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Deal in a sentence

The deal was for $23.
So we have a deal.
We shook on the deal.
We jumped on the deal.
I want the real deal.
I can deal with that.
OK - this is the deal.

I will deal with that.
It was a one shot deal.
A deal was made with.
To deal with it, you.
I have a deal for you.
Then it's a deal, Mr.
I left a good deal out.
Do we have a deal?
And the deal worked out.
You will need to deal.
Same deal as the press.
Then, we have a deal.
Let Hell deal with them.
I can deal with my work.
If a deal turns into a.
Was a Great Deal of Fun.
So now here’s the deal.
Iraq may offer deal to U.
But I’ll deal with her.
I'll deal with you later.
It wasn't that big a deal.
Ten grand is the deal.
And I want the same deal.
I wonder what his deal is.
The key to this deal was.
I’ll deal with the pain.
Can we deal with Jack.
Once the deal had bedded.
Requires a great deal of.
It was no big deal to her.
He does not deal with us.
It takes a great deal of.
It was no big deal really.
One is dealing with an.
They were dealing with a.
Here we are dealing with.
Dealing with death is much.
We are dealing with bad men.
The Lord began dealing with.
If the guys I'm dealing with.
Helen is dealing with the tug.
If you were dealing with 100 U.
We dealing with top clientele.
This is who we are dealing with.
Dealing with Put-Downs (4 of 12).
When dealing with an aggressive.
We stopped dealing with him and.
What exactly are we dealing with.
Dealing with Put-Downs (5 of 12).
Dealing With the Loss of A Child.
Were dealing with a killer kitty.
We are now dealing with the real.
You gotta start dealing in volume.
Testament dealing with the follow-.
You’re dealing with the male ego.
If you are dealing with strategic.
Turf where they were dealing heroin.
I’m not dealing with you today.
Better get used to dealing with him.
This church is dealing with apostasy.
And the 99% death dealing massively.
I had no idea what I was dealing with.
Maybe we’re dealing with a hoax.
Dealing the game of Texas Hold’em.
Ugh, I can’t be dealing with them.
It stops you dealing with your faults.
Corinthian letter to dealing with them.
Still Paul went on dealing and counting.
Imagine dealing with that for eternity.
She had her own way of dealing with it.
We are dealing with mostly adults here.
Goal of Dealing with Negative Filters:.
It had to be dealt with.
Beth dealt with Ma and Mrs.
We have dealt with his Men.
They dealt and Blauner left.
I dealt him his five cards.
He never again dealt with.
Then she dealt the clincher.
But whereas Wagner dealt in.
That’s what we dealt above.
But the stroke was never dealt.
I've dealt with them, remember.
This time I dealt with it on a.
She had dealt with her troubles.
The camp director dealt the cards.
The money was bet, the cards dealt.
Any remaining cannons were dealt.
I dealt with Mr Delmage after that.
All that could be dealt with later.
Next Roosevelt dealt with the banks.
He would definitely be dealt with.
In her mind she’d dealt with it.
I dealt with rejection issues and.
How are they dealt with now?
God was already dealt with, defiantly.
Dealt with the problem and came out.
Our first year mostly dealt with the.
Nowadays they dealt mostly with cash.
Afterwards, a hose dealt with the sweat.
I’d dealt with girls like her before.
You have dealt with the biggest hurdle.
No, Bunty dealt with it all on her own.
However, this group of Anointed dealt.
For days the Holy spirit dealt with me.
I was here when you dealt with Dring.
When conflict is dealt with as soon as.
This one dealt with behavioural science.
I will see that he is dealt with!.
With word that Blefuscu had been dealt a.
The "sleeping" mind had dealt a new card.
Six guys sat in front of Pick as he dealt.
He then deals a fifth.
They were big deals too.
Most were not good deals.
There can be shady deals of.
This chapter now deals with.
He deals with no niggard hand.
It deals with justice and anger.
All their deals were kept secret.
It is how all business deals work.
He also deals in artefacts and if.
Well, that deals with tomorrow ….
Man deals with many friends in life.
The deals will eventually go through.
They are consumers looking for deals.
Brokering deals and seeing that the.
It deals with the here-and-now, not.
Some of it deals with interactions I.
But here’s how he deals with them:.
The deals were not too shabby either.
It’s how your body deals with that.
The worse it got, the better the deals.
Could deals with only specific problems.
One interesting area of math deals with.
Closed deals with 100 major new accounts.
The blow which it deals rebounds upon it.
Surah 65 deals with the concept of divorce.
Science deals with what can be proven true.
He was admiring the way Cortes deals with.
Every policeman deals with it now and then.
Its how your body deals with that energy.
But his real side interest was doing deals.
Paul deals with one-half of the resurrection.
This goes for the city deals too, of course.
I have negotiated good prices for both deals.
So you did a deal, you are always doing deals.
Trysts and deals were going on all around them.
Part C deals with what steps are necessary to.
This part deals with the age of the Superpowers.
That deals with life and death as with a play!.

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