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  1. A very articulate young man.
  2. Here was a very articulate man.
  3. His speech was very articulate and his.
  4. Very articulate and confident and kind.
  5. And that’s more difficult to articulate.
  6. You’re very articulate and straightforward.
  7. His conversation was direct and non articulate.
  8. Your coach helps articulate and challenge the.
  9. When he wanted he could be surprisingly articulate.
  10. The selling firm that can clearly articulate this.
  11. He was not only funny but articulate and convincing.
  12. What are you? You can never articulate this effectively.
  13. He was incredibly intelligent, patriotic, and articulate.
  14. These barely articulate words were heard to issue from his.
  15. Maximilian tried to speak, but he could articulate nothing; he.
  16. If the business cannot clearly articulate what need they address.
  17. Though he was in a hurry, he seemed to articulate with difficulty.
  18. He said, An embrace is always so much more articulate than words.
  19. With a force deep within me that is not easy to articulate, I gained.
  20. Her mouth and lips were so dry she could hardly articulate the words.
  21. It's not how you articulate it that really matters, it's what you state.
  22. I find it especially interesting how articulate Elijah becomes in the end.
  23. They aim to destroy existing law while presenting no articulate substitute.
  24. Levin, shaking with sobs and unable to articulate a word, went out of the.
  25. Everyday spoken language tends to be ragged and not always fully articulate.
  26. A sound of craving and eagerness that had nothing articulate in it but blood.
  27. And speech, though he strove desperately to articulate, was an impossibility.
  28. In this book I will articulate how to choose the right ventures to invest in and.
  29. Conseil could still articulate a few words, and I heard him repeat at intervals:.
  30. Nibbles looked on in silent contemplation, unable to articulate what he felt or saw.
  31. The portion which rises to articulate with the skull is called the ASCENDING RAMUS.
  32. We used to talk all the time about being able to read and write well and articulate.
  33. Our task is to articulate in a systematic way that thinking which team members hold.
  34. I thought the man was a little strange because he couldn’t articulate what he did.
  35. I can’t believe … Claire could not articulate the things she could not believe.
  36. James was getting married and without any reason she could articulate, Sophie felt hurt.
  37. He was articulate, a powerful speaker, and had a comeback for everything they threw at him.
  38. He almost fell back in his place: his voice broke: he could hardly articulate the last phrase.
  39. Miles made suggestions that Max had received compensation though he wouldn’t articulate on that.
  40. I understand her hatred even though she can’t articulate it without sounding like a drunken whore.
  41. His lips were moving as though trying to articulate something; no sound came, but still his lips moved.
  42. To the attorney --- my thanks for saying ‘so well’ what I would have said if I were more articulate.
  43. The sight of the creatures and the articulate vocabulary of this one left him almost speechless himself.
  44. It was an endearing gesture from the articulate woman and I started to turn away and head back to my car.
  45. Not a body to cause obsession but a body for that face, those eyes, the voice, for that articulate smile.
  46. The Coast Guard mission requires the service to articulate even more closely than in the past with the U.
  47. Most men can articulate about sex and feelings, but I haven’t heard the term used the way you just did.
  48. The Pastor is articulate, seems well educated and Olivia is more than bright, but they’re only twenty.
  49. Her eyes fell to his powerfully articulate hands that lay beside of him and a daring thought occurred to her.
  50. Phillips was an amiable man and was, judging by his letters, highly articulate, but he preferred not to speak.
  51. Second, the Art of the Essay with Lydia Fakundiny, who remains, perhaps, the most articulate person I ever met.
  52. This was going to be a long (and not particularly articulate) conversation if they carried on in this fashion!.
  53. An inability or unwillingness to articulate all that is a red flag, as is a focus on the ends rather than the means.
  54. Potentially he could have talked the president out of the need for Standard Response – maybe a more articulate man.
  55. You cannot have an opinion about an investment unless you understand the consensus and can articulate why it's wrong.
  56. Because Ros was the exception and spoke the most articulate Komotu Ben had ever heard, he got the gist of Tam's reply.
  57. Dayan realized with frustration that there was no point in arguing with that machine, however articulate it appeared to be.
  58. Alexey Alexandrovitch was speaking so quickly that he stammered, and was utterly unable to articulate the word ‘suffering.
  59. Of course, part of our job is to articulate a sensitive matter in such a way as not to stir public emotions or sentiment.
  60. The three most important requirements of survival are a food source, the ability to articulate emotional states, and mobility.
  61. His cat was supposed to have extra-sensory powers and it was remarkably articulate, if Tri-D and web-vids were any indication.
  62. She walks like a ballerina in dance slippers, her feet as articulate as hands, a little vessel of grace moving out into the fog.
  63. Pretty much everyone knew there was something decidedly evil and wrong with this concept, but they couldn't quite articulate it.
  64. I ho;ped, too, that I was not able to articulate my words clearly, and indeed I reckoned upon this, as I distinctly remembered it.
  65. She wished she could articulate the relevant spiritual significance behind the act, but Trevain would not understand without context.
  66. If the sacred is a symbol of one's ideal, can icons be sacred? #2 was accumulating their points by asking articulate conditionals.
  67. He wished to articulate a last farewell, but his tongue lay motionless and heavy in his throat, like a stone at the mouth of a sepulchre.
  68. Carroll had a vulnerable quality that inspired her to strange sympathies and concerns, but also anxieties she couldn’t quite articulate.
  69. She was otherwise wonderful: articulate, passionate, well-if eccentrically read, and he often thought later he should have stayed with her.
  70. My heart was sinking : I began trying to talk to the driver, biit I could not even articulate my words, and I muttered something incoherent.
  71. While the specifics will differ, what shouldn't vary is the investor's ability to articulate in detail how the portfolio is managed and why.
  72. It had been a very strange sensation to be one so praised for a silver tongue and yet increasingly struggle to articulate or to reply at all.
  73. There must be some essential core of minds able to reason, to think clearly about, and to articulate the true conditions of a free existence.
  74. No one spoke for several seconds after Tullius asked his question, having little ability to articulate their thoughts and subsequent questions.
  75. Mark Shannon looked briefly at her with newfound respect:� the more he knew of her, the more he found her to be both competent and articulate.
  76. It was because I deemed it impossible to articulate the moment that followed, with a degree of accuracy that reasonably reflected the experience.
  77. There must be a firm theoretical foundation for anything in the market; you should be able to clearly articulate why something should be the way it is.
  78. One perceives, without understanding it, a hideous murmur, sounding almost like human accents, but more nearly resembling a howl than an articulate word.
  79. I can't be good! I managed to articulate; then I went to the sofa, fell on it face downwards, and sobbed on it for a quarter of an hour in genuine hysterics.
  80. My Rule of Three says that I will not enter any trade unless I can carefully articulate three reasons from among my list of technical indicators for doing so.
  81. This generation craves something more directly related to its own experience, however difficult it might be for them to articulate just what that experience is.
  82. There is an abundance of articulate and intelligent people in the investment world, most of whom can cite persuasive reasons for buying this stock or that bond.
  83. Rights are normally identified and claimed by sentient creatures able to articulate and understand what rights are, and what the reciprocal obligations might be.
  84. You are fortunate to have such a devoted and articulate husband, William said to Birdie, few men are able to express the devotion they feel for their wives.
  85. It also requires a Phyllis Schaffly, however, to clearly articulate those positions to less erudite, average audiences unlikely to have read ―God and Man at Yale.
  86. Regardless of how broad or narrow their field of play, the best equity investors are able to articulate clearly where they expect to find investing opportunity and why.
  87. Bert tried to speak to explain why he had been resting, but his mouth and his tongue had become quite parched from terror and he was unable to articulate a single word.
  88. Where the subjective element comes into play is in the synthesis of many individual factors, and it can be difficult to articulate precise rules for this part of the process.
  89. Ivan Ilyitch became aware that he was beginning to articulate indistinctly and with difficulty, that he was longing to say a great deal, but that his tongue refused to obey him.
  90. As soon as they entered the house, Marianne with a kiss of gratitude and these two words just articulate through her tears, "Tell mama," withdrew from her sister and walked slowly up stairs.
  91. The tall, lovely trees stood in all the glory of their blossom, and their innumerable leaves greeted me, I am certain, with their soft, caressing rustle and seemed to articulate words of love.
  92. A few of the torches still flared in their sockets, the phosphorescent glow throbbed and quivered, and the river flowed with an almost articulate muttering, scintillant with undreamed radiances.
  93. As the chancellor of NC State University said in 1978, my father emerged as one of the nation’s most articulate spokesman on the important role of private support for public higher education.
  94. Though she did not articulate the words, I understood that her mother was dying, or that something of the sort was happening to them, and that she had run out to call some one, to find something to help her mother.
  95. As much as we all would love for subsequent events to conform beautifully with our original expectations, that rarely happens, and the best investors can well articulate how they prepare and execute their responses.
  96. The water's own noises, too, were more apparent than by day, its gurglings and 'cloops' more unexpected and near at hand; and constantly they started at what seemed a sudden clear call from an actual articulate voice.
  97. In her indignation there was a sense of superiority, but it went out for the present in firmness of stroke, and did not compress itself into an inward articulate voice pronouncing the once "affable archangel" a poor creature.
  98. The Baupost Group's Seth Klarman has proven not only to be one of the best investors of his generation, but also one of the most articulate in explaining the underlying value-investing principles on which his strategy is based.
  99. He was alone, and met her instantly; and she found herself pressed to his heart with only these words, just articulate, "My Fanny, my only sister; my only comfort now!" She could say nothing; nor for some minutes could he say more.
  100. To attempt to articulate the greatness of the Love of God thru His Christ would certainly be unsuccessful at best, and on the other hand, certainly be inaccurate, for what flowed through me was more than the mind of man could ascertain.
  1. Businessmen are usually careful in articulating their political preferences.
  2. When he spoke he did so slowly, carefully, articulating each word for clarity.
  3. Spencer went on Bloomberg TV articulating his expert opinion on why this was not a good idea for the U.
  4. And I beg you to consider Dolokhov’s offer,’ he said, articulating his friend’s name with difficulty.
  5. And I beg you to consider Dólokhov’s offer, he said, articulating his friend’s name with difficulty.
  6. There were banks of components with flashing lights and a small desk with four flat-screen monitors mounted on articulating stands.
  7. Here he paused, then, with a sort of sovereign and sepulchral authority, he added, articulating slowly, and emphasizing the syllables:.
  8. The lubricants for articulating joints, and liquids that fill the voids in the casing, resist the immense pressure but are quickly lost in the sea or contaminated by it.
  9. He said nothing aloud but a professional lip reader might just have detected the beginning of his articulating his thoughts which began with the four letter epithet Fuck!.
  10. With those last words, Sensei's face changed, and he said calmly, articulating each word, Explain to me how a man drowning in a bog can save a man standing on the bank of the river?
  11. Weyland may have some difficulty articulating his methodology for selecting stocks, but when probed about specific holdings, he has near-encyclopedic knowledge of biotech companies and the niches they operate in.
  12. In articulating any investment strategy, then, managers should be able to describe the typical inefficiencies on which they are looking to capitalize and the types of situations in which they expect to find them.
  13. He kept trying to say something to her; he began moving his tongue with difficulty and articulating indistinctly, but Katerina Ivanovna, understanding that he wanted to ask her forgiveness, called peremptorily to him:.
  14. He is credited with articulating the concept of the margin of safety, which describes the situation in which the market price for a security is sufficiently below its fair value that unforeseen events will not cause loss to the investor.
  15. The psychological symptoms from doing less than good through such activities as expressing and articulating unkind thoughts, feelings and behaviours, described by the meanings of words such as malice, hypocrisy, deceit, envy, anger, hatred, jealousy and slander etcetera.
  16. You are avoiding your encounter with it by reading books and articles to develop “more” understanding of it, by articulating different techniques to “attain” it but simple thing that you are not ready to acknowledge is that truth is available to you without any need to find it, to understand it, to amend it, to cook it for you.
  17. It leaders will need to provide comprehensive guidelines articulating its position on abortion, assisted suicide, affirmative action, civil rights, conservation, environmental and family issues, education and the death penalty, among a number of issues of immediate concern to many blue collar voters disheartened with ―business as usual‖ establishmentarians seated across both sides of the political aisle who seem to have forgotten the voters that elected them into public office or the reasons why they were elected to begin with.
  1. An occasional articulated truck would ease its way carefully.
  2. Do you suppose he gets that sort of thing from her? Lillian articulated.
  3. The concept of aesthetic catharsis was articulated by Aristotle in ancient Athens.
  4. Therefore, the reasons for migration can be articulated with the issue that induces.
  5. They harden beliefs that until then may have been only weakly articulated and defined.
  6. In Christian culture, the Seven Deadly Sins can be articulated around the relationship.
  7. Taken aback, the poor lad silently articulated ere a knock came rapping on the door once.
  8. Just what the national security objectives we’ve set might be were not articulated.
  9. Dans le doute, mon cher,’ he paused, ‘abstiens-toi*[2]- he articulated the French proverb deliberately.
  10. We had just watched a large articulated lorry disappear up the rutted lane with the last of his stock inside.
  11. Dans le doute, mon cher, he paused, abstiens-toi *(2)—he articulated the French proverb deliberately.
  12. Although she hadn't articulated it clearly in her mind, every part of her that counted knew what her decision was.
  13. Turning her head to confront him, Kathy articulated these thoughts out loud, her voice brimming with curiosity as she spoke.
  14. Some of them are quite regular, and are well articulated, exhibiting at their joints considerable concavities and convexities.
  15. In the sea-urchins the steps can be followed by which a fixed spine becomes articulated to the shell, and is thus rendered movable.
  16. Volume confirmation, found in the form of spikes of unusual growth in daily levels; and articulated with volume-specific indicators.
  17. One Million will find the little ivory bones, the thinly articulated skeletons of advertising executives and clubwomen and children.
  18. Even as the Golwalkars articulated the Hindu frustration in shrill voices, the Maulana Azads voiced the Muslim fears in secular tones.
  19. He could almost hear their moans and cries for this is how this supreme tension of love is articulated before the explosion of release.
  20. With just the front and rear of the cab attached, the articulated trailer part dangled towards the seabed, as though it had jack-knifed.
  21. The above discussion highlights a view of businesses that is seldom articulated either in Graham and Dodd (G&D) or modern capital theory (MCT).
  22. What have I to be afraid of to-morrow? Ivan articulated in astonishment, and suddenly a chill breath of fear did in fact pass over his soul.
  23. Roy just plain didn’t like his style and was irritated by the depth of knowledge he articulated and his broad range of top industry contacts.
  24. The gradation extends even to the manner in which ordinary spines and the pedicellariae, with their supporting calcareous rods, are articulated to the shell.
  25. The base doctor appeared to be a specially equipped ATHID with a pair of articulated human hands that allowed a surgeon back on Earth to operate them remotely.
  26. But since he is telling himself he doesn’t have to be perfectly clear, because something inside holds any given missing part—the unclear or partially articulated.
  27. Instead Christ’s articulated wisdom was recorded, sometimes years and decades after His resurrection and ascension, and therefore unlikely to have been written verbatim.
  28. Thus we have fixed spines, with three equi-distant, serrated, movable branches, articulated to near their bases; and higher up, on the same spine, three other movable branches.
  29. There, Your Grace, Fultyn said, pointing out across the nearest hillside, and Maigwair’s eyes narrowed as he saw what looked like three large, articulated dragon-drawn wagons.
  30. Her ears were very wide apart, her saddle deep, a fine head marked with a black star, a very long neck, strongly articulated knees, prominent ribs, oblique shoulders and a powerful crupper.
  31. This strange vehicle, tracked at the front, articulated in the center and with a wheeled ballast trailer at the rear, could slice its way through trees and undergrowth at a slow walking pace.
  32. Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament definitively redefine through His divine articulated contradictions many of the ancient rules, laws and teachings expressed throughout the Old Testament.
  33. He had hardly articulated a few words when someone had the effrontery to laugh aloud—probably some ignorant simpleton who knew nothing of the world, and was congenitally disposed to laughter.
  34. Captain Lebyadkin, a stout, fleshy man over six feet in height, with curly hair and a red face, was so extremely drunk that he could scarcely stand up before me, and articulated with difficulty.
  35. Settling back and reflecting for a long time, waiting on him to compose himself, and then told him with a smile that conveyed and articulated every true thought that was filling my body with Love.
  36. It was those phone calls when she asked questions about those intimate details of fear and survival that Therese so bravely articulated in her story that gave her hope in those darker days of despair.
  37. More importantly, they had proved in the last four months of observation to be basically as intelligent as an average modern man and had an articulated language, even though it was a rather simple one.
  38. Counting the trucks was easy, but as the articulated part was often dangling into the depths at the back of the cab, there was nothing to follow until the side of the ship appeared in the slender beam of light.
  39. Sir Clifford's whale has been articulated throughout; so that, like a great chest of drawers, you can open and shut him, in all his bony cavities—spread out his ribs like a gigantic fan—and swing all day upon his lower jaw.
  40. The words, so thin and articulated in my mind, came to resound as distorted by a prism which afforded them a tombstone resonance to my phrases and sentences; until the tone turned serious and irregular as a soprano attacked by a winter cold.
  41. Silaran also wore his gold-trimmed armor, a cunningly articulated set of plate barding that covered him almost completely, featuring white silk tassels and a glinting four-foot sword blade that was mounted on his head just in front of his exposed horn.
  42. Silaran also wore his gold-trimmed armor, a cunningly articulated set of plate barding that covered him almost completely, featuring white silk tassels and a glinting meter and a third long sword blade that was mounted on his head just in front of his exposed horn.
  43. We also read verses that contradict and are incongruent to this new message of relational love, providing further evidence for the need for cautious interpretation as being the words articulated by human experience and thus human interpretation to a significant event.
  44. At the moment when that name, which he had buried beneath so many layers, was so strangely articulated, he was struck with stupor, and as though intoxicated with the sinister eccentricity of his destiny; and through this stupor he felt that shudder which precedes great shocks.
  45. I knew we were similar in many ways because although I was never one to raise my hand in class and be vocal about my views and problems she would do it for me, often she was vocal and when she articulated her views it felt like she was an external mouthpiece for my inner thoughts.
  46. This speech produced its effects, for Semyon Ivanovitch, turning promptly to the orator, articulated firmly, though in a hoarse voice, "You hold your tongue, puppy! You idle speaker, you foul-mouthed man! Do you hear, young dandy? Are you a prince, eh? Do you understand what I say?".
  47. She sobbed, but I fancied that this was all part of the performance, and that she was not really crj-ing at all; sometimes I fancied that she would suddenly drop to pieces, like a skeleton ; she articulated her words in a jangling, broken voice; the word preferable, for instance, she pronounced.
  48. Though Jeremy Bentham's skeleton, which hangs for candelabra in the library of one of his executors, correctly conveys the idea of a burly-browed utilitarian old gentleman, with all Jeremy's other leading personal characteristics; yet nothing of this kind could be inferred from any leviathan's articulated bones.
  49. Certainly he did not expect my answer and for a few moments I felt like a winner in this contest of wills and characters, but, as I have said before, in the issues of eloquences Leonardo is a well-trained opponent and quickly regained his composure and with much intelligence and audacity was able to thread his question with mine and articulated:.
  50. Princess Bezzemelny saw me--who gave me the blessing when your father and I were married, Polenka--she asked at once 'Isn't that the pretty girl who danced the shawl dance at the breaking-up?' (You must mend that tear, you must take your needle and darn it as I showed you, or to-morrow--cough, cough, cough--he will make the hole bigger, she articulated with effort.
  51. Suddenly the short Pole pronoimced the name of the deputy, Madier de Montjeau, but, as so many Poles do, he pronounced it with an accent on the syllable before the last, instead of on the last syllable; this was enough for the dadais, he turned to the Poles, and drawing up himself with dignity, he suddenly articulated loudly and distinctly as though addressing a question to them :.
  52. Graham and Dodd made four very important contributions to value investing: (1) they clearly articulated a usable definition of investing as opposed to speculation; (2) they distinguished between market price and intrinsic value (a concept that still seems alien to MCT); (3) they pioneered the concept of investing with a margin of safety, and (4) they promulgated the belief that investment decisions ought to be based on ascertainable facts.
  53. The Sirenia form a very distinct group of the mammals, and one of the most remarkable peculiarities in existing dugong and lamentin is the entire absence of hind limbs, without even a rudiment being left; but the extinct Halitherium had, according to Professor Flower, an ossified thigh-bone "articulated to a well-defined acetabulum in the pelvis," and it thus makes some approach to ordinary hoofed quadrupeds, to which the Sirenia are in other respects allied.
  1. The coach listens beyond what the client articulates.
  2. This may seem a bit crazy example but it articulates how a lot of.
  3. In its first 46 pages Neill articulates his theory of contrary opinion.
  4. Then Reagan articulates his thoughts on the peace and security of future Americans, and how everyone witnessing this speech can mold the country’s future.
  5. Language is mystical and spiritual as it expresses and articulates both perceptions and realities that are unable to be seen by the eye or touched by the hand.
  6. Language expresses and articulates personal experiences from both within the silences and secrets of the mind, and vocal articulation from the noise of the mouth.
  7. The open–sea plants had already left behind the increasingly arid seafloor, where a prodigious number of animals were still swarming: zoophytes, articulates, mollusks, and fish.
  8. Conseil kept especially busy observing mollusks and articulates, and although his catalog is a little dry, I wouldn't want to wrong the gallant lad by leaving out his personal observations.
  9. And in order to complete his study of marine articulates, he needed to mention the class Cirripedia , which contains water fleas and carp lice, plus the class Annelida, which he would have divided without fail into tubifex worms and.
  10. Among the articulates there were annelid worms one and a half meters long, furnished with a pink proboscis, equipped with 1,700 organs of locomotion, snaking through the waters, and as they went, throwing off every gleam in the solar spectrum.
  11. What was this astounding world that I didn't yet know? In what order did these articulates belong, these creatures for which the rocks provided a second carapace? Where had nature learned the secret of their vegetating existence, and for how many centuries had they lived in the ocean's lower strata?
  12. In the midst of this moving vegetation, under arbors of water plants, there raced legions of clumsy articulates, in particular some fanged frog crabs whose carapaces form a slightly rounded triangle, robber crabs exclusive to these waterways, and horrible parthenope crabs whose appearance was repulsive to the eye.
  13. The last of these is amply represented by the four zoophyte groups, three classes of articulates, five classes of mollusks, and three vertebrate classes: mammals, reptiles, and those countless legions of fish, an infinite order of animals totaling more than 13,000 species, of which only one–tenth belong to fresh water.

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