zippo sätze

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Zippo sätze (in englisch)

  1. He rang Zippo.
  2. Zippo Tom nudged him.
  3. Zippo Tom was smiling at me.
  4. No, Zippo said, slowly.
  5. The Zippo had run out of fuel.

  6. Oh, so, so, Zippo Tom said.
  7. The Zippo was flicked into flame.
  8. John, Zippo said with a sigh.
  9. He lit his Zippo, was taken aback.
  10. Calm down, calm down, Zippo said.
  11. Zippo slid the lighter into his pocket.
  12. Felton told Zippo Tom what had happened to me.
  13. Zippo Tom pushed his sunglasses onto his head.
  14. All water under the bridge, Zippo Tom said.
  15. Damn Zippo! he half shouted in frustration.

  16. The thing is, Felton was saying to Zippo Tom.
  17. I see you still have that Zippo lighter, Felton said.
  18. He’s playing with a Zippo lighter but he doesn’t smoke.
  19. Yeah, yeah! Zippo Tom said, patting Felton’s back as well.
  20. Emily looked over toward the clink and spark of his zippo lighter.
  21. Hence, the lucky lighter, the Zippo box with a smiling face on the side.
  22. He took them out, opened, took his Zippo from the half empty pack and offered.
  23. He lit it with his Zippo as he crossed the street toward his custom Ford F-150.
  24. Hey, Zippo said, putting an arm on his shoulder, he had to bury the body.
  25. I snapped my Zippo lighter and burned the evidence with full knowledge that I compounded the contempt.

  26. Now gentlemen, Paul began after cutting his cigar and lighting it with a sterling silver Zippo lighter.
  27. Light them up please, Alvin requested, and Big Jim followed to light the candles one by one with his gold-plated Zippo lighter.
  28. I search franticly for a box of matches or anything that would light the petrol filled building to no avail when the woman walks over to me and hand me a zippo lighter.
  29. According to Steng, the old guy casually lights one of those old metal Zippo lighters, the kind that stink of lighter fluid but never fail to light, just as the madman drives by with his window still opened.

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