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Clack in a sentence

1. Clack went the keys.
2. The latch opened with a loud clack.
3. The clink of bottles, clack of pool.
4. To his ears came the rhythmical clack of long oars.
5. Hearing the clack of the gate she stood in suspense.
6. The front door opens and footsteps clack across the foyer.
7. Women like this always have thick strands of pearls to click and clack.

8. There was a metallic clack, and then a fucking meteor flared into life.
9. He heard teeth snapping open and closed, a horrific clack, clack, clack.
10. There was a hard clack of the playing piece against the polished teak board.
11. The high-pitched clack of a knife tapping a glass interrupted the conversation.
12. With a click and then a clack, the beetle turned and scuttled off, disappearing into the ivy.
13. The clack of a lock opening roused Melodía from a restless drowse of fatigue compounded by despair.
14. Up them she went, flattening herself against the stone as she caught the faint clack of muffled oars.
15. The steady rumble of the engine reminded him of a train, only without the click clack of the wheels on the track.
16. What was worse though was the sudden clack of teeth clamping together through something soft and squishy sounding.
17. Most of the traffic was actually hand-paddled kayaks, in places so thick the clack of paddles hitting each other was common.
18. Then he knelt, rolled the man over, and placed the handcuffs on him far up his forearms and grunted as he squeezed them shut with a loud clack.
19. Ray suddenly paused, and the metallic clack of an aluminum beverage can being set on the top of a Formica desktop could be heard over the phone’s headset.
20. Then the grappling-irons were cast off, and as the Argus sank silently into the blood-flecked waters, the Tigress moved off southward to the rhythmic clack of the oars.
21. I will miss my mother and father and Caleb and evening firelight and the clack of my mother’s knitting needles, but that is not the only reason for this hollow feeling in my stomach.
22. On and on the train went the rattle clack of its wheels lulling us into a trance like state until the old engine came to an incline or hill and then it would wheeze and snort like an old asthmatic.
23. The passing soldier shook his head thoughtfully, gave a clack with his tongue, then pulled his pipe from his boot-leg, and, without filling it, stirred up the half-burned tobacco, lit a bit of tinder from the soldier who was smoking, and raised his cap.
24. That, and its all-too-familiar clickity clack rhythm was quite hypnotizing as the train moved through on its way back to the East Coast, or maybe even over to the new-found territories that had just been settled out West, traveling all the way there as you went to sleep in your bed late at night.
1. Her heels clacking on the tiled floor.
2. Slight as it was, the clacking always drove him crazy.
3. The only sound was the constant clacking of fingers on keys.
4. Ali heard sounds of high heel shoes clacking against the floor.
5. I could hear her high heels clacking as she ran down the stairs.
6. But there was nothing but the gentle clacking of tree limbs outside.
7. A sharp clacking noise caused Lov to turn and see what had made the sound.
8. I heard a clacking and turned round; Trid rode towards me on a brown horse.
9. We could hear the clacking of the computer keys as we went up the iron stairs.
10. Wickland could hear the clacking of keys on a keyboard on the other end of the call.
11. The big one raised and shook it's plume, clacking it's pincers as high as their faces.
12. A Glader cut it off, attacked it with two long swords, metal clacking and clanging as they fought.
13. Except for the echo of her clacking heels on the stone steps, the turn-of-the-century brownstone was quiet.
14. Lord Robert listened to the rhythmic clacking of the train wheels as the car rocked gently back and forth, rushing through the forest.
15. The indelicate clacking of the men's heels and the shuffling of their soles reminded him that their grade of culture differed from his.
16. As he watched the boat neared it and then passed it, the little wheels clacking neatly around it in a groove obviously cut for the purpose.
17. They came to, this time Sophie moved correctly and there was the attack, parry, attack, parry, with the clacking rhythm of a violent dance.
18. The train into London was almost a luxury, after the kidney-rattling progress of their Library transportation, and Jess found himself napping, lulled by the clacking wheels.
19. By the quotation board the ticker is clicking busily, and next it Dow-Jones’ news machine is clacking out printed copy that the newsboy will be howling Extra over an hour afterward.
20. As for the occupation of the beast, he was clacking away on his computer, which had a large printer connected with it, and he did not sense our presence any more than the drug bums in the other chambers.
21. Just as the first sounds of boys crashing into Grievers filled the air—pierced with screams and roars of machinery and wood clacking against steel—Chuck ran past Thomas, who quickly reached out and grabbed his arm.
22. The bailiff returned to the bench and had another whispered conversation with the judge, which was interrupted by a young lawyer in a severe charcoal-gray suit and high heels coming up the aisle in a great clacking hurry.
23. Even as I regarded those two men, I became aware of the flying beams of the spotlights, to the north-east, painting ephemeral infinity symbols across the pregnant clouds that increasingly commanded the sky, of the distant roller-coaster chain clacking through the ratchet angles of the guideway as cars full of riders climbed an incline toward the next long drop, of the dusty smell of the campground, and of the scent of rain pending.
1. She clacked a pair of tongs.
2. Its hoofs clacked on the stones.
3. His tongue clacked in compassion.
4. A few more stones clacked into place.
5. Keys clacked on the other end of the phone.
6. Her shoes clacked through the castle’s corridors as she.
7. The red-bearded Tartar merely frowned and clacked his tongue.
8. The mindune clacked its pincers in frustration when she left it.
9. That was easy enough, Phillip declared as the lock clacked open.
10. He flipped his gun shut with a snap of his wrist and it clacked as it closed.
11. His boots alternately clacked or thudded as he crossed back and forth over a thin rug.
12. The reins were tightened, Nikolaeff clacked his lips, and the wagon moved on at a trot.
13. She playfully clacked back at it and it scooted up the nearest vine to the floor above.
14. As the doors telescoped open and shut, they clacked, and the echo fell into the elevator shaft.
15. Rob clacked his hardwood axe haft up between the tree limbs the two recruits were whacking each other with.
16. As the wooden wheels rolled, and the horse hooves clacked down Main Street, you could hear the locals talking.
17. The blast rocked the ground, the building under me shuddered, and I nearly bit my tongue as my teeth clacked together.
18. I’d never been privileged to travel alone and felt quite grand as the steel wheels clicked and clacked on the silver rails.
19. As it brought each hoof down onto the cobbles it clacked and signalled a shower of flowers and a roaring cheer from the onlookers.
20. Buck got up, kicked his chair off onto the ground, and in choler uncontrollable, clacked his fists under Avery’s nose and barked:.
21. Somonik clacked his claws, and there was sudden silence as the sounds of the sea, the wind, and the creaking of rigging abruptly ceased.
22. He winked, made a cheerful, creaky noise with his mouth like he was calling a horse, and rejoined his friends, a rustle of laughter going up from the group just before the pool ball clacked.

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