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    1. it fosters resentment and anger in a bond that should be very

    2. precious – the bond between a parent and child is the only example

    3. Eph: 4:3: Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

    4. Evan is worried that she might suspect him and ruin the bond that he has with the girls

    5. Grandchildren bond us together with our past and give us hope for the future

    6. dated, had the odd fumble, but a bit like Destiny, that Bond girl who reads the Tarot

    7. I suppose it’s why I used the Bond analogy, although in my case it wasn’t

    8. …endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

    9. unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” in the name of Jesus!

    10. ---> (Calm) It seems that there is a special bond

    11. Sam could see that there was a bond between them that had become very strong

    12. A strong bond was formed that night between the two of them

    13. They relayed what they saw and felt to their fellow students and a strong bond developed

    14. This causes a deep bond between the dragon and his or her rider

    15. This will bond them to the dragon also

    16. You must pick her up so that she may bond with you

    17. The large black underestimated Sarah’s courage, and the bond between her and Ichor

    18. They would bond strongly that night and theirs would be a strong reign

    19. Try finding an activity that is new to both of you and you will be able to bond while tackling new challenges and adventures

    20. Normally Thom wouldn't keep the company of full colonels, but they had known each other as mortals and that forged a bond more important than rank and wealth

    21. And she too felt that strong bond; this time there were tears in her eyes as she reached her peak

    22. Through the years a bond of trust had been formed between the Captains and crews of these ships and the Scather leaders of this small community

    23. What then? (S)he had released their bond to it

    24. source of their bond to you

    25. He knew they all ran in cheron space, but if there was a soul behind it running them, interacting via cherub was at least as close a bond with another as email

    26. We, the animals and I, had a special, natural bond that satisfied both our needs

    27. They share a cause, a bond, a purpose

    28. Bond,” Ed said and laughed

    29. And there was always a sort of bond

    30. The two of them shared a bond, a bond she just couldn't recall right then, but he would never be a stranger in her life again

    31. forged a bond between the two parties

    32. She’d pinched her eyes shut, fearful of witnessing the event, hoping she could turn them away, but as she sat helpless against the rough wood pole, she realized she was bond to hear their words

    33. She’d slept by herself for so long, without the aid of either, that the sound was bond to keep her awake all night

    34. There is such a common bond between us

    35. There is a bond between us

    36. friend the former janitor was all of the sudden James Bond

    37. Since the exodus, they had formed an immediate bond with the dwarven race

    38. She investigated the bond within her mind

    39. The one who crafted the bond was powerful indeed

    40. She knew who it was, and why she was able to escape her bond

    41. The Bond that Link our Parts Together

    42. Even with this precaution, too, the money which is borrowed, and which it is meant should not be repaid till after a period of several years, ought not to be borrowed of a bank, but ought to be borrowed upon bond or mortgage, of such private people as propose to live upon the interest of their money, without taking the trouble themselves to employ the capital, and who are, upon that account, willing to lend that capital to such people of good credit as are likely to keep it for several years

    43. They complained of the contracted views and dastardly spirit of the directors of those banks, which did not, they said, extend their credits in proportion to the extension of the trade of the country ; meaning, no doubt, by the extension of that trade, the extension of their own projects beyond what they could carry on either with their own capital, or with what they had credit to borrow of private people in the usual way of bond or mortgage

    44. The estates of the proprietors of this bank were worth several millions, and, by their subscription to the original bond or contract of the bank, were really pledged for answering all its engagements

    45. On the contrary, the whole expense of this borrowing, of employing agents to look out for people who had money to lend, of negotiating with those people, and of drawing the proper bond or assignment, must have fallen upon them, and have been so much clear loss upon the balance of their accounts

    46. He made me feel safe and the natural bond between us saved my life

    47. Couldn’t he see this was a time for joy, not sorrow? Was he so burdened by our mutual failure to save Euredon that he could never know happiness again? Didn’t he feel this bond between us, this promise that we’d always prosper side by side?

    48. Izzy gasped at the bond, but she didn’t fight it

    49. This is called a bond for a reason

    50. No bond on earth was as strong as the bond that existed between them

    1. From the very beginning when you first found me and we bonded, did not a great love developed between us? Kate shook her head in ascent

    2. She’s also enhanced; happened when Lady Sally and Rah bonded at the hatching

    3. At one point it felt as if they bonded strongly as one

    4. Not bonded as collectively toward entities such as Internet and

    5. genders or behavior, topics which are not as strongly bonded from the

    6. Once you have bonded, you will be able to take his form

    7. Several of the women in the group bonded with me instantly and later told me that they were very impressed with my image of power and self-confidence

    8. But weeks passed, and they replied to all my hints that Crystal was already bonded with me

    9. issued a letter of marque and a form of bond with instructions on how to use these documents if any of the prizes were bonded

    10. ” We waited while our lads pored out covering fire and then we bonded out of the shell hole and threw ourselves into the trench

    11. The next morning, she had captured and burned the following vessels putting their officers and crew on board the ship Milo , which was bonded: Ship Euphrates , Captain Hathaway of New Bedford

    12. You have only been conscious for four hours, and already you have discovered that you are now cured, ageless, and immune to disease and also that you are bonded to a creature that, until today, you probably did not believe existed

    13. Someone who orders such an attack would be a target for every bonded vampire, and if his associates don’t immediately join in the condemnation, they would be targeted, as well

    14. Boundaries of age, sex, class, and religion, are set aside for us all when we think of the dead helping us feel bonded to each other in remembrance

    15. Why was I not simply happy to obey? I had whored myself for my first master, I had been tortured and raped by my second, I had slain for my third, my current, one of my current masters, what? Why was I not happy to obey her? Was she my second master? But she had not bonded me, it made no sense

    16. He felt how closely bonded they were, and how much they loved each other

    17. The two women had bonded through the common travail of their men

    18. product is high and is always bonded with a positive message,

    19. It was good that we had bonded on the march down from Tamalameque

    20. They are bonded and insured to protect

    21. At that moment, the two tribes bonded

    22. Danny bonded the edges of several air mattresses together to use as

    23. Again the onlookers exclaimed in amazement as the beast bonded to them in a few seconds, then ate its talisman

    24. “And as it happens, I’m not bound by that vow! That quality of the Truthstone of Falgaroth is activated by physical contact, and my body is far from here! It’s lucky for you that I had already sworn a binding vow of justice, at a time when your ancestors were not that different from raccoons! Otherwise I couldn’t be bothered with you! As to the exchange between the Truthstone and myself when I swore on it, I was not bound by it, but rather bonded with it

    25. “It became apparent shortly after I bonded with the Truthstone

    26. “Am I to understand that you two are now a bonded trio with Hilsith?!”

    27. Some time later it was realized that a new race was born when it was seen that bonded couples of elves were fertile with each other, but that elves were almost completely infertile with humans or during casual fornication

    28. the license of a bonded warehouse at the port of Arica, Chile

    29. Blacker informed Tony about the opening of the Exbrus Arica Bonded Warehouse

    30. Amy, Nuke’s current bonded one at that time, came for the weekend

    31. “Indeed I do love this one, but we are not bonded

    32. In our society the only one about whom we can show anger is the one to whom we are bonded

    33. To me it seemed foolish to think he could sustain a bonded relationship with a human female while channeling through Marjie’s married body, but I had also learned not to question I AM’s plans

    34. Though bonded to Victoria, Nuke was not over his love of Candace

    35. Then she asked, “What about him being bonded to another?”

    36. He told her John was not welcome here, and if she took John back she would be leaving him, for he wouldn’t tolerate John being with his bonded one

    37. When the alien and I bonded, I fought him with all of my strength

    38. Nuke and Lyryn were bonded in his dimension (ponder the implications of that) and she birthed a set of fraternal triplets

    39. The incident had bonded them

    40. He was bonded to Sarah

    41. She was bonded to Tamman in 700 B

    42. He is not bonded to anyone

    43. She is not bonded to anyone

    44. She keeps her emotions under control and is not bonded to anyone

    45. He is no longer bonded to anyone

    46. He was not bonded to anyone

    47. ” Harriet and I bonded as much as we could that night, and I learned that no element would ever be able to take me away from the Warrens

    48. Once you've been fucked or have fucked your friends, you knew they found you worthy and you were bonded

    49. We are inextricably bonded

    50. Our union with Christ makes our life holy, providing a complete awareness that we are eternal y bonded to Him as beloved sons and daughters

    1. He raised his head and stared into her eyes and the bonding began

    2. They did as they were told, and the bonding took place

    3. They finally drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms - a deep bonding sleep that would unite them as one forever

    4. Bonding of a different kind

    5. What a cheek – bonding, my ass! She knew Rebekah had a crush on Zarko

    6. The moment of bonding during the pregnancy may vary i

    7. Bonding new concrete to old one and new mortar to old one Drainpipes, floors of chemical plants, mortars for acid resistant Anticorrosive

    8. It was an empathetic and intimate bonding with the Prime Mover that could find no expression in words

    9. Whether attempts at bonding ultimately achieve their desired effect(s) is questionable at best

    10. [NOTE: For some fun activities that can help in the bonding process - please see our book, Fun Meals for Fathers and Sons: Recipes and Activities for Bonding and Mentoring (www

    11. Those tests had identified me out of thousands, and my bonding to him had been its first clear success

    12. “Too close to bonding

    13. I didn’t understand what the time since bonding had to do with anything, but I nodded anyway, my body still trembling with reaction

    14. With these devices, you could actually get the point of some of these alien jokes, which were more about male bonding than any real strife, conflict or dislike

    15. smiled at the sight but her father was a little concerned at how quickly these two were bonding together

    16. “I’ll call and tell her we’re bonding,” he quipped, this time without masking the irritation in his voice

    17. Familiarity had not brought any concession to the rate or closeness in bonding

    18. Plasti-boards, nails, and bonding materials with her, just in case the

    19. of this scene relates to the bonding of atoms, and I suspect that cultural, physical greetings are

    20. External conditions only become relevant when they are no longer compatible with the pen, when they destroy the molecular bonding of

    21. was actually kind of a bonding experience – this guy and I had

    22. bonding and spending precious time with Joseph

    23. Only my bonding with Talia allows me to view those of most other races with anything but hatred

    24. “Have you ever considered bonding with someone?”

    25. It is not unusual to achieve a bond such as this one, but the method I am choosing for the bonding is unusual

    26. Sarah fetched the bonding blanket, and the purple Light of Breath was shining all around when Mother placed it over us

    27. One was about bonding with Candace:

    28. Pills have coatings and bonding agents for medical reasons

    29. “The bonding of ghoul with troll was not the only magic that befell the Fens over the ages

    30. may come to me with hair loss due to bonding, but you

    31. This bonding was an amazing sight to see; Peter and his new seahorse Bouncer having the time of their lives

    32. He doesn't call his son to check on him, never made attempts at bonding with him, even if there were miles between us

    33. A psychopath is incapable of emotional bonding with anyone

    34. Norm estimated the delivery and bonding of the cells and the body to create Neurons and short term memory allowing self ventilation could take 24 hours

    35. space, 49-50, 53, 133-34, 137; bonding of, 224; castration anxiety of men and, 66-

    36. Young birds who are still bonding to you do best when kept out of contact with other budgies, who might distract them

    37. Trained budgies can quickly lose their training if placed into a large cage with several untrained budgies, as they revert to bonding with other budgies

    38. It was Stone who broke the bonding moment

    39. I recollected all the bonding I had done, especially the hand-holding with Henrietta and Victor

    40. Jags had spent some quality time bonding with her father by cleaning out the back garden of the flat

    41. peace, and bonding with the newborn

    42. vapor would combine and cause a bonding with the existing oxygen

    43. You will need this bonding, to keep you strong, with what is coming

    44. He concluded that it was love, which is accompanied by bonding, care, dependency on others and protection

    45. But then, he considered the psychology involved when people are under severe external stress—it has an effect of bonding relationships faster than normal

    46. We should be bonding together to find a way out of this rat hole, instead of fighting each other

    47. bonding her to me,” Garcia said

    48. Though it wasn’t as bad, it would feel like that to them, especially given the emotional and psychological bonding that had occurred

    49. Without the quality of love bonding and uniting all of us together, there can never be any true peace and harmony between men and countries

    50. iv) Commit self to unity: Activate law of bonding

    1. This basically means that if your portfolios are tied up too much into banks fixed deposits and bonds, your buying power may fade away over the years

    2. So, while you should continue to shift your portfolio towards bonds you should still keep a part of investment in the stock market, which have in recent decades generated real returns

    3. Pension funds to be cashed in, which would take at least a week, plus some prize bonds, would come to just under 10k

    4. Man released from all its bonds prays his last prayer

    5. Locked down with the shock, bound in chains of fear, I tried to break my bonds by lashing out at phantoms amid irrational bouts of bravado

    6. Over those first grinding miles I fought against the bonds, twisting my arms and wrists against the tape, but all that I did was make the tape coil tighter and tighter so that it cut into my skin

    7. Her work in building bonds of friendship and economic benefit between our peoples over the last fifteen years will stand as a lasting tribute to her vision and practical ability

    8. hurricane shutters and bale bonds in the US of A,

    9. "So you have slipped your bonds? Your hurt is mainly to your soul and its account with God

    10. "I have not slipped my bonds, though I was sorely tempted

    11. "He chafes at his bonds, he wants to use magic," Kelvin said

    12. The bonds between them have remained strong in spite of Billy's frequent and sometimes prolonged absences

    13. The football boys have gone home with team bonds much as they ever were, but Leona’s new sound engineering protégé has a beer mat with a phone number tucked into his trouser pocket

    14. " he looked up to the ceiling as if for an answer, then looking back down at her, he said "I wish I could just tell you, but that would break the bonds of the legend

    15. This drew them into an exchange of commiseration and the first bonds of kindred spirits in difficult circumstances

    16. He seemed unconcerned with her corporeal state or his lack of bonds, but stood staring at the world's sun -- a hazy blue ball rapidly descending to the horizon

    17. Alana continued to probe her mental bonds; all the while widening the cracks

    18. A bank, indeed, which lends its money without the expense of stamped paper, or of attorneys' fees for drawing bonds and mortgages, and which accepts of repayment upon the easy terms of the banking companies of Scotland, would, no doubt, be a very convenient creditor to such traders and undertakers

    19. As soon as Ralof raised an eyebrow the other blond Nord caught himself, realizing that what he knew could prove disastrous for the young woman if the knowledge traveled much further beyond him and his aging companion in bonds that night

    20. The effective development of executive function depends upon the strength of early emotional bonds

    21. It is much better to work at a job that encourages Flow, than to work at one that continually strengthens the bonds of self-centered resistance and desire

    22. Structure of a molecule of water (A) and types of hydrogen bonds (B)

    23. The soul then enters the mother’s womb and bonds with the fetus or baby

    24. bonds and stock certificates in that safety deposit box

    25. Except bills of exchange, and some other mercantile bills, all other deeds, bonds, and contracts, are subject to a stamp duty

    26. Stamp duties, and duties upon the registration of bonds and contracts for borrowed money, fall altogether upon the borrower, and, in fact, are always paid by him

    27. This phosphate portion bonds to the ADP, turning it back to ATP

    28. Line”, where the life and experience at the academy bonds the

    29. They shared common bonds: this ship, the war, and space

    30. Saldon and Halon had their gags and bonds checked every half hour and they were allowed a mouthful of water only once, when Aramell was sighted

    31. Plan A had concerned a diversion and the theft of the Scrolls as there was no doubt in Ray’s mind that the Scrolls contained Bonds, but everything seemed to have worked out anyhow

    32. My stupid bulimic junkie ex-girlfriend told the sweet talking evil bastards about the Bonds

    33. Behold! In that day I shall burst their bonds asunder and free them from the chains of their captivity!

    34. At the same moment, deep beneath the turbulent waters of the pool, four spirits strained against their earthly bonds, causing wisps of multicoloured steam to rise from the surface where they were whipped away by the storm– feathered seed-heads on a summer breeze

    35. Typically a nation at war not only raises taxes, they must take out loans and sell bonds

    36. Bondholders, in particular, wary about the likelihood of default, have become increasing reluctant to fund tobacco backed bonds

    37. Frank struggled against his bonds, face reddening as he tried to wrench his arms free

    38. When Chandio picked up his next finger, Frank began to struggle against his bonds again and noticed a slight movement in the arm of the chair

    39. She’d stuck with her through the stolen briefcase and all the other craziness, but involving her in a major theft, even if it appeared to be ill-gotten money, went way beyond the bonds of friendship – all the way to bull! She was as hurt as she was angry, but it was definitely over

    40. Seeing Frank’s temper rising, Karla struggled against her bonds, trying to call out to him as she saw his finger whitening on the trigger

    41. How quickly the human and animal bonds

    42. ” He was familiar enough with the propensity of powerful families to forge bonds, and make political alliances through marriage

    43. of pressures and bonds from social forces, and

    44. Her bonds had been severed and she was standing, staggering, facing the man who stood rock still

    45. He considered me a moment, then untied my bonds

    46. The bonds that tie

    47. In fact, since government bonds are considered so low-risk, the asset you sell might be expected, though there are no guarantees, to earn more than the interest charges on the debt

    48. of all family bonds

    49. There it promotes trust during interactions with other people, and thus the cooperative behavior that lets groups of people live together for the common good…The research is still underway, but one possibility is that the changes occurred around the time our ancestors settled into a system based on enduring bonds between men and women, about 1

    50. It promoted the “trust” reaction about “the time that our ancestors settled into a system based on enduring bonds between men and women

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    Synonyms for "bond"

    attachment bond hamper shackle trammel adherence adhesion adhesiveness james bond julian bond chemical bond bail bail bond bond certificate alliance bond paper adhere bind hold fast stick stick to draw together attach tie connection relation vinculum attraction link nexus band adhesive cord ligament ligature knot rope collateral security obligation promise promissory note guarantee pact compact pledge contract captivity chains constraint imprisonment prison restriction connect cement weld glue

    "bond" definitions

    an electrical force linking atoms

    a certificate of debt (usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a fixed sum to repay the principal

    a connection based on kinship or marriage or common interest

    (criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial

    a restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner)

    a connection that fastens things together

    a superior quality of strong durable white writing paper; originally made for printing documents

    United States civil rights leader who was elected to the legislature in Georgia but was barred from taking his seat because he opposed the Vietnam War (born 1940)

    British secret operative 007 in novels by Ian Fleming

    the property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the joining of surfaces of different composition

    stick to firmly

    create social or emotional ties

    issue bonds on

    bring together in a common cause or emotion