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Frasi con bond (in inglese)

  1. We have a strong bond.
  2. But bond there is none.
  3. Our bond is so strong.
  4. I felt a bond with him.
  5. IX - Barrels Out of Bond.

  6. They share a common bond.
  7. We have a spiritual bond.
  8. Increase bond of water in.
  9. There is a bond between us.
  10. My parents had a bond - a.
  11. Joined by the bond of love.
  12. Inflation 2%, bond return 2.
  13. We quickly developed a bond.
  14. Bond, Ed said and laughed.
  15. And that was before the bond.

  16. I considered Andrew our bond.
  17. Total Bond Market Index Fund.
  18. Simone and I are bond mates.
  19. It varies on the bond between.
  20. The mating bond was sacrosanct.
  21. It mends the bond of friendship.
  22. There had to be a greater bond.
  23. That is the way the bond works.
  24. Deposits" or even called "Bond".
  25. Proper Theory of Bond Financing.

  26. This bond will unlock the true.
  27. Have family meals, it's to bond.
  28. It is a bond of blood and sweat.
  29. You formed the bond with him.
  30. The next step is a bond of love.
  31. Their curse was also their bond.
  32. Various Causes of Bond Collapses.
  33. Use YIELD to calculate bond yield.
  34. She was released? On bond?
  35. He was enjoying the bond it made.
  36. Bond Form Identified with Safety.
  37. It created a bond of sorts for me.
  38. Enough on historical bond returns.
  39. Midge agreed to post bond and to.
  40. Conflicting Views on Bond Financing.
  41. There’s a bond they make with us.
  42. You two have a very special bond.
  43. This is called a bond for a reason.
  44. If the bond is commonized, i.
  45. Not so soon after a bond is formed.
  46. It’s like a futuristic James Bond.
  47. At the same time I feel a bond with.
  48. For example, a bond denominated in U.
  49. And there was always a sort of bond.
  50. Change in the Status of Bond Trustees.
  51. Witches have a bond even after death.
  52. James Bond dies and starts for heaven.
  53. Bond is positive sign linked to hope.
  54. Hence what is called the social bond.
  55. The bond was his tradition, not mine.
  56. Your bond with him will never be.
  57. They will bond with the baby and grow.
  58. Until the bond is gone, she said.
  59. The Bond that Link our Parts Together.
  60. First, they obviously bond with each.
  61. They share a cause, a bond, a purpose.
  62. Try to develop a bond with all of them.
  63. This will bond them to the dragon also.
  64. There is such a common bond between us.
  65. Bond with your horse as another horse.
  66. Both bond and stock are selling at 200.
  67. Because of the bond, he corrected.
  68. The bond between them is an uneasy one.
  69. They had a bond of sorts because of it.
  70. Not before I had a chance to bond with.
  71. This created a unique bond between them.
  72. Most of them have a strong bond with you.
  73. She investigated the bond within her mind.
  74. And we changed seats, in James Bond style.
  75. I even had the James Bond style massage.
  76. He had a special bond with two people.
  77. You have a telepathic bond with Garcia.
  78. I have also never bought a corporate bond.
  79. Not that superficial human bond, but the.
  80. Where was the bond between brick & mortar.
  81. Alas, put no faith in such a bond of union.
  82. The bond markets dwarf the equity markets.
  83. Each level of contact reinforces the bond.
  84. The bank would evaluate al stock and bond.
  85. Updated AA bond yields can be found at www.
  86. She didn't have that time to bond with you.
  87. Our high yield bond portfolios are focused.
  88. My cousin and I had forged a bond that we.
  89. The fourth bond connected Garcia and Selar.
  90. Will really liked having that bond with her.
  92. Sisters are supposed to have a special bond.
  93. Even as a little boy he could feel the bond.
  94. He also refused to provide proof of the bond.
  95. I doubt seriously he is going to bond with.
  96. I believe it tapped into that bond we share.
  97. Hatred is a much stronger bond than love is.
  98. This bond will pay you $30 every six months.
  99. The same reasoning applies to bond interest.
  100. No one is to ever interfere with such a bond.
  1. It was a bonding thing.
  2. It was a bonding moment.
  3. Bonding of a different kind.
  4. Brian was bonding with Mary.
  5. This is the principle of bonding.
  6. How’s the bonding with appa?’.
  7. It is the family bonding that I miss.
  8. One was about bonding with Candace:.
  9. The bonding during this activity is so.
  10. You two can have a daddy, son bonding.
  11. It was Stone who broke the bonding moment.
  12. Fourth: comes pair bonding to raise children.
  13. Fortunately, it didn’t try bonding with me.
  14. Also, the chemical bonding of the carbon in.
  15. Emily was glad for her quaint bonding ceremony.
  16. Brandela knew at once that it was her bonding.
  17. The bonding or cleaving process is activated by:.
  18. Mothers traditionally created the bonding stone.
  19. Now He's talking here about God's law of bonding.
  20. They had said yesterday it was for "male bonding".
  21. Have you ever considered bonding with someone?
  22. Bonding could only happen once in an Elf’s lifetime.
  23. She suspected that the bonding spell did not create.
  24. The moment of bonding during the pregnancy may vary i.
  25. They did as they were told, and the bonding took place.
  26. A psychopath is incapable of emotional bonding with anyone.
  27. Pills have coatings and bonding agents for medical reasons.
  28. We did a lot of spiritual bonding you wouldn’t understand.
  29. The bonding spell could be forcefully activated using rune.
  30. The account had spoken about how the bonding spell was sup-.
  31. Bonding stones were used as a medium to activate the bonding.
  32. Carbon is the most purely Trialistic in its bonding structure.
  33. They programmed the therapist to discourage one-to-one bonding.
  34. In the bonding, it's the symbol that you are tied to the giver.
  35. Alto is the bonding, I felt with Q as we sat in the car for hours.
  36. Is that the bonding spell or love? Maybe they’re the same thing.
  37. Did the bonding only work for her? Maybe that’s why he had been.
  38. He raised his head and stared into her eyes and the bonding began.
  39. The experience gave the ones who made it a strong sense of bonding.
  40. While the bonding of the atoms forming the object will secure any.
  41. You will need this bonding, to keep you strong, with what is coming.
  42. How do humans describe forming connections? By a process of bonding.
  43. She assumed they had been doing some brotherly vampire bonding thing.
  44. I wasn't honest with you about the bonding ceremony, and I'm sorry.
  45. Everything we probably should have talked about before the bonding.
  46. Because of Latent heats Atomic bonding becomes Weaker & it results in.
  47. Plasti-boards, nails, and bonding materials with her, just in case the.
  48. Marital bonding thus becomes a license to hurt the spouse and children.
  49. A bonding that came with the understanding that I would never leave her.
  50. What a cheek – bonding, my ass! She knew Rebekah had a crush on Zarko.
  51. The bonding spiritual pilgrims next entered the large temple area itself.
  52. Only when interaction through bonding takes place do the five Clans meet.
  53. The normal punishment for sex outside of pair bonding is a public stoning.
  54. Sexual intimacy will actually strengthen the bonding of a husband and a wife.
  55. I haven't before heard of a mortal and an immortal going through the bonding.
  56. Their attention is primarily focused outward on loving and bonding with others.
  57. The universal sign of birds bonding to each other is when they bow their heads.
  58. Familiarity had not brought any concession to the rate or closeness in bonding.
  59. If they’re armed and heading this way, we won’t be bonding on that level.
  60. As our time at the clinic was drawing to an end our bonding seemed to strengthen.
  61. Feeling somewhat isolated, since that incredible bonding with Coreema, she had kept.
  62. You can't build a unity, and a bonding in a relationship, without a sacrificial giving.
  63. Marvelling at the encounter, their bonding had taken her deeper within herself than ever.
  64. The bonding of ghoul with troll was not the only magic that befell the Fens over the ages.
  65. This should benefit both, and others - bonding, thus, the foundation of the human world view.
  66. So sexual intimacy is an important part in marriage, of maintaining a bonding, or a closeness.
  67. His fiery mouth and tongue bathed my inner thighs, as he murmured bonding words of love to me.
  68. I recollected all the bonding I had done, especially the hand-holding with Henrietta and Victor.
  69. Whether attempts at bonding ultimately achieve their desired effect(s) is questionable at best.
  70. Only my bonding with Talia allows me to view those of most other races with anything but hatred.
  71. We should be bonding together to find a way out of this rat hole, instead of fighting each other.
  72. You get tenting, it's a bonding form, so you go on family holidays, bonding forms in those things.
  73. For Navin, it was a sweet father-son bonding moment, and he came away with an enthusiasm for stocks.
  74. Jags had spent some quality time bonding with her father by cleaning out the back garden of the flat.
  75. But what about the whole bonding thing? They can’t kill another Vampire’s mate, it’s the law.
  76. It was an empathetic and intimate bonding with the Prime Mover that could find no expression in words.
  77. The Elder smiled, It is true, more so now with the bonding and we will tell them about that when we.
  78. Those tests had identified me out of thousands, and my bonding to him had been its first clear success.
  79. I was stuck at a table with some people I knew but for whom I felt not the slightest bonding or interest.
  80. First, I'll start… there were some unexpected byproducts of the bonding that I want you to know about.
  81. He concluded that it was love, which is accompanied by bonding, care, dependency on others and protection.
  82. This bonding was an amazing sight to see; Peter and his new seahorse Bouncer having the time of their lives.
  83. The two monks enjoyed another round of tea as they continued bonding; this time it was red tea that they drank.
  84. It is not unusual to achieve a bond such as this one, but the method I am choosing for the bonding is unusual.
  85. I’ll call and tell her we’re bonding, he quipped, this time without masking the irritation in his voice.
  86. They finally drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms - a deep bonding sleep that would unite them as one forever.
  87. He doesn't call his son to check on him, never made attempts at bonding with him, even if there were miles between us.
  88. And it’s probably a good thing because if it’s a bonding wand, then it could destroy anyone not meant to use it.
  89. Sarah fetched the bonding blanket, and the purple Light of Breath was shining all around when Mother placed it over us.
  90. Young birds who are still bonding to you do best when kept out of contact with other budgies, who might distract them.
  91. This scale is loosely seated by means of the stands 8 on the axle of the gear 9 and supported by means of radial bonding 8.
  92. God who is the life rewards his bonding message to his angels who are as divine as him, God’s passion becomes our passion.
  93. The doubts disappeared when we had a bonding cuddle, we used the excuse that it was a cold morning and we needed to keep warm.
  94. What happens next, to the uninformed, appears irrelevant, but in the main, it goes a long way in bonding the marriage partners.
  95. Twelve is the missing number in human society which must be recognized as the most important base for all human social bonding.
  96. With the act of sexual intercourse, chemicals are released in the brain that bring immense pleasure, and cause a feel of bonding.
  97. Science can never fully understand the bonding structures of any living cell because they must first kill it so they can study it.
  98. For Butterfield, however, the tense incident was important, representing what he called a silent bonding between two fathers.
  99. I didn’t understand what the time since bonding had to do with anything, but I nodded anyway, my body still trembling with reaction.
  100. External conditions only become relevant when they are no longer compatible with the pen, when they destroy the molecular bonding of.
  1. He was bonded to Sarah.
  2. We have to be bonded.
  3. She has bonded to him.
  4. When two are bonded and.
  5. He is not bonded to anyone.
  6. He was not bonded to anyone.
  7. The incident had bonded them.
  8. She is not bonded to anyone.
  9. He is no longer bonded to anyone.
  10. In fact, it bonded us with blood.
  11. She was bonded to Tamman in 700 B.
  12. I thought she was bonded to Kyle.
  13. As I told you, I had bonded with him.
  14. As Bob here was bonded to his charge.
  15. At that moment, the two tribes bonded.
  16. They are bonded and insured to protect.
  17. They bonded over their gifted children.
  18. Leonid arent bonded, so that leaves just her.
  19. It’s melted or bonded to the collar!.
  20. After that, Jacobi and I were bonded for life.
  21. She would enjoy the prospect of a bonded mate.
  22. I told you that I did not yet have a bonded mate.
  23. Besides that, he was not bonded nor was there any.
  24. They bonded naturally, out of choice, out of love.
  25. The creature has bonded with her, said Thorn.
  26. Or it bonded with her, whatever the case may be.
  27. Indeed I do love this one, but we are not bonded.
  28. The atoms of the metal are BOUND or BONDED by a FORCE.
  29. His staff knew she was bonded to him and not to Kyle.
  30. At one point it felt as if they bonded strongly as one.
  31. I followed with no choice because our hands were bonded.
  32. Once you have bonded, you will be able to take his form.
  33. Its offspring hatched before your eyes and bonded to you.
  34. Being bonded to adults has also influenced his physiology.
  35. We all bonded because we all were abused and neglected by.
  36. The containers were unloaded and moved to a private, bonded.
  37. He held my hand again and we were bonded as we left the privy.
  38. All of her surviving children were grown and had bonded mates.
  39. Michael had bonded all right with 5000 tones of snow at 80 mph.
  40. Well, Kendra has bonded with the wand, blurted my sister.
  41. It says that the gold was particulated before it was bonded.
  42. Then she asked, What about him being bonded to another?
  43. Though bonded to Victoria, Nuke was not over his love of Candace.
  44. The two women had bonded through the common travail of their men.
  45. It became apparent shortly after I bonded with the Truthstone.
  46. Not bonded as collectively toward entities such as Internet and.
  47. I have not yet bonded with a mate, which means that I am not.
  48. It was good that we had bonded on the march down from Tamalameque.
  49. Why should I tell these crazies my name? The kid and I had bonded.
  50. She keeps her emotions under control and is not bonded to anyone.
  51. When the alien and I bonded, I fought him with all of my strength.
  52. Amy, Nuke’s current bonded one at that time, came for the weekend.
  53. We just had a chat over a few things, and must have bonded over.
  54. Danny bonded the edges of several air mattresses together to use as.
  55. Don’t you think that maybe we should tell her that we are bonded.
  56. Families bonded together for business, for territory, and for strength.
  57. Before 1990, bonded warehouses were owned and controlled by the Canadian.
  58. He felt how closely bonded they were, and how much they loved each other.
  59. I"m bonded to Emily and if they have a problem with it, I"ll take care of.
  60. I could tell that John would rather have Henrietta bonded to me than Loren.
  61. They were still technically bonded, though Simone’s bond was now primary.
  62. Man even if he/she achieves beauty is bonded to age, phobias and bad habits.
  63. Am I to understand that you two are now a bonded trio with Hilsith?!.
  64. Blacker informed Tony about the opening of the Exbrus Arica Bonded Warehouse.
  65. When a man and a woman are bonded, there are certain things that happen that.
  66. She’s also enhanced; happened when Lady Sally and Rah bonded at the hatching.
  67. At the same time, all the levels of bonded debt are being repriced in the market.
  68. You were never bonded in this fashion, even though you could have been, Selar.
  69. The biggest company may be the weakest if its bonded debt is disproportionately large.
  70. He read the words of the scroll and bonded himself with a manifestation of sheer evil.
  71. She died on earth but before she did, she created a gargoyle and bonded it to the boy.
  72. She felt suddenly, overwhelmingly, blessed to have one such as him for her bonded mate.
  73. The people cheered for him, called for him, bonded at that instant to the great vision.
  74. They will quickly remember their previous training and will once again be bonded to you.
  75. He and Flint had had relationships with girls but neither committed to be bonded to them.
  76. The unicorn gathered my ashes and made me into the gargoyle, bonded me to Raven’s life.
  77. In our society the only one about whom we can show anger is the one to whom we are bonded.
  78. But weeks passed, and they replied to all my hints that Crystal was already bonded with me.
  79. At seven years old, at the earliest stage before the onset of puberty, they would be bonded.
  80. He thinks of a drizzling night in Hatch street, hard by the bonded stores there, the first.
  81. During the heat of the moment, Tammas let his guard down and bonded telepathically with her.
  82. So, now that you and she are telepathically bonded, do you suppose there could have been some.
  83. Gabriel had once told me that when two Siis were fully bonded, they shared thoughts and memories.
  84. One thing that seemed strange – or at least unusual – was that women of all ages bonded with me.
  85. We have gathered today to witness the joining of Akenji and Kerala as bonded mates – the first.
  86. The Elders will want to know who you have bonded to and as we've mentioned, for Chevalier to remain.
  87. But Lana, who was twenty years younger than Ann, had gone beyond that and bonded with my feminine side.
  88. But even a small decline may prove fatal if the business is bonded to the limit of prosperity earnings.
  89. Once you've been fucked or have fucked your friends, you knew they found you worthy and you were bonded.
  90. She was shocked! She asked Jesus to forgive her, I prayed for the mother and child, and the child bonded.
  91. I grew up wanting to be well bonded in order to restore my family’s status, she explained, but.
  92. A thin flat razor blade can also be used as a compass needle because it is made of two metals bonded together.
  93. Again the onlookers exclaimed in amazement as the beast bonded to them in a few seconds, then ate its talisman.
  94. I managed to convince him and the tribe that the two of you had already pair bonded and that you would soon return.
  95. They bonded and with Paterson’s guidance, Marian improved in many areas and was encouraged in her musical career.
  96. Pere, of course, had been the exception; that was a continuation of a relationship bonded tight when both were youths.
  97. Vampires only turn those who they have bonded to, or possess an ability or occupation that proves useful to the Council.
  98. The only thing that has kept me from having my heart ripped out is my beauty, and the fact that Angel has bonded with me.
  99. The more people he is bonded with, the more likely he will be to loose himself in the thoughts and feelings of others.
  100. It will then be temporarily stored inside our bonded warehouse until it can be cleared through by my customs officers.
  2. I drooped in my bonds.
  3. In the case of bonds:.
  4. The bonds sold at 7 in 1939.
  5. Bonds are a different animal.
  6. Bonds and other fixed income.
  8. Paul says, So that my bonds.
  9. His sorcery kept them in bonds.
  10. Other bonds would have broken.
  11. They wrote EI’s surety bonds.
  12. Inflation-linked bonds such as U.
  13. Silas struggled against his bonds.
  14. In 1938 these bonds sold at 34¼.
  15. The interest rate on bonds is 5 %.
  16. For example, if bonds are paying.
  17. Bonds Convertible into Other Bonds.
  18. He said they should sell the bonds.
  19. Half of them are traditional bonds.
  20. Just what the "everlasting bonds".
  22. The new bonds shot up in value too.
  23. This is the same mentality for bonds.
  24. Denmark has just issued Bonds that.
  25. Take US Treasury bonds, for example.
  26. From the bonds of the Barons horde.
  27. United States Savings Bonds, 25, 696.
  29. But for now your bonds are necessary.
  30. Shorter maturity bonds have lower PFs.
  31. By the vizir's orders his bonds were.
  32. The bonds were called at 101½ in 1933.
  33. Moulin entered to free her of her bonds.
  34. Industrial Bonds and the Factor of Size.
  35. You can break the bonds of your slavery.
  36. How quickly the human and animal bonds.
  37. Another is investing the money in bonds.
  38. Bonds actually switch three weeks early.
  39. Increased Volume of Income Bonds Probable.
  40. Are all of 007’s investments in bonds?
  41. Stocks’ outperformance over bonds is 0.
  42. Other Categories of Bonds and Preferreds.
  43. I invested most of it in government bonds.
  44. Superiority of United States Savings Bonds.
  45. And just remember, not all bonds are equal.
  47. In bonds to the Otrepiev? Had I not better.
  48. The bonds appeared to be adequately secured.
  49. Depression Performance of Industrial Bonds.
  50. Her bonds started to smoke, but they held.
  51. A wave of his hand released Harry’s bonds.
  52. Some bonds are convertible into other bonds.
  53. About this time the bonds sold as low as 21.
  54. Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth.
  55. Game Of Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, And The.
  56. If the demand for the bonds decreases, the U.
  57. All bonds of Karma (action) are rent asunder.
  58. Thus, converts zig when most bonds zag.
  59. Overnight, the bonds nearly doubled in value.
  60. Release curse! Immunity! Remove Bonds!.
  61. Treasury bonds maturing in 10 years yielded 3.
  62. Shadows: Barry Bonds, BALCO, And The Steroids.
  63. Bonds Convertible at the Option of the Company.
  64. He considered me a moment, then untied my bonds.
  65. Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with.
  66. With the bonds in default, prices dropped to $.
  67. Two Viewpoints with Respect to Speculative Bonds.
  68. Long-term bonds are a good kind of debt to have.
  69. She trusted in the bonds of the heart, and she.
  70. Low Investment Rating of Income Bonds as a Class.
  71. In September 1933 these bonds sold close to par.
  72. These junk bonds are a form of mezzanine finance.
  73. They would not buy the Fisk bonds, they told him.
  74. She had strained against the bonds that secured.
  75. It holds Treasury, mortgage, and corporate bonds.
  76. Graham recommended bonds of Fisk Tire and Rubber.
  77. Struggling against the sticky bonds only made it.
  78. It would appear that the telepathic bonds he has.
  79. At last, the bonds dropped loose from her wrists.
  80. Among major markets, German bonds fared the worst.
  81. Treasury bonds hit their lowest levels since 1963.
  82. Calculations of Margins of Safety for Income Bonds.
  83. They can hold stocks, bonds, and even commodities.
  84. He felt a length of wood slipped between his bonds.
  85. The same would apply in the case of traction bonds.
  86. At the low price of 73 in 1932 the bonds yielded 8.
  87. Low-priced Bonds Associated with Corporate Weakness.
  88. A firm that finances with junk bonds should.
  89. Its bonds were removed from listing in October 1934.
  90. They build stronger bonds with their male partners.
  91. Motivated sellers pushed down the price of the bonds.
  92. One must also decide which maturity of bonds to use.
  93. Bonds are usually of greater than one-year maturity.
  94. Then there would be no such thing as covalent bonds.
  95. The bonds were not guaranteed by the parent company.
  96. United States Savings Bonds Offer Similar Opportunity.
  97. Low-priced bonds, limitation of profit on, 323–324.
  98. Man released from all its bonds prays his last prayer.
  99. In truth, convertibles act more like stocks than bonds.
  100. Just what the "everlasting bonds" are ("chains" King.

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