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    1. I would dream up the most vivid scenarios of me pulling off his toenails or tying him up in barbed wire or cutting off his penis and shoving it in a knife wound in his side

    2. He was much closer to the ground this time and his wrists were bound behind him with barbed wire

    3. One by one they were taken into a shack – hands tied behind their backs by barbed wire – and hacked to pieces with an axe so that no shots could be heard

    4. practically covered in concrete tank traps and barbed wire

    5. The shore was littered with the remains of barbed

    6. and barbed tails whipping, they swarmed across on

    7. A barbed tail uncoiled around his ankles

    8. To dream that you are caught in barbed wire symbolizes oppression and confinement

    9. The beach was covered in barbed wire which was thickly strewn about and machine guns hammered down from the strong points on the cliffs

    10. The ones who did make it to shore fell prey to either the mines machine guns or got entangled in the barbed wire on top of this were the bloody snipers who picked people off with deadly accuracy

    1. breath on the barb of her fear, her heart pounding on and on

    2. That was an obvious barb toward him, having taken a native wife that he had to share multiple times per native year

    3. Keeping his eyes on that weather-beaten stand, he leaned against the south face of the Bee and Barb

    4. The Bee and Barb became a favorite place for good ale and even better conversation

    5. As he neared the center of town, the once bustling merchants’ circle now devoid of any souls, he felt the familiar urge to visit the Bee and Barb for another drink and a hearty meal

    6. Letting some seconds pass, he too left the Bee and Barb to take a final glimpse of the man

    7. direct path towards the little mite and then a whip cracking sound reverberated as the poisoned barb hit out at nothing

    8. lose their tang and pains their barb when the self is known

    9. Barb declined the vodka he kept in the cabin along with the gouda cheese sausages

    10. Was that a veiled barb? By the way Harry hurried me along I’m inclined to believe

    1. barbs, all the meanness and all the venom that Nick

    2. His foot slips in the mud by the side of the track leading into the parking area and he falls into a blackthorn bush, which whips at his hair and impales him on its thin black barbs

    3. He wrapped his tail around Solo Ki's arm, entwining it from shoulder to wrist where it split into a pair of curved barbs that dug into the elf's cape

    4. Agony exploded on his face as barbs sliced through his flesh, seconds before scales swept over its surface

    5. There must have been shit or putrefied flesh on the barbs of the wire and when it gouged into him it infected his leg and he contracted first blood poisoning and then gangrene we were told that he tried to fight it even when his leg was amputated but it had gone too far

    6. Sandra was nine years old and slim for her age, which helped as she lay on her back and wriggled her way under the fence, holding the sharp barbs away from her body with both hands

    7. Sandra stood up, slipped on a patch of oil, lost her footing, her leg slipping under the bottom wire of the fence, her jeans snagging on the barbs

    8. Needle sharp teeth tore at her throat and barbs bit into her back, the incredible pain taking away what little fight she had left

    9. Sandra was nine years old, slim for her age, which helped as she lay on her back and wriggled her way under the fence, holding the sharp barbs away from her body with both hands

    10. Reaching the barbed wire fence at the far side, they milled about, the ones nearest the fence getting caught on the barbs, tearing lumps of fleece from their coats

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    Synonyms for "barb"

    barb dig gibe jibe shaft shot slam cusp spur prickle spike needle spine pin

    "barb" definitions

    an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect

    the pointed part of barbed wire

    a subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an arrowhead or spear hard to remove

    one of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather

    provide with barbs