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Cheerio in a sentence

1. He made a cherubic trumpet of his mouth, sucked the Cheerio down.
2. She watched Will work to isolate a Cheerio on the end of his spoon.
3. Before Dawn could answer, Carolyn had called a light-hearted cheerio and disappeared among the trees.
4. Cheerio, he would probably bellow, sticking one of them in the mouth while the other rode his shoulders like a cowgirl.
5. I know that feeling all too well lads and it’s alright Elijah can’t blame you for what’s happening either anyway I must be off on my rounds so cheerio boys and I will no doubt see you later? He set off down the trench asking others about water and as we watched him go we knew that he was in for some serious ear bashing for his trouble.
6. Well Billy Boy mate its time for me to be off but I will surely miss you so watch your back and take care of yourself and I will see you at Bert’s wedding in the summer so till then look after yourself cheerio Billy Boy, we shook hands and then hugged we broke apart and Archie left the ward stopping at the entrance and giving me a last salute.

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Synonyms for cheerio

adieu adios bye cheerio goodby goodbye sayonara

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