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Pinch in a sentence | pinch example sentences

  1. I feel a pinch of.
  2. Pinch off early beds to.
  3. Pinch the tops for heavy.
  4. Let’s go pinch a griffin.
  5. So, so; it does pinch some.

  6. He didn’t pinch your nose.
  7. I pinch the bridge of my nose.
  8. She leaned in to pinch his arm.
  9. Pinch this in with the first.
  10. But the pinch has not yet come.
  11. In retaliation, I would pinch.
  12. My shoes are starting to pinch.
  13. Now pinch, slowly, he cried.
  14. Baba snorted a pinch of his snuff.
  15. Ashley’s a good man in a pinch.

  16. One more pinch, I'm not comin' out.
  17. He hurriedly took a pinch of snuff.
  18. Having not felt the pinch, having.
  19. And the staff pinch our chocolates.
  20. The throw in a pinch of salt saying:.
  21. Don't pinch, lad! I won't let you go.
  22. He wriggled loose and gave her a pinch.
  23. Pinch the top and then roll it down.
  24. And a lot of LUCK! (More than a pinch).
  25. Like if I pinch myself, it won’t hurt.

  26. Are you sure that you felt that pinch?
  27. I can’t wait to pinch her pretty flesh.
  28. We've had the pinch and have got over it.
  29. Pinch together the middle with your right.
  30. The women take a pinch of snuff, and sneeze.
  31. Sellers of the 140 calls barely felt a pinch.
  32. She would have to pinch herself to wake up!.
  33. I gave Andrei’s arm a fierce, endorsing pinch.
  34. Somehow, the FBI got them in a financial pinch.
  35. Once upon a time, Euther had possessed a pinch.
  36. Pinch wanton on your cheek; call you his mouse;.
  37. Don’t try to pinch pennies on this aspect of.
  38. As her teacher continued to pinch, which really.
  39. Season with a pinch or two of salt and some pepper.
  40. Two were out cold, thanks to the Vulcan nerve pinch.
  41. Stir in the syrup and a pinch of salt and set aside.
  42. Did what had to be done in a pinch, ‘at’s all.
  43. Gorbag started it, trying to pinch that pretty shirt.
  44. Sprinkle the other pinch of salt on the green beans.
  45. Why not a pinch for a proof? he sought her hand.
  46. Dissolve yeast in water (You can add a pinch of sugar).
  47. Resisting the urge to pinch herself, she slowly nodded.
  48. The smell made Elowen pinch her nose, a foul odour of.
  49. A small pinch of yeast (the size of half a sugar cube).
  50. He liked to pinch and flick them to get their attention.
  51. He then asked the young clerk to pinch him and offered.
  52. I’ve sworn off these stocks but I have to take a pinch.
  53. Molesters are those guys who pinch you in elevators, folks.
  54. I walked for another hour before I started to feel a pinch.
  55. The words pinch and sink convey only mild bearish emotions.
  56. Better not to pull off: remove with fire or a pinch of salt.
  57. I’ve never doubted you, darling, you pinch her cheek.
  58. The pinch to her mouth told him she wasn’t quite convinced.
  59. His fingers pinch the knife handle, careful not to touch me.
  60. One glass, in a pinch, would have served in the crow's nest.
  61. He felt the pinch of poverty for the first time in his life.
  62. This section should be taken with a pinch of salt – so smile.
  63. In a pinch, he could do first aid on himself quite effectively.
  64. He almost had to pinch himself to make sure this wasn't a dream.
  65. Step 2: Pinch the overlapped lines together on the left between.
  66. He unravelled it and tipped the pinch of tobacco into his hands.
  67. They were both overly cautious, without even a pinch of killing.
  68. Again, pinch me, but harder this time, or you’ll get it!.
  69. We're here to pinch some unnoticed profits without any notice.
  70. If you can’t find the settlement price, this will do in a pinch.
  71. There was a hand on his upper arm and a vituperative little pinch.
  72. Smash the potatoes and sprinkle on a pinch of salt and the crushed.
  73. Mash butter, coriander, chilli, and a good pinch of salt with a fork.
  74. So Saruman will come to the last pinch of the vice that he has put.
  75. That would have been very flattering if I ignored the pinch of irony.
  76. Quick as a snake he grabbed her by the throat to pinch her voice box.
  77. I pinch my side, where a layer of fat used to hint at curves to come.
  78. Jags got a pinch of cumin seeds and watched them fall into the sauce.
  79. I draw in a quick breath and try to pinch myself out of this nightmare.
  80. Emily screamed when she felt the pinch of the needle, but jerked away.
  81. Comfortably overjoyed, she asks, Why did you have me pinch you?
  82. Yet he didn’t have to pinch himself to convince himself he was here.
  83. Feeling the pinch of time, he decided to check the site before he left.
  84. Toss asparagus with the 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a pinch of salt.
  85. Emily screamed as she felt the pinch in her arm and turned, shocked to.
  86. Don't pinch pennies on me, George! You could double Harry's salary and.
  87. When he was pleased with himself, he permitted himself a pinch of snuff.
  88. Do you mind? he asked as he tamped a pinch of tobacco into the bowl.
  89. It becomes a real circumstance, or that rule is not worth a pinch of dust.
  90. I felt a sharp pinch on my ass, and then another strip of fabric was gone.
  91. Add a pinch of sugar to the egg whites, and beat them until stiff but not.
  92. Serve topped with a pinch of the smoked paprika (optional) and kale chips.
  93. And despite the pinch of poor finances I would imagine myself having one.
  94. So you see, you can take whatever she told you with a large pinch of salt.
  95. When it released its constant pinch on me, I sheathed the sword and rode on.
  96. She turned to protest, but the pinch in her thigh let her know she was too.
  97. Before she could say hello, a tiny hand shot out to pinch her lips together.
  98. Frequent showers are good at a pinch, but a long soak in the bath is better.
  99. This kind is so tough you have to pinch one with your fingernails to kill it.
  100. THE E/P EARNINGS / PRICE METHOD: In a pinch, the analyst can resort to using.
  1. Pinching my cheek this time, Mrs.
  2. She was so tired of poverty and pinching.
  3. Pinching off the stream where she needed to.
  4. Maybe the cinch is pinching him, there is a.
  5. The slight pinching in her arm let her know.
  6. It smells yucky, he said pinching his nose.
  7. Pinching his nose, he picked up old newspapers.
  8. Galimoto dropped to his shoulder, pinching his nose.
  9. Sadly though, her hand left his, a pang pinching his.
  10. Pinching her nose closed he pushed a big breath into.
  11. Close the meat mixture around it, pinching edges together.
  12. He inspected me, touching, poking and pinching everywhere.
  13. By pinching from both sides, we should have him by tomorrow.
  14. Ow! she said, pinching her nose as tears started to form.
  15. She was pinching the gold college ring that hung with the beads.
  16. But, it certainly wasn't the pinching issue that set it off either.
  17. She groaned, pinching a little harder, her hips moving with their.
  18. They swarmed like piranha; nipping, tearing, pinching, and scratching.
  19. All the way to her house, she repeatedly apologized for pinching boys.
  20. Gehring had lavished upon the twins: cheek pinching and chin squishing.
  21. May we come aboard? She waited in the darkness pinching out the candle.
  22. What’s that smell? Heather asked pinching her fingers against her nose.
  23. Hauptmann goes past, his gloved fingers pinching his collar around his throat.
  24. Bill grabbed my wrist, pinching the skin between his fingers and swung me out.
  25. It would be like the pinching the old wound; I couldn’t resist anymore throe.
  26. Oh, hush! she hissed at him, pinching his hand and not even looking at him.
  27. Seal the perforations in the crescent rolls by pinching closed with your fingers.
  28. I felt like pinching myself to make sure he was real and not just a hallucination.
  29. And I've still got the bruises on my arse where that bastard Miguel kept pinching me.
  30. Pinching his nose, the imp turned, a look of sudden realization covering his features.
  31. Pinching her cheeks and biting upon her lips she was rewarded with a touch of colour.
  32. The fire was snuffed out of the sky with a loud hiss, wet fingers pinching a candle out.
  33. I wasn't pinching her behind, was I? He punched his pillow twice more and rolled over.
  34. The angle of her face meant that her nose sort of folded in half, pinching her nostrils.
  35. Give me just a second, Mimi said, pinching his arm and heading into the powder room.
  36. Ow! she said, pinching her nose as tears started to form in the corners of her eyes.
  37. He was soaked and his windcheater clung to him, his trousers pinching his crotch uncomfortably.
  38. Inside the moving box, she pressed herself hard against him, her hands on his hips, pinching hard.
  39. And Boo is your baby too? she is still pinching your nose, you give up trying to shake it off.
  40. He picks at a muffin, pinching small pieces off and sometimes eating them, sometimes forgetting to.
  41. If he speaks out of turn you may use the Vulcan death-grip… He mimed pinching the shoulder tendon.
  42. Aargh! I cry as I feel a weird pinching sensation deep inside me as he rips through my virginity.
  43. The wind screams through their chinks as though somebody had caught it by the toes and was pinching it.
  44. She didn't really recall what had happened at lunch, but she thought it had to do with her pinching boys.
  45. Pinching her nose and turning to the other guests she exclaimed in a nasal tone, Smells of wee-wee!.
  46. And then I crashed hard onto the surface of the water, the cold pinching my body all over, aching everywhere.
  47. Oh I think I can figure out a much better way to persuade you of my realness, without resorting to pinching.
  48. With my other hand I gripped beneath Bitsi’s neck, causing her to shake her head to end my pinching her throat muscles.
  49. The lawsuit will be against the collection company, if in fact they are pinching her paychecks from an expired judgment.
  50. He took a deep swallow, pinching his mouth tight upon his tongue as it slid down his throat, warming a path to his stomach.
  51. Sammy feels uncomfortable, so he moves to a better spot in the hay, but even through his space suit, it's still pinching him.
  52. Jacko was grinning like an idiot while his anus was pinching shut trying to hold back all the bullshit she had filled him with.
  53. He asks Lydgate all sorts of questions and then screws up his face while he hears the answers, as if they were pinching his toes.
  54. Boots that were a size too large but well-made and sturdy with a walking heel yet would protect my calves from pinching if I rode.
  55. There had been one or two pinching incidents in my room before, but she was not very earnest about going after the boys in my class.
  56. After throwing all my stuff out of my room and screaming at him and pinching him and biting Mum, I thought he was going to be angry.
  57. Hey, what happened to my clothes! he was looking at his pants, my feet hurt too! My shoes are pinching my feet something awful.
  58. I had to amuse myself somehow and even with the penny pinching I still had to borrow a few pounds at the end of the month from my mother.
  59. Pinching his arm, saying to himself, No, not a dream, as he chuckled quietly before wrote his journal entry with sheer exhilaration.
  60. And soon afterwards, on the second boy's violently pinching one of the same lady's fingers, she fondly observed, "How playful William is!".
  61. Many times she would trot upstairs to Stu’s flat with a mouthful of chocolate, Followed closely by Spock who accused her of pinching it off his table.
  62. The glands at the base of the sting continue to release venom for several minutes, so it should be removed as quickly as possible without pinching the sac.
  63. An older woman was making her way back and forth from one fire to the other, adding vegetables and roots to the pots and pinching the crisping skin of the boar.
  64. For, still standing by the telephone in the gloomy hall, and still pinching his lower lip, he was obliged to acknowledge that there was another side to all this.
  65. Her shouts and groans, her pats on the back, her pinching of his flesh, the squeezing pressure of her legs about his neck, were all ample indication of her arousal.
  66. I promised the counselor I would talk with Kathy again, and she would not be eating in the lunchroom or using the hallways during passing times until we had the pinching under control.
  67. She was particularly fond of pinching and smacking her sister's children, telling tales of their pilfering bread and sugar, and this led to endless and implacable strife with her elder sister.
  68. Probably my unhappy face reflected my bewilderment, for the mischievous creature laughed in my face, as though she were crazy, and meantime she was pinching my fingers more and more vigorously.
  69. And looks a lot like Betty, too, said Camilla, and then disappeared shrieking amid a welter of skirts and pantalets and bobbing hats, as Betty, who did have a long face, began pinching her.
  70. I envied him his quiet sleep, and again and again my own eyelids drooped, but every time my sense of duty came to my help, and I sat up, rubbing my eyes and pinching myself with a determination to see my irrational watch to an end.
  71. He cried out as she did this but she paid no attention, for he was also pinching her ass fiercely now, and the two of them kept on with their pinching as if at that moment it was the most important thing in the world, next to fucking.
  72. And now, on this fine summer day in the White House, I saw that the thick spectacles pinching his nose, the wide solid waist, and the prominent potbelly had only become more pronounced since he took up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.
  73. He looked at his watch, found he could give her five minutes more, and pinching his lower lip arrived at the conclusion that the supper-party, whose litter was disgracing the house downstairs, had been the last flare-up of improvidence.
  74. Instead of bursting like a full wineskin hit by a hammer and promptly dying, you got to linger with your metal carapace crumpled into you, cruelly pinching your smashed limbs and torso, as you waited to die from internal bleeding and the failure of abused organs.
  75. When I was coming out from the Superior's I saw one hiding from me behind the door, and a big one, a yard and a half or more high, with a thick long gray tail, and the tip of his tail was in the crack of the door and I was quick and slammed the door, pinching his tail in it.
  76. Annoying, thought Lanks, standing a moment by the silent telephone, pinching his lower lip between his finger and thumb--a characteristic action placed abundantly on record by Low, _Punch_, and similar institutions--annoying, and quite silly, to have to renew acquaintance with Fanny.
  77. Whose hand was it? Who was offering him this chance of salvation? Feeling his stomach jerk once more he knew he was falling, felt the sharp wind at his skin pinching as the depths grew wider, his eyes saw nothing but the morbid blankness till once again a hand, then a body then a….
  78. Besides, though of course she richly deserved a cold after yesterday--'Who's a shameless little baggage,' he said, pinching her ear, 'coming down with only a blanket on----' somehow, though he had been so angry at the time, the recollection of that pleased him--he could see no signs of her having got one.
  79. Noticing when he did so that he was close to the restaurant in which he had sat for a while before the dinner-party at Olsufy Ivanovitch’s, our hero was suddenly conscious of a pinching and nipping sensation in his stomach; he remembered that he had not dined; he had no prospect of a dinner-party anywhere.
  80. I don't suppose he would have managed it, if a spider had not luckily left a rope hanging down; with its help, though it stuck to his hand and hurt him, he scrambled up-only to meet an old slow wicked fat-bodied spider who had remained behind to guard the prisoners, and had been busy pinching them to see which was the juiciest to eat.
  81. His completed portrait, however, would be a too ambitious performance for the limits of my sketch, and I have made this little office study of him, as he leans against his ticker pinching the tape, with bits of board-room paper falling off his hat and a cigar between his teeth, simply to show the influence of his vocation on himself and on his companions.
  82. He stood leaning against the chimney-piece, pinching his lower lip, waiting for her to explain; and as she looked up at him--being new at the business of growing old, she hadn't yet become aware that a woman who has reached that state should never, from a low position, look up at someone standing above her--he noticed the pouches under her eyes, and wondered if she realized they were there.
  83. Thank the Goddess that we had ’em and had chosen this Disguise—for ’twas cold and drizzly as the Devil and many was the Time I wisht for the Tropick Keys of the Caribee and call’d myself a Fool for dragging Lancelot and Littlehat Home to Bone-chilling England just for the Fancy of seeing Lymeworth yet again! With a Babe upon my Hip, and pinching Pennies to spare the Last for Bread, and begging Rides in Dung-Carts and Waggons for Want of Carriages, I was wretched indeed.
  84. The local people bustle about, the women – as women anywhere, obviously shopping while herding small children and the men either busily rushing around or lounging staring into space – I watch as a woman with two children makes desperate attempts to stop the elder of the two under her care from pinching some fruit from a stall … the little devil waits until she is occupied in conversation with the stall owner before sneakily nicking an apple and ramming it into his pocket.
  85. From the people we trust to manage our financial future? From the brokers who sell us expensive mutual funds? From the managers themselves, who play legal but shady games to line their pockets? From the high-frequency traders who are front running the market and pinching millions one penny at a time? In the last couple years alone, we have seen rogue traders cause billions in losses for banks; large firms such as MF Global misappropriate client funds and ultimately declare bankruptcy; insider trading convictions from one of the world’s largest hedge funds; and bank traders criminally prosecuted for rigging LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rates), the world’s most widely used benchmark for short-term interest rates.
  86. Pinching or slapping would have proven that I was not dreaming,.
  1. He pinched 'em off me.
  2. He pinched my tail then.
  3. And his heart was pinched.
  4. The shoes pinched his feet.
  5. He pinched his oversized cap.
  6. She gave him a pinched smile.
  7. I pinched myself, hard, on.
  8. She pinched his butt again.
  9. The cold air pinched her skin.
  10. He smiled and pinched her nose.
  11. Not only have they pinched the.
  12. She pinched a strip of her shirt.
  13. He pinched the bridge of his nose.
  14. Guo Ming stood and pinched his chin.
  15. Silas pinched the bridge of his nose.
  16. Janet’s face was pale and pinched.
  17. The latter gave him a pinched smile.
  18. He was numbed, pinched hard by life.
  19. Venkat pinched the bridge of his nose.
  20. She then gave him a pinched expression.
  21. Murphy pinched the bridge of his nose.
  22. She pinched a piece of Jimmy’s toast.
  23. I smiled and pinched my fingers together.
  24. At the same time he pinched her sore hand.
  25. Stop it, I pinched his side, smiling.
  26. Elsa kneeled down and then pinched my nose.
  27. Mickey was pale, his face pinched with cold.
  28. Burned with cigarettes, pinched with pliers.
  29. His face pinched in as he puzzled through it.
  30. Wade’s pinched face rose up before her eyes.
  31. Henry’s mouth was pinched as though in pain.
  32. He pinched Sohrab's earlobe between his teeth.
  33. Linda stood up and pinched her nose with one.
  34. Robyn pinched her lips closed and looked cross.
  35. The cheap boots pinched the arches of her feet.
  36. The wildmen laughed and pinched Emry’s bottom.
  37. Uriah pulls his own jacket on, his mouth pinched.
  38. Thinking about the answer, Locke pinched his lips.
  39. He pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation.
  40. When she straightened, her eyes were pinched shut.
  41. He pinched the pencil and yanked it from her mouth.
  42. And Cam Nguyen, she replied, her face pinched.
  43. To test this theory she pinched his leg quite hard.
  44. His face pinched from the bitterness of the liquid.
  45. Rhone pinched the small token between his thumb and.
  46. Oh, that Gable, she said, and pinched his leg.
  47. Maurice leaned against the wall and pinched his chin.
  48. My master abused him, pinched his legs and bled him.
  49. Golyadkin senior, he pinched the latter on the cheek.
  50. I pinched a clump of the glossy sheets and turned to.
  51. Pinched faces streaked with suspicion or fear or both.
  52. He could have sworn someone had pinched his bum as he.
  53. He said they pinched his toes, she said with a smile.
  54. Vince straightened up in his chair and pinched the end.
  55. Where am I? Is this heaven? Darek pinched himself.
  56. The shirt, buttoned to the collar, pinched at his neck.
  57. Sebastian pinched the bridge of this nose in his fingers.
  58. She seized Ben and pinched his cheeks leaving a red mark.
  59. I pinched her and the agitation of the sofa-springs ceased.
  60. He pinched himself to confirm it was reality and not the.
  61. Zavyr looked up quickly, his pinched face flushing angrily.
  62. Her eyes sleepy pinched shut, she kisses you on the cheek.
  63. Her plump arms, bare and white were begging to be pinched.
  64. His hands cupped her large breasts and pinched her nipples.
  65. He pinched the name tag and ran his finger under the letters.
  66. Tom pinched his lower lip and pulled it away from his teeth.
  67. He shook her again, hesitated, and then pinched her arm hard.
  68. Sally pinched my ass which was fucking weird and I leapt up.
  69. Moscow whose identity I pinched, and confirm that I’m not.
  70. The great wedge driven into the front was finally pinched out.
  71. Vickers pinched the bridge of his nose, his eyes squeezed shut.
  72. His lips were an unhealthy gray and his mouth pinched in pain.
  73. Bring the second pinched spot to the center, moving underneath.
  74. She chuckled and pinched a roll of flesh on her waste, as if to.
  75. My visitor, at seven in the morning, looked pinched and suffering.
  76. They pissed all over the trees, Lyle pinched his nose in disgust.
  77. As with pinched lips she reflected, she quickened her pace carefully.
  78. Delicious chocolate eyes twinkled down at her as he pinched her toe.
  79. The blacksmith came behind her and pinched the back of the mail cloth.
  80. She shan't be pinched! He dealt Peascod a blow with his tiny hand as.
  81. Worry pinched his face, the signs of his suffering no longer apparent.
  82. Come on, Jeff, Scott said as he pinched the sleeve of his jacket.
  83. Blast! I thought, she's pinched it to make it weep and crack my soul!.
  84. I pinched myself and I could feel it, but I could feel objects when I.
  85. Silas pinched the bridge of his nose as his thoughts drifted to Jasmine.
  86. Her nostrils were livid and pinched as after yielding up their last sigh.
  87. Oh Lord! She laughed with her mouth wide and her eyes pinched shut.
  88. In one swift move, she’d pinched the man’s wallet without him noticing.
  89. He pinched her nose shut, and held her until she started slapping his hip.
  90. It was all I could to stay my cries as he massaged and pulled and pinched.
  91. Pain caused by pinched nerves in the spine responds poorly to TENS therapy.
  92. Roman hit him with a quick jab to the throat, then pinched the fat man’s.
  93. Come on, what's really bothering you? Someone pinched your chocolates?’.
  94. W— he started, but I pinched the skin on his back and he fell silent.
  95. I felt like that somebody had pinched my old wounds that were not healed yet.
  96. It was drained of life’s blood and there was a pinched look about the nose.
  97. His pinched face whitened with the sunrise, and I got my numb feet to moving.
  98. Maureen stared at the floor, her face pinched, her hands restless on her lap.
  99. The girl was still, but her mouth, which had been opened, was now pinched shut.
  100. Perhaps not, but you’ve pinched his job, and he’s a bit sore about that.
  1. Pinches of cinnamon.
  2. Her mouth pinches for a second.
  3. I'm- It just- pinches a little.
  4. Peter pinches his lips together and says nothing.
  5. He pinches a cupcake and puts the bit on his lips.
  6. She pinches her nose to stop the bleeding and nods.
  7. He’s dirty and mean-mouthed, and he pinches me.
  8. He pinches the bridge of his nose and addresses Bella.
  9. For the first time since I beat Molly, guilt pinches my gut.
  10. He closes his eyes and pinches his nose, because, God, his head hurts.
  11. She pinches so hard I can barely breathe and I can hear her sob softly.
  12. She pinches the arm of my uniform and rubs the cloth between her fingers.
  13. There’s a guy, probably a white male, who pinches the hot dog buns, and the hamburger buns.
  14. Pinches (1973)* compared the financial ratios of solvent and financially distressed insurance firms.
  15. It pinches her skin six times—one for each leg—and extends its wings, opening the eyes Clarice has never had.
  16. An insect pinches your hand and you ball your fists, shoving them into pockets, but your ears are vulnerable within the hood.
  17. Chian went back to her house and made lunch, just some mashed lorvs and nut crumbs with a few pinches of spice and some dried leshin to scoop it with.
  18. Mine? The question was whispered between gentle pinches of the ear’s edge between his lips, sending her chilling sensations from her head to toe.
  19. Directly in front of her, was a plump woman trying not to make obvious the pinches she was distributing to two boys, one on either of her sides who looked to be twins.
  20. He stood there thoughtfully for a moment, mechanically taking pinches of powdered wood for blotting ink from the wooden bowl which stood on the table, and he added:—.
  21. Granted that you wear the shoe and certainly knows where it pinches, I can’t shirk my responsibilities which include sincere advice on the type of relationships you should keep.
  22. When her father heard, he came and pinched her all over—he doesn't beat her; he always pinches her like that,—then he went out and got drunk somewhere, and came back and frightened her.
  23. She’s dressed in a disheveled periwinkle day dress, with a notched collar and front-closing, princess seam bodice that pinches at her waist above a gathered skirt that looks it was slept in.
  24. The embraces, the friendly pinches, and the demonstrations of warm brotherly affection that Pinocchio received from the excited crowd of actors and actresses of the puppet dramatic company are beyond description.
  25. Ho, officials of this house, high and low, great and small, make haste hither one and all, and print on Sancho's face four-and-twenty smacks, and give him twelve pinches and six pin thrusts in the back and arms; for upon this ceremony depends the restoration of Altisidora.
  26. At last I could bear it no longer, and uttered a shriek—that was all she was waiting for! Instantly she let me go, and turned away as though nothing had happened, as though it was not she who had played the trick but some one else, exactly like some schoolboy who, as soon as the master's back is turned, plays some trick on some one near him, pinches some small weak boy, gives him a flip, a kick, or a nudge with his elbows, and instantly turns again, buries himself in his book and begins repeating his lesson, and so makes a fool of the infuriated teacher who flies down like a hawk at the noise.
  27. Sancho went along anything but cheerful, for it grieved him that Altisidora had not kept her promise of giving him the smocks; and turning this over in his mind he said to his master, Surely, senor, I'm the most unlucky doctor in the world; there's many a physician that, after killing the sick man he had to cure, requires to be paid for his work, though it is only signing a bit of a list of medicines, that the apothecary and not he makes up, and, there, his labour is over; but with me though to cure somebody else costs me drops of blood, smacks, pinches, pinproddings, and whippings, nobody gives me a farthing.

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