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    1. something to be clarified or repeated have it done so

    2. If you need a question clarified, or have a need as has been indicated previously, please raise your hand and when I have recognized you, you may approach my desk

    3. She should’ve clarified her meaning - it was too late now

    4. Darshi clarified, “What mother isn't adding is that we are just now in the heart of a single moment of time,” she looked the Elf squarely in the eyes, “You do recall being told that?”

    5. They put it on a dolly and were last seen going down the street two or three blocks away,” Ryebaum clarified for the edification of the TV and FM-radio characters

    6. don’t have anything to tell you because I’m not” she clarified “Mom

    7. “Not really interested in religion, but rather theology,” clarified Charles

    8. At that time, Shri Guru Raj clarified to him that the restriction

    9. If he had said “by any humanly conceivable means,” he would have clarified his understanding of that difference between God and His human understudy

    10. He wrote the president saying the question of the new nation’s relations with the Indians must be clarified

    11. later clarified, completed the extensive and sophisticated place

    12. “Look”, I clarified, peering up at Ishvara as he stood over us and his sister

    13. “Oh please Ishvara, we were all there once” I clarified, over the whole vampire mortal debate

    14. (Indian clarified butter)

    15. I didn’t want to blow the surprise by having her here” I clarified

    16. “You told nobody where you went” he clarified, slight irritation in his tone

    17. ” I clarified and she gasped dropping the vase she was carrying “Is she…” “I’m going to find out

    18. Condition? What about those who already live there?” he mused aloud as his mind clarified what his eye had seen

    19. LBJ hadn't been too specific about his job when he asked Whitey to be a Special Advisor for air to the National Security Council, nor had he since clarified his duties, other than to ask his overall assessment of the progress of the Vietnam War

    20. there?” he mused aloud as his mind clarified what his eye had seen

    21. "About the tension between us," she clarified

    22. Then he clarified it and said, “Look, I don’t want to spend a dollar if I don’t have to and every

    23. It is a ritual performed in front of a holy fire in which clarified butter (ghee) is offered as a sacrifice

    24. Farfan was giving samples of an intense nervousness, the more nervous he was, the most he accommodated the knot of the tie stripe, smoothed his mustache with a thin silk shawl that clarified the drops of the perspiration that were sprouting from his front covering his cheeks up to stopping, tangled, in the thin threads of the mustache

    25. “So you caught your fish, and the hole closed, and then the shadow hand disappeared,” Jai clarified, “but where did it go?”

    26.  Clarified for you that yoga is not a religion and

    27. Heat half of the ghee (clarified butter) in a pan

    28. Heat the remaining ghee (clarified butter) in a pan

    29. Hopefully you have clarified your financial goals and made plans for improvements, as now you can set these plans into motion

    30. Current relationships get clarified and start to move forward too

    31. ” He clarified, explaining their current tasks

    32. must be clarified that a cat that is dumped onto the street

    33. You have paraphrased and clarified what was said and hopefully

    34. This was clarified under the new laws of 2009 which state

    35. “The dead,” he clarified

    36. Is there's anything else that needs to be clarified?" asked

    37. Sensing disdain in the old man’s voice, Preacher Cooper clarified his intentions for the money, “It is lucrative for the Lord

    38. This is clarified a bit for us later both

    39. The sender may clarify if challenged and the recipient may respond to the clarified message: ok, challenge again, national assistance

    40. It shows our desperate need of a solution, which was exactly what Jesus clarified

    41. There was, however, still a considerable lapse between the comments made over lunch and the accusations she was making that would need to be clarified in order to proceed under this presumption

    42. If that was true, her presence in the lobby and the Tower last night were warranted and clarified that issue in his mind, even if it did not completely rule out the possibility of being connected with the murder

    43. “All in jest, my dear,” Lord Ashburn clarified with the sheepish look of a scolded schoolchild

    44. “Lucky Alice saved it,” Buster said then clarified so as not to arouse any suspicions, “and she said I could share it with you if it was really important

    45. Then the Almighty clarified to us that His Guidance is presented to mankind by means of His merciful envoy who reveals it basing on an enlightened discernment

    46. “you train them as Al’lah has taught you”: you train them as the Almighty has clarified to you so that this predatory bird does not strangle the animal or kill it

    47. “All good things have this day been made lawful to you”: that is what is good for your spirit as God previously clarified, that is; Before revealing the Godly Statute concerning “hunt and slaughter”, people were used to eat what they hunt without pronouncing the Name of Al’lah which induces spiritual and physical harm

    48. � It was time that he dealt properly with Nancy�s case and that he clarified a few things with her

    49. “Shot him in the back of the head twice,” he clarified then tilted his head

    50. It seemed that some of my tribe had very strong reservations about my ability to return from this task, it was an eerie feeling and at last the realism of the task ahead of me clarified in my mind, I began to seriously study the risks I would soon be faced with

    1. Cockroaches and your kitchen having nothing to do with this! They, well, anyway, the fourth Darwinian conjecture clarifies that these changes in populations take place slowly over time

    2. “I’m not sure that clarifies anything!” replied Chris

    3. This condition clarifies the OR concept

    4. extrapolation clarifies, that a preventive approach could financially be worth while the

    5. Use of my new admitting form that clarifies that only beneficial care can be

    6. Acts 2:38 clarifies this point and again emphasizes Peter’s

    7. Schopenhauer clarifies this for us by having a stranger run in front of the car to save the child, so the mother’s love is absent

    8. Whilst Merkel may have lots of other issues to resolve, including the survival and future health of the Euro, the majority position in the House of Commons clarifies that any increase will be tough to get, and will certainly require major concessions to achieve

    9. He clarifies the five focusing steps of the theory and teaches the mechanics of all the thinking tools

    10. ” In the next couplet (Shloka) he clarifies the method of contemplation i

    11. then clarifies the nature of this disgrace:

    12. Then, the Almighty clarifies His bounty upon man and other creatures when He put instincts in their spirits by which they can live in this world and enjoy happiness and ease

    13. This verse clarifies that these creatures have different functions and that nothing has been created in vain

    14. The Almighty clarifies the reason which makes those people suffer that state

    15. The word “sinkingly” mentioned in this verse clarifies the way of this pulling

    16. We have seen that Surah Al-Fajer starts with the universal signs in the first Verses of it in order to acquaint us with our Creator and to enable us to know the consequences of the ancient nations who didn’t contemplate and think about these signs, it also clarifies the reasons behind the human shunning his Creator and avoiding to know Him, however, he only throughout that knowledge can get out of his brute carnal rank and attain the humane rank before the coming of the Day of Judgment

    17. This clarifies God’s Saying: }Verily, the prophet is always communicating with Allah, and His angels are communicating with him

    18. The statement ‘We are the Best of those who answer (the request)’ clarifies that our Master Noah’s invocation for his folk was very exactly suitable for them and within the graciousness and justice

    19. The Almighty then clarifies His Bounty for humanity and other creatures when He put instincts in their spirits by which they can live in this world and enjoy happiness and ease

    20. This theory which clarifies the basis of creating and providing depends on three bases:

    21. As for the statement "Al'lah hears all and knows all", it clarifies the reason of distinction and difference

    22. Indeed, this example perfectly clarifies to us this point we talk about, and reveals that the devil did not draw near our Master Adam (cpth) nor did he enter into his spirit, he could not approach him, because, he (cpth) had a continuous tendency to Al'lah

    23. Now, we will relate to you an actual event which clarifies that a saint is one who only follows God’s commandments and stops at His limits, and never exceeds them whatever the attractions may be

    24. ”: in this way, the apostle clarifies the truth logically so that doubts vanish, and perfection, what is right, and the true interpretation take their place in the spirit of this disciple;

    25. "Fun within limits," she clarifies with a half smile

    26. John further clarifies that

    27. John clarifies this by saying that it means only that he would

    28. which lays out the course of future events, clarifies history, and provides evidence of God’s truths

    29. It also exposes the errors and/or clarifies the allusions of the

    30. clarifies the truth about the meaning of the “candlesticks” symbolism

    31. It clarifies Good and Evil so there is no

    32. The words after ho estin clarifies the words before it

    33. Isaiah further clarifies it

    34. universe, and overlaps and clarifies string theory and other scientific observations

    35. God thus clarifies His revelations for you

    36. This lengthy amendment clarifies matters of presidential succession

    37. "You made a good impression with me," he clarifies

    38. And sometimes an earnings release will lead to great initial volatility that settles down and clarifies the picture

    39. The advantage of waiting is that the situation clarifies

    40. In most cases I will describe the long trading or investing case, followed by a brief paragraph in the side note style (example below) that clarifies the short trading case

    41. In the last years of George’s life, Tolstoi was in correspondence with him; in his letter to him of 1894 Tolstoi among other things wrote: “The reading of each one of your books clarifies for me much which formerly was not clear to me and convinces me more and more of the truth and practicality of your system” [translated from the Russian from a translation from the English

    1. I recently rang the Hospital to arrange a meeting to clarify a number of points – arranging this transpired to be more difficult than I had ever 35

    2. In a fight you want to actively clarify the other person’s

    3. No does that help to clarify your conundrum and resolve it?”

    4. The host was most anxious to clarify the translation of all the talk of centers and brains into the more concrete schema of the octave's structure they had just recently begun to map

    5. "We're not going our separate ways!" she attempted to clarify the situation "He just won't come down

    6. "You had smelt so good sitting there next to me on the way into town, and when we sandwiched you between us, in that booth, at Wanda's place, you kept rubbing my foot with yours," He paused, as if to clarify the picture he’d painted in his head

    7. “I think the jingle-jangle of septims might clarify some things in my mind

    8. So I would like to clarify the differences and explain how to use them when taking the communion

    9. One final point, I wish to clarify what I meant by the Church‘s Infallibility

    10. It is however another matter when a wounded or not terrorist decides to keep silent when courteously asked to clarify where his mates were

    11. He hoped we would find what we needed to clarify the

    12. I had to clarify that, in the hope that it was actually something important for survival:

    13. “Maybe we should clarify your status on board this ship

    14. But over those generations they had only meant to clarify them as it was felt that these Ten Commandments ought to have been understood in each of a myriad of instances

    15. The myriad of “imaginative embroiderings” added during the infinity of oral history’s “twice-told tales” of communication was surpassed only by the wisdom of man superimposed to clarify a message infinitely difficult to understand

    16. Man’s use of elaboration in his attempt to clarify what was almost impossible to translate into his human vernacular have many times so smothered any original revelation as to have hidden what was meant to have been opened

    17. It is important to clarify that the following story is pure fiction and that nowhere in the Bible is it specified that it happened this way

    18. At this point the comment that a student of the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred book of Hinduism, is interesting: "A comparison that allows us to clarify this separation between Creator and creature would be the fruit of the pomegranate

    19. To further clarify this point, another example

    20. In their book Buddhism for Dummies, the authors further clarify as follows, giving this perspective:[102]

    21. So to clarify that what you want from the user, message

    22. The following program should clarify the examples

    23. I showed him his mistakes and rewrote his report asking a few questions to clarify some things

    24. ” The Times does not clarify just what the scandal is about if it is not about “forcing sex on minors

    25. “So I know there had been misunderstandings between us, but I was thinking that we could clarify them over coffee

    26. I will clarify here that then and only then you will

    27. further observation will clarify the situation; in fact, observation, if you believe that to mean

    28. And let me clarify: I do not have beliefs

    29. that it is unknown to you, then we can clarify the nature of this sort of unknown

    30. And clarify the

    31. Once more to clarify

    32. Starting on any course of action can help clarify what you really want, or

    33. to clarify your options and possibly look at factors you may not have

    34. - If you’ve recently had lots of changes and need to clarify issues

    35. 162 I must clarify that there is a process of recovering from the past, and

    36. 202 It is weird how I have to stop and clarify to myself what I mean by

    37. “But then why did the Judicial Police abandon the abduction theory, if the abduction theory was what ‘they’ wanted?” asked Yania, trying to clarify this point

    38. We want to clarify that in this celebration of bullfighting is not no cow killing ,

    39. Besides, she needed to clarify her mind

    40. So at this point Pierre said, “You must clarify that with Blacker and your

    41. Let me once again clarify that the Alliance has no association with these forces

    42. this might confuse things more than clarify them? I mean – he

    43. In order to clarify his concepts of Capitalism and conservatism at that time, he wrote a brochure titled,

    44. It is my objective to reveal and clarify the basis of the socialists’ manner of thinking (philosophy) so that the pattern of those collectivists’ actions and vocalizing can be properly categorized, anticipated, confronted, and refuted

    45. things he wanted to clarify

    46. I must here clarify that this type of creation is not to be seen in a biblical

    47. I hesitate to share these things without going deeper to help clarify the differences more, because some people might think that their unrighteous anger is from God (when it’s not)

    48. discussion about the form the physician can clarify the fact that only

    49. nursing home, the physician can clarify the fact that only beneficial care can

    50. to clarify that any instrument which resonates sympathetically to the fre-

    1. To dream that you are hanging up clothes suggests that you are clarifying your thoughts and elevating yourself to a new state of awareness

    2. What we do know however, is that God left us enough information in the Bible to understand certain facts clearly and that he also provided clarifying information in the Bible in anticipation of questions we may have about certain aspects unclear to us

    3. Does the Bible provide us with further insight into what is meant by “the deep”? Please consider the following clarifying verses:

    4. This seems to be a case of science clarifying what the Bible had left uncertain about some of the many names that it has used to identify its Creator

    5. When Elam concluded his narrative the priest was silent for a moment, as if he was clarifying his thoughts, and then said:

    6. I wrote an addendum to my last post clarifying that I have no

    7. Since I was a student in the journalism school, I decided it was appropriate to write it: Credo for a Journal If this journal can Bring to just one person, As well as to many, A single slender ray of The sharp, cleansing beam Of Wisdom, If it can help us here To pass on a small fragment Of Faith in the good, And the clean, And the pure, Or to touch one lonely, Unnoticed heart With a tiny crystal of Laughter, If it can represent Courage That holds up in the face of Pain and evil and death, Clean Moral defiance at Corruption and fraud, And the concealed Beauty of The tiniest things… If it can project one sharp, White, Thunder-bolt Of unprejudiced, clarifying Truth Into the world around us, Unblind one eye, Or unlock one heart, Anywhere, Then it has done its job

    8. dismantling through the reactive rejections and clarifying actions

    9. clarifying each of the component concepts as to their individual etymology and their pragmatic

    10.  Seek first to understand (clarifying questions only)

    11. Victor thought of clarifying that but thought better to let Wendy make her own decision

    12. Clarifying direction of progress

    13. Revelation, then, serves the purpose of clarifying, toward the full truth, some of the lies written into scripture and the bogus ceremonies and rituals of the past

    14. Though he thought he detected a trace of apprehension in Gordon’s demeanor, Wickland dismissed this observation as reading too much into what was obviously a very distressing situation, for he recalled that Peter was also on the Convention Center Committee as had been Max, thus possibly clarifying his acquaintance with Martha

    15. No, being empathic means standing by someone, exploring their own world with them for a moment or two, and clarifying that you have understood

    16. "Without clarifying his financial situation

    17. Not only did she give me a response, but a clarifying response,

    18. And then one day, as I was tossing the interest associated with witnessing back and forth in my mind, I heard a voice inside me say, “serpent of interest” with the same knowing, clarifying tone I had heard many times in my life

    19. was the continued appearance of clarifying visitations , most of which I haven’t included in this book

    20. Formal, fixed texts were created for those religions as a means of permanently recording and clarifying the various

    21. ‘I’m a little crazy,’ said Roopa as though she was clarifying her position all the same

    22. ‘Maybe,’ he said, as if he was clarifying their position, ‘but why on earth shouldn’t one fall in love?’

    23. By acknowledging the situation, you're clarifying it and

    24. Clarifying the point further, the Yogeshwar says:

    25. We have mentioned that briefly, for explaining it takes a long time as each of these organs needs lengthy pages in clarifying its parts and functions

    26. § He manifested the reason behind mentioning the tale of the Israelites (Sons of Israel) frequently in the Holy Qur’an and their arguing with their noble messenger, our Master Moses (PTH), clarifying that if man does not follow the way of faith legislated to him by the Almighty, he will profit nothing from watching miracles and super-natural actions, nor will he be one of the believers whatever you bring him of the signs and cogent evidences, but indeed seeking the truth honestly and using the thought in searching for it is that which guides the spirit and leads it to the sources of real knowledge

    27. Such a believer will also begin to admonish people to be merciful, clarifying that Al’lah loves those who are merciful and that He repays charity with charity

    28. Clarifying the Terms ‘Fatwa’ and ‘Madrasa’

    29. Fortunately, the following clarifying message was included on the credit’s page

    30. a stream of clarifying waters:

    31. The saint began his discourse by clarifying that he was not really a saint but a philosopher

    32. More than thirty-six years have passed since I underwent the clarifying transcendent spiritual

    33. This is no more than an example clarifying the truth to you, for the believing spirit is loftier and higher by far than can be imagined

    34. But as to our Master, the Messiah (pth), there is no verse in the Holy Qur'an indicates his death, and had he been dead (pth), the Almighty would have clearly stated such matter as he has stated concerning our Master Mohammad (cpth), yet, He would have repeated it in many verses as there are people who deify the Messiah Master, whereas, the verses have been revealed clarifying that he is asleep, and that he and his mother are existing in a peaceful hill-side watered by fresh spring, besides other verses refuting the pretenses of being a god like His saying, the Almighty: "the Messiah, the son of Mary is no more than a messenger: other messengers passed away before him

    35. There are points we need clarifying

    36. He manifested the reason behind mentioning the tale of the Israelites (Sons of Israel) frequently in the Holy Qur'an and their arguing with their noble messenger, our Master Moses (pth), clarifying that if man does not follow the way of faith legislated to him by the Almighty, he will profit nothing from watching miracles and super-natural actions, nor will he be one of the believers whatever you bring him of the signs and cogent evidences, but indeed seeking the truth honestly and employing the thought in searching for it is that which guides the spirit and leads it to the sources of real knowledge

    37. He manifested the reason behind mentioning the tale of the Israelites (Sons of Israel) frequently in the Holy Qur’an and their arguing with their noble messenger, our Master Moses (PTH), clarifying that if man does not follow the way of faith legislated to him by the Almighty, he will profit nothing from watching miracles and super-natural actions, nor will he be one of the believers whatever you bring him of the signs and cogent evidences, but indeed seeking the truth honestly and using the thought in searching for it is that which guides the spirit and leads it to the sources of real knowledge

    38. By eternal God! That is the function of the real religious scholar: clarifying the Holy Qur’an, which is the Provider’s declaration for people; teaching them the wisdom of its verses and the lessons hidden behind its stories; instructing them about its laws and commands; and informing them that adhering to It will save them, whereas forsaking It and turning to books that are filled with fabricated sayings will cause them destruction

    39. “The warrant’s for a Trenton Ritter,” he called out, clarifying the matter

    40. of the reasons so many reef hobbyists use activated carbon (in addition to clarifying the water)

    41. Olin inquisitively cocked his head slightly to one side and awaited further clarifying information

    42. He keeps teaching his lovers pure spiritual education after purifying their souls and clarifying their hearts

    43. clarifying your vision and strengthening your faith; but it is not your oral

    44. what part they couldn’t see about what I saw and then explain my lack in clarifying the matter as to enable

    45. bring a clarifying solution to avenge Newton has one damning flaw

    46. ‘At what price?’ Grant wanted clarifying

    47. Clarifying our whole being, facets of that whole being, and unity�October 14, 2011

    48. the proof to another level by clarifying the purposes and symbolism of the zodiac by proving that

    49. clarifying component of the cross and four elements (essences) is contrasted with the more complex

    50. “But where does it start?” he asked, clarifying the question

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    make clear and (more) comprehensible

    make clear by removing impurities or solids, as by heating