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Sayonara in a sentence

1. So William had said sayonara and moved the few things he had to his studio in the Bronx.
2. Sayonara, she whispered to her old life—the one of passively watching and writing.
3. If they bail out, or if interest rates go up, it’s sayonara to the economic security of the country.
4. You can say sayonara and never make that dish again or you can try to make it work, by incorporating some changes.
5. All those years as a teen, I’d thought myself sophisticated when I’d been absorbed in Poland and The Drifters, Space and Sayonara.
6. He sounded so pathetic trying to convince me of how good a man his friend is, so I agreed to go with the buster just once and then it’s sayonara.
7. My wife (Rose) and I had dinner the other evening at the Westchester Premier Theatre which featured a play, Sayonara, adapted from a novel written by James Michener.

8. Before Carl could say ten Hail Mary’s she’d be goin’ back for seconds, and thirds, and then it’d be sayonara, Carl baby, I’m hittin’ the road and goin’ on a revival tour with the preacher prick hallelujah and pass the wafer and the wine and the lubricating oil!.

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Synonyms for sayonara

adieu adios bye cheerio goodby goodbye sayonara

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