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Adieu in a sentence

I adieu him with jolly.
Adieu! and he was gone.
Adieu she to the matron said.
He did not say: Adieu, Cosette.
Adieu! tell no one of our meeting.
Adieu, Edmond, adieu, and thank you.
Zourine bade me an affectionate adieu.

Adieu, Peter Grineff, said Accoulina.
I saw her this morning, and bade her adieu.
Adieu! You will always have a faithful friend.
Okay, Vicky, bye! See you later, he adieu me.
Adieu! I also intend from this time to work on my own account.
My whole platoon had landed at the station to bid me adieu, as.
And there was a last "adieu" divided into two words! "A Dieu!".
Without turning, Van Thorn raised his hand in silent adieu and.
Adieu, my dear Gerard, and at your next journey alight at my door.
At this point, Lucy knew they would have to say adieu to the ship.
Now, adieu, my son, salaam Sahib, Khoda bunah rhukha (God preserve you).
In the meanwhile, adieu, since we have nothing more to do with one another.
At the conclusion of this evening’s festivities we will bid our honored guests adieu.
Bye! I too gave a final adieu to Shantanu’s mother, elder brother and elder sister.
You have asked the landlady, I suppose? Well, no matter!—Enough! Adieu, most affectionately.
Adieu, Sulphur Bottom! I can say nothing more that is true of ye, nor can the oldest Nantucketer.
Adieu, my noble and generous friend, adieu; I will go and tell Valentine what you have done for me.
No incantation of verse could make me believe that Joy's hand was forever at his lips bidding adieu.
And there was a last "adieu" divided into two words! "A Dieu!" which he thought in very excellent taste.
Gladdened by Roopa’s warm welcome, Raja Rao was saddened that he would have to bid her adieu the very next day.
With a half-grin, I made the doll’s little cloth hand bid the police, the doctors, the priests and Hadya a fond adieu.
He was attired as he had been on the previous evening, and waved his pocket-handkerchief to his guest in token of adieu.
But before they arrive, Promod breath his last breathe of his life with a mild smile; as he was adieu me- ‘goodbye mother.
Suddenly she seized his head between her hands, kissed him hurriedly on the forehead, crying, "Adieu!" and rushed down the stairs.
Adieu, Mary, said he gently to his sister, taking her by the hand and kissing her, and then he left the room with rapid steps.
As the horses were moving, he leaned out of the kibitka and said to me: Adieu, again, your lordship; perhaps we may meet once more.
The urn was floating on the waving water, circling with the eddy of water and it was towing and rowing all the way as giving me its final adieu.
Adieu, then, Edmond; I have nothing more to ask of heaven—I have seen you again, and have found you as noble and as great as formerly you were.
For as the swift monster drags you deeper and deeper into the frantic shoal, you bid adieu to circumspect life and only exist in a delirious throb.
Heathcliff, grim and saturnine, on the one hand, and Hareton, absolutely dumb, on the other, I made a somewhat cheerless meal, and bade adieu early.
Among many other important considerations, remember, that moment you go to war, you may bid adieu to every prospect of discharging the national debt.
Oh, jolly's the word for aye! Adieu, Doubloon! But stop; here comes little King-Post; dodge round the try-works, now, and let's hear what he'll have to say.
I'll make no objection, he he! Adieu, though; I've stayed too long and there was no need to gossip so much! he added with some amiability, and he got up from the sofa.

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adieu adios bye cheerio goodby goodbye sayonara

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