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    1. fame in these still relatively tender years had been a youth appearance for Scotland,

    2. ness and tender mercies, Who satisfies my mouth with good things, so that

    3. accepting the request would bring freedom of a kind that, at her tender and exciting

    4. He smiles at me wonkily, his eyes tender

    5. His main claim to fame in these still relatively tender years had been a youth appearance for Scotland, although sadly a combination of injury and a tendency towards dilettantism meant that such early promise remained as yet unfulfilled

    6. Lucy saw with absolute clarity under this calm but deep moonlight, that accepting the request would bring freedom of a kind that, at her tender and exciting age, she had never yet considered

    7. the potatoes are tender then add the

    8. There were flashes of Sally screaming; the ‘thing’ charging; burning pain in his chest; blood flowing on the ground, and the woman by his side; so tender, so soft

    9. The wound was still sore, and would be tender for quite some time

    10. out of tender wounds that carry pain still

    11. What did she have to do with all that? The tender maiden that had to be taken care of

    12. Your dermatologist will advise you on the care and upkeep of tender skin

    13. The tender sounds floated away to silence, fading in the air beneath a sky full of jewellery that danced before my eyes between the open shutters

    14. Wiesse shows an unexpectedly tender side while introducing me to the birds

    15. Let me find out if he wants me to leave him to Nuran's tender ministrations

    16. Along the road out of town, I climb for about half an hour to where the bulldozers have scraped out the old rock to make the new road, and from there look back at the lights of Sophia, a tender pattern of sparks with a few gaps where mountain homes once stood

    17. A frail string of lights hanging in the darkness - and such dense darkness there would be without the tender sparks

    18. And burials have been found also,' he shook his head and gave a long and tender sigh

    19. He was handsome, strong and tender

    20. And with that simple tender motion, she almost broke my heart

    21. Even at Lucy’s tender age the seeds of cynicism had begun to take root, especially now that hope seemed so far away, and she mentally went “whatever” as the DJ waxed lyrically about the new voice on the block

    22. own tender years and thought about what might have happened had

    23. handsome, strong and tender

    24. 32Now learn a parable of the fig tree; when his branch is yet tender, and putted forth

    25. 32Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putted forth

    26. “From the needleboat tender to the check-in assistant

    27. He stayed at her side for a long time looking into the face of the woman for whom he had such tender feelings and depth of respect

    28. He thumps the door once, a little act of kindness, a reminder of the tender caresses to come

    29. It was a densely populated area but he had every inch cultivated at least one level deep including the greenhouse atop his house where he kept tender lowland crops

    30. She hoped she wasn’t doing this tender soul harm with her answers

    31. This time they kissed, long and tender

    32. It was the device that was his problem, addling his tender mind with demonic sermons from some ancient creed

    33. What could she be thinking? That he was an agent of a secret government? That he was from outer space and was here to rustle tender maidens?

    34. " she’d used so much emphasis, that it ripped at the tender muscles of her of chest

    35. A sampling of the parts of a theirops, at their most tender and with these stuffings!

    36. Mainly the bruises that were already starting to appear on her tender breasts

    37. Tender mercies are shown in the brightness of the Father’s Son

    38. "What a tender story! It explains all the astronomical observations except the latest

    39. Even a gentle touch left it tender

    40. The tender plant is produced ; but in so cold a soil, and so severe a climate, soon withers and dies

    41. meat he could afford was tender and well seasoned

    42. already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that

    43. In fact, her breasts were full and tender now

    44. As he left, he placed a tender hand on S’ilindsa, who was patiently waiting outside the chamber

    45. The paper currencies of North America consisted, not in bank notes payable to the bearer on demand, but in a government paper, of which the payment was not exigible till several years after it was issued ; and though the colony governments paid no interest to the holders of this paper, they declared it to be, and in fact rendered it, a legal tender of payment for the full value for which it was issued

    46. A positive law may render a shilling a legal tender for a guinea, because it may direct the courts of justice to discharge the debtor who has made that tender ; but no positive law can oblige a person who sells goods, and who is at liberty to sell or not to sell as he pleases, to accept of a shilling as equivalent to a guinea in the price of them

    47. No law, therefore, could be more equitable than the act of parliament, so unjustly complained of in the colonies, which declared, that no paper currency to be emitted there in time coming, should be a legal tender of payment

    48. And though my breasts were little more than bumps, that day they felt very tender as if they’d swollen overnight

    49. The ale was cold, the meat tender, and the fires blazed as brightly as the ambition in his eyes

    50. The children, during the tender years of infancy, are well fed and properly taken care of ; and when they are grown up, the value of their labour greatly overpays their maintenance

    1. Ros, in quiet dignity, turned and tendered his resignation

    2. tendered his own nation, and was so zealous of the laws

    3. One of his group, a stranger in this man’s house, had spoken harshly to an invited guest, and all without prior request tendered nor invitation extended

    4. 2 So was he bold to call him a traitor that had deserved well of the city and tendered his own nation and was so zealous of the laws

    5. For if God tendered the reward of the righteous in a trice straightway were it commerce that we practised and not godliness

    6. 5 In those days, when a reception-banquet of this sort was tendered a prominent individual, it was the custom for all interested persons to linger about the banquet room to observe the guests at meat and to listen to the conversation and speeches of the men of honor

    7. 8 Matthew received freely tendered offerings from believing disciples and the immediate auditors of the Master's teachings, but he never openly solicited funds from the multitudes

    8. has been tendered on relations rather

    9. This supper was in honor of both Jesus and Lazarus; it was tendered in defiance of the Sanhedrin

    10. tendered for the claim, but lost out

    11. They did realize the critical nature of the situation and tendered an apology and saved their nation from disaster and Muslims vengeance

    12. Any given gift remembered is an obligation tendered

    13. “Generosity is a risk, a trusting in the other to receive a warmth tendered, offered without request of return

    14. tendered for any purpose, and for charging of commission for this service;

    15. Non-acceptance, without sufficient cause, of coins tendered and for charging

    16. if the documents tendered by the beneficiary, or his or her agent, appear to

    17. , and why they stop its trail just as it grows most luminous and glorious? If we have not judged right, apologies will be gladly tendered

    18. fatness that was in no sort displeasing, improving the hint thus tendered

    19. That while he tendered to Alice the gourd of sweet water, and the venison in a trencher, neatly carved from the knot of the pepperidge, with sufficient courtesy, in performing the same offices to her sister, his dark eye lingered on her rich, speaking countenance

    20. I tendered my resignation, for when you have gained your epaulets on the battle-field, you do not know how to manoeuvre on the slippery grounds of the salons

    21. He gave the Delawares to understand the rank of Heyward among the troops of the Yengeese, and then tendered to him a trust of equal authority

    22. She tendered a coin, smiling boldly, holding her thick wrist out

    23. Oot: a dullgarbed old man from the curbstone tendered his wares, his mouth

    24. There were several large jobs to be tendered for at the same time, so Rushton sent the specifications round to Hunter's house for him to figure out the prices, and nearly all the time that Misery was at home he was sitting up in bed, swathed in bandages, trying to calculate the probable cost of these jobs

    25. The distinguished scientist Herr Professor Luitpold Blumenduft tendered medical evidence to the effect that the instantaneous fracture of the cervical vertebrae and consequent scission of the spinal cord would, according to the best approved tradition of medical science, be calculated to inevitably produce in thehuman subject a violent ganglionic stimulus of the nerve centres of the genital apparatus, thereby causing the elastic pores of the corpora cavernosa to rapidly dilate in such a way as to instantaneously facilitate the flow of blood to that part of the human anatomy known as the penis or male organ resulting in the phenomenon which has been denominated by the faculty a morbid upwards and outwards philoprogenitive erection in articulo mortis per diminutionem capitis

    26. He said that the firm had tendered for one or two jobs, so they could call round about Wednesday and perhaps he might then be able to give some of them another start, Barrington was not one of those who were `stood off', although he had expected to be on account of the speech he had made at the Beano, and everyone said that he would have got the push sure enough if it had not been for the accident

    27. The delegation partook of luncheon at the conclusion of which the dusky potentate, in the course of a happy speech, freely translated by the British chaplain, the reverend Ananias Praisegod Barebones, tendered his best thanks to Massa Walkup and emphasised the cordial relations existing between Abeakuta and the British empire, stating that he treasured as one of his dearest possessions an illuminated bible, the volume of the word of God and the secret of England's greatness, graciously presented to him by the white chief woman, the great squaw Victoria, with a personal dedication from the august hand of the Royal Donor

    28. The imprevidibility of the future: once in the summer of 1898 he (Bloom) had marked a florin (2/-) with three notches on the milled edge and tendered it m payment of an account due to and received by J

    29. They transgressed, without fear or scruple, the rules of behavior that were binding on all others; smoking tobacco under the beadle's very nose, although each whiff would have cost a townsman a shilling; and quaffing, at their pleasure, draughts of wine or aqua-vitæ from pocket-flasks, which they freely tendered to the gaping crowd around them

    30. I don't know what she took me for—a repentant burglar, perhaps; for when I wanted to pay her for the milk and tendered a sovereign which was the smallest coin I had, she shook her head and said something about 'giving it to them that had a right to it'

    31. Her gallant, who was a gentleman about thirty, somewhat inclined to a fatness that was in no sort displeasing, improving the hint thus tendered him of this mode of enjoyment, after setting her well in this posture, and encouraging her with kisses and caresses to stand him thro', drew out his affair ready erected, and whose extreme length, rather disproportioned to its breadth, was the more surprising, as that excess is not often the case with those of his corpulent habit; making then the right and direct application, he drove it up to the guard, whilst the round bulge of those Turkish beauties of her's, tallying with the hollow made with the bent of his belly and thighs, as he curved inwards, brought all those parts, surely not un-delightfully, into warm touch, and close conjunction; his hands he kept passing round her body, and employed in toying with her enchanting breasts

    32. Viola stepped into the cafe and came out directly, still absorbed in his idea, and tendered him a cigar, mumbling thoughtfully in his moustache, "Children growing up—and girls, too! Girls!" He sighed and fell silent

    33. It was the ease with which she tendered it, with which Mr

    34. He tendered for part of the foundations in the Opera

    35. “Six dragons tendered in advance, four more promised when you died

    36. With the prime lending rate of 7 percent, Source Capital Preferred at 24 was in our view a very attractive cash-carry situation for many; were the prime 10½ percent, not only would there be no cash-carry for Source Capital Preferred at 24, but in the absence of the issue’s being called or tendered at a price in excess of 24, the stock would have been unattractive

    37. The announcement is made promptly and payment is made within 10 days or so after acceptance of shares tendered

    38. If a tender offer is extended, there must be an announcement of the approximate numbers of shares tendered

    39. The one downside that we could think of that might have encouraged acceptances was that if an insufficient number of 7¾s were tendered, GMAC could file for Chapter 11 relief

    40. The removal of uncertainty caused by management opposition made it manifestly easier to assure Leasco that enough Reliance shares would be tendered for control (50 percent) and/or for accounting purposes (95 percent), so that Leasco could account for the transaction as a pooling of interests

    41. 90 per share, which would be paid them for each Reliance share tendered to Leasco

    42. Contrariwise, confidence in its success would produce the purchasers of Reliance shares to be tendered, resulting in just the type of bandwagon effect that would be helpful in getting stock tendered to Leasco

    43. It would only be committed to purchase them if Leasco obtained a majority of the Reliance shares, because of the terms of the tender offer that Leasco need not acquire any Reliance shares unless 50 percent of the outstanding stock was tendered

    44. Diana and Mary having kissed him, left the room—in compliance, I think, with a whispered hint from him: I tendered my hand, and wished him a pleasant journey

    45. When it was proved, however, to have done William no harm, she could allow it to be a kindness, and even reward the owner with a smile when the animal was one minute tendered to his use again; and the next, with the greatest cordiality, and in a manner not to be resisted, made over to his use entirely so long as he remained in Northamptonshire

    46. As soon as I tendered him the coin he fell back a step or two, and eyed me threateningly

    47. " So saying, the old woman tendered back the watch

    48. The pilot bowed, and tendered a second paper

    49. While British public ships were interdicted, and our embargo existed, an offer was made to both the belligerents to resume our trade—the same equal terms were tendered to both

    50. Approaching a booth, he tendered a five-dollar bill, receiving in return a badge and three dollars

    1. with his colleagues tendering the lambs

    2. The competition they faced in tendering for jobs was intense

    3. So, with tendering the odds are against you

    4. but similar exercise of tendering for the same materiel in order to have detailed information about

    5. “Yes, sir, but they did that through the yard in Elswick as a tendering process and that is why we

    6. The Turkish army commander went up and presented him with a signed document stating that all the officers, including the general himself, were tendering their resignation, so that he might approve it

    7. Meantime the game of shove-ha'penny proceeded merrily, the Semi-drunk taking a great interest in it and tendering advice to both players impartially

    8. Sir: An occurrence having recently taken place between a member of the House of Representatives and myself, produced by circumstances not at all connected with his official duties or opinions, which from the time and place may be considered disrespectful to the House of Representatives, I take the liberty of tendering through you my most respectful declarations, that I am the last who would wilfully manifest a deficiency of that reverence which is due to the Representatives of my country, or that sacred regard which is also due to their privileges

    9. Sir: Understanding that the declaration which I had the honor this morning to make before the committee, will be more acceptable if put in the written form, I hasten to comply with what I believe to be their wish, in tendering through them, to the House of Representatives, the renewed assurance "that if I could have supposed that the circumstance alluded to in my letter to the Speaker, would have been construed into a breach of the privilege of the House, it would not have occurred at the time and in the place where it unfortunately happened

    10. We were at this very time tendering an urgent argument, to be felt by each city, village and hamlet in England

    1. adjusted the bangles, each on their right wrist, while waiters and bar tenders

    2. the complication of honeysuckle tenders twining

    3. award those mysterious tenders

    4. We could see the white squares with red crosses painted on their canvas sides as the Crossley tenders bumped past us on their rubber tyres

    5. The usual design-and-bid process, with tenders and all that bureaucratic red tape would simply take too long

    6. “They have seaplane tenders, with cranes and a hangar on the back,” I said

    7. willing to work with you on future projects or tenders (as a partner) or more likely to

    8. Pharan and his Egyptians brought up the rear as tenders of the supply train with Gad having newly been appointed their overseer, as well as drover for the remaining horses of the annihilated troop that had not already been pressed into other service

    9. tenders of the supply train with Gad having newly been appointed their overseer, as well as

    10. The names of many brave lighthouse keepers remain etched on the hulls of buoy tenders called, in their honor, Keeper Class cutters, built by the Marinette Marine Corporation of Marinette, Wisconsin

    11. The former Coast Guard officer traced the history of the construction of “USCG buoy tenders at 3 Duluth shipyards during the 1940s: the Woodrush, Woodbine, Acacia, Firebush, and others” (“Fleischmann,” April 2005)

    12. Coast Guard historian and author Dennis Noble traced the role of the lighthouse tenders that maintained aids to navigation: supplied the lighthouses with mail, equipment, and supplies; removed and returned keepers to their stations; brought lighthouse inspectors on board; serviced buoys; and sometimes went aground in the process

    13. Several 180-foot buoy tenders were constructed in the shipyards of Duluth and Superior, and were operational in 1942-43

    14. The buoy tenders (180s) performed domestic security and overseas combat operations during the war

    15. The namesake of the new class of 16 seagoing buoy tenders was scheduled for duty on the East Coast

    16. In addition to building the 225-foot Juniper Class buoy tenders, Marinette Marine received a federal contract to build the new Keeper Class shore and inland cutters

    17. Keeper Class tenders are named for U

    18. The conference honored the 45th Anniversary of the five Great Lakes 108-foot buoy tenders constructed in Duluth during World War II by the Marine Iron and Ship Building Company and Zenith Dredge Company

    19. The buoy tenders Acacia, Mariposa, and Mesquite from the Michigan ports of Grand Haven, Detroit, and Charlevoix, respectively, were led into the harbor by the Duluth-based USCGC Sundew

    20. tenders built in the Twin Ports were still in operation

    21. Some of the 180-foot buoy tenders served in the World War II Pacific, and provided access to islands eventually liberated from Japanese troops (Stodghill, “Reunion Will Buoy Former Cutter Crews,” 1994)

    22. Louis district and command responsibility for 19 buoy tenders that patrolled the tributaries and main channels of the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers

    23. Cutters armed with M-60 machine guns included the 140-foot icebreaking tugs Katmai Bay, Mobile Bay, Bristol Bay, Neah Bay, and Biscayne Bay; and the newer icebreakers and buoy tenders Mackinaw, Alder and Hollyhock (Tasikas, “Rush-Bagot…,” 2006)

    24. Oh, the success of the enterprise hinged upon the late arrival of Fire Tenders, wasn’t it? After all, all those truckloads of contaminated chemicals would surely need time to destruct the unit beyond recognition

    25. As the tenders were pushed up the ladder, so the demand for the classy stuff increased

    26. Before the day was over, this episode was published abroad by the swine tenders, and the whole village believed it

    27. They dropped out of hyper drive where Abraham’s calculations led him to believe the tenders were located

    28. We didn’t need to send out tenders for a particular make or model, we needed proposals for a system that could handle our specific typesetting needs

    29. The smaller vessels that protected the battleship were supported on tenders and other vessels in the convoy

    30. We are jumping beyond them to the cargo ships and the tenders

    31. Two picket ship tenders were damaged beyond repair

    32. ships, that would defend the tenders and capital support ships not directly involved with the attack

    33. I put in submissions for a few likely looking tenders over the years, but found

    34. ‘’Gentlemen, I want the torpedoes received tonight to be loaded as quickly as possible on our submarine tenders and in our submarines presently in Cavite

    35. ‘’The JAKE is usually carried on Japanese cruisers or seaplane tenders

    36. “In order to establish exactly where the increase lies, it is necessary to have prices and tenders with

    37. chicken tenders with salt and pepper

    38. tenders on contracts offered

    39. Meanwhile in the current election campaign it has been revealed that the Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) used state resources to fund the ruling party’s election drive casting a shadow on an entity that will soon adjudicate over the biggest public tenders yet awarded

    40. ‘Show us a foolproof plan and take fifty percent in advance, and the balance will be yours after the tenders are opened, but before you leave the office

    41. ‘To start with,’ announced Sathyam, ‘FM’s tenders would have blank bids

    42. ‘If only the committee members authenticate your tenders without bids,’ Sathyam unfolded the plan, ‘won’t I then turn them into legal L-1s at the end of the day?’

    43. ‘For matching the typeface on the tenders on the whole, we need to use the same typewriter all through

    44. We should buy a machine for our office, but before we take it in, we’ll use it for typing the bid-less tenders at my place

    45. ‘WORLD BANK TENDERS ROCK ASSEMBLY’ the headline stared him in the face all again, making him numb

    46. tenders for the job of delivering for their new store and I was

    47. tenders, but I don't have to actually change clothes in order

    48. “I guess that many of the tenders have stopped coming around here, like many others,”

    49. government tenders that derive the Malaysian dream

    50. and the police were already on their radio, calling for ambulances and fire tenders

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