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Cavort in a sentence | cavort example sentences

  2. He watched the young calves cavort with one another in the warm southern breeze.
  3. For my part I fantasised that Becky and I would come to this very pool and cavort.
  4. Watching the girls cavort quietly in the pool, he smiled and thought how he'd give an arm.
  1. That girl is cavorting with agents of Mazarin.
  2. By and by the men stopped cavorting around and yelling.
  3. Captain Nemo observed the herd of cetaceans cavorting on the.
  4. A chair toppled, twisting backwards, cavorting across the room.
  5. There was a pack of monkeys cavorting in the distant treetops.
  6. It was amusing to watch a panther cavorting like a kitten, but I needed to get some rest.
  7. They were photos of Simon Conklin himself, different pics of the auteur cavorting in the buff.
  8. Looking up at the colossal structure Emily could see the shadows of those behind her cavorting on its walls.
  9. There were, of course, the Rope Dancers, both with and without a Pole, cavorting high above the Heads of the Populace.
  10. Even the whimsical clouds drifting beneath the sky-tube were shaped like cats in various poses - leaping, cavorting or pouncing.
  11. He pushed and swatted at his attacker, a relentless jumble of skin and bones cavorting on top of him as he tried to gain purchase.
  12. Along the hall they came to a vast landscape with all sorts of monster beast-men cavorting about, treading fruit and squeezing summer-melon women.
  13. The goats are cavorting in the hills again and their frolicsome dances have always amused and soothed Muhammad, now a bright young man full of promise.
  14. Along the hall they came to another, vaster landscape with all sorts of monster beast-men cavorting about treading fruit and squeezing summermelon women.
  15. The surprise of their arrival on the scene and the shock at the cavorting black creature with Jordon mounted on its back screaming at the top of his lungs.
  16. Club Flash, in the middle of the cavorting crowd, Sean and I are holding hands, smiling and laughing as we dance to the beguiling sound of drums and guitars.
  17. When the Great Wizard Catalant appeared, Cruzel was cowering in a corner using a disobedient table as a shield, stopping it from breaking free and cavorting with its ilk.
  18. For several hours the Nautilus drifted in this brilliant tide, and our wonderment grew when we saw huge marine animals cavorting in it, like the fire–dwelling salamanders of myth.
  19. From the lounge, where I was writing up the incidents of this excursion to the polar continent, I could hear the calls of petrel and albatross cavorting in the midst of the turmoil.
  20. So we thought better of it and lifting it up on our shoulders we marched down the hill and then upwards to the park where many parents and their children were cavorting in the firmer snow.
  21. Cavorting around the Nautiluswas a school of triggerfish with flat bodies, grainy skins, armed with stings on their dorsal fins, and with four prickly rows of quills quivering on both sides of their tails.
  22. He began cavorting around in the beam of a portable strobe light and carried with him a liquid light projector to provide psychedelic visual effects that were not often seen in the social clubs of Merthyr Tydfil and East Kilbride.
  23. I suppose I shouldn’t tell you this, Brother, the administrative assistant responded conspiratorially, but I think it has something to do with a message the Bishop received about you cavorting with a politically active Buddhist nun.
  24. The hunters are thrown about by the madly cavorting vehicles and have abandoned their valuable rifles in panic as they descend back through the hatches; however, the leading prince’s robes have become entangled with his rifle, making it difficult for him to return into the relative safety of his vehicle and he is hit by a single shot.
  25. A French actress in English! Could anything be more unusual? Sarah Bernhardt, who has been cavorting around the English-speaking world for portentous yet vulgar fractions of a century, never managed to acquire even a suspicion of English; Rêjane, who has done London and New York pretty thoroughly, would have an artistic fit at the idea of juggling with English, at her time of life; Jane Hading, Jeanne Granier and others are quite willing to play anywhere, but it must be in French.
  26. While the two men had been cavorting,.
  1. The children cavorted.
  2. Paul cavorted to Christianity.
  3. Men and women cavorted in front of bars.
  4. The stars twinkled and cavorted across the expanse.
  5. Lifting up her arms and legs, she cavorted around the room.
  6. As the children cavorted, we cleansed the animals, then watered them.
  7. Strobe-like splinters of lightning cavorted along the edge of the darker clouds—too far to be heard.
  8. Otters, fearless in their pursuit of food, cavorted among the gators with the impunity of a mocking bird harassing a crow.
  9. The dancers twisted and cavorted on the floor of the cavern against each other as they cried out making awful sounds some of which didn’t even sound like a human.
  10. Lady Mary cavorted in the Air above their Heads, seemingly dodging their Insults with her dext’rous Grace, and smiling for all the World as if she saw thro’ their false Morality.
  11. Removing her weight belt and regulator, she free dove and cavorted with the dolphins, having them tow her to the surface, then loop back and barrel roll around his seat, all to his complete amazement.
  12. The latest rumour doing the rounds speculated that Sam had slept with Louise Meadows on an executive training course, and that Louise had boasted of Sam licking champagne off her naked body as they had cavorted together in Sam’s hotel suite.
  13. Under the bright bright print of the brightest, loudest skirt she could find to put on especially for tonight, in which she had whirled and cavorted feverishly before the coffin-sized mirror, beneath the rayon skirt the body was all wire and tendon and excitation.
  14. The Vicissitudes of her Early Life had endu’d her with a curious Notion of God, deriv’d in part from her Quaker Mistress, in part from her deprav’d Master (who’d fancied little Girls), and in part from the young Thieves and Chimney Sweeps with whom she’d cavorted before I met her.

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