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Fissure in a sentence

fissure in the rocks.
She stared at the fissure.
twenty meters into the fissure.
you go about sealing a fissure, Dave.
To the right there was a small fissure.
Finally she came to the end of the fissure.
The fissure widened, swallowing the djain.

Above this natural cleft would be a fissure,.
We have plumbed the fissure and as far as.
A slender fissure opened across his small face.
Within this fissure immediately above the cleft,.
Nerissa left the fissure on the next outflowing tide.
With a grunt of pain, he escapes through his fissure.
OK, said Wade but that still leaves that fissure.
was all she had, speedily she worked on the fissure to.
more Jo stepped into the fissure, it was tight but she.
As the dust settled they saw that another fissure had.
I estimate that a crew can seal one fissure per day.
again followed the expanding fissure to the edge of the.
The fissure across the rock had of course been cordoned.
fissure, they used some very sophisticated seismological.
an earthquake caused a fissure to appear at the moment of.
the fissure has opened another three millimetres, said.
the torch, out here the fissure seemed wider and indeed it.
Jim to where the fissure disappeared under the wall of the.
the fissure entered the Temple and then led the way inside.
 A fissure of the skull and a projecting brain known as.
twenty meters above was the surface and likely the fissure.
toward it and the deep shadow turned into a fissure in the.
You will be thrown about and could be swallowed in a fissure.
„No splitting of the rectum, merely fissuring, minor infection, bruising and so on.
Seasons had passed over her, their alternating chill and warmth fissuring her strong heart like cracks in stone.
Stared at the fissured spine of his old, once-beloved copy of Marx’s Capital, leaning.
This old majestic ash, with lined and fissured bark and pale green cigar shaped leaves, was, his father told him, a 'mother tree'.
fissures on the walls.
The illusionist fissures away.
fissures speed the pace once more.
in the ice-cracked fissures where.
more fissures are appearing all the time.
Fissures appeared around the base of the.
create friction and fissures in the society.
We locate the fissures that need to be.
Nevertheless, it still has fissures in terms of.
Recovery from anal fissures and related disorders.
streets, chasms and fissures in the earth; ravines and.
fissures could be seen and a whole section of wall was.
Flames spurted from fissures in the rocks, and everywhere.
of up to one hundred fissures but that is only an estimate.
anchoring and then filling the fissures and then repairing.
what trees there were clung precariously to small fissures.
see unnatural growth in scabby fissures usually on the eyelid.
pierced the cave walls through fissures etched in the ceiling,.
Here and there, snow sifted down through fissures and crevices.
derelict fissures of the chimney’s domed crown, and the blue-.
There are deep caverns and fissures that reach none know whither.
By the time I reached your tower, fire was spewing from fissures.
The caverns on Mars are ful of fissures that lead to the surface.
December 15, 2108: The fissures had all been sealed and pressure.
broken rock, and broad fissures ran out from them in all directions.
there because of the outlets through fissures in the rock far above.
Light erupts around me as the Court fae vanish into their fissures.
The large part had a very high ceiling and very few fissures to the.
voids of midnight black appeared as fissures all across the dreamscape.

Synonyms for fissure

chap crack cranny crevice fissure cleft