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Positive in a sentence

So it had a positive.
It is a great positive.
It is the positive end.
It is a positive force.
God is of the positive.
In fact he was positive.
It is a positive element.

The positive is you, Aya.
Be positive on the green.
I read this as a positive.
Into a positive BE charge.
Must focus on the positive.
His light was not positive.
It all sounds very positive.
By hoping, positive will be.
This is a positive for love.
I'm going to think positive.
My once positive net worth.
Use that positive energy to.
I’m positive he is Wayne.
Note that both positive and.
Positive thoughts of the day.
Always focus on the positive.
You always sound so positive.
Lets call it positive living.
And the positive out flowing.
Of that, Im almost positive.
Look to the positive things.
Pain is a very positive thing.
I never see anything positive.
He will give a positive answer.
What a positive sign that was.
List of all positive emotions.
It was not nearly as positive.
Keep your self esteem positive.
The test was positive for GSR.
The Positive Side of Rejection.
This is a positive for finance.
I’m positive we’re on Mars.
This is a positive consequence.

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