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Roll in una frase (in inglese)

Can we roll.
Roll out the.
I roll my eyes.
Take the roll.
Clouds roll up.
your roll to be.
Roll in my head.

I was on a roll.
LD was on a roll.
I’m on a roll.
In and On a Roll.
so, roll and run.
Nice roll you did.
Roll up, roll up.
I roll my eyes.
They roll him off.
a roll in the hay.
7) for roll, and 8.
and roll once more.
Omar was on a roll.
Rock n Roll Animal.
roll across the sky.
Roll it and pat it.
The roll was called.
Roll the credits!.
could tuck and roll.
Then a rolling.
The low rolling.
A car rolling past.
He's rolling in now.
the storm rolling in.
I am still rolling.
Tears were rolling.
Rolling your clothes.
Slowly rolling into.
Rolling with the snow.
from rolling over her.
Rolling in the grass.
Rolling like a giant.
rolling over the South.
Rolling past the hole.
The room kept rolling.
rolling off his tongue.
they began rolling out.
rolling down her cheeks.
Someone was rolling it.
rolling back to the sea.
in rolling options, 194.
Instead of rolling in,.
rolling a bit as she hit.
Rolling down his window.
Starts the ball rolling.
rolling, on or near, 61.
My car rolled.
He rolled the.
His eyes rolled.
I rolled my eyes.
He rolled Jill.
He then rolled.
I rolled up my.
He rolled over.
I rolled off him.
He rolled it down.
Clouds rolled in.
They rolled the.
The drums rolled.
Mick rolled him.
D rolled his eyes.
He rolled his eyes.
Rolled out of bed.
He rolled her over.
He rolls his eyes.
She rolls her eyes.
Amy rolls her eyes.
full of sweet rolls.
To the death rolls.
Jerry rolls his eyes.
Rolls off the green.
Niles rolls his eyes.
Corey rolls his eyes.
The car rolls forward.
"See how it rolls!".
The Rolls glided away.
That is, if it rolls.
rolls into the dock?.
season rolls, as this.
She rolls her eyes.
He rolls his eyes at me.
The candle rolls gently.
Victoria rolls her eyes.
Serve on buns or rolls.