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Patent in a sentence

I just received a patent on it.
The renewal of a patent, said Mr.
Patent Office in August last year.
This is the age of patent medicines.
Kate has the patent on ‘forward’.
His own patent blessing on the food!.
The best protected patent in the world.
My confusion was patent, and she went on.
A big patent camp bed stood against the wall.
Next comes the Provisional Patent Application.
Reduce patent interference in the marketplace.
He held up a pair of shiny black patent shoes.
He and the patent counsel had gone to Harvard.
The Jewish Left needs a patent of immunity in.
I mean the patent granted in 1712, by Louis XIV.
Her boots had long since lost their patent shine.
She carried a small black patent leather handbag.
Owen had retained the patent for the machines and.
To bad he couldn’t have taken out a patent on it.
Whitney's Patent Right to the Cotton Gin; renewal of.
Patent Office has a wealth of information as well (.
Software can be (and often is) protected via patent too.
As one of the guys moved the ominous view became patent.
There is a thing called a Provisional Patent Application.
Now for that invention of mine which I couldn’t patent.
MUST use a Patent Attorney, and use the best you can find.
When you come to the full patent there are various options.
The ‘aam aadmi’ patent was no longer with the Congress.
Patent prints were visible everywhere that there was blood.
You may think that this patent stuff is more or less obvious.
The United Kingdom Patent Office says this: It may help.
I glanced down at the new patent leathers which I was wearing.
His primary drug is patent protected for seventeen more years.
So, first make sure that your invention qualifies for a patent.
By the use of Ives’ Patent Lamps an explosion was never known.
It’s an invention I couldn’t patent, but I’m proud of it.
This product claims to contain some patent pending species of.
Go in your sharp suit, your patent leather shoes, your best hat.
Johnny spun round slowly on the heels lf his patent leather shoes.

The work involved the continuing practice of developing and patenting new crops.
In its most blatant form, it is bio-tech's patenting of life, genes, cells and you.
Until people were patenting the rights to use certain words to identify their brand or logo.
In short, we've devised and installed an electromagnetic docking system, and we're patenting it.
The patenting of Life, the surveillance of Liberty and the pursuit of Hatred is the insipid preamble of those declaring their independence from empathy.
But this is all hidden by the Capitalistic corruption of the patenting process, the marketing process, the development process, and the research process.
Some companies are attempting to avoid the intellectual property courts altogether by publishing their findings early to prevent the competition from patenting the product or service.
The slow erosion of public wealth and public property by the encroachment of patenting intellectual property is also the slow erosion of the concept of public rights, or any common good.
Until most of the words were patented.
The Maker of this earth but patented a leaf.
Patented movement with artistic certainties.
She gave him her patented thousand-yard stare.
This concept was so revolutionary, they patented it.
Using patented technology with bank-level security.
When all food sources are genetically modified and patented.
I gave them one of my patented shit-eating grins that makes.
Luxury patented airwaves lead the bill beneath the doubt lies.
The 3D technology had been patented by a UK-based company, Musion.
And that can’t start until your ideas are laid out on the table and patented.
This makes a simple, cheap, flexible and effective binding, and is not patented.
Have we had enough yet? you ask her with that patented cheesy grin you wear.
Just as they finished breading the fish with Bruce’s patented mix, the car returned.
He saw me, but didn’t come over, just flashed his patented smile across the broad concourse.
Most corporations exist only because they monopolize certain patented expensive, complicated processes.
Their patented gravity morphing technology bends light to project your I'mage upon a mirroring world.
They were in partnership with Holy Mountain Pharmaceuticals, this company was the one who patented the drug.
Even before this, the earliest known recordings of sound came in 1857 when Léon Scott patented the phonautograph.
After his team reviewed some patented technology we could utilize, he was convinced this could be a game changer.
Howard Hughes had patented a roller-cutter bit that dramatically improved the rotary drilling process for oilrigs.
The idea for tanks came from a new design of tractor with caterpillar tracks to go over rough terrain, patented in the USA in 1901.
On the Revolving Steam-Engine, recently invented by Samuel Morey, and Patented to him on the 14th July, 1815, with four Engravings.
So what became known as a talk sheet was not an innovation for my convenience, but Park’s patented, regular business discipline.
What happened when Thomas Edison patented his ideas? He died a pauper because of all the legal battles over the ownership of his patents.
Dire austerity is a patented trigger to bring about social chaos scenarios, which diffuses compassion and replaces it with self-survival.
A special notice is made in the Scientific American of all Inventions patented through this Agency, with the name and residence of the Patentee.
The DesignWorkshop interface provides the first real design tool for creating your dream house by drawing directly in a live 3D space, using our patented 3D.
For example, Tessera Technologies has patented a technology that enables devices such as laptops and mobile phones to pack more silicon inside their products.
Biro patented and marketed his pens in Argentina through his company, Eversharp, where they attracted the notice of a sharp Chicago businessman called Milton Reynolds.
All her patented moves used with maximum effect to seduce Christian’s brother, no less! What’s she going to think about me being here? I’ve never stayed out before.
There’s a fast food joint offering a variety of the last of any 1 of 1061’s of extinct species of plants and/or animals deep-fried in a patented lightly spiced batter.
I mean for this to help the world with energy production if it is a viable option; and if it is, I mean for my design idea to be made public for all to use freely and not be patented by anyone.
At one end of the first street, so pitched that it was directly behind his shining green truck, stood Dakin’s tent—a large, patented affair with a canvas wall in the middle, making two rooms.
The drug may be Extemiva that was patented by Holy Mountain, but remember that Pangeran Bashir was the Minister of Defense during the time of the experiments, so he would have access to the drug.
If you're an insurance professional and would like to explore how you can gain access to our patented version of the IUL and use it to help your clients achieve their retirement goals, give us a call.
Around about then, Arnold swooped in from above choosing to do one of his patented fly on the wall landings on a patch of low scrub growing out of a crack in the vertical rock face, just above the boulder line.
By the time a ship first sailed down the Suez Canal and Alfred Nobel had patented dynamite in 1867, John and the Widow Nolan had settled on the opposite bank of the Mersey, living in the thriving town of Birkenhead.
In effect removing the bags was now a rather laborious job as the ‘special patented quick release’ catches that held the panniers to the rack had all broken and our bungees had been pressed into service as temporary replacements.
The very DNA codes of the plants that we eat will be patented and owned and monopolized so that nobody can grow their own food without paying money to corporations who own the DNA rights to the seeds that you get out of your own garden.
Use it or lose it patents.
She had several patents, I think.
The reward is a lot of patents to do.
Patents are obtained on the best terms.
Patents are issued and are enforceable.
I had some of FBTI’s patents analyzed.
Without patents, how would you suggest.
We have world-wide patents on everything.
He holds a lot of patents on microprocessors.
The only reason to look at patents is to see.
Shawn has been granted four patents in the areas.
Stallman when it comes to opposing software patents.
I found some old patents relating to Cerestra Armour.
They want the patents promised in the bond nineteen years ago.
Television paved the way for countless hundreds of new patents.
So, from the point of protecting your invention, patents don’t work.
The more difficult patents to evaluate are those based on technology.
Normally, pharmaceutical companies have patents for particular drugs.
For most companies, however, software patents have become a defensive.
An automobile is made up of thousands of different patents, and each year's new.
In regard to patents, it is often said that there are so many of them that it is.
Patents, trademarks, marketing rights, and employment agreements were capitalized.
We could make a killing, you know, since we now own the patents on the new hardware.
With FDA approval and monopolizing patents in hand, drug companies are then free to.
Sometimes the best protection you can have for your product, even better than patents.
It’s costly and time-consuming to apply for, defend and enforce patents and copyrights.
Trademarking, trade secrets, and patents seem to be the ones that apply most in businesses.
Their patents of nobility are too common to be certain that they bear the seal of true honor.
Jade's slow money corporation and her earnings from patents, licenses, ebooks, webinars, and.
The importance of string theory, for purposes of this blog and my patents, is the existence of.
Also, in the first flush of an inventor's first commercialization of his idea, patents become what.
It is not an act exclusive of, or in opposition to, patents, but acknowledging and confirming them.
It will lead you to misunderstand things, because that term generalizes about copyrights, patents, and.
He also had several patents to his credit, but all that meant nothing, he lamented: he was a finished man.
In the patents of Sir Waiter Raleigh, to the London and Plymouth companies, to the council of Plymouth, etc.
He's up to his ears in lawsuits over patents and other corporate stuff but only because his company is so good.
The moral right of the author is hereby asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
King Bhumipol of Thailand holds the patent on this technique and three other patents in agricultural innovations.
I don’t understand: he told me about his farm problems, but he also said selling his patents is how he saved it.
Lyman, and he, laboring in his vocation, granted patents of citizenship, or made his claim on the British Admiralty.

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