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Shot in a sentence

I shot it.
So shot 6.
I shot her.
He was shot.
I shot the.
You shot her.
A foot shot.

He shot Luke.
she was shot.
A flame shot.
I got shot.
No rifle shot.
I shot the RPG.
I was shot at.
I took my shot.
The two shot.
He shot again.
His eyes shot.
The hot shot.
A shot rang out.
I shot out of.
Give it a shot.
She shot back.
The shot from.
Emma shot back.
Dracos shot him.
Her first shot.
I had been shot.
Buster shot his.
I began shooting.
I started shooting.
Is a shooting star.
They kept shooting.
He saw the shooting.
The shooting stars.
They begin shooting.
shooting from the hip.
shooting at a horde.
You jump out shooting.
rays were shooting out.
I began shooting them.
A few shooting stars.
The shooting rampage.
Shooting the card on.
shooting to the surface.
shooting down the slope.
And Eke started shooting.
Then, she kept shooting.
gun fire shooting sounds.
You’re shooting two.
The Davidson shooting.
But instead of shooting.
At least no shooting war.
After the shooting, the.
shouted over the shooting.
The Shooting Star Candle.
Heather was shooting up.
When they stop shooting.
I’m not shooting you.
He alone shoots.
No one shoots her.
and shoots at them.
shoots will not fail.
Miles shoots into the.
within the bamboo shoots.
Barrons shoots me a look.
shoots out and hits him.
anything he shoots himself.
whose shoots turned inward.
the energy that shoots out.
He shoots me a cynical look.
Victoria shoots him a look.
As a volcano that shoots out.
Shoop Shoots Jil in the Face.
intertwine and send out shoots.
Pa shoots at the nariest sound.
Abner and showed him the shoots.
He shoots Ras through the mouth.
The shoots will soon turn green.
If the Arms Index shoots past 4.
Pain shoots through my shoulder.
(He shoots him with his pistol).
Green shoots sprouted out of it.
If he shoots for a prize of gold.
with the spear and a beam shoots.
like the untimely shoots of spring.
The attack just shoots from your.
I kept an eye out for plant shoots.
This is not about how Tuvok shoots.
Just shoot me.
Don't shoot 'im.
out and shoot me.
Point and shoot.
If you shoot.
Don’t shoot her.
shoot from the hip.
OK, Ben, shoot.
The shoot went on.
You all shoot too.
can shoot an animal.
shoot but stay calm.
I had to shoot him.
They’ll shoot me.
He didn't shoot me.
They shoot heavy,.
They will shoot.
Shoot for the moon.
going to shoot them.
I’ll shoot it.
I shoot a look at.
You ready to shoot.
Don’t shoot me.
the corner and shoot.
Don't shoot, please.
easier to shoot them.
shoot her in the head.
The photo shoot was.