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    1. · It is said that a wise woman puts a grain of sugar in everything she says to a man but takes everything he says with a pinch of salt

    2. "No pins," the redhead said, "see these plastic pinch blocks? Just pull a rope thru here and it stays, better than you can belay it, til you pull back this lever here

    3. merchant who was feeling the pinch of the King’s recent

    4. continuing to pinch his nostrils shut with his free hand

    5. This kind is so tough you have to pinch one with your fingernails to kill it

    6. The pinch had hurt

    7. ” He felt a pinch in his heart as he had to recreate the picture in his mind

    8. Of course, they didn’t pinch or strike her as boys do in the real game, and they never made her wear a real pot over her head

    9. When he finally reached his parents' grave, he felt a pinch at his heart as he saw the two names engraved on the marble tombstone

    10. It was not until she reached to pinch his butt again that she discovered he had his pants on

    11. It wasn’t long before she experienced another spasm and began to pinch his backsides with all her finger strength

    12. Here the Dormouse shook itself, and began singing in its sleep ‘Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle, twinkle–’ and went on so long that they had to pinch it to make it stop

    13. ‘Behead that Dormouse! Turn that Dormouse out of court! Suppress him! Pinch him! Off with his whiskers!’

    14. him with a pinch of salt

    15. Want to plump your lips? Mix a dab of Vaseline with a pinch of cayenne pepper and rub the mixture over your lips

    16. He almost had to pinch himself to make sure this wasn't a dream

    17. naught in his cupboard but a pinch of tea and a bare mixing of meal,

    18. chimney, that's a fact, but it'll do at a pinch

    19. Add a pinch of Talent and Good Fortune and therein lies the formula for success

    20. 'Behead that Dormouse! Turn that Dormouse out of court! Suppress him! Pinch him! Off with his whiskers!'

    21. Admittedly, it was her own lifestyle, her own choices that made that slipper pinch the foot that bore it

    22. urn, took some of the ashes, and gave a pinch to each one of the

    23. And, if they made the pinch before anyone got out, Mike would be as guilty as the mules with sacks of cocaine taped to their lower backs

    24. “Without timely help, resources, men and machines, this fucking mission isn’t worth a pinch of fucking coon-shit,” I told him with some heat, which wasn’t too difficult to fake with Winnie

    25. Yet he didn’t have to pinch himself to convince himself he was here

    26. In a pinch, he could do first aid on himself quite effectively

    27. and pinch, why add fraud to the mix? That's where they'd gaff

    28. One more pinch, I'm not comin' out

    29. I ignore the pinch in my stomach that comes every time I think of my mother and half walk, half jog after Christina, who forgets that her legs are longer than mine

    30. I pinch my side, where a layer of fat used to hint at curves to come

    31. I pinch the bridge of my nose

    32. His fingers pinch the knife handle, careful not to touch me

    33. Evelyn’s eyes pinch tighter

    34. Then I notice that she’s stealing another pinch of muffin, and I pull away, glaring at her

    35. ” I pinch the sweater sleeve between my fingers

    36. Marcus’s eyebrows pinch together

    37. Saying her name still gives me a little twinge of pain, a pinch that lets me know her memory is still dear to me

    38. Somehow, the FBI got them in a financial pinch

    39. Her closest alliances in a pinch were with a near kill she’d teased in a shower

    40. problems with a pinch collar (sometimes called a prong collar)

    41. The key is to leave the pinch collar on whenever you are around your dog and have a short leash attached to it

    42. When used the right way the pinch collar should not leave a mark on your dog’s neck

    43. How could you convince someone that their life was in danger, that an Obeah woman’s curse was supposed to send them hurtling off a cliff in less than six weeks, when you didn’t have a pinch of evidence to back up your claim? When their life was on the upswing, while yours was speeding steadily towards the ground? After one week of being in New York, Manda was at a loss

    44. When I looked, her fingers moved into the pinch position and tapped my leg twice while she continued a pleasant conversation with my mother

    45. Add this to the cooked rice with butter the size of a walnut, and a pinch of savory herbs

    46. As I released my grip more wholeheartedly, I experienced a pinch of guilt, a sense of sadness for the mortal boy who was in the end bequeathed nothing by no other than my blood brother

    47. Stir in the syrup and a pinch of salt and set aside

    48. Don’t try to pinch pennies on this aspect of

    49. every once in a while, stopping to pinch my throbbing clitoris

    50. In retaliation, I would pinch

    1. thought, as he ascended a flight of narrow, pinched steps

    2. Despite the warmth of my feelings for The Kid I started to become emotionally numb, existing only when the wavelength of light changed or my nerves pinched my soul under Smiler’s latest onslaught

    3. God alone knew who dreamt up this vision of Hell, he thought, as he ascended a flight of narrow, pinched steps

    4. of pinched November shoppers

    5. is one man, one white man, paunched and pinched,

    6. Kate and Elizabeth stepped in the room and seeing what was happening she pinched the doctor quickly

    7. Mickey was pale, his face pinched with cold

    8. He watched them preparing the meal, and saw that just about everything that went into it came in from the garden in that one trip or was pinched from the leaves of plants that grew in stands along the front of the kitchen

    9. Roman hit him with a quick jab to the throat, then pinched the fat man’s

    10. She’d pinched her eyes shut, fearful of witnessing the event, hoping she could turn them away, but as she sat helpless against the rough wood pole, she realized she was bond to hear their words

    11. Jameson or Harold, pinched a nut between his fingers and it flew towards the other's face

    12. In a minute or two Hipolyta and Titania noticed the display and each pinched, or flicked two nuts apiece towards the gentlemen, which were likewise caught and chewed

    13. I switched on the radio and the one o'clock news filtered through, now all time pieces and radio agreed, what was more unnerving was I has just lost an hour, I pinched myself but no, I was not dreaming

    14. pinched his cheek and presently he uttered a howl

    15. She seized Ben and pinched his cheeks leaving a red mark

    16. She pinched his butt again

    17. To test this theory she pinched his leg quite hard

    18. Sebastian pinched the bridge of this nose in his fingers

    19. ‘Wake up, Dormouse!’ And they pinched it on both sides at once

    20. The Dormouse had closed its eyes by this time, and was going off into a doze; but, on being pinched by the Hatter, it woke up again with a little shriek, and went on: ‘–that begins with an M, such as mouse-traps, and the moon, and memory, and muchness– you know you say things are “much of a muchness”–did you ever see such a thing as a drawing of a muchness?’

    21. Sebastian pinched off the hole from the needle in his arm, waiting a few seconds to let it heal before he moved to Aspen

    22. Were not leaving this around to get pinched we will have to hide it carefully somewhere”, we looked down at our pile of wood

    23. Marching on we passed other groups old men and children and women dressed all in black looking like a coven of ravens watching us as we went by they had pinched and sallow faces and looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders

    24. “What the fuck would you know about serving in the trenches you were sat in Egypt looking after a fucking canal when we were fighting on Gallipoli?” George’s lower lip stuck out and he looked like a kid whose sweeties had been pinched however I was well into my stride now and said

    25. Maureen stared at the floor, her face pinched, her hands restless on her lap

    26. I took in everything from her prematurely grey hair to the sallow skin and pinched face whose complexion seemed to be waxy and then her dead brown eyes that looked out without any life in them

    27. started to thrust her pubic hair hard onto his groin and he pinched

    28. Meanwhile I got my stuff together and then I looked at the beautiful girl in the locket that had just consented to be my bride and I pinched myself to make sure it was true

    29. I don’t know what it was but the pinched look had gone to be replaced by softness and translucence to her skin that made her look beautiful even the yellow had faded so you could hardly see it

    30. The woman was mortal and of middling years - plump faced with rounded curves, dark eyes, and a pinched nose that reminded him of a sparrow

    31. Delicious chocolate eyes twinkled down at her as he pinched her toe

    32. She shan't be pinched!" He dealt Peascod a blow with his tiny hand as

    33. Quickly and silently, so that Bill and Emmy could neither hear nor see him, he pinched a few leaves from the rosebush

    34. I even pinched myself

    35. Unfortunately the red and white stripes of the road cones clashed outrageously with the cardboard coffin he'd made, having painted it a bright fluorescent-green with a job-lot of paint pinched from somewhere

    36. “So, what brings you to Costa Rica?” he queried, shrugging his shoulders at her refusal, then pinched the joint between fingertips studying, first it, then her, before sucking in another drag

    37. “Don’t mess this up,” he said, then lent his head back and pinched the bridge of his nose

    38. And then rolling hills of auburn slowly lifting off the ground as if the very hand of God had touched and pinched the lands, his hand print faintly echoed in the timid, graceful slopes

    39. The long thin serving end would be draped over the other with a spot near the end pinched off by their long supple fingers, ready to give a direct draught or a quick refill of the small skins that the men carried, most of which were now empty

    40. My master abused him, pinched his legs and bled him

    41. Uriah pulls his own jacket on, his mouth pinched

    42. It was her own--she pinched on hats to save money to give yellow fellows over in China

    43. "They look sorter pinched

    44. He could have sworn someone had pinched his bum as he

    45. 6 And in the evening Rikayon went out and found a house in ruins, formerly a bake house in Egypt, and he stayed there all night in bitterness of soul and pinched with hunger, and sleep was removed from his eyes

    46. Pinched for time? Plan ahead for a hectic week with comforting casseroles and prep-and-go dinners made in your slow cooker or crock pot

    47. 8 And it came to pass after their corn was finished, the whole household of Jacob was pinched with hunger, and all the infants of the sons of Jacob came together and they approached Jacob, and they all surrounded him, and they said to him, Give to us bread, and therefore shall we all perish through hunger in your presencee

    48. Jenkins’ caddy even got pinched once, and I had to get Donna to drop me at the garage to retrieve it

    49. Finally, my neck, back, and pinched sciatic nerves in both legs forced me to stop

    50. 6 And in the evening Rikayon went out and found a house in ruins formerly a bake house in Egypt and he stayed there all night in bitterness of soul and pinched with hunger and sleep was removed from his eyes

    1. Chian went back to her house and made lunch, just some mashed lorvs and nut crumbs with a few pinches of spice and some dried leshin to scoop it with

    2. “There’s a guy, probably a white male, who pinches the hot dog buns, and the hamburger buns

    3. “Mine?” The question was whispered between gentle pinches of the ear’s edge between his lips, sending her chilling sensations from her head to toe

    4. She pinches her nose to stop the bleeding and nods

    5. For the first time since I beat Molly, guilt pinches my gut

    6. Her mouth pinches for a second

    7. Peter pinches his lips together and says nothing

    8. He pinches a cupcake and puts the bit on his lips

    9. ” She pinches his cheek as Keisha walks over to their table and Torin angrily asks,

    10. She pinches so hard I can barely breathe and I can hear her sob softly

    11. this,” he says, as he pinches the medallion between his fingers and

    12. She’s dressed in a disheveled periwinkle day dress, with a notched collar and front-closing, princess seam bodice that pinches at her waist above a gathered skirt that looks it was slept in

    13. She pinches the arm of my uniform and rubs the cloth between her fingers

    14. ‘But it’s the sore foot that knows where the shoe pinches, does it not?’

    15. “Granted that you wear the shoe and certainly knows where it pinches, I can’t shirk my responsibilities which include sincere advice on the type of relationships you should keep

    16. An insect pinches your hand and you ball your fists, shoving them into pockets, but your ears are vulnerable within the hood

    17. "I'm- It just- pinches a little

    18. It pinches her skin six times—one for each leg—and extends its wings, opening the eyes Clarice has never had

    19. Directly in front of her, was a plump woman trying not to make obvious the pinches she was distributing to two boys, one on either of her sides who looked to be twins

    20. break the sandy surface, down goes a hand and with deft forefinger and thumb, pinches the

    21. "Ho, officials of this house, high and low, great and small, make haste hither one and all, and print on Sancho's face four-and-twenty smacks, and give him twelve pinches and six pin thrusts in the back and arms; for upon this ceremony depends the restoration of Altisidora

    22. impossibilities are asked of thee; it is not for thee to inquire into the difficulties in this matter; smacked thou must be, pricked thou shalt see thyself, and with pinches thou must be made to howl

    23. "Sleep, Sancho my friend," said Don Quixote, "if the pinprodding and pinches thou hast received and the smacks administered to thee will let thee

    24. Sancho went along anything but cheerful, for it grieved him that Altisidora had not kept her promise of giving him the smocks; and turning this over in his mind he said to his master, "Surely, senor, I'm the most unlucky doctor in the world; there's many a physician that, after killing the sick man he had to cure, requires to be paid for his work, though it is only signing a bit of a list of medicines, that the apothecary and not he makes up, and, there, his labour is over; but with me though to cure somebody else costs me drops of blood, smacks, pinches, pinproddings, and whippings, nobody gives me a farthing

    25. The embraces, the friendly pinches, and the demonstrations of warm brotherly affection that Pinocchio received from the excited crowd of actors and actresses of the puppet dramatic company are beyond description

    26. He pinches the bridge of his nose and addresses Bella

    27. ” He pinches me hard, and my body writhes convulsively against his front

    28. ” And when Cate opens her mouth to contradict him, he pinches her, hard

    29. “He’s dirty and mean-mouthed, and he pinches me

    30. Pinches of cinnamon

    31. He closes his eyes and pinches his nose, because, God, his head hurts

    32. Pinches (1973)* compared the financial ratios of solvent and financially distressed insurance firms

    33. He stood there thoughtfully for a moment, mechanically taking pinches of powdered wood for blotting ink from the wooden bowl which stood on the table, and he added:—

    34. When her father heard, he came and pinched her all over—he doesn't beat her; he always pinches her like that,—then he went out and got drunk somewhere, and came back and frightened her

    35. At last I could bear it no longer, and uttered a shriek—that was all she was waiting for! Instantly she let me go, and turned away as though nothing had happened, as though it was not she who had played the trick but some one else, exactly like some schoolboy who, as soon as the master's back is turned, plays some trick on some one near him, pinches some small weak boy, gives him a flip, a kick, or a nudge with his elbows, and instantly turns again, buries himself in his book and begins repeating his lesson, and so makes a fool of the infuriated teacher who flies down like a hawk at the noise

    1. The local people bustle about, the women – as women anywhere, obviously shopping while herding small children and the men either busily rushing around or lounging staring into space – I watch as a woman with two children makes desperate attempts to stop the elder of the two under her care from pinching some fruit from a stall … the little devil waits until she is occupied in conversation with the stall owner before sneakily nicking an apple and ramming it into his pocket

    2. “Hey, what happened to my clothes!” he was looking at his pants, “my feet hurt too! My shoes are pinching my feet something awful

    3. Pinching her nose and turning to the other guests she exclaimed in a nasal tone, “Smells of wee-wee!”

    4. Gehring had lavished upon the twins: cheek pinching and chin squishing

    5. “What’s that smell?” Heather asked pinching her fingers against her nose

    6. Pinching his nose, the imp turned, a look of sudden realization covering his features

    7. Galimoto dropped to his shoulder, pinching his nose

    8. Pinching or slapping would have proven that I was not dreaming,

    9. Her shouts and groans, her pats on the back, her pinching of his flesh, the squeezing pressure of her legs about his neck, were all ample indication of her arousal

    10. He cried out as she did this but she paid no attention, for he was also pinching her ass fiercely now, and the two of them kept on with their pinching as if at that moment it was the most important thing in the world, next to fucking

    11. By pinching from both sides, we should have him by tomorrow

    12. sewing, pinching the blanket material and

    13. He took a deep swallow, pinching his mouth tight upon his tongue as it slid down his throat, warming a path to his stomach

    14. He inspected me, touching, poking and pinching everywhere

    15. He picks at a muffin, pinching small pieces off and sometimes eating them, sometimes forgetting to

    16. 18 There is one who waxes rich by his wariness and pinching, and this his the portion of his reward,

    17. Pinching her nose closed he pushed a big breath into

    18. mockingly pinching Pique's cheeks

    19. If he speaks out of turn you may use the Vulcan death-grip…" He mimed pinching the shoulder tendon

    20. ‘The magic portals bend the dimensions of space at two points, like pinching two points in a line of string, then folding the two points together to form a circle

    21. duces rings of magnetic field lines around the current, pinching the plasma

    22. An older woman was making her way back and forth from one fire to the other, adding vegetables and roots to the pots and pinching the crisping skin of the boar

    23. She was pinching the gold college ring that hung with the beads

    24. “And Boo is your baby too?” she is still pinching your nose, you give up trying to shake it off

    25. After throwing all my stuff out of my room and screaming at him and pinching him and biting Mum, I thought he was going to be angry

    26. The fire was snuffed out of the sky with a loud hiss, wet fingers pinching a candle out

    27. symptoms occur because spondylolisthesis can cause pinching of the spinal

    28. Close the meat mixture around it, pinching edges together

    29. May we come aboard?” She waited in the darkness pinching out the candle

    30. 8 Then, as the people went down by the river to witness the baptizing, the first man came privately to Jesus about his inheritance inasmuch as he thought Jesus had dealt harshly with him; and when the Master had again heard him, he replied: "My son, why do you miss the opportunity to feed upon the bread of life on a day like this in order to indulge your covetous disposition? Do you not know that the Jewish laws of inheritance will be justly administered if you will go with your complaint to the court of the synagogue? Can you not see that my work has to do with making sure that you know about your heavenly inheritance? Have you not read the Scripture: `There is he who waxes rich by his wariness and much pinching, and this is the portion of his reward: Whereas he says, I have found rest and now shall be able to eat continually of my goods, yet he knows not what time shall bring upon him, and also that he must leave all these things to others when he dies

    31. Boots that were a size too large but well-made and sturdy with a walking heel yet would protect my calves from pinching if I rode

    32. With my other hand I gripped beneath Bitsi’s neck, causing her to shake her head to end my pinching her throat muscles

    33. Pinching on the wounds

    34. Pinching his nose, he picked up old newspapers

    35. pinching his nose, and he knew he could not hold his breath much

    36. Jacko was grinning like an idiot while his anus was pinching shut trying to hold back all the bullshit she had filled him with

    37. Pinching his cheek

    38. ” He poked Vlad against the side of Alf’s leg, and stirred it about for effect while pinning him down with a knee and pinching his nostrils shut again, until the man lay still

    39. ” “I-I mean, admission?” When I heard the word ADMISSION, I felt the pang of pinching in my heart, and as something was struck hardly in my heart; and I was unable to breathe; and I was trembling and trembling; my heart beat was halted for a second

    40. It would be like the pinching the old wound; I couldn’t resist anymore throe

    41. ” She said this last while pinching his cheek

    42. pinching her collar closed

    43. “Ow!” she said, pinching her nose as tears started to form

    44. Seal the perforations in the crescent rolls by pinching closed with your fingers

    45. Whose hand was it? Who was offering him this chance of salvation? Feeling his stomach jerk once more he knew he was falling, felt the sharp wind at his skin pinching as the depths grew wider, his eyes saw nothing but the morbid blankness till once again a hand, then a body then a…

    46. Pinching his arm, saying to himself, “No, not a dream,” as he chuckled quietly before wrote his journal entry with sheer exhilaration

    47. ‘What with your smell, skin and seat,’ he said pinching her bottom, ‘you’re XXX randy

    48. prayers, scary sermons, and old ladies pinching your cheeks

    49. Bill grabbed my wrist, pinching the skin between his fingers and swung me out

    50. I felt like pinching myself to make sure he was real and not just a hallucination

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    Synonyms for "pinch"

    apprehension arrest catch collar pinch taking into custody tweak nip emergency exigency hint jot mite soupcon speck tinge touch vellicate top squeeze tweet twinge twitch crimp abstract cabbage filch hook lift nobble pilfer purloin snarf sneak swipe predicament crisis contingency strait pickle scrape jam dash bit sprinkling trace shade suggestion grasp pull jerk grip compress confine cramp tighten press steal rob take thieve

    "pinch" definitions

    a painful or straitened circumstance

    an injury resulting from getting some body part squeezed

    a slight but appreciable amount

    a sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action

    a small sharp bite or snip

    a squeeze with the fingers

    the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal)

    squeeze tightly between the fingers

    make ridges into by pinching together

    make off with belongings of others

    cut the top off

    irritate as if by a nip, pinch, or tear