
  16. What the heck was that? Zipping up, he looked around and found a long twig.
  17. Then mentally kicked himself, zipping up his jacket as if zipping his lips.
  18. They kept zipping around the Japanese bomber formation, never slowing down.
  19. It was quite disorienting to be zipping across the city without a proper seat.
  20. A young man, yet in the act of zipping up his pants, stepped from the far stall.
  21. He came back to the bed and stood above her in the dark, zipping up his Windbreaker.
  22. While still zipping up her flight coverall, Ingrid exited her tent and looked North.
  23. Even though he hurried by without eye contact, and pretended to be zipping up his fly.
  24. Brixby shot at him as he ran off, the arrow zipping past Manaea with inches to spare.
  25. Zipping back up, he turned to Larry and uttered the words he’d traveled so far to say.
  26. Zipping up my new jacket, I felt the satisfaction of a young athlete receiving his varsity letter.
  27. The mountains fell away into hills, and then we were zipping along over farmland and towns and highways.
  28. You’re on, Jerry said, zipping into the turning lane that would free them from the airport traffic.
  29. He spit out the oozing slime gum onto the ledge where the clown was zipping and making faces at the children.
  30. After zipping up her bag and shutting her locker, she leaned against the metal door and checked her messages.
  31. Cars zip in and out between each other while suicidal motorcycle drivers go zipping in and out between the cars.
  32. He was in the front hall zipping his windbreaker when Will appeared behind him, rumpled with sleep, the note in his hand.
  33. Zipping into view, Jared tapped on the glass and stayed there, long enough for one of the men sitting on the sofa to see him.
  34. Zipping the bag closed he pushes it under the bed and closing the bedroom door goes back into the lounge and turns the television on.
  35. You read it to us, said Rip as he struggled to focus on all the creatures zipping up and down the Master Ladder between the layers of the world.
  36. Dylan and I joined Angel in zipping from kid to kid, moving as quickly as possible, so that the ones we weren’t directly over couldn’t get a good shot.
  37. Zipping up fully her jacket, which she wore over her Philippines Army going out uniform, she also raised her mutton collar to protect her ears from the cold.
  38. Tracer bullets could be seen zipping through the sky, fired either by defending Chinese troops on the ground or by the door gunners of the heavy helicopters.
  39. The hands on the clock ticked round to six o'clock and the floor was suddenly a bustle of noise, everyone shouting at each other and pneumatic tubes whooshing and zipping.
  40. But the key thing was that when she was zipping around, she was making this high-pitched noise—a supersped-up Aiiyah!—that seemed to crack the Doomsday code of brainwashing.
  41. Cherry took the long way around the club, zipping through the bar area and past the DJ station, glancing back every couple of steps, making sure Lil’ B wasn’t following her with his eyes.
  42. Millie was about to ask a question when Molly hit a button on both of their watches and the two dames rushed skyward at a dizzying pace, zipping out the skylight and into the night sky toward downtown Chicago.
  43. As they pulled out of the parking lot, Cami enjoyed the hum of excitement zipping through her veins when she thought of the next day’s balloon ride, and considered her relationship with Vince could make her summer blues stay far, far away.
  44. One night I stopped to camp, stripped off my sweaty clothes, dressed in every other piece of clothing I had, and quickly made dinner, zipping myself into my sleeping bag as soon as I finished eating, chilled to the bone, too cold even to read.
  45. Those words made Tifa explode into action, and she whirled, marching up into the bedroom Cloud had been sleeping in upstairs, throwing his clothes into the battered and beaten up leather suitcases he had stored in his closet, zipping it up, and tossing that, the sheath with his fusion sword, and another suitcase which had the equipment to clean the sword inside it outside on the stoop.
  1. He zipped up the bag.
  2. He zipped up the jacket.
  3. What is a zipped folder?
  4. As they zipped by, their.
  5. I zipped up and buckled my belt.
  6. Musafir turned round and zipped up.
  7. The last one I zipped to Sut in back.
  8. Arrows zipped about me, but none landed.
  9. I was carried out in a zipped up body bag.
  10. With a great yawn, he yanked on his zipped.
  11. Jonathan zipped his coat and looked at Angela.
  12. When he was satisfied he zipped up his black.
  13. When his hands were free, he zipped up his fly.
  14. Luckily her snowsuit could still be zipped even.
  15. He put up his hood and zipped up his lined jacket.
  16. I watched as the cars zipped by not too far below.
  17. As she zipped herself in and laid down, the wind.
  18. No, Johnny said as he zipped up his backpack.
  19. The orange flame sizzled and zipped along the fuse.
  20. He waited a few minutes until the man zipped up his.
  21. Missy zipped down, collecting the tiny piece of flesh.
  22. The bullets, like angry bees, zipped past Max’s ear.
  23. He then zipped his tent back up and went back to sleep.
  24. The Three Young Bucks were all zipped into their tents.
  25. He sat up and Karina put the jacket on and zipped it up.
  26. The car remained running as the wipers zipped back and.
  27. The man finished urinating, zipped up his zipper and then.
  28. Stepping out into the morning sun he zipped the tent back.
  29. The giant clown zipped back and forth like a lightning bolt.
  30. Leesa zipped her San Diego sweatshirt up against the chill.
  31. Those pushing the cart zipped by as the cart rattled along.
  32. So we now need to extract the contents of this zipped folder.
  33. He zipped up his jacket and checked his pocket for the keys.
  34. The air was cool, so Therese zipped the front of her jacket.
  35. Sonja had zipped up his jeans while his manhood was still out.
  36. They zipped and zoomed down the stairwell, desperately trying.
  37. The car remained running as the wipers zipped back and forth.
  38. The first planet, Neptune, enlarged and zipped past in a blur.
  39. I zipped through the little wide spot in the road called Ozone.
  40. He tried again and the boy zipped up his fly and left hurriedly.
  41. Sheila zipped up her travel bag, and sat at the edge of the bed.
  42. Meanwhile the crew lights zipped around in a panic as the boat.
  43. He zipped up his pants and sat down in the chair and looked up.
  44. Something that is zipped – means that it has had its contents.
  45. As we zipped along, Bree had a question: Why the Mercedes?
  46. He shook the last drips off and zipped his pants up, tucking his.
  47. He ripped it off the desk and quickly zipped the four screws out.
  48. Jon just as quickly zipped himself up and took off down the road.
  49. He zipped up his jacket and pulled his cap tighter over his head.
  50. Soon the gun was zipped safely into his pouch with the other one.
  51. The scenery zipped by at 70 mph as the cool October wind blew in.
  52. Whether you realize it or not - you have just downloaded a ZIPPED.
  53. He waved and zipped back out of view again, springing to the roof.
  54. Kain zipped across the length of the stadium in the blink of an eye.
  55. The crew of glowing orbs zipped around the boat, pul ing lines and.
  56. Joey hit the bottom of the Roller as gunshots zipped over his head.
  57. The wolves zipped through the trees, dodging tree trunks with ease.
  58. He zipped open the first bag and saw a head with a bullet hole in it.
  59. P, tapped it and then zipped off the keyboard and into the pocket of.
  60. Therefore - once you download a zipped folder – you have to UNzip it.
  61. Making it to her room she zipped her bag, slinging it over her shoulder.
  62. He probably should’ve kept the gym bag zipped all the way up because.
  63. He thought about his own tent and realized that he hadn’t zipped it shut.
  64. Her black jacket is zipped up to her throat, framing her face in darkness.
  65. A small glowing orb remained, and it zipped off, disappearing through a door.
  66. She propped the phone against her shoulder and chin as she zipped up her jeans.
  67. She zipped her jeans, sat on the bed beside him and lay a hand on his shoulder.
  68. When clicking to download a file that is zipped – you save it to your desktop.
  69. A flash of pain and loss zipped through her that had nothing to do her injuries.
  70. The Shriners zipped about on their mini-motorcycles, stealing the show as always.
  71. Morse picked up the pipe from the floor and threw it in his bag and zipped it up.
  72. Music began to play as the ship zipped by, credits rolling, and then faded to black.
  73. He used to have a brown and cream toy dog with a zipped belly for his pyjamas that.
  74. What was going on? There was an air of tension, a jeep zipped by him not even beeping.
  75. Where’s my bra? She zipped up her jeans and shoved her T-shirt over her head.
  76. The paramedics had just zipped it up and were about to carry it out to the ambulance.
  77. Gary stood up and walked into the kitchen, He put away his cock and zipped up his pants.
  78. From out of the buildings, things descended on thin lines that zipped as they ringed us.
  79. A chilly gust of wind zipped through the room, but there were no windows in the basement.
  80. Soon after breakfast, Hal zipped along the road to Robbie’s house and rapped on the door.
  81. He landed with catlike prowess and zipped to the side, out from in front of the glass doors.
  82. He zipped up his hooded sweatshirt, flung the hood over his head, unlocked the door and left.
  83. Cars zipped around the curves of Memorial Drive, and joggers ran along the curves of the river.
  84. He zipped up his fly and sprinted to the band of vegetation that ran along the top of the beach.
  85. The man looked cold, even with his jacket zipped up tight, and he accepted the offer graciously.
  86. Now, avoiding the Business section, she zipped through it but stopped cold in the Dining section.
  87. Finally, the net came off and the cow serpent zipped through the water and did a happy somersault.
  88. Then he rolled his departing guest into a standard white body bag and zipped her up for transport.
  89. The third thing was Chang’s own suitcase, zipped up, its handle raised, also repacked and waiting.
  90. What woods did you all enter into? His voice came muffled, the sound of a zipper being zipped.
  91. He must have done this in his sleep, for he was certain he had zipped his fly at the lady’s house.
  92. ROACH ZIPPED the body bag closed and asked her assistants to carry the female victim out to the van.
  93. She dropped the blanket on the mattress and quickly put the waist-length jacket on and zipped it up.
  94. He zipped his jacket most of the way up and sat on the edge of the steel frame, beside Mark’s laptop.
  95. Terminus zipped back and forth, diving at the crow with breakneck speeds and striking him from all sides.
  96. Most of the second wave of fireships had simply zipped by, due to the depleted amount of available targets.
  97. He looked at her, his yellow eyes uncertain, then, seeing the black storm rise up behind her he zipped away.
  98. A man on a motorbike zipped by them as they walked along the stone street, past a hat shop and a camera shop.
  99. Was he birthed, invented in a lab, or hatched? Tough as it was, I zipped my lip and let Scratch run the show.
  100. Tiny gray and brown lizards either zipped across the trail as I approached or held their position as I passed.
  1. When the biological UFO zips.
  3. In reply, Beaumont zips open the top of his robe.
  4. He zips the suitcase and carries it out of the room.
  5. I didn’t see who did it, but I refastened the zips.
  6. He puts his arms around her and zips up her coat protectively.
  7. It wasn’t exactly heroic, all I had to do was do up a couple of zips.
  8. Buttons were undone, belts and zips were manipulated and clothes kicked off.
  9. Eric zips up his jacket and more than a little scared he heads for the corner shop.
  10. He slows, cranes his neck as another SUV zips past in the lane in which he was just traveling.
  11. One orb zips over our heads, and the engineer who catches it sets it on his screen to transfer the information.
  12. Ted zips and washes his hands, drying them on rapidly disintegrating toilet paper rather than using the roll of pull down towelling on the wall.
  13. Pulling her jeans up quickly she zips and buttons herself and without washing her hands walks quickly to the front door; Who is it? she shouts.
  14. He even zips and buttons me back into my jeans and I gotta admit, watching his huge hands dress me makes me want to rip everything off all over again.
  15. This could not go on, he knew he had to do something about it, but how? He glanced quickly around the inside of the tent and then quietly refastened Lucy’s two zips and pulled the hood tighter around her pale face.
  16. It is so horrific and sad to see how the holier-than-thou Christian zips open his mourning garment from top to bottom and out climbs a Jurassic monster vulture, when the deceased’s possessions comes into play.
  17. Emily was one of those dolls with zips and buttons, and hair that could be brushed and even, at a pinch, plaited, but when she first had her, Alicia was too young to do any of those things, so she used to suck her foot.
  18. Midway through one of the endless round-trips to nowhere, even though it’s technically a violation of Goldstein’s rule against using walking meditation as recess, I stop and stare at three baby birds perched on the ledge overlooking the courtyard, screeching their heads off as their mom zips to and fro, popping food into their mouths.

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