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Fissure in a sentence

She stared at the fissure.
The fissure is about a foot across.
To the right there was a small fissure.
Finally she came to the end of the fissure.
The fissure widened, swallowing the djain.
We have plumbed the fissure and as far as.
A slender fissure opened across his small face.

Nerissa left the fissure on the next outflowing tide.
With a grunt of pain, he escapes through his fissure.
OK, said Wade but that still leaves that fissure.
I estimate that a crew can seal one fissure per day.
As the dust settled they saw that another fissure had.
The fissure across the rock had of course been cordoned.
Jim to where the fissure disappeared under the wall of the.
You will be thrown about and could be swallowed in a fissure.
No hemmorhoids? A small fissure, what’s that? he asked.
A snap filled the universe, and a fissure appeared in my vision.
Carefully she inserted the point of the file into the fissure to.
Clumps of snow and loose rock fell out revealing a small fissure.
I follow quickly, I ascend to the nest in the fissure of the cliff.
In several places earth slides had almost filled in the fissure, but the.
Davis stared at the small crack, curling his eyebrows as the fissure spread around him.
Emma placed her letter at the end of the garden, by the river, in a fissure of the wall.
Fionn and Eilidh shared a worried glance as the group moved into the fissure behind Shela.
The reparation of a fissure of the length of 1 1/2 inches in the right side of his guest's jacket.
Nowhere is this fissure more apparent than that separating its Liberal and Conservative components.
They both tore feverishly at the edges of the fissure until the hole was large enough to squeeze through.
They had not gone very far when they came upon a great fissure that yawned suddenly black before their feet.
The present Communist Regime insists, however, in limiting that opening to a mere commercial fissure or crack.
The venom was so lethal and acidic that it bored through the beast and turned it into ashes as the fissure spread.
His javelin slammed into the earth where Artemis had been a split second before, and a fissure opened in the rocks.
Optimism would be nice at a time like this, she muttered as she stepped over a decent-sized fissure in the ground.
In around ad 924, the Icelandic volcanic fissure system known as Eldgjá began an eruption that lasted between four and seven years.
Though bound and tethered to a thick stalagmite at the back end of the cave, Nerissa had enough room to relieve herself over a fissure.
A little to the south of it, is a fissure in the puddingstone, formed by a separation of the rock, ten feet wide, and as deep as the cave.
He tried to find a handhold in the rocks, a fissure, a jutting piece of granite or lime, but all he could grasp was the thin, cold rush of air.
While Caroline studied Beth, her emotionless soul developed a fissure, allowing a sense of sympathy to enter, and suddenly, she was anxious to help.
The guys on the surface only found two small fissures and they fil ed them right then and there with balloons dropped down ten feet into the fissure.
For the Chinese heathenism of California remains to-day, so far as we can see, substantially a solid mass, without any fissure, though not without a scar.
A fissure one inch wide and fourteen deep, forming an almost perfect ellipsis, whose diameters are 9 and 5½ rods, marks the exterior limit of the convulsion.
Seasons had passed over her, their alternating chill and warmth fissuring her strong heart like cracks in stone.
Stared at the fissured spine of his old, once-beloved copy of Marx’s Capital, leaning.
This old majestic ash, with lined and fissured bark and pale green cigar shaped leaves, was, his father told him, a 'mother tree'.
The rock above the four colossi on the façade, which is of sandstone with layers of clay, had become fissured, threatening an immediate fall.
The illusionist fissures away.
Fissures appeared around the base of the.
Nevertheless, it still has fissures in terms of.
Recovery from anal fissures and related disorders.
Flames spurted from fissures in the rocks, and everywhere.
Here and there, snow sifted down through fissures and crevices.
There are deep caverns and fissures that reach none know whither.
The caverns on Mars are ful of fissures that lead to the surface.
By the time I reached your tower, fire was spewing from fissures.
December 15, 2108: The fissures had all been sealed and pressure.
Light erupts around me as the Court fae vanish into their fissures.
The large part had a very high ceiling and very few fissures to the.
The Soul is rendered feeble by maladies when it slips into the fissures.
October 8, 2108: The four fissures in what they were all referring to as.
There are plants, fissures, algae vines, and miles of underwater mountains.
Until al of the fissures have been sealed and the cavern pressurized you must.
Skies billowed and poured acid rain into fissures in those rocks, fissures that.
The fissures split through to the ceiling, a cascade of sand runs in from the widening hole.
Technology stocks caused major fissures in short portfolios in the 1990s: America Online, U.
The pedestal was cracked and the fissures were filled with mastiha the chewing gum from Hios.
IT HADN’T TAKEN long after his return from Altana for fissures to resurface in Mercer’s life.
HYDRATION COMPLEX can be used for hemorrhoids, in the same way it can be used for anal fissures.
There smokes trailed on the ground and lurked in hollows, and fumes leaked from fissures in the earth.
Whitecaps slapped into the fissures, a sensation that Louie compared to having alcohol poured onto a wound.
The asphalt had split in a lightning-streak pattern, and more tangles of weed sprouted through the fissures.
Fissures, alien crabs with twelve arms, glowing eels with wings and square-shaped stingrays parade the ocean floor.
And he isn't going to mess with my pans!' With that he carried all the gear away to one of the many gaping fissures.
The eruption occurred from several vents along a 75-km-long (46-mile) discontinuous system of fissures and produced about 19.
Wherever they looked, they found the seabed crazed with recent fissures, many still glowing, and issuing steam and other gasses.
The amount of sulphur that would be present in the gas depended on how many open fissures there were at the time, and it was probably a lot.
The guys on the surface only found two small fissures and they fil ed them right then and there with balloons dropped down ten feet into the fissure.
Anal fissures are one of the most painful, and hard-to-treat anorectal disorders because no one can stop the waste excretion process when trying to heal.
The Indians silently repaired to their appointed stations, which were fissures in the rocks, whence they could command the approaches to the foot of the falls.
It was that first, redoubtable moment of inundation, when the stream rises to the level of the levee and when the water begins to filter through the fissures of dike.
Notwithstanding his large stomach, certainly not intended to penetrate the fissures of the Campagna, he slid down like Peppino, and closing his eyes fell upon his feet.
Under immense pressure from the crust, and/or mantle, bearing down on this water layer, this water may have surfaced through fissures, capillaries or pathways in the crust.
The brook was irregular in its width, sometimes shooting through narrow fissures in the rocks, and at others spreading over acres of bottom land, forming little areas that might be termed ponds.
They are triedral prisms, with convex faces, striated longitudinally, and generally traversed perpendicularly to the axis, with very small fissures filled by some silicious substance, probably feldspar.
The Devata youth was tempted to impale him on his spear but something inexplicable occurred: the elder’s balding head started to crack like an egg and luminous fissures showed up on other parts of his frail body.
Stan Kendrick and other specialists on board concluded that the two ships had sunk extremely quickly, possibly on a vast bubble column caused by the molten rock and gases, rising through the mat of fissures in the seabed.

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