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Row in a sentence | row example sentences

  1. Ten times in a row.
  2. And waited in a row.
  3. I slid under one row.
  4. He can see row after.
  5. Then there'd be a row.

  6. We can't ROW it back.
  7. A bold row of rugged.
  8. Sitting in the back row.
  9. He had suspected a row.
  10. Use for 3 days in a row.
  11. It's right down the row.
  12. Then began an unholy row.
  13. Amy looked along the row.
  14. A thug in the front row.
  15. She darted behind a row.

  16. Row 57 she heard something.
  17. There had been a huge row.
  18. All Cannery Row was there.
  19. Three years in a row?
  20. They row without a rudder.
  21. There's going to be a row.
  22. Three goes in a row.
  23. She took out the upper row.
  24. I'm sorry I made that row.
  25. Grimm was in the front row.

  26. There must have been a row.
  27. So they mowed the first row.
  28. The usual noisy row begins.
  29. The boy pointed down the row.
  30. He came four nights in a row.
  31. Grace sat in the second row.
  32. They put us on the front row.
  33. Why would most on death row.
  34. Come for a row, or a stroll.
  35. It is almost seven in a row.
  36. H-block at the end of the row.
  37. I had a row with some Elden.
  38. I pause near the row of Erudite.
  39. The return of Death Row Records.
  40. They'd had a row, that was all.
  41. It appears that there is a row.
  42. A hand shot up from the back row.
  43. Today, John sat in the front row.
  44. Look at the third row, June 2007.
  45. He yearned for a row, sometimes.
  46. Parking their cars on double row.
  47. Maybe they could avoid that row.
  48. Ahab dares to row out of the calm.
  49. This is not simply one more row.
  50. Erin pointed to a row of switches.
  51. Café for the second day in a row.
  52. That’s the third day in a row.
  53. So did a row of huge linden trees.
  54. Glasses were poured, all in a row.
  55. It was still small with a row of.
  56. The night Jack and me had the row.
  57. That last bottom row interested him.
  58. He sat on the back row and watched.
  59. He glanced towards the row of girls.
  60. Three little ifs all in a row.
  61. Saint Joseph's church, Portland row.
  62. Let’s see, we’re in Lot C row 4.
  63. The top row of symbols are from the.
  64. Row after row of cops in dress blues.
  65. I thought you lads could row!.
  66. The front row dropped to their knees.
  67. The domino row of life already began.
  68. So the columns of empty boats row by.
  69. He has a front row seat by the stage.
  70. She was staring down at the first row.
  71. The 17th row and the 17 column were.
  72. Have you had a row or something?’.
  73. Alice turned up, and there was a row.
  74. They put us on the front row.
  75. When it goes up three years in a row.
  76. He walked southward along Westland row.
  77. All those jokers are sitting in a row.
  78. A girl in the back row raised her hand.
  79. ZOE: (In the doorway) There's a row on.
  80. A tough row to hoe, as the saying goes.
  81. They would row on the Hudson’s water.
  82. The real row contains the elapsed time.
  83. One could have seen the row number in.
  84. His wives in a row to watch the effect.
  85. Row A above seems perfectly reasonable.
  86. In the last row of this theatre of doom.
  87. For example, Row 1 lists the emotions.
  88. If they had been a row of his favorite.
  89. My row house door groaned as I opened it.
  90. She had told her about the row with him.
  91. She and Karen had a blazing row in the.
  92. A row of thin pink clouds sailed across.
  93. Below them row upon row of coffee bushes.
  94. There are several losing trades in a row.
  95. And all in a row stood the Terrible Three.
  96. But he insisted that he was ready to row.
  97. They call his row, and he breaks the kiss.
  98. Behind the row of maple trees with their.
  99. It consisted of twenty liftings in a row.
  100. Tom drove down the long dark row of tents.
  1. The sound of men rowing.
  2. She was rowing in silence.
  3. It was a small rowing boat.
  4. No one ever uses a rowing machine.
  5. That’s not rowing, it’s flying.
  6. He recommenced his rowing with his.
  7. That’s the way it was with rowing.
  8. Many ships are rowing towards us.
  9. National Rowing Hall of Fame, 363.
  10. This was serious cold-weather rowing.
  11. Then they started rowing in earnest.
  12. She could hear the slap of rowing now.
  13. Rowing, he said, is like that.
  14. They were rowing in utter darkness now.
  15. The rowing machine was in fine condition.
  16. Thomas was rowing the boat closer to shore.
  17. Conditions were almost ideal for rowing.
  18. Where is the spiritual value of rowing?
  19. Washington, University of, rowing team:.
  20. In the evening there was rowing on the river.
  21. It was towards this kiosk that we were rowing.
  22. Rowing then becomes a kind of perfect language.
  23. I started rowing faster, to the end of the lake.
  24. Decoud nerved himself for the effort of rowing.
  25. With Malengin rowing they pulled away from the.
  26. We’ve been rowing here a few times, haven’t.
  27. Yet here they were, sitting in a rowing boat on a.
  28. Hiking in the Himalayas and rowing across the ocean.
  29. Leverich Brett, printed in the Rowing News Bulletin.
  30. Harrison pointed his pen at the man rowing the boat.
  31. So did the German boat, both rowing at over forty now.
  32. And it wasn’t that their rowing styles were similar.
  33. But not before leaving one more mark on rowing history.
  34. Meanwhile, the boy, with the baby, was rowing homewards.
  35. They changed their M-I-B rowing chant to L-G-B.
  36. Shiva gave a signal and they started rowing towards the.
  37. Thane had bundled him into the rowing boat, and struck out.
  38. The plants stopped rowing and scurried ashore to group up in.
  39. It afforded easy access to excellent rowing water on the sound.
  40. A small rowing boat was being prepared at the front of the ship.
  41. Rowing and sailing regattas had been held there since the 1870s.
  42. I was rowing casually when I noticed this rainbow above the lake.
  43. Bloody hell, Chin, they’re rowing us out of here! I can’t.
  44. That was more than enough to entice everyone in rowing even harder.
  45. Rowing is, in a number of ways, a sport of fundamental paradoxes.
  46. Navy, Penn, and California left the mark, all rowing hard and high.
  47. A Man was rowing in a boat, and dropped a costly pearl into the sea.
  48. They practiced rowing from half-slide and quarter-slide positions.
  49. By the time they got to rowing, things were tough out on the water.
  50. Cal leapt out into the lead, but the conditions made for tough rowing.
  51. When the gulf had grown dark, he ceased rowing and flung the sculls in.
  52. Small the trouble of rowing us ashore so late at night in his own boat.
  53. He had orders from virtually every major rowing program in the country.
  54. He could see at a glance that they were rowing well off their best pace.
  55. He turned to see a small rowing boat in the river, with two people in it.
  56. Mostly, they practiced rowing high-stroke-rate sprints and racing starts.
  57. Police Launch Collides With Rowing Boat is the last thing they want.
  58. They must have drunk at least one other cask before rowing back to shore.
  59. Both crews started off rowing hard and high, at thirty-five or thirty-six.
  60. On May 22 he tested both boats again, rowing two miles at a racing beat.
  61. Smiling at him, Laura took up the oars and began rowing again, slowly and.
  62. She spotted a rowing boat, suspended by ropes, at the far end of the deck.
  63. Bucknell's account of the part women played in the rowing is as follows:.
  64. Put another way, beautiful and effective rowing often means painful rowing.
  65. After dinner, the two men reveled in talking about rowing for hours on end.
  66. She thought of swimming over to him, and making her escape in the rowing boat.
  67. What about going to bed in good time tonight? I'm tired with all that rowing.
  68. Each morning they did rowing exercises and each afternoon they filled the tank.
  69. Rowing stroke for stroke, they remained tightly bunched up for a hundred yards.
  70. They pulled their shoes over their sore-pocked feet and began rowing for shore.
  71. Later she was displayed at the George Pocock Memorial Rowing Center in Seattle.
  72. She suddenly felt weary of all the rowing, and afraid of what she might say next.
  73. Ailia took her place and started rowing with all her might, but it was of no use.
  74. With both boats rowing at the same rate, Hume’s stroke made all the difference.
  75. He refurbished it, took it down to the water, and discovered that he loved rowing.
  76. And there was a rowing uniform—white shorts and an elegant white jersey with a U.
  77. At the halfway mark, they led by a full length, with both crews rowing at thirty-two.
  78. Bobby Moch set the varsity boys to rowing at a leisurely twenty-two or twenty-three.
  79. An unnamed coach is reputed to have said, bluntly, Rowing is like a beautiful duck.
  80. This was the first time Ava realized there was technique to rowing, not just strength.
  81. The boys in the Navy and Cornell boats suddenly looked as if they were rowing in glue.
  82. The men took turns rowing and resting day and night until we reached the coast of Cuba.
  83. The entire American rowing team had arrived in Berlin with high hopes and expectations.
  84. By the way, they tell me his son is rowing for our college next year—charming fellow.
  85. Its open cell structure makes it light and buoyant, and in rowing lightness means speed.
  86. He was happy to find that they could hold their lead with the boys rowing at thirty-two.
  87. In the lane nearest to him, California had powered back out in front, rowing beautifully.
  88. The eight-oared rowing sequence is still among the most dramatic action scenes in Olympia.
  89. The estuary was not what anyone might call pristine rowing water even on the best of days.
  90. They found a rowing machine on deck and tried it out, posing on it for news photographers.
  91. The next morning the Seattle Post-Intelligencer exulted, A New Era in Washington Rowing.
  92. He untied the skiff at the stern, slipped into it, and was soon rowing cautiously upstream.
  93. The elder gesticulated in an excited manner as he mimicked the rowing of the devil’s ferry.
  94. Rowing at a beat of thirty-six is vastly more challenging than rowing at a beat of twenty-six.
  95. One of the rafts was by chance already approaching, the sailors in it rowing with their hands.
  96. There is a thing that sometimes happens in rowing that is hard to achieve and hard to define.
  97. That trusty man had his hands cruelly chafed with the rowing, but it never damped his spirits.
  98. Instead they were usually relegated to indoor rowing tanks, poor substitutes for the real thing.
  99. Rowing twice a day, they began to release what was latent in their bodies and to find their swing.
  100. In 1971 the entire crew was inducted into the Helms Rowing Hall of Fame at a banquet in New York.
  1. The men rowed all night.
  2. No one had rowed it much.
  3. Malengin laughed as he rowed.
  4. They rowed back nine weary miles.
  5. Laurie and Jo rowed one boat, Mr.
  6. He sang a little song as he rowed.
  7. USS Cyane rowed toward the schooner.
  8. They rowed and rowed down the river.
  9. In 1956 they all rowed together again.
  10. Stephen rowed all the way to the island.
  11. It was how the boys had rowed the race.
  12. John rowed toward where the lilies were.
  13. They said very little as they rowed home.
  14. And I had rowed there, all in a single day.
  15. They loaded them, and rowed down the river.
  16. We rowed back out to the boat for the night.
  17. The boys rowed back to campus in silence.
  18. Then they rowed into a world of confusion.
  19. They rowed to the rocks on which the wreck lay.
  20. When they rowed back, their faces were exultant.
  21. Mary's our centre, we had rowed and waded to St.
  22. It was near dusk when I was rowed back to the ship.
  23. Rowed – perhaps unsurprisingly - by the Ferryman.
  24. The wind and the waves were strong as Halfdan rowed.
  25. They beckoned me aboard and rowed me out to the ship.
  26. Watson and Hayes rowed on quietly towards the trawler.
  27. Captain Waddell, so they took a boat and rowed ashore.
  28. He rowed as hard in a losing cause as in a winning one.
  29. I thanked Hadebah and got myself rowed out to the ship.
  30. The following day they rowed awkwardly and lost badly.
  31. They rowed another day, and sailed into the river Túra.
  32. I was rowed ashore to a small village and was wished well.
  33. What other animals sit in ordered groups on rowed seating.
  34. I ate quickly and was rowed ashore with very little ceremony.
  35. The others fetched each their ores and they rowed out to sea.
  36. The oarsmen rowed up to the shore and caught their hook in it.
  37. Cleeve took up the oars and rowed rapidly to the landing place.
  38. They came to the island, and rowed around it to the other side.
  39. With the boatsteerer at the bow of the boat, the sailors rowed.
  40. The passengers and their cargo were rowed ashore in small boats.
  41. There were only three men in the boat and but one of them rowed.
  42. We did not wait for the Carpathia to come to us, we rowed to it.
  43. We got aboard easily, and rowed out into the track of the steamer.
  44. On June 22 they rowed again for the national title in Poughkeepsie.
  45. Ceder took her oar back from Jai and they rowed together for a time.
  46. The boys rowed it through the Cut and to the south end of Lake Union.
  47. They rowed the stricken Motion towards the shore and beached it before.
  48. Gwenda thought about that as Ian Boatman rowed them all back to the city.
  49. Then they put on me the gorgeous robe and rowed me to land, where I was.
  50. Roman rowed the last couple of strokes until he was satisfied that they.
  51. We rowed all night, I took an oar and sat beside the Countess de Rothes.
  52. Near dusk their ship returned and they rowed out to explain the situation.
  53. Two of the men went by boat to other countries: Yan rowed his way to the.
  54. An instant after, the boat, rowed by two men, advanced rapidly towards him.
  55. At dawn on the third day, we were rowed out to our boat and climbed aboard.
  56. And they rowed well, if a bit slowly—crisp, clean, and efficient even yet.
  57. The California crew valiantly rowed on as hard as they could nevertheless.
  58. They had never rowed this high before—never even conceived of it as possible.
  59. After burying the enemy dead, Kestides and five of my cousins rowed out to the.
  60. He had not rowed particularly well in the second freshman boat the previous year.
  61. After a few memorable days, I was rowed out to one of the Koryo ships in the bay.
  62. At the stern one man or woman lounged while they were rowed to their destination.
  63. We rowed as hard as we could, but the current took us miles away from the island.
  64. I was rowed ashore along with the jagun of Kashik that had been sent as my escorts.
  65. He rowed with a quick, powerful stroke; and his eyes, under the mask, never left me.
  66. They rowed five days, and then came more cheerful places,—meadows, forests, lakes.
  67. Still the children said nothing at all, but looked away while Stephen rowed steadily.
  68. For four days they rowed up the river, and then they turned into Serébryanaya River.
  69. We rowed fairly near one of them and I could see that it dwarfed the merchant dugout.
  70. There were too many days when they rowed not as crews but as boatfuls of individuals.
  71. In the morning, Tegan rowed back over with the guts and parts that no one else wanted.
  72. They sprinted one day and rowed long, punishing ten- or twelve-mile marathons the next.
  73. A whip could occasionally be heard, indicating slaves rather than soldiers rowed below.
  74. We rowed out in the little skiff that Chloe had left on the beach, and then we climbed.
  75. When they pulled apart she said, When I rowed crew I ate stuff like this all the time.
  76. The boys rowed into the wind dressed in sweat shirts, their legs slathered in goose grease.
  77. From the distance, as we rowed away, we could hear the band playing 'Nearer, My God to Thee.
  78. She realized that he had rowed all night without pause, and marvelled at his iron endurance.
  79. They rowed the length of the estuary and out along the mudflats on the east shore of the bay.
  80. We rowed the man across the river and gave him a captured horse, well past its prime, to ride.
  81. Levi and Reuben inflated the dinghy and rowed ashore, Harvey Schwartz/The Reluctant Terrorist.
  82. But what was most different was the attitude of the bunch of boys Joe had rowed with last year.
  83. One by one, the boats were filled with women and children, lowered and rowed away into the night.
  84. He had also rowed for Harvard, and he wondered if he might ride along in the president’s place.
  85. They rowed raggedly for the first few days back on the water, until they found their swing again.
  86. The previous year he had rowed as one of Joe’s rivals in the junior-varsity-turned-varsity boat.
  87. So no more was said, and the four children got into their boat and rowed home as fast as they could.
  88. He sat down on a bench in the boat, and the oarsmen pulled at the oars and rowed toward the island.
  89. When they were sure that they had won, the boys rowed slowly past the grandstands to polite applause.
  90. The sophomores rowed a great race, but they would never have finished third in that varsity event.
  91. I sat in the stern and, while four of the fellows rowed, two of us bailed, and we were doing all right.
  92. As I watched, a boat was dropped and a Kashik officer was rowed ashore by six of the green-clad sailors.
  93. For three-quarters of a mile, the two crews rowed in lockstep, both furiously hacking at the choppy water.
  94. Ten more years went by, and in 1986, fifty years after their victory in Berlin, they rowed one last time.
  95. But as TV cameras shot video of them for the evening news, they clambered into the Husky Clipper and rowed.
  96. Nobody’s seat was safe just because he had rowed in the boat that had defeated California so impressively.
  97. Sterling and Nicky got into the ten-foot boat and rowed ashore, following Bergit's trail up the beaten path.
  98. That did something to reassure me, but as we rowed back to Bradgate my obstinate doubts would not be dismissed.
  99. He got me up well before dawn and I rode down to the waterfront in plenty of time to be rowed out to the ship.
  100. From here she could see canals went into the island that had many of those rowed taxi cabs plying their waters.
  1. Have rows all the same.
  2. The ship held 12 rows.
  3. There should be 5 rows.
  4. The last rows in Table 3.
  5. He saw the front rows of.
  6. A couple of rows of tables.
  7. Always align in rows of ten.
  8. Rows of seats mostly occupied.
  9. The last two rows of Table 28.
  10. Down both sides were rows of.
  11. I’m two rows behind you guys.
  12. I look up and down the rows of.
  13. Rows of moldy wooden doorways.
  14. The rows were beginning to move.
  15. I moved a couple of rows in front.
  16. And keep lookin’ down the rows.
  17. Rows of numbers filled the screen.
  18. Twenty-six numbers by two rows.
  19. Pa counted the two rows of numbers.
  20. See the wheeze? Rows of cast steel.
  21. I look up and down the rows of big.
  22. They would not go into ordered rows.
  23. Finding the number of affected rows.
  24. I walked along between two rows of.
  25. The bulls were cast in two rows in.
  26. In the upper rooms were little rows.
  27. There were more important rows to hoe.
  28. Section one has 14 columns and 4 rows.
  29. I might have been only two rows ahead.
  30. There were rows and rows of rings and.
  31. Bäcker’s gaze rakes across the rows.
  32. They came and sat two rows ahead of us.
  33. Rows of grimy houses with gaping doors.
  34. Four rows of spectators were assembled.
  35. Okay, so they'd had lots of rows lately.
  36. Two rows of guards snapped to attention.
  37. It was more like a theater with 50 rows.
  38. Just rows and rows of ratty looking tents.
  39. Rows of theater seating are separated by.
  40. Once inside I could see rows and rows of.
  41. Rows of empty folding chairs face a casket.
  42. The bed was filled with regimented rows of.
  43. There were ten soldiers in two rows of five.
  44. Two rows of oxen were cast, when it was cast.
  45. Sanders who stood up two rows in front of us.
  46. Heather and Roman sat two rows from the back.
  47. He passed up to the front rows, not noticing.
  48. They mowed two more rows; the old man stopped.
  49. The two boys pointed along the rows of bottles.
  50. This is followed by 3 sets of Seated Cable Rows.
  51. They hung on the wall in five neat rows of five.
  52. There was just one huge room, and desks in rows.
  53. Aside the rows of capsules on the monitor were.
  54. Put all of your best boards in the top two rows.
  55. Reuben and Suwanee sat a few rows ahead of them.
  56. Chairs had been placed in rows for the audience.
  57. He then walked down the rows of cars, noticing.
  58. Workers labored under rows of flickering lights.
  59. The back rows began applauding, as in a theatre.
  60. Then she called to the girl between the box rows.
  61. A huge mouth opened to expose two rows of small.
  62. David walked slowly up and down the rows of seats.
  63. Rows of pines divide endless metal-colored plains.
  64. Around them were rows and rows of unused computers.
  65. Several rows of tiny circles were plainly visible.
  66. Earing: The plowing of a field into long open rows.
  67. You might note that I have three rows beneath the.
  68. Rows and rows of plants were suspended in a semi-.
  69. Stacey began counting the rows of trees he crossed.
  70. The stealthy assassin took up a seat two rows over.
  71. She saw rows of pews covered with dust and cobwebs.
  72. Every kid six rows deep did two rounds of The Wave.
  73. At the end of the rows of monuments is an undated.
  74. Suddenly the rows and rows of goose bumps stood up.
  75. If you cannot do Cable Rows, do Bent-Over Barbell.
  76. She had never had to sew tiny rows of silk ruffles.
  77. He passed up to the front rows, not noticing anyone.
  78. Tom walked down the street between the rows of tents.
  79. You'd be two rows of kids, and you'd have a partner.
  80. She waves at him from across several rows of people.
  81. Couples with small children occupied the front rows.
  82. Carefully they were laid out in rows upon the table.
  83. There are rows of tables with mounds of black on them.
  84. I pointed at the rows and rows of fine garments and.
  85. The rows of eyes are on both sides of the cone noses.
  86. Laino looked across the rows of pale, suffering faces.
  87. After a brief consultation—whether to take the rows.
  88. Claire saw Cam in one of the top rows of the bleachers.
  89. Her rust hair, braided in many rows, hung to her waist.
  90. You showed me the rows of notebooks—you have often.
  91. Unending rows of windows lined the arcing face of the.
  92. She took an aisle seat, four rows back, left of center.
  93. Zoom along the country lanes, between the rows of trees.
  94. Insert a table with three (3) rows and two (2) columns.
  95. The rows of computer monitors and flat-screen displays.
  96. The even rows spread out before her spoke of the abun-.
  97. They were in one of the first rows of the balcony seats.
  98. The sun was warm and the rows of corn seemingly endless.
  99. The rows were a little narrow and Nightday is very dark.
  100. Dave, facing John, slowly rows to the island on the lake.

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