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Positive in a sentence | positive example sentences

  1. So it had a positive.
  2. It is the positive end.
  3. It is a great positive.
  4. God is of the positive.
  5. It is a positive force.

  6. In fact he was positive.
  7. The positive is you, Aya.
  8. Be positive on the green.
  9. It is a positive element.
  10. I read this as a positive.
  11. Must focus on the positive.
  12. Into a positive BE charge.
  13. His light was not positive.
  14. This is a positive for love.
  15. I'm going to think positive.

  16. It all sounds very positive.
  17. By hoping, positive will be.
  18. My once positive net worth.
  19. Of that, Im almost positive.
  20. Positive thoughts of the day.
  21. I’m positive he is Wayne.
  22. Always focus on the positive.
  23. Use that positive energy to.
  24. Look to the positive things.
  25. You always sound so positive.

  26. Lets call it positive living.
  27. And the positive out flowing.
  28. Note that both positive and.
  29. It was not nearly as positive.
  30. Keep your self esteem positive.
  31. I never see anything positive.
  32. He will give a positive answer.
  33. Pain is a very positive thing.
  34. The test was positive for GSR.
  35. List of all positive emotions.
  36. What a positive sign that was.
  37. There is negative and positive.
  38. Oh I’m positive about that.
  39. Hand of the Positive Nirvana’.
  40. But I might have been positive.
  41. This is a positive for finance.
  42. Still, he tried to be positive.
  43. This is a positive consequence.
  44. The Positive Side of Rejection.
  45. I’m positive we’re on Mars.
  46. I attach a print of the positive.
  47. And its positive magnetic data.
  48. This is a classic positive sign.
  49. All options have positive gamma.
  50. Is this a positive feeling?
  51. Good, that was a positive start.
  52. Look on the positive side, Sally.
  53. We can experience the positive.
  54. But he did feel positive to-day.
  55. Now, on to the positive stuff:.
  56. Not getting a positive response.
  57. Of the positive giving magnetism.
  58. Good things happen from positive.
  59. This is another form of positive.
  60. But it was best to stay positive.
  61. If it is positive, implies that.
  62. The hint must have been positive.
  63. Positive rituals were done with.
  64. Draw from your positive thoughts.
  65. These spreads are theta positive.
  66. Life-energy is a positive dynamic.
  67. I’m not positive that it won’t.
  68. Turn the negative into a positive.
  69. He had positive qualities, though.
  70. Placing our positive attitude at.
  71. It is not only a positive thought.
  72. Of a positive charge transferred.
  73. Better to accentuate the positive.
  74. This will force positive failure.
  75. Since the family history positive.
  76. This is a positive for your health.
  77. There was a positive response to T.
  78. Positive terms are mere hints and.
  79. They look for positive relationship.
  80. Karen was a joyful, positive woman.
  81. As the consequence, their positive.
  82. How to bring about positive changes.
  83. I was happy with her positive answer.
  84. No MiG calls unless you're positive.
  85. Jesus' morality was always positive.
  86. You’re right to think positive.
  87. That is the way to positive success.
  88. What mattered was to think positive.
  89. I’m not positive, he admitted.
  90. And the cut—a positive tear, I see.
  91. Bond is positive sign linked to hope.
  92. That was the one positive thing for.
  93. He was positive DRAFTChapter 11 211.
  94. You are undergoing a positive change.
  95. Human culture has NO positive energy.
  96. Or negative, or positive energy flow.
  97. Without setting any positive example.
  98. Rejections have another positive side.
  99. And turn to positive this view,.
  100. The more positive our focus,.

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